Clean Keto on a Budget – ALDI Grocery Haul

Clean Keto on a Budget – ALDI Grocery Haul

Clean Keto on a Budget – ALDI Grocery Haul

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all right it’s all the time okay now I’m in California so all these aren’t crazy popular here but this has been the popular popular request people that are watching my videos so we’re gonna do a little keto grocery haul here at Aldi now all he does have some clean options so it’ll be interesting hopefully we can do a nice clean keto on a budget all about trying to save a couple bucks if we can get out of here for 150 bucks for a week that’d be awesome so that’s gonna be the goal we’ll see what happens let’s head on in hopefully we don’t get kicked out like we have a bad habit of having happen to us I’ve never seen that before you don’t have a quarter do you they require you have to pay a quarter to get a cart alright so I’m not sure if I like this or appreciate it alright so first off I don’t want to fall victim to things like this kale chips doesn’t typically mean kale chips okay like this has kale in it but it’s kale potato flour starch they’re potato chips they just have kale in them so just be careful with things like that all the time all right whoa we’re already off to a good start okay I don’t know this brand but see a lot of people have been saying okay Aldi has really good keto options let’s see a seven here wow this is actually really clean okay so we’ve got aged Parmesan cheese we’ve got cheese cultures salt and jalapeno that’s actually pretty darn clean Parmesan crisp a little bit pricey 289 we still need some snacks now and then so let’s go ahead and grab those just so we’ve got something don’t wanna live on and whoa okay I see what people are saying about all these all right I might start doing a little shopping here we’ll just see what we end up as far as budget goes all right peanuts although technically fit into a keto profile they’re technically a legume not a nut so not the biggest fan of having them also a little bit higher carb content than I usually like six grams of carbs two grams of fiber not gonna hurt you if you’re on a serious budget then yeah that’ll work well but I’m gonna stay away from those what’s these this comes this company’s kind of cool let’s see Wow okay we’ve got white sesame seeds a little bit of maltose not a big fan of that nori okay so you’ve got some good iodine you’ve got good thyroid support there it’s actually really hard to get iodine outside of iodized salt iodized salt is garbage bleach it’s not good but with this we get nori we get the seaweed in there we actually get a nice natural form of iodine so I am gonna get these I will say full disclaimer maltose is a carbohydrate they have it in there probably as probably a binder of some kind so again easy snack it’s inexpensive it’s a dollar ninety-nine and at least might get the family through the week a little bit if I get one or two of those I’m just going to get one for now so one of the lowest glycemic fruits that you can get is going to be a strawberry it does not mean that you have a bunch of them okay dr. ken berry who does a whole lot of stuff in the carnivore world he posted something on Instagram that I really like it said like a true carnivore diet no not keto but carnivore is good quality meat and a couple of berries okay so even the most devout keto people will still say that a couple of areas are okay when you’re looking at fruits usually you want to have strawberries simply because they’re gonna be the lowest glycemic blueberries are a close second to 95 for organic so that’s pretty solid so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna I’m gonna roll these okay fresh veggies are always nice when you’re on a budget frozen really works well simply because frozen honestly its flash-frozen so you’re preserving a lot of the nutrients so you’re pretty solid there if you are gonna go fresh don’t want to go super crazy on the spinach if you can’t avoid the spinach it’s a little bit higher in oxalates it’s a little hard to digest though Wow what is that chirping close the oxalates basically they bind to minerals that are in your digestive tract so it can help bind the minerals and cause them to be excreted which can be battle maketo by it but not that big of a deal none of these look really really good I think I will go ahead and I will get a little bit of our arugula it’s probably one of the more nutrient-dense ones so I’ll get this that way I’m not just getting low quality spring mix or romaine this is worth pointing out be careful of salad dressings that are in the refrigerated section because a lot of times they lead you to believe that they’re really high-quality but in reality it’s still canola oil so probably the lowest quality oil they could possibly use then we have a bunch of other things we got tapioca starts with carrageenan carrageenan is a thickener and a stabilizer the whole point of having it in the refrigerated section is that you don’t need that stuff so they’re still kind of like fluffing this up a little bit I understand from an economic standpoint why they do it but like so you’re almost better off just getting the cheaper stuff at that rate it’s the same stuff you’re just paying more because you think it’s high-quality in the refrigerated section no thanks kombucha kombucha can be tricky okay seeing we still have a lot of carbs in kombucha six grams of carbs but servings per container – 12 grams of carbs you’re a third of the way through your carb content for the day so just be careful there ah now we’re talking this is the kind of stuff that I dig alright we’ve got good quality kimchi this is something like I could literally use this as a vegetable replacement like if I didn’t want to load up with a bunch of fresh veggies I’d be down to just have this okay we’ve got really good quality cruciferous vegetables in there we’ve got bok choy we’ve got broccoli it looks like Brock sorry no broccoli in this one some of it has broccoli but we’ve got cabbage you got some bok Choy’s all stuff that’s gonna ferment kale and radish in there so the whole purpose of kimchi is you get this nice fermented effect so you get a good digestive component good probiotic effect and then the actual liquid itself you can use as a marinade like I marinate chicken in it I’m marinate broccoli and in all kinds of things it’s a little bit pricey so it does hurt my budget but honestly it’s worth it because I could replace it edges with this so let’s go ahead and grab that so I did see some avocados over there but when you’re on the go and you’re feeding a family it’s almost easier to just get guacamole this is a pretty good deal $2.99 for some good quality guacamole let’s see what’s in it Hass avocados tomatoes onions lime juice Wow actually good stuff compared to some of this yeah I don’t want to get one that has black beans or anything like this is pretty awesome eighteen point seven cents per ounce versus twenty nine point nine cents per ounce this just wakes way more sense I’m gonna get this this is like good quality fats for the week this is gonna help me out all right okay here’s something good to talk about salami versus prosciutto okay salami is obviously a little bit higher fat content prosciutto is usually a little bit higher sodium content I like prosciutto because it’s easier to keep it a little bit lean so if you want just cured meats or anything like that it’s not the highest quality stuff in the world but I’d say it’s better than salami so I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna get some prosciutto in this case not a bad price actually you know when I put that in the wrong spot let’s see yeah 3:29 it’s actually cheaper too so this is just good stuff on the go all right so I’m gonna grab some prosciutto all right we’re in the cheese department now you’ve probably seen my video or maybe you haven’t where I break down all the different kinds of cheeses it’s time to get cheesy let’s just get downright cheesy on this and cheeses that are good for you and stuff like that Jesus you should avoid on keto she’s you shouldn’t have on keto Jesus you can have on keto moderation I went into detail nice thing about all deep they have goat cheese readily accessible at a really good price that’s a dollar ninety-nine for some plain old goat cheese or 239 frigging crumbles goat cheese is generally an a to casein protein which means it doesn’t have what’s called B C m7 and I’m not gonna go into exquisite detail but basically it doesn’t have the casein aids that cause an opioid effect opioid reflux within your body so you don’t get that addiction that you would get to normal cheese but also just much easier on the system so goat cheese whenever you possibly can the next best bet is going to be parmesan which honestly we can get some parmesan but it doesn’t always work in the same methods that goat cheese would work the goat cheese works great on anything you can spread it on stuff you can’t spread Parmesan cheese so I’m gonna get some goat cheese I’m just gonna get one thing of it because you don’t need much Wow we ate all kinds of good quality fats here so we’ve got tzatziki so that’s a Greek yogurt sort of it’s a dip kind of thing you can use it with with cucumbers things like that really mild taste I like this because it doesn’t have a ton of sodium so if you’re looking for a dip that doesn have a bunch of sodium then fitzy he’s gonna be nice so again I’ve got some good fats here but I don’t want to just load up on random stuff so I think I’m gonna pass on this for the sake of being on a budget but good to go there feta is usually from sheep so if you get good quality feta you’re gonna be in the same ballpark as you would be with goat cheese okay so higher sodium for sure they add a lot more salt to it to get it to culture and to do its thing so you can kind of pick you can go feta or you can go goat cheese some people like to taste the feta more than goat it’s got that Tang eNOS whereas goat cheese has kind of a strange goat aftertaste let’s see what else it got here now we are talking okay so smoked salmon wild caught salmon is always best but you don’t usually find wild caught in a smoked form just because it usually is farmed in some ways this was raised in Norway which has different standards than the US ok so in the US has farm salmon it’s a big issue Norway has pretty good standards I happen to know that Norway is actually really solved with that Atlantic salmon salt sodium lactate and beech wood smoked sodium lactate isn’t a huge deal that still is for all intents and purposes pretty naturally derived this stuff is really good a really good quality fat obviously getting your nice omega-3 profile even though it’s technically raised in Norway and it’s technically probably farmed it’s still gonna have a nice omega-3 omega-6 ratio so I’ll go ahead and get that because that is a really good price I don’t see any sausages or anything like that that would be good see this is the stuff I don’t like any deli meat even the one that says they got the self healthy food awards we still into this look at this what you want to look at turkey breast then water means it’s inflated but then it’s got dextrose so it’s basically it’s basically becoming a starch sodium phosphate and brown and soybean oil and that’s a healthy one so deli mean it’s really tough does it really is ooh ahh man think of barbecues like this would be perfect it’s the kind of thing like if you can just heat this heat and serve stuff and this is like they’re super inexpensive area like they’re discount section I see that this would be great if it didn’t have the barbecue sauce actually sorry but holy moly that would take me like a year to read so I’m just gonna pass on that let’s see what they got in the way of some beef stuff okay you know me I’m always about grass-fed grass-finished beef but when we’re on a budget we’re probably not gonna be finding all of that especially at a store like oh oh yes okay cool we do have some bison that is not that cheap but it’s a good price for bison okay we’re talking $7.99 a pound is good that’s like right in the world of Costco prices so bison is FDA regulated so it cannot be eating grain it has to be fed on pasture pasture raised is a way we want to go but also pasture finished and bison is going to have that so don’t hate on me for spending 15 bucks or 16 bucks on getting a couple things a bison right now because this is really a little bit is gonna go a long way nice high fat content four servings of this is gonna be 200 almost 200 calories okay so we’re in a really good shape there we don’t even need much of it this will serve a you know throughout the week so I’m in a good spot there you know an interesting thing is is lamb and mutton not the biggest fan of eating those kinds of animals to be honest but it’s pretty cool okay like usually the omega-3 profile for lamb is really really good I’m not gonna get this cuz I just generally don’t like it that much but it’s just something for you to know if you get lamb if you get mutton anything like that it’s a really good fatty acid profile let’s see what we got here ooh okay let’s see okay here’s something okay 100% grass-fed ground beef it’s not grass finished this is a big deal okay grass-fed is not grass minute it’s not the same however Australia has different standards if it’s Australian grass-fed that does mean that they finished on a pasture as well but what gets tough is it says product of Australia Uruguay and/or USA it makes it pretty darn difficult but we’re on a budget guys we’re not trying to I’m just trying to show you how you can eat as clean as possible while on a budget so I’m still gonna get a couple of you it’s okay I’m human I don’t always eat like absolutely 100% though well I think I won the prize I don’t always eat exactly what I say you should be eating because you don’t always run into the situations but you can get that kind of stuff so just being realistic here we are on a budget ground meat is always easier plus easier to masticate it’s easier to digest easier to break down because you’re not having to actively chew it as much it’s plain and simple wild-caught alaskan salmon at $12.99 a pound that’s really solid okay so Alaskan sockeye wild caught the deeper the red color that’s not not pairing apples to apples or salmon to salmon but the deeper the red color you have a lot more in the way of just all kinds of different minerals okay so we do want the red one whenever possible again being on a budget I don’t know if it makes sense to get this right now being on a budget doesn’t I don’t know if it makes sense to get this right now especially since I got some smoked salmon and I don’t know if I want to spend $17 of my budget on this but the fatty acid profile of pork is decent but you want the fatty acid profile of pork coming from mainly for things like bacon where it’s the belly where it’s more saturated fat and not the different polyunsaturated fats so none of these pork pieces are really of that much interest to me here’s something to note when it comes to your ground foul your ground poultry or anything like that the fat that is in white meat is a really cruddy fatty acid profile so what I mean by that is if you’re gonna go for a ground turkey or a ground chicken I know it doesn’t taste as good but go with the leaner one the you don’t want more fat coming from a white meat because it’s lower quality fat you might as well get your fats from good clean sources and go with the leaner meat so in this case I’ll get some of this ground ground turkey 93% it’s pretty lean oh wait you know what we’ve got even better what’s this 349 a pound I can still get organic 93 for $5.99 a pound I’m gonna get two of those and then I’ll probably get one thing of chicken breast 649 a pound looking for a week here let me do a quick calculation get up bison one night with the family buy some another night with the family bolognaise one night I mean quite frankly like I’m set I’m set with me for the family now so that’s pretty cool okay let’s go ahead and let’s head down some other areas here people think that you can’t eat organic or you can’t eat clean on a budget like honestly that is enough to feed a family of two maybe even a family of three actually that’s going this way you know sauce is obviously on keto hit-and-miss I’m very very very wary of peanut butters because they’re usually full of junk dry roasted peanuts sugar hydrogenated vegetable hydrogenated is a pure trans fat okay that’s takes 51 days in the human body for a trans fat to break down the CIS and the trans bonds are different the body doesn’t know how to break them down all the way this one’s not bad I don’t see any almond butter here or anything if I do come across it I’ll grab one but 339 for organic peanut butter obviously getting some fats in getting our calories the nice thing about a ketogenic diet is you don’t need nearly as much protein okay that’s if you’re new to my channel you may not know this but if you’ve watched my channel you know that the nice thing about the ketogenic diet is because the levels of ketones that are in your blood you maintain muscle really easily without ever having to have a lot of protein you can have more protein and it’s not going to cause an issue certainly not but you can get by with having less and not lose muscle so this is really cool because you actually can do keto on a budget much easier than you would think simply because you don’t have to eat the more expensive stuff like the meats all the time all right now we got some oh nice oh okay we are talking good stuff here good quality ghee okay so we’ve got look at that ingredient cow’s milk fat that’s all get makes it really really easy so I am gonna get some of this but mind you this is gonna last me a month so even if ever were to go over budget a little bit because of this bad boy it’s not a huge deal definitely want some coconut oil again organic unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil we’re in business there honestly it’s gonna last me another couple weeks so I’m really really solid like even again I won’t have to buy this but every other week so we could effectively count this as half of what it really costs cheedo is all about getting the healthy fats in okay now we get a nice you’ve got avocado oil and a nice my avocado oil really high smoke point so we can cook with it and doesn’t denature normally fats will end up breaking down and if you have a fat like a polyunsaturated fat every time you cook with it it’s gonna break down and some go through what’s called lipid peroxidation which really can be toxic within the body okay okay it’s by products that aren’t just toxic in a like oh you’re gonna get sick 20 years down the road sense but toxic in the way that you’re actually going to be manipulating or changing how the fats are metabolized and that can be really really bad on your body and actually make it so you don’t burn as much fat alright well now we got our pork rinds [Applause] not the best quality pork rinds I’m always trying to find ones that are I mean it’s still not bad not organic or anything but fried pork skins and salt that’s all there is to it dollar 49 why not have the kiddos eat pork rinds instead of feeding them crackers right Steve yet one thing you do have to be careful who I’m not gonna get this one okay so we’ve got a rift all stevia and natural flavors I don’t see regular straight-up stevia I don’t have a big problem with stevia it’s just that makes it tough I mean you’ve got this stuff so the bigger bags of stevia malted dextra and CBS soap although we don’t have a rift at all in this one we have multi dextran so now we’ve got a pure starch that’s gonna spike your insulin that makes it really tough okay I probably can’t get my sweeteners here that’s not a big deal well a little disheartening I’m not gonna get this because it’s not an essential but $5.99 and we’ve got almond flour that’s blanched and really finely ground those of you that think you can’t cook on keto or bake your solid they’re not a bad price yeah okay 29 cents for some tomato sauce getting this simply because I got some ground meat I like to make like a bolognaise I like to make sometimes get some spaghetti squash things like that so honestly if I get for these it’s a great way to just add a little flavor without adding a bunch of just unnecessary stuff I’m not trying to be negative just so you guys know I just want to point things out we don’t want to have cellulose added to prevent caking or potassium sorbate that’s why it’s better to just go fresh I know this stuff lasts longer and it’s like a dollar cheaper but just get fresh it tastes better anyway mommy’s spaghetti if you are deep in ketosis and you’ve been doing keto for a while get a little bit more flexibility as far as your carbs go with fiber although this is edamame and it’s technically going to be soy it’s not something you want to eat all the time this is kind of cool okay 20 grams of carbs 13 of which are from fiber if you are really craving a little bit of pasta a little bit of this would be okay guys people bag on the whole soy thing all the time soy is not good okay but at least organic soy you’re not getting the GMOs you’re not getting the crazy stuff that Monsanto is dealing with right if you have a small amount it can actually help out estrogen levels and balance it you just don’t wanna have too much so this is something I wouldn’t do more than I don’t know maybe every other week but it’s nice to have on hand and it doesn’t go bad and it gives you a little bit of satiety and quite honestly it gives you the fiber that sometimes you end up missing out on a keto diet and obviously this is a grocery haul video it’s my first time here well I miss some things absolutely but if I can teach you a little bit of stuff as I go then heck yeah okay I’m just trying to teach you a little bits and pieces as I go a common question is coconut water coconut water is not good on keto okay still a lot of sugar in that stuff 18 grams like a thirty nine in a whole thing that’s basically a soda you could also just eat dog food it’s usually pretty low carb so far this seems to be working alright one of my favorite things on keto is oysters mildly spicy cod seed oil they put them in isn’t the best and you can’t usually find boys in water yeah at cottonseed oil just give them a good bath it’s not when I say give my bath just rinse them it’s not something that I would highly recommend all the time just so you know but I am a sucker for smoked oysters and they are a great way to just get some good quality fats in there’s a lot of recent science coming out saying that clams oysters mussels anything like that is actually really really really solid and one of the best amino acid profiles that you can find here’s some interesting things so when you get sardines at like a discount store sardines are like one of the highest omega-3 content fish that you can possibly find very inexpensive the hard part is almost always when they’re in oil they’re going to be in soybean oil which is just not good so I try to get them in water whenever possible but a lot of times you can find ones that are in like mustard this one’s got mustard flour which is just mustard acetic acid that’s literally just vinegar it’s got the cornstarch and the turmeric color and xantham you smell a bunch of other stuff which I don’t like let’s see if we got here I would hate to say it but like when you look at the ingredients soybean oil sucks okay it’s not good try to get it in water but if you’re limited with your selection people will say oh I’ll get it in the mustard sauce it’s less fat guys we’ve got the xanthan gum we’ve got modified cornstarch we’ve got all these other colorings compared to that when in doubt less ingredients is gonna be better so I’m gonna get a couple things with sardines I’m gonna get them in the oil and I’m gonna make sure I wash them really thoroughly and then I’ve also got my oysters my wife makes me eat the oysters outside if I eat them she says go outside because she doesn’t like the smell of them she thinks they’re horribly disgusting and a lot of people do if you agree you can comment down below whatever so I have to eat them outside so I call it my smoke break because it’s my smoked oysters break um let’s see we got in the way of tuna okay so I’ve talked about this in other videos too we got chunk light tuna in oil or sorry we want to get this in water if we did chunk light in water versus solid white tuna in water both in water which one’s gonna be better most people are gonna look at this and say oh protein content in the albacore is better the mercury content and the toxic effect of what is in albacore is significantly worse than chunk light chunk light is a smaller tuna albacore it’s bigger it’s gonna also more dense so if you’re gonna go with the tuna go with the go with the actual chunk light it’s really not that bad the other thing you can do is you can go with skip Jack and skip Jack is really good it was much more sustainably caught so I’m gonna go and I’m gonna grab some skip Jack this is perfect so now I’ve got lunch food I mean I’ve got my dinner I’ve got my lunch if I want to make a tuna salad I may need to find some mayonnaise I might have walked past it earlier but I mean that’s a pretty good stuff there it’s this big ol start easy this would be cool if it didn’t have the sugar I just saw some finger than starting this day it’s an interesting store all right so eggs can be sketchy I love my eggs but it’s hard to get good quality ones try to get eggs honestly locally that’s gonna be the best bet with eggs but again I get it you’re on a budget kind of brings up the question like what’s better free-range or organic free-range if not organic doesn’t mean much of anything okay it just means that they’re out on a range and they still feed them the same garbage right at least with organic they might be in a cage but at least the grain and the soy and the stuff that they’re feeding them is organic so when you’re trying to figure out between free-range or organic go for organic okay now if you ever can you want to have organic free-range that’s obviously the best but I don’t even see that option here so I was putting a little bit of a corner I’m just going to get this now I don’t need a whole lot of eggs why because I’m just using the eggs for the fat I’m just using the Oaks yolks for the most part almond milk I definitely wanna get hmm again if you have an option between coconut milk and almond milk this is original see they have coconut milk but you have to be very careful original has sugar okay very careful there you have to find the coconut milk or almond milk you have to find ones that say unsweetened see how easy it is to miss that and chances are you’ve had this before and you’ve just have been like oh it tastes extra good today but you probably cut the sweetened one by mistake so I’m gonna get one of this organic vanilla unsweetened just get a little bit more of a flavor it tastes closer to the old I don’t mind a little bit of an Olaf layer it’s not gonna tell you it’s not Kerrygold brand but all right what do we got I’m a big Greek yogurt guy looks like the Greek yogurt selection is not too great if I’m gonna get Greek yogurt I’m gonna get like a 2% I’m not gonna get a fat free fat free is much more likely to have other things in it to increase the taste and dairy fat to a small degree it’s actually okay okay so hepcidin Noack acid is actually an okay fat that’s and then also hep is Noah canned then also there’s one other one trans palmitoleic those are dairy fats that have been sown in studies to actually help out overall with lifespan and help out reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and things like that so really not a bad thing but I don’t see any 2% or any that’s let me see here that’s okay I might be able to live without the Greek yogurt this time I’m gonna go some cottage cheese let’s see if they got here ouch this isn’t even guys isn’t supposed to be like an active pitch for a product at all but this is the kind of thing I did a cottage cheese video this is the kind of thing I’m talking about when you go to the grocery store this is what you normally see when you see cottage cheese like if you look at it and this isn’t again just a pitch for good culture but if you look at like good culture cottage cheese I’ll have the video team make sure they show a clip of what the ingredient profile looks that’s what cottage cheese should look like looks not like this I can’t even know is anthem gum carrageenan carob bean gum citric acid carbon dioxide potassium sorbate cottage cheese is hard to stabilize so anyone that does it right it’s worth getting I can’t even honestly recommend getting that it’s a little bit of a bummer all right bacon all right I was never that big of a bacon fan and then you know what nine years ago or so when I started keto i just started loving it so the fat that comes from bacon is coming from the belly fat of the pig which is much more saturated so you get the saturated fats are like stearic acid and the more stabilized fats so I’m okay with getting those kind of fats whereas the fatty acid profile from the rest of the bacon isn’t as good turkey bacon it’s okay it’s not bad okay you’re just gonna get a better fatty acid profile from pork bacon now when I’m looking here I’m not seeing a whole lot of good quality regular bacon now this is cool okay interesting stuff to note so when you’re looking at labels again you want to see things that say never any because the FDA allows food companies and neat packaging to say no hormones no antibiotics they’re allowed to say that and they can still give them antibiotics it just is within a certain timeframe of when they go to harvest so that pig could have had antibiotics in it six months ago but it was outside of the time frame the FDA requires him to mention it never any antibiotics hormones okay these are kind of a double negative here never any vegetarian diet anyway I’m gonna get this this is this is not bad a little bit of salt and a little sugar which is gonna happen with Hickory bacon the good news this is once you cook it the sugar burns off not the best stuff in the world but the work is the danger zone in to the danger zone oh I like my Tejada that’s just for fun all right no here’s something you guys need to know cauliflower pizza crusts are not usually what they say okay they’re playing on the ignorance sometimes so this says a cauliflower crust first of all whoa that’s a lot more than just a cauliflower crust okay so we’ve got water cauliflower powder rice flour Beach okay so it’s mainly look a bit come on 69 grams of carbs so that’s not exactly cauliflower crust oh yeah wild cut Oh get this dip okay so remember how I said I didn’t want to get salmon because I didn’t want to spend $17 $3.99 so wild-caught pink salmon okay wild Todd I’m getting us for $3.99 that’s insane we achieve so again pros in especially with fish is really good because frozen it’s usually frozen right after they catch it they catch it and they put it in a freezer on the boat so you’re retaining as much as you possibly can wear sometimes fresh he’s actually less quality than frozen I’m gonna get two of these and again factor in that this very well should last me a couple of weeks we got some burgers and stuff too that’s kind of cool I guess the kind of thing like could feed your kiddo like he loves like burger patty things like that if that had is a good ingredient profile I’m gonna save the time today and not go through it tilapia if we’d like the plague it’s a rice flour raw cauliflower garlic and herb soothe than that nice so even this one rice cauliflower and garlic and herb I was expecting a bunch of weird stuff in it no we got free coach cauliflower and we’ve got garlic and we got parsley okay who says that you can’t make a good healthy dinner for your kids and your family on keto like that it has them covered in cheese like I could take this I could cook up some bacon chop it up into small pieces mix it into the rice cauliflower and then have a salmon patty on top of that with some coconut oil in the cauliflower rice to make it a little bit smoother and like I’ve got a really good eco hole like that’s a really good healthy solid you know that people are gonna like so let’s get a couple of those actually I’ll probably get one more just so you get the realism of the budget veggies are actually great to get frozen I mentioned it earlier but they’re flash frozen so every time you have harvest a vegetable and it goes onto the truck its oxidizing okay its oxidizing and it’s the nature and wallets on the truck at least it’s frozen right at the peak of harvest in this case so beans broccoli clerks and these I thought you’re getting kicked up okay so with these you can steam them in the bag these are supposed to be BPA free bags so you probably okay probably take them out and see them separately though to be honest I thought for sure we were gonna get kicked out of that point lady came walking over we have a bad habit of getting kicked out of grocery stores and we do this and she was walking towards us and I was like up here it comes and then nope she’s helping a customer with beyond me nice yeah so halo top something it’s technically not keto friendly but it’s close enough if you if you wanted to treat I mean it’s full of junk but honestly I like what they’re at least doing so I’m not gonna get any today that’s that’s not bad it’s nice it only has at least like honestly that’s not something you can find in a lot of normal grocery stores enlighten same kind of thing okay that’s not again here’s another one of those things that can get tricky right okay so ingredients cauliflower corn because they’ve got all the corn up here like if you want to just eat plain rice cauliflower this would work but it’s kind of weird just cuz this is on sale this is the kind of thing I mean 450 for this I’ve got almonds rosemary almonds chai spiced almonds roasted salted deluxe mixed nuts that’s not bad for twenty four point three cents per ounce and I get like a nice little variety the chai spice haven’t got sugar let’s see ooh yeah not worth it in a month always always check double check so I’m trying to find coconut cream because I like to use it as a creamer I’m not seeing it it’s kind of a bummer so in that case you might want to sub that out for maybe a little bit of heavy cream or a little um don’t get half and half try to use heavy cream just because half and a half has way much weight a lot more milk sugar because it’s half nil cap cream so I might go grab I think a heavy cream I’ll totally maybe I missed them earlier alright I am going to get some peanuts because they didn’t have any almonds or anything here so again just go easy on the peanuts yeah at least these are just just peanuts that’s all that’s in it but actually this one might have salt yeah I’m okay with salt I mean remember on keto what’s happening is your kidneys expelling a lot of water because you have so much in the way or so little in the way of insulin it’s a natural response for your kidneys to flush water so your electrolytes your potassium your sodium everything leaves so it’s okay with that all right actually I take that back they were right in front of me all along they just have them on an end cap let’s see what they got all right cashews technically a fruit they’re expensive they’re sweet and they’re not the best keto on for what they’ve got here almonds aren’t gonna always be the best either because of the phytic acid I always find I’ll get really bloated when I have that although this has some cashews in it the fact that it has walnuts and macadamia sand it’s kind of nice probably go with this one so I can at least you know avoid the cashews a little bit and have some more in the way of pecans couldn’t start walnuts walnuts are the highest omega-3 fat nut that you’re gonna find mustachios are awesome but they’re also the highest carb yeah 9 grams of carbs I love them but alright let’s go with these guys and try to just buy one bag so I don’t go overboard baking cocoa okay just a hundred percent cocoa again not organic in this case though it’s a dollar 95 I’ll mix this with almond milk add a little and stevia and make a delicious little treat that I can sip on perfect thing to have before bed just hanging out after having some dinner or watching a little bit TV with the family it’s a great little thing to have so cocoa is awesome don’t think that all has to have sugar in it just get it from the baking aisle and if they were to have actual cocoa like chocolate chocolate bars like baking chocolate I would have grabbed some of that too okay I’m just gonna grab some heavy cream and we’ll be out of here heavy whipping cream okay again the dairy fat is not that bad it’s not the fat from the dairy that I have a problem with it’s the caissons and the milk sugars what you’re going to get out of half-and-half you’re better off to use a little less heavy cream than you are to use twice as much half-and-half especially in your coffee alright so I got this guy I think I’m good to go [Applause] my goal was 150 bucks I nailed it yes seriously I love that show seriously yeah oh let’s go yeah uh I grew up in Sonoma us up near Santa Rosa where guys from and all that so it’s awesome yeah very cool Thank You YouTube oh my god that was so refreshing we were welcomed with open arms at a grocery store with a camera one thing I did forget about Aldi is that they don’t offer you bags or boxes so now I just stuff these in my truck that’s all right 148 I made it alright and I also got things that are going to be good for a couple a couple of weeks so I’m pretty stoked I’m pretty stoked that I nailed that and we got good quality grass-fed grass-finished meat we got organic meats like who says you can’t eat clean on a budget this would easily feed a family of three possibly even four if you’re on keto and most of your calories are coming from highly calorically dense foods like there’s no reason that you have to just settle for garbage you can eat clean and you can shop at a place like Aldi which is pretty much a discount grocer so I’m happy with what I got this will honestly carry into the next week sure there’s gonna be overlap some of you might argue old you need more of this than that guys like there’s a grocery haul video give me a little bit of a break but I think this lays it out pretty darn nicely and all these rocks because they didn’t kick me out no this video is not sponsored by GMC I still can’t believe they had some of this stuff like wild caught salmon thanks for $3.99 like that’s insane as so insanely cool I should have stocked up on that my bison like for the same price as Costco like it means a Costco membership if you can get bison here just by the way if you guys want to see a Costco grocery haul video let me know down in the comment section hey you get your quarterback it’s just a deposit I can go get a gum ball now alright I’m still proud over the fact that I pretty much guess the price almost exactly and I don’t know maybe I need to go in the prices right wanted to be making youtube videos anymore but I win big and win the Buick so once again kind of summarize this wasn’t perfect right the idea this was getting clean food for Kido to prove that it can be done and just to teach you how to shop clean at a discount grocery store I mean I didn’t want at Walmart if you haven’t seen that one already we’ll put it down below in the description so you can check that one out I’ve done I’ve done some stuff at Trader Joe’s I want to do more at Trader Joe’s I’ve done a smart and final one where we got kicked out but that was just like a quick a quick hit just a few things I’d love to do more grocery haul videos if you want to see them but my series is always going to be about clean keto it’s always gonna be about how do we get the right things for the right price and not sacrifice our health for a buck because no matter where you go you can make pretty healthy choices if you are just armed with the right knowledge and everything in life is a given to take it’s all relative you know if it if you’re gonna spend less money at a discount grocery store then you’re gonna have to spend more time educating yourself on what to get so it’s all a balancing act and that’s what I’m here to help you up I’m here to show you the ropes and show you what you can learn and how you can ultimately save money so that your family can eat healthy so as always please keep it locked in here on my channel and if you want more of these videos and you need you to comment down below and see what kind of grocery store you want me to go to I’m happy to fly to a different part of the country to really do one of the different grocery store I don’t have Kroger’s in the West Coast and I’ll fly somewhere to do a program anyhow thank you all very much see you soon [Music]

This Post Was All About Clean Keto on a Budget – ALDI Grocery Haul.
Clean Keto on a Budget - ALDI Grocery Haul

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Clean Keto on a Budget – ALDI Grocery Haul – Thomas DeLauer

All right, it’s Aldi time. Now I’m in California, so Aldis aren’t crazy popular here but this has been a popular, popular request, people that are watching my videos. We’re going to do a little keto grocery haul here at Aldi.

Now Aldi does have some clean options so it will be interesting. Hopefully we can do a nice clean keto on a budget. All about trying to save a couple bucks, if we can get out of here for $150.00 for a week, that would be awesome. That’s going to be the goal, let’s see what happens. Let’s head on in, hopefully we don’t get kicked out like we have a bad habit of having happen to us.

So we’ve got aged Parmesan cheese, we’ve got cheese cultures, salt and jalapeno. That’s actually pretty darn clean Parmesan crisp.

A little bit pricey, $2.89, but you still need some snacks now and then, so let’s go ahead and grab those just so we’ve got something.

Peanuts, although technically fit into a keto profile, they’re technically a legume, not a nut, so not the biggest fan of having them, so a little bit higher carb content than I usually like.

Six grams of carbs, two grams of fiber, not going to hurt you. If you’re on a serious budget, then yeah, that will work well, but I’m going to stay away from those.

Fresh veggies are always nice. When you’re on a budget, frozen really works well simply because frozen honestly, it’s flash frozen, so you’re preserving a lot of the nutrients, so you’re pretty solid there.

Kombucha, kombucha can be tricky. See we still have a lot of carbs in kombucha. Six grams of carbs but servings per container two.

Twelve grams of carbs, you’re a third of the way through your carb content for the day so just be careful there. Now we’re talking. This is the kind of stuff that I dig. All right, we’ve got good quality kimchi.

Goat cheese is generally an A2 casein protein which means it doesn’t have what’s called BCM7 in it. I’m not going to go into exquisite detail, but basically it doesn’t have the caseinates that cause an opioid reflux within your body, so you don’t get that addiction that you get to normal cheese, but also, just much easier on the system, so goat cheese whenever you possibly can.

Wild caught salmon is always best, but you don’t usually find wild caught in a smoked form just because it usually is farmed in some ways.

This was raised in Norway which has different standards than the U.S. When the U.S. has farm salmon, it’s a big issue. Norway has pretty good standards. I happen to know that Norway is actually really solid with that.

Atlantic salmon, salt, sodium lactate and beechwood smoked. Sodium lactate isn’t a huge deal. That still is for all intents and purposes pretty naturally derived. This stuff is really good. Really good quality fat.

Obviously get your nice omega-3 profile. Even though it’s technically raised in Norway and it’s technically probably farmed, it’s still going to have a nice omega-3 omega-6 ratio so I’ll go ahead and get that because that is a really good price.

We do have some bison. That is not that cheap, but it’s a good price for bison. We’re talking $7.99 a pound is good. That’s like right in the world of Costco prices.

Bison is FDA regulated, so it cannot be eating grain. It has to be fed on pasture. Pasture-raised is the way we want to go, but also pasture-finished, and bison is going to have that.

Don’t hate on me for spending $15.00 or $16.00 on getting a couple things of bison right now because this is really, a little bit is going to go a long way.

Veggies are actually great to get frozen. I mentioned it earlier, but they’re flash frozen. Every time you harvest a vegetable and it goes onto the truck it’s oxidizing. It’s oxidizing and it’s denaturing while it’s on the truck.

Baking cocoa. Just 100% cocoa. Again, not organic in this case, but it’s $1.95. I’ll mix this with almond milk, add a little bit of stevia, and make a delicious little treat that I could sip on. Perfect thing to have before bed, just hanging out after having some dinner, watching a little bit of TV with the family.

It’s a great little thing to have, so … Cocoa is awesome. Don’t think that it all has to have sugar in it. Just get it from the baking aisle, and if they were to have actual cocoa chocolate, chocolate bars, like baking chocolate, I would have grabbed some of that too. Just going to grab some heavy cream and we’ll be out of here.
Heavy whipping cream.

As always, please keep it locked in here on my channel and if you want more of these videos, I need you to comment down below and say what kind of grocery store you want me to go to. I’m happy to fly to a different part of the country to really done one other different grocery store. I don’t have Kroger’s on the West Coast so maybe I’ll fly somewhere to do a Kroger’s.

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