Coconut Oil: Is it bad? Thomas DeLauer Interviews Cardiologist Dr. Weiss

Coconut Oil: Is it bad? Thomas DeLauer Interviews Cardiologist Dr. Weiss

Coconut Oil: Is it bad? Thomas DeLauer Interviews Cardiologist Dr. Weiss

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dr. Decker I’m mad why are you mad Thomas because the American Heart Association is really grinding my gears I don’t know if you’ve seen but that whole American Heart Association coming out with that report in USA today that flat out said that coconut oil is bad now I’ve been talking about coconut oil for years touting its benefits from the lauric acid that caprylic the caproic and the capric acid really providing all kinds of benefits as MCTS but also as of course powerful anti microbials and that’s just one side of the equation but you being an amazing cardiologist that’s on the board of the American Heart Association really can shed some light on this situation on how saturated fats aren’t necessarily what they’re made out to be so I’m gonna turn it to you well when you’re an American Heart Association functions avoid the buffet let’s just start there you know it’s comical we get mad but it’s really sad and it’s very pathetic it is because people are gonna get hurt you know it’s one thing to come out with these statements and and to say hey here’s something you really may want to think about it’s another to come out authoritarian and say something that isn’t true yeah okay coconut oil is wonderful it is when we were all using butter the food industry and the doctors get out and said there’s this wonderful thing called margarine it’s gonna be easier and better for you because saturated fats are bad right and why are saturated fats in every mammal if they’re bad why are they in every man what mammals are bad that’s right if people were using lard and they weren’t obese and they were using you know butter we switch over to this trans fatty acid margarine every kind of chronic diseases increased since then if you track our sugar intake and trans fatty acid intake every form of chronic diseases went up two principal things bad sugar bad fats but what of course that’s gonna happen but what’s the worst is an authority like the American Heart Association that we pay millions of tax dollars to said something that isn’t true fats aren’t as complex as they think the more saturated the more stable and what I mean by stable is how they handle heat butter heat stable lard heat stable yes we do cook with lard in the Weiss household we use an organic beef lard to cook with we use coconut oil or use butter those are the three things you will not see spray oils I love olive oil but I won’t cook with olive oil because it breaks down into these trans fats you have a right to be mad you have a right to be disappointed and USA Today going along and printing that what what would happen to multiple sources like before printing it who paid for that study now I’m not gonna get into controversial stuff but the food industry first started off by saying all fats bad so we’re gonna go to low fat diet everybody started taking out gall bladders coz gall bladders need fat to work right and our cancer went up right it’s just now it’s like oh no we can use margarine right we can use margarine all right oh by the way low-fat generation gave us a lot of diabetes too because there’s no fat these gummy bears of course this is like 8000 grams of sugar butter is so fat see so it’s okay it can’t be bad when I was in training they used to hand out the gummy bears and say see they’re fat-free sugar and all those crazy things but they started off by saying no fat then he said oh these fats are okay and the scientists are looking at going these are trans fats these are incredibly dangerous trans fats people will be like well how much can you tolerate zero yeah none zero was your old in is what’s gonna stay yeah and and it’s so to the listeners out there I you know I share a seat in American Heart Association I have been in this industry for over 20 years if you are having acute chest pain a conventional cardiologist is a wonderful wonderful force to be around chronic hypertension things really dangerous things but when it comes to your kitchen get the doctors out get the the surgeons that wrote the cookbooks get them out get all these doctors out of it and pay attention to people who are doing it on a daily basis educating on a daily basis we’re not experts in it we don’t belong in it unfortunately we endorsed it and for the record the American Heart Association did not ask me whether I would support that article did not ask me to peer-review it because I would have slammed it and I would have never let it been released well before we wrap up the video – you touched on something that was in talking about the stability of fats and I just want to touch on this for one second because comes down to a very important term which is known as lipid peroxidation which is the idea of you’ve heard of free radicals right you’ve heard of oxidative stress and whether you know the full details of oxidative stress we know that generally speaking oxidative stress is bad oxidation is not really what we want to have happen well when fats become oxidized when they become unstable and they become occupied by free radicals they are extremely dangerous why because well again there are fats that are becoming essentially rancid they’re gonna stay in your body longer they’re gonna damage you longer they’re gonna be harder to remove and they’re going to change bodily functions that really are critical to everyday life and survival so when you’re talking about the stability of fats and you’re talking about keeping everything together and making sure that you’re not having these unstable fats we are literally talking about when you look at a jar of coconut oil how it is solid when it’s under 72 degrees that shows you how stable it is it’s so stable it becomes a solid yeah I like that analogy because I think that’s good to educate patients with which I will continue to endorse and recommend coconut oil to my patients but heart disease there’s been this whole cholesterol argument and I and it’s really gotten blown out because it comes down to the exact issue the exact issue that you brought up there’s only one form of truly dangerous cholesterol oxidized cholesterol and you can measure it labs now Cleveland Clinic does it neuroscience does that a lot of different labs will do it now oxidized cholesterol when you’re looking at you know what cholesterol panels there’s some valuable information there there’s a vulnerability to oxidize you don’t really know whether you’re oxidizing cholesterol until you measure it but just like you’re talking about whether it’s cooking or the environment or whatever the environment the body when cholesterol oxidizes that’s when heart disease occurs dementia cancers across the board so I measure in my office oxidized cholesterol that I want oxidized cholesterol low but want the rest of the cholesterol nice and high protecting our brains from dementia protecting us from cancer in in this idea of lowering all the cholesterol because you’re gonna have some that’s damaged has put our our country into state of quite a bit of illness it is one of the main drivers I think of dementia in this country so we’re talking about the danger of this article we’re also going to increase dementia in this country because someone’s gonna look and go you know I was at a health food store and I saw this Foca nut oil and all sudden I’m reading this and they’re gonna go back to olio or canola or things that I would never have in my food candidate nor would any credible cardiologists that knows nutrition yeah I’m starting to think that maybe they want us to have Alzheimer’s a dementia so that we don’t remember that it’s really good for them Tom I’m ed why are you mad I met at that article and I’m mad that cardiologists are letting people down so we can both be mad together we’re about to go are you mad and though we are playing and we’re having some fun with the whole being bad thing I sincerely am irate about this but make sure that you leave your opinion below because I’m very curious to hear what you have to say when it comes to the world of coconut oil and as I’ve been saying by-and-large hashtag save the coconuts see you soon

This Post Was All About Coconut Oil: Is it bad? Thomas DeLauer Interviews Cardiologist Dr. Weiss.
Coconut Oil: Is it bad? Thomas DeLauer Interviews Cardiologist Dr. Weiss

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Coconut Oil: Is it bad? Thomas DeLauer Interviews Cardiologist Dr. Weiss…

Dr. Decker Weiss and I go into exquisite detail regarding the safety of coconut oil and regarding the recent report from the American Heart Association. Some of the things that we cover in detail are the Cholesterol Myth as well as the stability of fats and how they react within the body. Dr. Weiss and I go into detail about oxidized cholesterol and its effect in the body and how the truly bad cholesterol is oxidized cholesterol, not LDL or VLDL cholesterol. Dr. Weiss is the founder of the Scottsdale Heart Institute and has built his name around a cardiologist that truly relies on proper diet and nutrition advances for his patients.

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