Clean Keto on a Budget – Walmart Grocery Haul

Clean Keto on a Budget – Walmart Grocery Haul

Clean Keto on a Budget – Walmart Grocery Haul

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all right so we’re gonna do a little grocery haul at Walmart reason I’m doing this is I want to prove that you can do clean keto on a budget see a lot of videos where people go into Walmart and they show you how to do a grocery haul the problem is they’re usually grabbing lower quality ingredients so this isn’t any particular plug for products or anything like that it’s simply showing that you can go into a budget grocery store and you can still eat clean you can still get the right keto products that are gonna help you along your keto journey but in a good anti inflammatory way so you’re tuned into the internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel i got new videos Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time including vlog style videos like this where I show you the lifestyle ropes go ahead and hit that subscribe button then go ahead you can hit that Bell icon okay what the Bell icon is gonna do is for the turn on notifications that way you know whenever I go live or post a new video also make sure you check out fat snacks down in the link below so if you’re looking for a little keto treat that’s can still keep you in that ketogenic realm but maybe give you a little bit of fun with some cookies and stuff like that go ahead and check them out they’re awesome and they’re a good bang for the buck alright let’s go ahead and head on into Walmart it’s never good to kill your own gut bacteria by using a lot of antibacterial stuff but when it comes down to grocery carts sometimes I just take my chances all right so this is not a super Walmart so it doesn’t have the most robust food Department however I feel like it’s still it’s actually even better because then I can show you what you can do is sort of the bare bones now this is totally honest I’m just gonna go through I don’t have a plan I don’t have this laid out in front of me I’m gonna do some shopping and you’re gonna see bits and pieces of what I might actually grab when I’m at Walmart all right just gonna go aisle four aisle obviously you’re gonna see a lot of people grabbing hot dogs you see a lot of grabbing things like that not even really me we’re usually talking 30% me so let’s go ahead and let’s just disregard the hot dogs there I don’t see any even these beef franks they say beef but when you actually look at the ingredients we’re looking like okay it does have beef but then sodium lactate hydrolyzed soy protein so that’s one of the things you want to look for hydrolyzed soy protein sometimes they even have hydrolyzed away in there that’s just a filler it’s like if you go to fast food it’s usually gonna be 30 40 % soy so just be very careful of that that’s not to say that you might not find something that’ll work for you but generally speaking you’re not going to alright then we’ve got some pickles actually I’m gonna get some pickles and the reason that I’m a fan of pickles is of course the sodium content perfect super low calorie snacks to keep your mineral profile high these particular ones yeah we’re actually looking pretty good we have I’ve there’s one thing that I’m not a big fan I’m not a big fan of sodium benzoate but it’s not bad get the pickles that are in the refrigerated section because they have less in the way of the preservatives and try to go for the kosher they’re a little bit cleaner salt so yay we’re off to a good start we got salt okay let’s see what we’ve got in the way of telling me here you know what’s cool is now the keto world is actually starting to get more of the little keto snacks you know you’re gonna see Hey so much for that well I can do this I can do the rest of selfie style I guess so and they’re really cracking down on that I can literally I can go selfie style the rest of the way all right so they asked us to turn off the camera so it looks like I’m gonna do the rest of this somewhat selfie style so here’s the thing yet the turkey bacon here is cheap and you would think it’s clean but it’s really not a problem with the turkey bacon is it’s got a bunch of sugar and it’s got a bunch of other stuff so you look at the price of bacon you’re still looking like five six bucks but when you go down to the high quality like the natural stuff with no preservatives it ends up being about the same price like you’re looking five six bucks so right now even though it’s Hormel probably not the highest quality stuff at least this stuff is pork water salt a little bit of turbinado sugar and seasoning that’s not bad so for bacon go with this wrap okay don’t go for the cheap stuff you’re only gonna save twenty thirty cents all right let’s move on to the next aisle okay then we get into the cheese aisle it gets a little bit more complicated with cheese simply because most of the cheeses they’re gonna find at a budget store aren’t gonna be super high-quality now I did a video talking about cheese’s which ones are the best parmesan you’re usually pretty safe so I’m gonna grab a little bit of parmesan just go with some shaved parmesan simply because at least with parmesan it’s aged for so long it’s all about I don’t want to say it’s the same but it’s aged for like 12 months so you end up with the same sort of lactose content of course you want to go organic you want to go raw whenever possible with a lot of these things but parmesan usually isn’t even pasteurized so that’s gonna be a cheese that you’re pretty safe to get I’m looking for just a couple bucks there alright alright then of course they do have some almond milks and stuff and the good news is a lot of the almond milk a lot of those things are now made without carrageenan okay so the cool thing is they even have macadamia nut milk so we’ve got unsweetened macadamia milk let’s look at the ingredients here macadamia milk macadamia oil calcium phosphate not the best they fill it with a little bit of pea protein sunflower lecithin really not bad there’s no carrageenan it’s not a big deal to have sunflower lecithin okay so we’re looking it’s like four bucks so really not that bad compare that to even almond milk you’re still looking 348 to 97 I mean so you’re looking a dollar more expensive but you’re gonna actually get stuff that doesn’t have carrot meanin so sure you’re gonna pay a little bit more money but it’s not too bad another one that you can also get is going to be the Khalifa farms okay so khlifa farms is nice you always want to get the unsweetened version okay so we’ve got unsweetened almond milk okay this one’s 348 it really not too bad of a price let’s see ingredients almond milk calcium carbonate sunflower less than sea salt potassium citrate I’d be okay with this one so I’m actually going to get this one instead of the milk edenia because I don’t know if all Walmart’s are gonna have the macadamia nut milk and I’m familiar with this one okay so we’re still looking pretty good budget although we haven’t gotten into the bulk of what we need all right then we get into Greek yogurt okay here’s the thing with Greek yogurt is sometimes you’re gonna end up getting ones that have a bunch of fillers in them and it’s Walmart so we’re probably not looking a lot of super good quality ones but when it comes down to Greek yogurt you know at least you’ve got Thea doesn’t have a whole lot of stuff in it if they have Bulgarian yogurt anywhere that’s gonna be the best one some Walmart’s do so again phi0 i would usually go for FIYA 2% don’t go over the file hole just a little bit too much in the way of milk fat which can be a little hard to digest so via inexpensive this big thing is five bucks here in California this should last me you know a good few days of eating I might get two but I think it’s just today for the sake of the video I’m just gonna get one so we got Greek yogurt I know a dairy product but the end of the day it’s not a huge huge deal and then why we’re still here with the dairy let’s go ahead and look at some of this cream cheese and stuff cream cheese selection not super good alright not the biggest fan of cream cheese generally just because it’s pretty low quality but I still if I’m gonna go for cream cheese I’m gonna go for one that’s a little bit leaner I don’t want to get all my calories from a little bit cheese like the neuchâtel cheese the third less fat it tastes about the same and I end up not having to deal with I don’t know blowing all my calories on that and I just feel like then I have a little bit more flexibility when it comes down to adding more fats if I want to add more nuts doing me know if I want to add some almond butter I’m not just blowing at all just with just my cream cheese all right and then we get into sour cream so I’m not opposed to sour cream as long as you’re getting good quality stuff right hard part is you’re not going to get super organic good quality cottage cheese or sour cream but if it’s what you want I’m not gonna pick some up today don’t be too concerned here’s the thing all sour cream is is pretty much just cultured cream you’re not getting a whole lot of other stuff sometimes you’ll get some other ingredients that are in there the reality is it’s pretty much the same stuff through through it all just comes down to the quality of milk so you can do this and then when cottage cheese this is where it’s difficult so let’s look at cottage cheese for a second here’s what you’re gonna find any kind of brand of cottage cheese let’s see okay we’ve got cultured non-fat milk milk cream 2% nonfat milk whey salt maltodextrin ooh avoid that Multi dextran guar gum not a fan of guar gum this one doesn’t have carrageenan which is nice normally you’ll see that let’s look at medicine for a second cultured nonfat milk milk and cream way okay xanthan gum this one’s actually not that bad so actually maybe I will get that I think I’m gonna get some of the nuts and cottage cheese okay so again loading up with some dairy here which is not my normal jam but it’ll work alright then of course we’ve got butter big fan of butter I don’t think I’m gonna find ghee here so we’ve got Kerrygold just need one of these for the week this is gonna be solid we’re looking at two dollars and 88 cents here for a stick of butter I’m probably sitting about 25 bucks right now it’s everything that I’ve got so I’ve got a lot of the good sources of fat that I already need let’s go ahead and take a quick look here at the eggs all right so when it comes down to eggs cage-free doesn’t always mean that they’re good clean quality okay cage-free could mean a lot of different things cage-free just means that they’re put out in a open space it’s technically not a cage so what can happen with that is he end up with just a bunch of garbage you still end up with the same thing a bunch of grain-fed bunch of corn-fed soy fed so I don’t see any pasture-raised eggs or anything like that so that means if I’m on a budget eggs aren’t gonna be a huge staple in my diet because I am gonna get some of the caged spring ones Organic but I don’t want to get just anything and I don’t want to live on these so I’m just gonna get one dozen of these these are about 375 this guy’s so so eggs are gonna be a smaller part of my diet when I’m on a budget simply because it’s harder for me to get quality alright okay let’s go ahead and head into the next aisle alright this time I mean the frozen aisle frozen meat okay people think the frozen meat is all bad always fresh whenever possible but here’s what’s really cool look it for six bucks I can get jennie-o which is not the best brain in the world antibiotic free turkey burgers okay I’ve got six 1/3 pound burgers so I’ve got a total of two pounds of meat here for basically six bucks but it’s already in patty form point in saying this is that the frozen stuff is not bad it really isn’t this particular ingredient of Fran turkey salt and rosemary extract that’s all we’ve got it so literally three ingredients not bad for being out of the frozen section so I’m gonna grab some of this I don’t like frozen beef because hardly ever do you find good grass-fed frozen beef turkey you’re still gonna get some of that soy you’re so gonna get some of that grain not the best thing but it at least shows you what you can get okay let’s go ahead and head on back down this frozen aisle all right what about fruit on a keto diet okay done video is talking about the best fruits that you can have on a keto diet best ones you can’t have her gonna be strawberries have like one or two you don’t need to have a lot of them I’m not gonna get them frozen cuz honestly by the time you thaw him out they just don’t taste free of you but I’m just gonna say if you are into that two dollars for a bag of frozen strawberries that’s really not bad at all that’s gonna last you a couple weeks on keto alright heading on deck down all right there veggie section here is really tight really small so not a whole lot I can even pick but frozen veggies again get a bad rap here’s the thing a lot of times frozen veggies have more nutrients than the fresh simply because you don’t have the oxidation that occurs there flash frozen right after they’re picked so if I pick broccoli for instance gonna be flash frozen right there on the spot that ends up working out really really well you actually preserve a lot of nutrients about time it travels down the road and everything like that oxidizes you lose a lot of the nutrients so let’s go ahead check this out really quick okay they’ve got the whole team over and back again we’re on a budget here right it’s not always the best case scenario so in this case I can get some steaming bowl broccoli I’m gonna grab a couple of those don’t have to see them in bag I don’t recommend that usually they’re BPA free BPA free so you’re not gonna have a bunch of it the total garbage in there let me just go then you get three of those because veggies are gonna be critical for me also broccoli super-high Dandolo methane so what that means is it’s got an anti estrogen component really really good especially if you’re gonna be consuming some of these products that are fed with soy so if you’re gonna be consuming meats that our soy fed meats okay you’re gonna want to do what you can to fight the aromatization fight the estrogen buildup so that’s why I’m a big fan of the broccoli there so if we go with some of these other ones we don’t really get that obviously we don’t wanna have the corn we don’t want to have Peas super sweet we don’t really want that on keto broccoli cuts guess what just still get most of the mineral profile in the vitamin profile even though the broccoli cuts and we’re looking at like 84 cents versus whoops oh sorry on that 84 cents versus a dollar fifty almost half the price so I’m gonna get a couple of these just so that I can bulk up some of my meals maybe I’ll do some stir-fry things like that just some simple keto budget stuff all right liquor aisle definitely don’t need that go ahead and go down the next aisle all right I’m in the drink aisle now I’ll make a quick honorable mention these are a little expensive for keto on a budget five bucks apiece if I could I think they’re literally cheaper at Whole Foods but I like the cold brew foolproof stuff so if you’re on the go these aren’t bad problem is a lot of erythritol which I don’t don’t dislike but first thing in the morning a bunch of a Ruth or all might give you a little bit of a bellyache but I thought that was kind of interesting that Walmart has this my point in mentioning this is Walmart’s making some big moves okay they’re real actually really trying to get a lot of keto stuff they’re trying to get more healthy stuff in general which is just nice to see so that’s an honorable mention not gonna grab them here today diet soda is all this stuff honestly just live without it I don’t think you need it you can get some of those flavor water enhancers it might be a better bet but just disregard the diet sodas you can get by without it save the money even though they’re a couple bucks alright in the next style we’ve got a little bit more of the drinks and the snacks and things like that let’s see right now I’m looking to see you can see I’m looking at like those energy drinks and the the flavored waters and flavored drinks I’m gonna flip the camera around so you can see a little more I Sen did a video on these before this is not a necessary expense but the nice thing about them is it does get you to drink a little bit more water the issue a lot of these will break a fast so if you’re fasting be careful let’s see this has got water citric acid sodium citrate sucralose okay not the greatest but it’s not bad yeah you know what to be completely honest I’m gonna keep this on a budget I’m gonna I’m gonna go without that I can always just squeeze some lemons and I’ll be good all right snack I’ll pork rinds really not that bad okay here’s the thing with pork rinds well we have to be careful of as toxins are stored in the fat so when pigs are eating a whole lot of soy and grain and stuff like that it’s going to come through in the fats a lot more and pork skin obviously high fat high skins you just got to be careful I would recommend um the selection here is pretty slim fried pork skins some salt I mean at least there’s no added dextran or anything like that if you look at like the barbecue flavor Wow this is where we get wild okay pork skins salt sugar spices yeast monosodium glutamate tomato powder malted extra and onion powder garlic powder paprika okay so if you’re going to be doing pork rinds on a budget you’re gonna want to go for the original flavor because where things get messy is with the spices and things like that they’re putting in it so the multi-deck Stern alone and msg the monosodium glutamate creates a glutamate cycle within the brain that would make gaba tilt is what we have to be careful of glutamate is going to make you crave things a lot more so this is just pork skins and salt good old-fashioned Mac’s okay we’re looking just a couple bucks or dollar seventy eight so those get the win alright time for the nut section here this is where people can get a little bit mixed up okay so I’m taking a look here and I see a lot of almonds lots and lots and lots of almonds the hard part is almonds they add up in carbs right so when you start actually counting it up if you’re gonna spend three dollars and 50 cents on something that’s gonna push your carb content over the max quite easily you might better off spending a little bit more money and going for something like the walnuts or going for something like the magnet Oh actually check this out okay walnuts three dollars and twenty four cents I know you can’t really see this but walnuts three dollars in twenty four cents for seven point two five ounces versus almonds for six ounces three dollars and forty four cents so actually walnuts super high omega-3 good quality nut I’m gonna get these instead of the almonds why get the almonds if I don’t need them honestly the walnuts are gonna be great so let’s go ahead and go with that stay away from the mixed nuts honestly too much of a wide variety of different omegas in there just again trying to keep this simple for you okay what do you need so we can get the macadamia nuts but the hard part of the macadamia nuts they’re starting expensive we got four and a half ounces for five dollars and sixty two cents no just trying to look out for you guys here so I think I’m just gonna stick with the walnuts I’m probably gonna go through a jug of walnuts in a week I’m trying to do like a week roastery haul here so let’s just leave it at that actually why we’re right here we’ve got some of the beef Jerky’s let’s see so you got all the beef Jerky’s here I’m gonna flip the camera around real quick all right not the best quality here hmm might just end up 86 and this all together I don’t need just these snacks I’d rather go get some Whole Foods here see it’s all like the jackleg stuff and you know they’re making an effort but so much just garbage I don’t see what’s in this beef water sugar beef stock artificial colors yeast extract Hulk not that bad actually but I don’t like the sugar in there I just it’s not necessary I’m gonna skip out on that save myself eight bucks snacks snacks sugar all kinds of stuff that it’s not gonna fly on this aisle unfortunately in 86 this one okay here’s some non-refrigerated pickles remember what I talked about before okay here we go cucumbers water distilled vinegar salt sodium chloride polysorbate 80 all these added colors big difference when they’re not the refrigerated pickles huh yeah we got some sugar free sauces here sugar free barbecue sugar free honey mustard this looks cool let’s see what’s in it okay we got water brown mustard salt spices turmeric canola oil I kind of stay away from that sucralose yeah it’s not necessary I don’t need it I would say if you’re looking to do ketone you’re not worried about the artificial sweeteners you’re not worried about the coconut canola oil excuse me this really isn’t bad that’s not a bad price because you could make a couple meals with that and really just sweeten or season everything up and really not have much of an issue so it’s a good one let’s keep it in the mix but I’m not gonna get it today just to keep costs down Frank’s Red Hot that’s actually some good stuff when it comes down to just seasoning things let’s say we got cayenne pepper distilled vinegar salt and garlic powder two dollars and sixty eight cents I’m gonna get some of that it’s not a bad actually you know what better yet wet Tabasco fan dollar 56 get some Tabasco totally keto friendly tartar sauce usually is good to go but a lot of times we’re gonna have slow bean oil no let’s keep that out of the equation we don’t want that Hey look it who would have thought tartar sauce is great with fish okay this is cool primal kitchen this is Marcus’s and stuff this is actually good stuff organic sugar free steak sauce and no soy teriyaki so sugar free once you go to it hey that’s awesome okay see these are the things I’m not gonna get that’s today but this is the kinda stuff I’m talking about we’ve got Walmart making strides to put healthy stuff in their stores that actually makes me really really happy I don’t think I need to spend a lot of money on sauces today I’m just gonna keep this simple well here’s a quick hack okay remember how I grabbed these walnuts and there were three dollars and fifty cents or three dollars in 24 cents for 7.25 ounces let’s get them in bulk I’m gonna put these back let’s get them in the cooking section and let’s go ahead I can get some walnut halves and pieces I can get 16 ounces a pound of them for seven dollars and 34 cents so save a little bit of money that way actually I think I will do that so it’s doing that I’ll put the other walnuts back okay so there’s two things here that I want we’ve got coconut milk which is good to see taste of Thai I know this one has okay this one you got coconut water guar gum still has guar gum as a stabilizer which isn’t the end of the world I see another one down here what’s this one let’s see also coconut milk this is thick coconut milk so it can use as coconut cream let’s see what this has got coconut milk water guar gum okay so now it just comes down to a cost game coconut can’t coconut is not the cheapest thing this is a dollar ninety eight but this I can add to a shake I can I didn’t think one can should go a whole week we’ve got 130 calories times five if you do 100 calories of this per day you’re gonna be good for a week right okay then there’s one other thing that I have to get here this is kind of my almost my signature right I always get unsweetened baking chocolate and what I do is I’ve melt it down and I go ahead and I add stevia to it and then I make a chocolate treat but this stuff is pure 100 percent dark chocolate okay totally unsweetened so I recommend that you grab this stuff get it in the baking section looking around here yeah okay this will be solid so it’s a couple bucks for that dollar 97 again you know you end up death by a thousand cuts in terms of the money here when you start getting these little things but you know whatever it’s worth it and a lot of the stuff will trickle over into two weeks alright now we got the coconut oil so organic coconut oil I’m just gonna get a medium sized one okay so look at fifty four point two cents per ounce 32:27 I don’t need a giant one I’m gonna get this thirty-two cent per ounce one this is a great one it’s just good quality stuff and nice thing it is good to see Walmart actually getting good healthy things in there for people so we’ve got just organic coconut oil 32 cents perfect pretty darn sure the law says you can use your phone but it’s a bummer cuz it’s all really positive stuff well we got asked to turn off the cameras one so we switched to cell phone we weren’t doing anything wrong we just switched the cell phone and we got asked to not film with our cell phone either I politely explained to the woman that I was doing everything in a positive way but they still won’t have that so they said that even filming with a cell phone was not allowed now I’m not a legal expert but I I can pretty sure that I’m allowed to film with my phone especially selfie style anyhow we ended up doing the rest of the shopping not being filmed at all and what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take you back to the studio I’m gonna show you the receipt we got out of here for a hundred and four dollars my goal was a hundred bucks so I feel like we did pretty good you see got a good amount of stuff and I’m gonna lay it all out for you when I get back to the studio and show you what we got you can tell I’m a little disappointed I don’t know why I I still went through with the purchase which realistically probably shouldn’t have supported at that rate but you know honestly I’m a solid Walmart patron I guess alright let’s go back to the studio so pretty disappointed that that asked I didn’t get asked to leave but asked to stop filming three times once with the camera and once with the phone disappointing but this wanted to kind of go on record and say I understand why they do that I’m sure there’s a lot of people that ruin it for everybody that go in there and just completely blast the store you know do things in that nature and bad taste so I understand they have to kind of treat everyone the same but I think more so it’s about protecting their customers you know they their customers to feel like it’s kind of an unhappy or unhealthy experience for them customers don’t always want to be on camera I know that when I go through their grocery store I don’t always want to be on camera so I think they’re just doing it out of courtesy to their customers but it’s really frustrating that there’s no no real delineation between like someone that’s going in there running amok and being a pain in the arse versus someone that’s actually going there and doing something constructive if they realized the amount of visibility that this channel gets they’d realize that this was all positive and actually was gonna bring them a lot of traffic and I threw them some serious bones when it came down to what they’re bringing into the store so how they’re starting to bring healthier products in they’re clearly making a push that direction I think they’re just a little bit behind the times you look at that companies that are working with influencers and companies that are working with people that are heavily front-facing they’re embracing that they’re embracing for lack of a better way of saying at the influencer lifestyle the influencer model and they realize that if they actually develop good relationships with these influencers that it can bring a lot of traffic but evidently some companies still live in the past where they don’t want to be a part of that and Walmart doesn’t need it they don’t need me they don’t need Thomas de Lauer they’re not you know they’re gonna have traffic no matter what so I I get it but it’s still frustrating nonetheless so when we get back to the studio I’ll show you the receipt I’ll show you all the individual foods that I got and full disclaimer you know we ended up getting rushed a little bit out of there so I probably did get to grab everything I would have likes to grab but I think I got the basic essentials for you to survive on a keto diet really probably for a family of two for about a hundred bucks and do it quite well so excited to get back to the studio and lay it all out all right pretty much 100 bucks 104 bucks goal is to keep it under 100 bucks but still put it on clothes probably could’ve done without the green tea all right I want to go through so as you saw I got kicked out or at least asked to turn off the cameras would I understand so if we go ahead and break down some of the stuff that I dot some of the stuff you saw already in the store but then I went around and I grabbed a few other things when we had to turn the cameras off and figured out just a recap here where it was easier so I’m gonna start from this side and work my way over all right so we had the pork rinds remember I talked about those the grocery store so these are the clean ones no spices get the original this way you just have pork skins and salt that’s all there is to it right so super simple there here’s the cool thing the Walmart that I was at was not a Walmart Supercenter it was not a Walmart Market it was a good old-fashioned Walmart let you might find in the middle of nowhere right it’s it’s a very simple Walmart so a very limited grocery section so didn’t even have a fresh meat department so I had to go with like frozen meats so this was a really good example of how you can still do keto clean they did not have organic chicken but I understand you still need some meat silly to feed a family so I got the all-natural stuff a little bit better okay supposed to be patched to raise but I’m sure just given given where I got it it probably has some soy and some some grains in it so not a huge deal okay well do we’ll deal with it even if it’s a short term the Kerrygold I talked about grass-fed grass-finished butter okay that’s gonna make a big difference in terms of what you put in your coffee and what you cook with so I recommend you know you cook with this stuff a little bit you can just add it as additional fats to your broccoli we’re gonna talk about in a second you got it okay then we have the cream cheese remember not the highest quality stuff but go for the third less fat don’t blow it all just with your with your cream cheese okay then we’ve got sardines okay sardines are cool got sardines in water this is a big one you want to get your sardines in water sardines have one of the most perfect omega-3 profiles and perfect fat to protein ratios on keto these were like a dollar something let’s say they were and yeah they were like a dollar 27 okay so really inexpensive and one of these is a perfect meal like one of these is doesn’t say exactly how many calories but I want to I think they’re like 200 calories from one of these sometimes perfect you could live off of these get them in water don’t get them in olive oil or harissa or anything like that just get it clean with water you can add your fats if you need to okay almond butter so I splurged on the almond butter I got the more expensive almond butter okay this was still like $6 almond butter why because almond butter is very very important to get a high quality one you don’t want to be getting low quality almond butter you’re just gonna end up with a lot of phytates the Maranatha brand I know that Walmart carries it no sugar or salt added super good stuff be very careful with almond butters you want to look and make sure there’s no sugar at it so that was probably the most expensive gram for gram things that I got then I got Tabasco one just flavor some stuff up perfect flavor my eggs got the baking chocolate remember that’s my thing right that’s my that’s my go-to that’s my staple I love unsweetened dark chocolate and I sweeten it up myself with stevia okay so I’ll melt it down and I’ll add stevia Walmart you’re gonna have a hard time finding liquid stevia so I did have to get stevia in the raw which does have some dextrose in it so you just want to be careful you don’t to have more than a few packets of this because it could knock you a taquito so just a couple packets you know you can do that and again sweeten your coffee whatever you need to do alright you remember when we’re in the store I got my carrageenan free almond milk so this one I got straight-up almond milk they did have some other options but make sure you don’t get the sweetened one then I grabbed some decaf green tea I’m a huge fan of green tea and I’m a huge fan of going decaf green tea because they still get the EGCG and you still get the polyphenols you still get a lot of the positive effect but you don’t get the caffeine later on in the day so it’s perfect for the afternoon where you still want those catechins we don’t want the caffeine then why did I get no salt added tomato sauce well simply because when we’re bare-bones cooking and we’re cooking up meat we’re cooking up turkey burgers anything like that you could make some kind of Bolognese you could make some kind of pasta dish along with this and we’re to go oh the Parmesan cheese so remember why I got Parmesan cheese because it’s a lower lactose content aged usually for at least 12 years higher quality cheese than a lot of stuff you’d normally find at just a bargain grocery store so melt some of this down and tomato sauce you’ve got a sauce that can go on anything without having to even go spend a bunch of money on various seasonings it’s pretty awesome it makes it simple you guys remember my little snack the pickles from the refrigerated section very important then you do what you can with the eggs okay you do what you can’t these cage-free there I’m sure they’re not pasture-raised eggs I’m sure they’re not super super high quality but considering it’s Walmart I’m happy to see if they had organic cage-free at least the soy the chickens were potentially fed was at least organic soy then we have the coconut oil I went for the unrefined honestly I like the full rich flavor it doesn’t really matter just try to go for an organic one if you can this was like let’s see how much was this I think it was like 6 or 7 bucks for this big thing yeah it was like 6 something and this is gonna last me a long time that’s gonna last me a month so even though this is a weekly haul this some of the stuff’s gonna last me a lot longer then I got the Greek yogurt this is a perfect thing to eat like for lunch keeping their fats a little bit lower just have a little bit of protein coming in Greek yogurt at least you get the probiotic effect not the highest quality protein in the world like you would get from like a high quality meat or something but at least you get your protein in then of course we have the coconut milk yeah this is thick coconut milk the whole trick that you want to do is when you grab a coconut milk from the grocery store shelf you want to be able to shake it and really ideally not hear it at room temperature you don’t want to hear it when you shake it because that means it’s more saturated that’s what you want because otherwise you have to put it in the fridge and get it to saturate little bit more and this was perfect just scoop in your coffee so you notice I didn’t buy any coffee creamer I’m on a budget here I didn’t want to spend $5.00 on coffee creamer and I’m not using half in half because half and half is usually very low quality so take a scoop of this and put it in your coffee with a little bit of stevia and you’re done I mean you’ve got budget clean keto right there okay then we talked about the cottage cheese cottage cheese is risky okay because cottage cheese is high in casein proteins so if you’re getting low quality dairy the protein and the casein in the cottage cheese is gonna have a potentially larger negative effect than like another form of dairy because it is pretty much pure casein which again isn’t always bad so this is what was available at Walmart now I recommend if you’re going for it cottage cheese there’s a brand called good culture out there and you know I’m good friends with them they’re awesome that’s a better cottage cheese of course you can’t get caught of cheese online but if you have good culture your grocery store might be a good one okay then I have tuna know some of you probably think in Thomas you’ve lost your mind you’re the healthy guy and you’re talking about tuna super high in mercury right not something you want to eat all the time but the nice thing about chunk light tuna chunk light tuna is actually lower in Merc than you think it’s the albacore that we really have to worry about so the chunk light is the way to go even though the albacore tastes better and it’s more expensive and Liese to believe that it’s higher quality chunk light is believe it or not higher quality it’s just more common so it’s cheaper so these were like 60 cents now again not something I necessarily want to live on but at least it is wild-caught that helps a lot okay then we got a tons of ton of my broccoli right now I talked about gonna get the broccoli cuts and you still get a lot of the dim the florets I get some of them so that I have some of the floor it’s but then for the bulk of my fiber and just my roughage and my danville methane and indole-3 carbinol effect that I want for the anti-estrogen I can just go with the cuts I still get the fiber I still get the greens on a budget they didn’t even have a produce section there they have potatoes and onions okay so this is what I’m working with with no produce Department then I’ve got my walnuts when I’m limited with the kind of nuts that I can get the macadamia nuts there would have blown my budget five bucks for a small container twelve bucks for a moderate sized one whereas this was like seven bucks for walnuts that are gonna last me a few weeks plus the nice thing about this budget Quito shopping is it forces you to not lean on these likely non nuts for your calories because we don’t want to do that you don’t want a bunch of nuts in your diet it’s a little hard on the digestive system – we just got to be careful with that okay then we have the bacon I was really surprised that they actually had a no preservative a really good healthy bacon that’s a shock this is really pretty good stuff we have pork water salt it does have some turbinado sugar and but then even the seasoning is just celery juice powder and sea salt so no carbs showing up in two slices is that negligible amount of turbinado sugar not the greatest thing but bacon I mean at least you’re gonna get your fats in you could wrap the chicken and bacon throw it in the oven okay you could dust the chicken and some pork rinds then wrap it in bacon you’ve got nice decent dishes here then normally I’d be a fan of Redmond real salt which a lot of stores have now but the next best thing is gonna be pink Himalayan salt so at least got that that was like a dollar ninety seven and this is gonna last me a month if not more then lastly I got these turkey burgers now one thing I probably would have done different is I probably would have 86 something I probably would have maybe gotten rid of the bacon and have you gotten two of these I was feeding a larger family I was really surprised and I said this in the store but we had turkey salt and rosemary extract that’s it no preservatives in the frozen section so these aren’t fully cooked you do have to actually cook them but again like you’ve got decent quality they’re so rock and roll with that so again I would have just robably gotten two of those and I would have had a nice balance here it maybe wouldn’t have been the perfect healthy keto meal but at least I have the goods to at least get by in a clean fashion so we’re I think we’re rocking and rolling here still for roughly a hundred bucks so you can do it at Walmart you can do it on budget and I apologize if I offended anybody at Walmart but I promise it was all in good taste and actually spreading a positive word that you can shop healthy even on a budget as always keep it locked here in my channel and I’ll see you in the next picture

This Post Was All About Clean Keto on a Budget – Walmart Grocery Haul.
Clean Keto on a Budget - Walmart Grocery Haul

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Clean Keto on a Budget – Walmart Grocery Haul – Thomas DeLauer

All right, so we’re going to do a little grocery haul at Walmart. The reason I’m doing this is I want to prove that you can do clean Keto on a budget. I see a lot of videos where people go into Walmart, and they show you how to do a grocery haul. The problem is, they’re usually grabbing lower quality ingredients. So this isn’t any particular plug for products, or anything like that. It’s simply showing that you can go into a budget grocery store, and you can still eat clean. You can still get the right Keto products that are going to help you along your Keto journey, but in a good antiinflammatory way.

All right, just going to go aisle for aisle. Obviously, you’re going to see a lot of people grabbing hotdogs, you’re going to see a lot of people grabbing things like that. Not even really meat, we’re usually talking 30% meat, so let’s go ahead and let’s just disregard the hotdogs there. I don’t see any, even these beef franks, they say beef. But when you actually look at the ingredients, we’re looking like, okay it does have beef, but then sodium lactate, hydrolyzed soy protein.

So that’s one of the things you want to look for, hydrolyzed soy protein, sometimes they even have hydrolyzed whey in there. That’s just a filler, it’s like if you go to fast-food it’s usually going to 30, 40% soy. So just be very careful of that, that’s not to say that you might not find something that’ll work for you, but generally speaking you’re not going to.

Okay, then we get into the cheese aisle. It gets a little bit more complicated with cheese, simply because most of the cheese that you’re going to find at a budget store aren’t going to be super high-quality. I did a video talking about cheeses, which ones are the best. Parmesan you’re usually pretty safe, so I’m going to grab a little bit of Parmesan, just go with some shaved Parmesan. Simple because at least with Parmesan, it’s aged for so long, it’s all about … I don’t want to say it’s the same, but it’s aged for like 12 months, so you end up with the same sort of lactose content. Of course, you want to go organic, you want to go raw whenever possible with a lot of these things. But Parmesan usually isn’t even pasteurized, so that’s going to be a cheese that you’re pretty safe to get. And looking for just a couple bucks there, all right?

All right, then of course they do have some almond milks and stuff, and the good news is a lot of the almond milk, a lot of those things are now made without carrageenan. So the cook thing is they even have macadamia nut milk. So we’ve got unsweetened macadamia milk. Let’s see, and look at the ingredients here. Macadamia milk, macadamia oil, calcium phosphate, not the best. They fill it with a little bit of pea protein, sunflower lecithin, really not bad. There’s no carrageenan.

Okay, so we’re still looking pretty good budget, although we haven’t gotten to the bulk of what we need. All right, then we get into Greek yogurt. Okay, here’s the thing with Greek yogurt is sometimes you’re going to end up getting ones that have a bunch of fillers in them. And it’s Walmart, so we’re probably looking a lot of super good quality ones. But when it comes down to Greek yogurt, at least you’ve got Fage, that doesn’t have a whole lot of stuff in it. If they have Bulgarian yogurt anywhere, that’s going to be the best ones, some Walmart’s do.

All right, and then we get into sour cream. So I’m not opposed to sour cream, as long as you’re getting good quality stuff, right?hard part is you’re not going to get super organic good quality cottage cheese or sour cream. But if it’s what you want, I’m not going to pick some up today, don’t be too concerned. Here’s the thing, all sour cream is is pretty much just cultured cream. You’re not getting a whole lot of other stuff.

Let’s go ahead and take a quick look here at the eggs. All right, so when it comes down to eggs, cage free doesn’t always mean that they’re good clean quality. Okay, cage free could mean a lot of different things. Cage free just means that they’re put out in a open space, that’s technically not a cage. So what can happen with that is you end up with just a garbage. You still end up with the same thing, a bunch of grain fed, a bunch of corn fed, soy fed. So I don’t see any pasture raised eggs, or anything like that.

So you can do it at Walmart, you can do it on a budget. And I apologize if I offended anybody at Walmart, but I promise it was all in good taste, and actually spreading a positive word that you can shop healthy even on a budget. Always keep it locked in here on my channel, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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