Clean Keto on a Budget – Target Grocery Haul (top 17 items)

Clean Keto on a Budget – Target Grocery Haul (top 17 items)

Clean Keto on a Budget – Target Grocery Haul (top 17 items)

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so we’re at target this time who would have ever thought that you can shop Kido at Target I mean 10 years ago is like Target didn’t even really have a whole lot of grocery options now almost all targets have some grocery options and the cool thing is most of the stuff is pretty clean so you can do clean kedo shopping at Target you just have to know what to look for so we’re gonna do with this video is we’re gonna break it down into the top 17 things that are clean Kito friendly to get at Target so here’s the thing I’ve been to this target before so I kind of know what they have but I want to go through as if I haven’t been here so I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go aisle four aisle and make it super super simple and we’re gonna break down different things that they have and they’re gonna put them in the cart and then we’re gonna narrow it down to the top 17 if we end up over 17 items okay that way we can kind of filter through and say this one can stay this one can go and it has some stuff we don’t want any help we’re gonna have a lot of fun target is usually pretty video friendly so maybe we won’t have to go totally covert and get kicked out but let’s go to target very important when you go to target that you don’t wear red you will get stopped everywhere and get asked questions so I wear the opposite of red which I believe is blue target always smells like popcorn which when you’re not in keto kind of gets you a little bit crazy if you just want popcorn man tell you quite honestly that’s probably the biggest reason why don’t shop at Target now it’s because when you’re in Quito that this doesn’t even sound good popcorn just kind of sounds gross but this one unfortunately doesn’t smell too much like popcorn at least not at 8:58 and warning we’re going we’re gonna get started right here with the refrigerated section now don’t hate on me okay I might miss things I’m trying to make this fun and interactive I don’t have it pre-planned I don’t have it I just want to make it interactive so we just see things that would work okay so we’re doing keto I’ve talked about this in other videos berries are okay in moderation okay like I’m talking a quarter cup maybe half a cup at the most per day allocate them towards the evening time into your day that way you’re getting the tryptophan spike so you get an insulin spike that allows tryptophan into the brain it allows you to sleep a little bit better so in this particular case I’m just going to get some raspberries so it’s tough with the organic raspberries let’s see berries are actually pretty expensive here I’m gonna get buy more bang for the buck out of the strawberries I think I’m going for the organic ones so let’s go ahead yeah I mean this will last me for one person this is gonna last me close to a week and we probably have about that much per night it’s just something you might put with a little bit of heavy cream or maybe a little bit of yogurt or something like that it’s all good okay but again we’re talking keto items so this might not make the cut by the time I Whittle it down to 17 items right okay the nice thing about Target okay they don’t have like this big robust produce department but they have some of these things that are kind of cool not a big fan of the plastics and stuff like that we can we can go down that rabbit hole but let’s just be realistic here with all these veggies here what do you think might be the best on keto okay it’s gonna be between asparagus and broccoli okay because asparagus has the prebiotic fibers in it which when you start keto your gut bacteria shifts okay and when your gut bacteria shifts it’s shifting in a good way so then what you want to do is you want to have prebiotic fibers that act as fertilizer within your gut and kind of grows the now good bacteria even more so we’ve made the shift to positive now we feed that positive more broccoli is great but I can get broccoli in the frozen section a lot easier than I can fresh okay so asparagus it’s frozen does not come out that good asparagus I try to get fresh whenever I can so 3:19 that’s actually not a bad price this is a good chunk of it I got to my mistake I’m just gonna grab I’m just gonna grab one good amount I’m gonna grab two but I’m gonna counter there’s one item because my wife and I will go through this I think my target amount here targets a little bit expensive but my target amount is probably gonna be around the ballpark of 200 bucks and mind you in the family of three okay so that’s not the cheapest but I’m gonna try to keep it under 200 bucks but again we’re narrowing it down to 17 items so it’s not just about being super frugal it’s about getting 17 good items right okay when it comes down to the greens totally up to you right I think spring mix is great spinach the reason that I am a fan of spinach and I know people will have what they had to say about oxalates and everything like that but honestly I think the amount of oxalis of spinach is minimal we’re not going to go down that rabbit hole again because this is fun like I don’t want to be negative here the nice thing about spinach is spinach has a high amount of vitamin D in it believe it or not so you actually can get some good spit get some good effect out of that let’s go ahead it’s not the cheapest spinach I will say that still it’s not bad any name I’m already having to kind of play this favourites game here I’ve already got three of 17 items right so what am I gonna do I might have to end up putting some stuff back okay you have to be really careful with the dressings talked about this in other videos so even if they’re in the refrigerated section it doesn’t mean that they don’t have preservatives okay people tend to think that buttermilk yogurt like this one’s okay but white grape juice concentrate xanthan gum still not the cleanest button let’s look at like Bob’s blue cheese okay ooh okay soybean oil canola oil already off to not a good start there okay then we’ve got egg yolks which is okay mustard flour yeah definitely not the best stuff a nonfat milk powder so that’s pure like milk sugar and just kind of garbage there so definitely that’s why you have to be careful okay sometimes the stuff in the refrigerated section isn’t all that good okay now I’m looking around here and I can go avocados and I’m looking at the prices here $5.99 per bag avocado or $6.99 for four counts you know what bang for the buck to be completely honest I think once again it’s better for me to almost escape wakka moly like it’s easier for me to travel with the ingredients here are still good Hass avocado vinegar water jalapeno peppers salt dihydrogen onion and granulated garlic but still really darn clean and honestly I think I’m gonna get more out of this because you guys know like you cut open an avocado and it’s gonna last for like a day right I feel like this is a better choice for what I’m after nothing wrong with fresh avocado and don’t get me wrong I get fresh avocado all the time I’m just trying to help you narrow it down here it’s worth I’ve mentioned that kombucha is tricky I talk about this all the time kombucha is usually not keto friendly 9 grams of carbs 2 servings per container 18 grams of carbs in that bad boy and they’re almost all like that this company kavita makes these Probot yeah see here’s a good example okay so same kind of thing it’s a probiotic drink okay but it’s not kombucha but what they do is they take kefir and they make it wait water kefir was this made slightly different it’s made without like the tea so they say sparkling water water kefir cultures they start a culture and then they go ahead and add whatever apple cider vinegar zero carbs two servings this stuff is awesome if I wasn’t on a 17 item limit here I’d grab that but they also get expensive right I mean it’s gonna blow your budget but it’s a nice little drink if you normally drink kombucha and you want to try something different whenever possible I recommend getting your meats out of the way first this is going to be the part that blows the budget for you the quickest so if you’re working on a budget it makes a lot more sense for you to get your meats first because then you kind of know where you’re at you get the staples of what you’re eating on your keto diet and then you kind of get the I don’t know the frilly stuff later get the no frills important stuff first still I mean I’m in California so these prices are inflated a little bit wow this is kind of cool so three dollars off this package of meat so this is already you got a special discount probably because it expires tomorrow so that’s not the greatest thing but I will probably cook this up today so that’s cool I like the thin slice breast too so we’re not only looking a ninety-nine a pound yeah since I’m saving three bucks I’m going to get a couple of those can cook that up got to look for these kind of things Organic doesn’t always mean that it’s the best okay so when you’re going with poultry go for the leaner cuts of meat okay because the poultry the fatty acid profile of chicken of Turkey of white meat is not as good as it is in red meat so you want to keep it leaner here some use like things like this like the chicken thighs the drumsticks they’re not terrible on keto and you can have them but you’re better off to leave your fatty cuts of meat to the red meat okay just better fatty acid profile so I don’t want to stock up with us because it looks like it’s all kind of bad we’ve got the hallways weeper coming here so I might kill our audio for a second so here’s the cool thing this one’s organic this one’s not if you can’t get organic and needed to save some money what you want to look for it to say no antibiotics ever because the FDA allows them to say antibiotic free as long as they haven’t had antibiotics I believe it’s in the last 30 days okay so that’s something to be very very aware of okay and then we’ve got and they’ve got all these salmon things going on here but they’re all like expiring yeah BestBuy 824 that’s tomorrow okay so that makes it really hard on the fish so we might have to get that out of the frozen section again if you’re on a budget that’s something to pay attention to okay ground meat when it goes comes to beef my go-to is usually ground meat and that’s simply because it’s easier to break down easier to masticate just digest in general oh here we go 100% grass-fed yeah 85 or they’ve got 90 okay I’m gonna go for the 90 so get the leaner whenever possible you always want to try to control your fats from fat sources that you know and I can’t always determine what’s going to be in the fatty acid profile of meat okay I didn’t raise the cow I don’t know okay so I’ve got a little bit of meat there okay cheese’s we do this in all our videos kind of hit the cheese section so this is tough because cheese is one of those items where do I really want to have it be in my seventeen because the casein proteins and cheese are not the greatest things right when you look at cheese’s like parmesan Parmesan is aged for so long that it ends up killing off a lot of the lactose anyway so Parmesan is a great cheese to have but it’s a sharp taste and it’s overpowering so you don’t always want that just on all your meals right it tastes good on a salad or something like that but it’s almost better to go for a goat cheese or something like that so normally my go-to cheese I’m not going to get it today would be goat cheese okay different kind of casein protein so it’s easier on the system easier to break down c/o cottage cheese let’s see what their cottage cheeses are like here all right so they’ve got the cottage cheese I would normally go to which is good culture okay it’s a few ingredients that stuff is the bomb if you see that at your store go for that they’re out of the flavor that doesn’t it’s just plain okay they only have the fruit flavors which of course even with good culture it’s great but it’s real fruit but we don’t want that on keto so let’s take a look at oh and also with the cottage cheese go for the full fat stuff right now they’ve got 1% man someone wiped out the cottage cheese let’s see oh man I mean this is this is disappointing like look at this okay nonfat milk cream way that’s somewhat normal malted dextran so they’re adding a starch in their citric acid lactic acid phosphoric acid potassium chloride sodium gluconate guar gum carrageenan modified corn starch carob what on earth is that it’s like mostly preservative just to give you an idea if you get like good culture skim milk whole milk cream and then Scott strawberry’s piece this has got the flavors in it but probably could show some footage real quick we’ve got some at the office show a quick flip of the label there like that stuffs clean so that doesn’t make the cut milk definitely not Quito so we want to avoid that see man they’re like out of everything what suffering oh here’s a good one to talk about oat milk it’s been coming up a lot lately okay oat milk is milk made from oats usually there is trace amounts of gluten in it now this one I know says no dairy no nuts no gluten but I’ve seen this one before because I got excited because open oak has a nice rich taste and it would normally work on keto this one I think is this one has sugar in it but some of them are unsweetened but anyway just to give you an idea oat milk okay so it’s made with rapeseed oil which is already toxic because that’s how they make canola okay grape seeds are toxic dipotassium phosphate calcium carbonate trials I mean we’re just looking a lot of different stuff in there I don’t like that considering that again normally they have wow they’re out of everything ripple is a good one to go with I am gonna get some almond milk and just so you know flax milk is good too so if you’re looking for something different target has flax milk I think this one again has some sweetener in it but they do have unsweetened flax nice thing with flax a high of alpha linoleic acid what that means is it’s an omega-3 that has a hard time converting to an omega-3 that’s usable in the body but it’s still a good omega-3 you still have like a 1 to 2 percent conversion rate so it’s better than the kick in the teeth and it’s probably an almond meal look at that rate but I don’t think they have the unsweetened one oh here’s the other open milk you’re like plane see even this one see they they add sweetener to it huh so in this case I don’t want cashew milk get cashews too sweet I want good old almond milk but I’m on somewhat of a budget so what kind of almond milk should I go for $2.99 year Prince almond coconut filtered water this isn’t bad I mean it’s gonna have some gums in there but I do eat almond milk or drink almond milk a lot so let’s go with it all right bacon see you know it’s wild is when you actually compare turkey bacon and regular bacon people think that turkey bacon is healthier the funny thing is is that the actual raising process of Turkey is so much worse that you end up with a lot more just nonsense in turkey bacon than you do in regular bacon so even though the regular bacon is higher fat and higher saturate is that it’s coming from a specific area of the pig whereas the fat that is marbled in with turkey bacon is usually lower quality so when you are trying to figure out which one to go with I would usually go with regular bacon over turkey bacon I don’t see a whole lot of good options and bacon isn’t a necessity so let’s just leave that off here’s the hard thing about having me do a top 17 items at Target video most people want to see okay the fun tasty keto options that they have I spend almost all of my budget and almost all my money in this section because I’m all about clean keto so it makes it kind of hard because I’m gonna end up blowing a lot of my budget here by the time I get to the what most people would consider the fun stuff already but I’m hardly ruined it so I’m trying to curb it a little bit trying to curb it Wow I probably could have saved some money on berries here but I do like fresh this stuff’s a no-go forget all that alright creamers a lot has happened in the way of creamers now say got an employee behind you to say no it’s just in case and he’s just a stalker but see are they making snickerdoodle okay all right so with creamers obviously you can go with heavy whipping cream you are gonna want to use heavy whipping cream over half and half because half and half how’s the milk sugars if you’ve watched my grocery haul videos forgive the redundancy here okay I just still have to explain it heavy cream is going to be a cleaner fat content because it’s not going to have all of the the nonsensical stuff that comes with half and half of the still in the milk cream is still not amazing stuff but ten to decanoic and kept the decanoic those are the fatty acids that are in milk and there have been studies that actually show that the fats from dairy aren’t bad for you in fact there’s a lower instance of cardiovascular disease with the fats that come from Dairy it’s the other stuff in dairy that’s bad so heavy cream could work let’s see here or the other step is if you want to go more plant-based the thing I like about this happened half with Ripple first of all it’s on sale that helps me out a lot I can use this for all kinds of things so DHA Omega 3s so it has algal oil in it okay DHA algal oil our oil is cool stuff it’s an omega-3 that comes from algae okay so omega-3s are created in algae and then linked in and fish eat that and that and that that’s how fish magically have omega-3s but they may get 3s actually come and are rooted from the algae so when you are trying to do something a little bit different like you might as well reduce the inflammatory components going in your body and go with this one plus it’s on sale so I’m going with that that’s it for creamers now obviously you can use the heavy cream for other things again everything’s gonna vary but it’s not interesting you’re still getting a peek into the life of what’s shopping with me is like right cream cheese this stuff is great expensive but good okay it’s an almond based cream cheese but in my opinion it actually tastes even better than cream cheese this stuff is so good I do so much cooking with it again you’re not having the inflammatory components someone argue that the almonds would have like a phytic acid effect and be negative and to an extreme yes like if you were to have a ton of it yeah it’d be a problem do I want to have it in my budget my seventeen items maybe I’ll come back for it okay it’s not a staple but eggs are important pretty large brown okay so eggs get interesting vital farms makes a really good eggs these guys like they raise their chickens right I think because they taste really really good see $4.99 for a dozen or I can go so big difference in cage free and pasture race that’s the thing so I might only spend you know three dollars versus five dollars but I can get by with less of the pasture-raised eggs organic free-range I don’t know about this man I’ve never heard of it before it played on a small family farms hormone free pesticide free antibiotic free that doesn’t mean that they’re never raised with antibiotics though I’m trying to see if there’s anything here that indicates that okay it’s a like the same the same price I guess it comes down to Arkansas versus Austin Texas I’m gonna try something new Arkansas gets the wind today all right again 79 you can get this stuff anywhere so I don’t want to just again blow the budget on cheese’s if I don’t need it like we can get our fats all kinds of different places you has noticed that I barely even looked at this section behind behind the cameraman here right so it’s like why because this stuff is garbage like processed meats I don’t want to stock up on that I appreciate that they’re trying to make some of these things a little bit more keto friendly these are interesting actually that’s kind of cool that’s cool like if you’re gonna have a snack have it with dill pickles that’s kind of cool a little bit of preservatives in there but not much I don’t know if it wants to meet my 17 items but it’s kind of cool I mean that’s a nice healthy snack when you are you know I’m gonna get it because that’s really cool and the nice thing is on keto I feel like this is a good snack to have because you usually are deficient in electrolytes like your minerals are depleted you go through a demineralization process so this is a good thing if you feel like you are getting fatigued or if you’re going through the keto flu just grab some pickle snacks now if we could get other pickles too and probably save some money but I just like this this is cool just to have a snack on the go apparently Friday is when they run out of like stock and they restock it because there’s so many things that are marked as clearance I’m just noticing yeah if you’re gonna go with little cheese’s these are kind of nice too these baby Bell cheese’s they just taste good yeah not the best frozen meat options here I mean it’s kind of I got to give some major props to Jenny oh here no antibiotics ever that’s nice I mean for a big brand like Jenny oh dang that’s actually impressive turkey salt and rosemary extract okay I mean it’s not organic but for the price we pay seven bucks it’s pretty cool I’m gonna grab this so how many items are my out right now okay and we’re trying to make it fun 17 items right okay so we’ve got only hon I’m adding up already one two three extra one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven okay it’s gonna be an elimination process here soon more frozen and refrigerated alright Greek yogurt is my jam okay I love this stuff but it looks like they’re out of the smaller ones go for the higher fat stuff here’s the thing still have some carbs in it okay so one for that this has seven grams of carbs you just don’t want to go overboard okay it is good as a probiotic sense we just want to be careful with it so this does make my cut because I feel like it’s a very it’s a big staple around my house to have some good quality probiotic affect yogurt I always feel like frozen seafoods the way to go if you’ve watched my grocery haul videos then you know that frozen seafood is a way to get good wild-caught stuff pollock Alaskan sockeye salmon all wild-caught versus farm-raised and you get farm-raised I mean you get wild-caught so much cheaper when you get it frozen and it’s frozen there at the source so it’s just so much better I also got here okay I’m gonna get my broccoli again same kind of thing with frozen broccoli it’s frozen when it’s kicked so because it’s frozen when it’s picked it means that it’s preserving all the nutrients it’s not going to this oxidation process it’s going on the truck and everything like that I have to get down to brass tacks here what do I want tilapia no go swine no go flounder that’s a good price on flounder actually I want to get some wild caught flounder it’s actually not bad they have that okay so definitely definitely running out of some options here in terms of like my selection this stuff is kind of cool by the way though we’ve actually given this this has some preservatives and I have some some garbage in it it has you know white cheddar cheese it has some cream it has some Parmesan cheese it has some other stuff it’s really not that bad though it’s all just it’s an organic stuff so I mean it’s good so these are actually really cool different things if you like cauliflower rice this might be a good option to have I’m gonna hold off for now it’s not a staple but I think it’s a really cool target item so let’s see God what could I get rid of for this I think this is cooler so I’m gonna get this now white cheddar and I got cauliflower risotto pretty awesome I’m gonna count those as one item and I’m gonna put back the pickles just hang on and if you guys ever want to have fun when you’re shopping do this let me like I’m gonna get no more than 20 items it just forces you to cut out the fluff I really encourage you to check it out like halo top obviously would work every now and then but is it gonna fit within my nook it’s not ice cream not happened I just never realized how big the frozen section was here I don’t even know if I’ve ever been down this aisle Uncrustables totally keto not the pits I’ll see if there’s a cauliflower crust or something [Music] you know it’s so wild about target I think it is like a mind work for people you go to Target and I can I can wife can go to Target and she’ll just walk out and spend a couple hundred bucks and be like I don’t know what happened like they always joke I always talk to like ladies in particular that are like I don’t know what happens when I go to Target it’s like I go there and they like suck your soul out and you just end up buying all kinds of weird stuff that you don’t need it’s really funny like how many people will go to Target and end up just not knowing what the heck they’re even buying ok so as we get into more of the regular aisles and things like that let me address something really quick a lot of the options that I’m talking about that are in this section are much easier to get online but I understand that you’re going to a grocery store and you’re trying to get stuff so I wanted to give a big shout out and also a cool opportunity if you guys want to check out thrive market so like a lot of these things that thrive end up being cheaper than they are at the grocery store so for example but I mark it’s an online grocery store and you can actually shop Kito options at thrive so you can filter by kedo which is really cool so for me for instance I’ve been able to create an actual Kido bundle that I purchase and I’ve been able to release that Kido bundle out to the public so down below in the description after you watch this video you can check out thrive market and you can actually get my Kido or my fasting bundles and you can just order them and it ends up being cheaper in the grocery store and it’s delivered right to your doorstep so you don’t have to go to the grocery store if you don’t want to so all the things that I’m showing you here are things that you could get on thrive or a thrive it should say doesn’t mean that brand for brand it’s going to be specific but it’s a cool option so after you watch this video check them out down below special pricing and a special bundle with keto options and fastening options all right so now having said that what kind of nut butters do I potentially want or do I even want them peanut butter peanuts are a legume so it ends up being not as good on keto obviously honey almond butter avoid dark chocolate almond butter avoid it gets tough and the Maranatha one this one tastes amazing but first of all eight bucks a second of all it’s sneaky okay they add a bunch of sugar almonds evaporated cane sugar palm oil and sea salt so they definitely end up kind of you’re like oh cool it’s nice and clean and then it tastes good but yeah it tastes good because it’s got sugar in it so do I even want this stuff peanut butter is just a great way to just add a bunch of calories and just mess yourself up this PB 2 stuff is also really awesome but it adds up in carbs okay so what you losing calories you make up in carbs because it’s consolidated they’ve defatted peanuts so you’ve got pure peanuts without the fat so it’s just all consolidated into a powder which means you’re getting the carbs it’s okay again in moderation or to sprinkle into a protein shake or something like that and the Sun butter here is normally good but they don’t have the unsweetened option again roasted sunflower seeds sugar and salt not even evaporated cane they just go straight for the sugar straight for the jugular there so if you’re on the go or something like that these little packets are great okay these little Justin’s packets but again you got to be careful okay vanilla has sugar added to it the classic does not the classic does not but a cashew butter isn’t really what you want to go for I’m gonna hold off mmm what’s this tiny tots okay sardines are a big thing for me okay look at what caught my eye was right when it was sitting there twenty five hundred milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids per serving and it just so happens that sardines happen to be really high in token hexanoic acid DHA so there’s an acronym I want you to remember okay it’s smash s mas H stands for sardines mackerel anchovies salmon and herring these are the fish that you want when you want good brain health and good omega threes I notice they also have anchovies here the hard part with anchovies is they’re usually heavily salted so 300 milligrams for one can versus this has actually Wow surprisingly these are oh wait a minute ha ha thought something was off this is anchovies into place but they had sardines there the anchovies are way back there let’s take a look now let’s see this sodium is good but maybe not dislike 900 milligrams two and a half servings per can so you can see like if you can get anchovies that aren’t covered in salt sure I’m gonna get the sardines he’s definitely making my cut so if I had to choose like sardines over tuna or anything like that hands down me sardines everyone gives canned fish a bad rap canned fish is okay and I get I sound like a broken record because I talk about this in all of my videos but albacore is more mercury you want the chunk light or the skipjack which is essentially kind of the same thing so I got my sardines now time for a quick count where I’m at 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 I’m gonna have to trim some fat this is a problem all right let’s keep going at the very least you still get to learn with me I mean because I may not be picking everything because I’m narrowing it down but okay they have a sugar no sugar added marinara doesn’t look like it it’s probably not a staple I always marinara so tomato obviously has some sugar in it just naturally so it adds up but I love making bolognaise I love new things like that it’s so easy to make cook up some ground meats ground turkey ground chicken add some marinara to it you’ve got Bolognese it tastes good it tastes like you’re you know eating pasta right and then you can add some zucchini noodles or something like that I’m gonna pass on all this stuff if you’re not keto by the way this stuff is awesome bonza is great chickpea pasta so whenever I do go off keto and whenever I’m cycling through and like adding some different carbohydrates into the mix I that is a staple for me any of these options specifically keto I mean some of them we couldn’t make keto hot sauces you could call them keto waters keto I mean all these things vinegars keto right so it’s like I can make this interesting and call everything keto but I also want to be honest oh sweet ok so they’ve got sir Kensington hi yes okay they’ve got the good stuff sir Kensington’s avocado oil mayonnaise this is cool now all kinds of companies like Mark Sissons primal kitchen makes this stuff and I love it don’t get me wrong I love you mark but this stuff is much more affordable so avocado oil certified humane free-range egg yolks water distilled vinegar lime juice mustard flour mustard extract black pepper lime oil so that’s pretty darn cool I will scrap something out of my cart in order to get this because I can live on this like good healthy fats there I’m probably gonna end up getting rid of the berries because I can deal without those in keto so here’s what I’m gonna do I am going to create a separate file that is for omitted items burn you’re gone you’re fired pickles I already put my pickles back no one wants an unwanted pickle Burch benders this company when my baby was a little baby and not grown up way too fast we used to give him these paleo pancakes all the time cassava starch which is really awesome stuff organic coconut flour almond flour eggs and leavening so it is like in monkford it was really cool so you just added water those are really cool pancakes since then they’ve come out with a keto one and I think this this is the spot right here I’m pretty sure this actually maybe not just as gluten-free but I don’t know but I know I’ve seen him here before so as much as I would love to have this item would 100% be on my list it would because these are great great great things but they don’t have my Aikido options so I can’t in good faith put it in my cart today but it’s worth noting that birch benders has some really awesome stuff so look for their keto pancakes their paleo pancakes will be okay if you have maybe just one of them but you can’t just have one that’s the hard part right then we’ve got my baking chocolate you guys know me right okay so it’s a toss-up okay I’m limited on items right so what do I go with do I go unsweetened baking chocolate that I could melt down and add stevia to or do I go cocoa powder that I can mix in some almond milk and make a nice hot chocolate with some stevia do I go hot chocolate or do I go chocolate bar hmm okay I’m gonna go chocolate bar 29 to 49 I’m just gonna go for the Target brand so this is a straight-up unsweetened baking chocolate bitter stuff melt it down and you add stevia or some monk fruit to it use some LeConte Oh use some stevia whatever and then put it on some wax paper and put it in the freezer and you’ve got keto chocolate have a little chunk of it before bed and you’re in business all right so I need to get rid of anything so as I’m filtering through here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 sorry Ripple I can live without you right isn’t this fun I mean maybe it’s not because we’re having to get rid of so much good stuff okay my coconut oil again I have plenty of coconut oil at the house I’m kind of trying to like narrow it down to what I think are the coolest top options okay so it’s kind of interesting that they have olive oil as a cooking spray you guys know olive oil is a very fragile fat it’s a fat that does not do well at a high smoke point so you should not be cooking in olive oil you should be cooking in coconut oil or cooking an avocado oil and I don’t see an avocado oil spray I see more olive oil so I mean all these oils here again they’re not gonna make my cut because you can get these oils anywhere but you just want to know coconut oil is good to go avocado oil is good to go don’t be afraid of the saturated fats in coconut oil okay it’s not saturated fats that end up causing any kind of atherosclerosis it’s inflammation that does I don’t think that morantz putting into the basket right now though I never realized how hard it is to narrow it down to 17 items my wheel discuss that comes on ooh Tabas good stuff some powerful tea oh good question that comes up all the time will these things kick you out of Quito no they won’t kick you out of Quito okay these artificial sweeteners and drink mixes some of them break it fast I did a full video that broke down like all the top flavors and all the top brands and which ones technically would break a fast which ones wouldn’t it’s kind of wild stuff when you look at some of them because some of them actually put like this one it’s actually a really good company and I like what they’re doing but here’s this check this out concentrated white grape juice so even though it’s supposed to be a stevia-sweetened calorie free drink it has white great force in it so that would kick you out of a fast for instance okay so we don’t want that anyway I’ll just just a note there so this has a bunch of aspartame minutes um not necessarily something you want to be having copious amounts of so let’s just leave those out of the equation definitely not going to be worthy of a trip here right now I used to get these all the time until I realized I was consuming way too much of them and having way too much in the way of let’s see yeah there’s the sucralose but also just look at all the stuff in it let me grab another color that you might see better carbonated water malic acid which is okay may like malik whatever vegetable juice for color not too bad sodium benzoate gum arabic green tea extract biotin vitamin b3 okay so it’s got all these other things added to it but way too much sucralose that just adds up yeah not gonna make the cut okay so don’t think there’s gonna be a lot here if you get down to the nitty gritty sometimes you can find some things that would be keto friendly but a lot of things are also very deceiving okay they’ll say that they’re made with cauliflower they’ll say that they’re made with like this is a good example hey guess what whoops to read those trying to snap judgment chickpea veggie crisps but then you get to it first ingredients rice flour then it’s chickpea flour okay it’s it’s crazy how many companies just and quite frankly I think they play on like busy moms and things like that that are running through the store and they’re trying to get healthy options for their kiddos and they’re like oh my gosh chickpea veggie crisps great or sweet potato like they’re trying to do the right thing but then they take a look at the label later on or maybe they never do and they just get in kind of bamboozled it’s just not fair I think we all fall victim to that sometimes so just be careful these things are another thing nut fins can you think that they’re gonna be made with nuts but it’s rice flour and then almonds that it’s just a bummer again is it better than just totally modified starch yeah it’s better these wisps these are cool these piece could be kita friendly I definitely kita friendly but they could make my list hold off for now just I’m really cutting it close about 15 items so I got two more things that can make the cut most of these Peter Keyes so these guys are cool they’re actually from Sonoma which is the hometown that I’m from I’m from Sonoma but they got bought out I can’t remember who they got bought out by anyway they turned kind of weird and all their stuff has a bunch of sugar and high fructose corn syrup now so I ride the nuts apartment my eyes went straight here these are making the cut no matter what I’m making it happen okay plain old target magnets they’re expensive they’re ten bucks but I don’t know why but the target macadamia nuts are like roasted extra hard like look like they’re like brown and kind of burnt it tastes so good I don’t think it’s killing any of the fats out of it I don’t think it’s going through the lipid peroxidation which is where you cook fats so much they denature they seem to be pretty good and I feel pretty good and I eat these I can usually tell my system is pretty clear so when I have foods that have been just adulterated I don’t feel good I feel good again when I eat these so if you’re tossing up between all these different nuts here yeah Mac nuts all the way these are kind of cool though it’s this rosemary and sea salt it’s kind of cool man okay this is exactly where okay you start getting these flavor and almonds again I’m not trying to just be pessimistically by all means if you are doing keto and you just need some good options like just to be staying keto right all this stuff is for the most part sound like you crashed is all pretty good and it’s better than not being keto but I’m trying to level you up and educate you a little bit so that you can be annoying to your friends okay vegetable oil canola oil okay why are you taking a perfectly good fatty acid profile of an almond and then killing it with the fatty acid crap profile a pillow oil it just kills me so you got a perfectly good healthy nut there the same kind of thing with these like okay cool you got habanero BBQ but then you look at the oh my gosh like you smoothie almonds with some flavoring and look at that ingredient list okay we got almonds then we got canola oil once again then we got sugar hidden in there salt okay we got molasses powder which is cane refinery syrup and molasses vinegar powder multi-deck it just goes on and on I just wanted some almonds that taste good same kind of thing it’s a bummer like so it’s almost better just to go for lightly salted or something simple which even these yeah so roasted right apparently they’re roasted with vegetable oil so they don’t usually have them but you almost want roasted that doesn’t have oil added to them so anyhow that’s where I stand with these so I’ve got 16 items I got one item left that I can get mmm this stuff this stuff’s cool except so when I first discovered these guys this virgil’s this root beer I was over the moon I loved it and I consumed it like crazy and then I went back and I had at one time and I got super bloated that’s what hack what that happened and I looked at it and I was like oh they added erythritol it used to be stevia and monk fruit now there’s a riff brittle in it which I don’t mind a rift at all but I get a little critical of it because it can bloat you and when I’m looking for something that I just want like maybe during a fast I normally wouldn’t have a bunch of erythritol during a fast so I was like distended I’m like why and I think the combination of the sugar alcohols from the erythritol plus car nation I was like seven months pregnant okay so none of these beverages I don’t know fresca I mean there’s still this it’s got garbage in them all right so I can either find a new item because I’ve got one item left that I can add or I can put the ripple creamer back because I think it’s kind of interesting so I can do without the fruit on keto I mean tons of people don’t have fruit on keto it’s not a necessity and quite frankly I’m not gay it’s not like I’m getting a bunch of vitamins and minerals out of that it’s purely a taste satisfaction thing like the amount of vitamins and minerals I’m gonna get from fruit and fiber I mean I might as well get from my greens right so yeah I think this is what we’re narrowing it down to I think well I think the ripple makes the cut again let’s go ahead and put her on back hey not too bad to be honest you got a lot of Education out of this but we didn’t have to do a whole lot of filtering that’s pretty good at determining determining which ones I needed which ones I didn’t but all the while still is able to teach you along the way target has some really good options like kudos to them kudos for actually making it possible to do ‘quite oh heck yeah let’s go ahead and let’s check out and let’s see what our overall price was I actually don’t think we’re gonna be close to $200 I think I don’t think this would feed a whole family I think this is something that would probably I don’t know maybe a family of two and you might have some leftover it’s so hard to say hey this is my budget for a month or a week or anything like that you have so much stuff carries over like am I gonna eat all those turkey burgers in a week I hope not am I going to eat all of this chicken probably I’m gonna eat all the frozen salmon or all the frozen flounder probably not so it all blends in so I recommend when you’re setting a weekly grocery budget it needs to be a revolving budget which at the end of the month you need to add up everything you’ve spent each week and then divide it by four and that’s more like your actual budget so it really should be more of a monthly thing rather than a weekly thing however you can’t really do monthly grocery shopping if you’re getting good quality foods that are perishable Zig back please yes please hey I want to say it was $6.99 seven bucks it’s pretty cool 1:12 holy cow all right I mean this would be sufficient I could absolutely live off this and my wife if I would live off of this to again something I talk about in my videos all the time is that when you’re when you’re in Quito the beta-hydroxybutyrate actually makes it so that you don’t need as much in the way of protein okay it’s leucine sparing so it makes it so that you’re not actually burning up as much muscle tissue simply throughout the day which means you get by with less protein so I didn’t have to spend a whole lot of money on meat anyway because I don’t need a ton of it I probably will eat more than that like when you start factoring into different kinds of meats I got but quite frankly I feel pretty satisfied with what I got for 112 bucks especially when you start playing in that elimination game and you realize you don’t need to have all this crazy fluffy stuff pretty easy to beat kitto it’s pretty easy to keep it clean let’s go ahead and let’s load this up in the car and get on back easy money so I’m pretty happy 112 bucks and I feel like I got the groceries that quite frankly I needed I didn’t get any of the nonsense items but I still feel good that I showed you the way and some other cool items that you can get at Target if you guys want me to do a little bit more in depth of this where I maybe break down other items that aren’t Quito or anything like that put it down in the comment section below or if you have some foods that you’ve seen it at Target that I didn’t point out that you know are keto friendly and that are really interesting then please do let me know because I want to know about but also I just like to hear what people have it their neighborhood targets alright so until the next grocery haul or until the next video that we do pretty much every single day stay keto keep it clean and I’ll see you soon

This Post Was All About Clean Keto on a Budget – Target Grocery Haul (top 17 items).
Clean Keto on a Budget - Target Grocery Haul (top 17 items)

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Clean Keto on a Budget – Target Grocery Haul (top 17 items) – Thomas DeLauer

What to Look for on Clean Keto

On the clean keto diet, you eat a fixed macronutrient breakdown of mostly healthy fats, high-quality protein in moderation, and restricted carbohydrates

You get most of your calories from healthy fats found in foods like avocados, grass-fed butter, olives, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, and seeds.

You can also eat all of the non starchy, leafy vegetables you want, as well as other low-carb vegetables like broccoli, peppers, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus, cucumber, and zucchini

Protein in the form of grass-fed meats, pasture-raised poultry, cage-free eggs, and wild-caught fish

Dirty keto follows the same macronutrient breakdown of fats, protein, and carbs as clean keto, with one major difference: It doesn’t matter which foods those macros come from

That is to say, on the dirty keto diet, instead of choosing good fats, like wild-caught salmon, grass-fed butter, and avocado, you eat a fast-food burger (without the bun), processed cheese

This type of a keto diet is missing vital micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are necessary to your overall health

Micronutrient Deficiencies


Vitamin E literally cuts the production of cytokines

Specifically, it has been shown to decrease lipid peroxidation and decrease the release of proinflammatory cytokines, the chemokine IL-8 and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) levels as well as decrease adhesion of monocytes to endothelium

The mechanisms that account for the effects of vitamin E are the inhibition of protein kinase C, 5-lipoxygenase, tyrosine-kinase as well as cyclooxygenase-2 (COX 2)

It also specifically targets, and dampens, interleukin-6 production in circulating blood

Vitamin K activates two key proteins in the body:

Osteocalcin: once activated, it carries calcium and minerals into bones and teeth – it’s mostly responsible for the dental health and osteoporosis prevention

Matrix-GLA: The non-bone and teeth benefits of Vitamin K2 are mainly tied to the action of the matrix-GLA protein – this protein is activated only in the presence of Vitamin K2

Helps avoid calcification in the arteries – helps stop calcification in the veins as well since the calcium meant for the bones is ushered into the bones and does not accumulate in veins and arteries

Vitamin K also helps prevent excess calcium in the brain, and excess dysregulated calcium in the brain accounts for some of the damage from Alzheimers
Animals grazing on vitamin K-rich cereal grasses – especially wheatgrass and alfalfa in a lush green state of growth – produce fat with the highest amounts of Activator X

Vitamin K2 levels will not be high in butter from grain-fed cows raised in confinement feedlots


Magnesium binds to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors

Magnesium relaxes the muscles in the intestines, which can help to establish a smoother flow as the stool passes through the bowels

Stool Softener: Magnesium draws water into the intestines, working as an osmotic laxative

ATP must be bound to a magnesium ion in order to be biologically active – actually Mg-ATP


Avocado contains the enzyme lipase, which is needed in order to break down dietary fat

Yogurt and kefir are both fermented and support healthy digestion – they contain lactic acid bacteria that produces lactase, an enzyme that helps break down lactose, the milk sugar.

Inflammation – Omega-3:Omega:6 Ratio

Ideal Omega-3: Omega-6 ratio is 1:1, but most Americans have a ratio of more like 1:16

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