Choosing the Right Nut Milk at the Grocery Store – Educational Grocery Haul

Choosing the Right Nut Milk at the Grocery Store – Educational Grocery Haul

Choosing the Right Nut Milk at the Grocery Store – Educational Grocery Haul

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nut milks favorites hard world to navigate because every time when you walk into a grocery store and you’ve got what like a dozen two dozen nut milks not a wall of nut milks it’s literally crazy yeah so it’s so we’re in front of Whole Foods and I’m here with Bobbi parish from Flav City you’ve probably seen his YouTube channel and go ahead and like and subscribe it down below but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna walk into Whole Foods now it’s a little bit treacherous when you go to Whole Foods they don’t have the best filming policy so gonna be a little bit discreet so bear with us if we get kicked out but what we what we want to do is we want to go into this store and we’re gonna evaluate the nut milks there we’re gonna try to give you a good indicator of which nut milks you want to choose if you’re doing not even necessarily the low-carb ketogenic diet but doing any kind of healthy lifestyle and that way we could break down here here’s the ones you should avoid and here’s the one that’s a lot there’s almond pee hemp flax cow all and it’s crazy there’s so many choices totally nuts so and if you’ve ever you know gone through and tried to milk and almond it’s not easy so it’s no wonder no wonder they charge yeah I do want to let you guys know that if you after watch this video go ahead and check out Redmond Real Salt down below in the description so if you’re doing keto you’re doing any kind of low carb diet you do want to make sure that you’re getting your minerals in and if you use this regular good old iodized salt your depleting yourself of the other minerals that you need to keep yourself balanced so that’s why Redmon’s made such a big push and why they’re making such a big impact in the low carb and paleo community so after you watch this video just please make sure you check out that link down below you can get my special Redmond real salt bundle well Bobby are you ready to get kicked out let’s rock scene all right we’re in Thousand Oaks California it’s windy as heck we got the st. Santa Anas blowing in right now and man I’m just as well the reasons we’re doing this video is because it’s so windy we can’t even talk in the studio right now so alright so we’re gonna hold foods let’s go ahead see you in the store [Music] you know obviously the difference between our channels is mine goes it’s a little more of the body chemistry and what’s happening inside your body yours is more about hey let’s make healthy choices for your body yeah and make you know help navigate this crazy world of things that are grocery store and people are literally staring at the wall of nut milks or nut butters for five minutes yeah it’s really really tough let’s see what we got here so actually this isn’t even as bad as some stores some stores have a like a whole wall of nuts this is actually gonna be fairly easy to navigate let’s actually start with the one that’s been really popular right now and that is the world of open oh oh yeah so let’s talk let’s go ahead and let’s like pull it for you look just straight up at at regular open oh okay so we got water oh it’s two percent or less of a dipotassium phosphate yeah it’s not the best stuff in the world calcium carbonate what we have to be careful with calcium carbonate I can really speak from a biochem side is anything that’s gonna be high concentration of calcium like that has an exit ory effect at the bottom now what that means is you’re gonna counterbalance magnesium now magnesium you want to be you know prevalent in when your body right you want to have high amounts of magnesium so you stay calm especially when you’re on keto so calcium ends up making it so you feel really wired so whenever you see calcium carbonate it’s just someone that suffers from anxiety or anything like that it’s something to be cognizant interesting I think we’re gonna see a lot of that lately because in these notes cuz a lot of them emulsifiers and these filters are talking about so to be very interesting to see what Thomas sees in these in your videos yeah so what’s okay so if we look at this in your experience yeah what’s your take on on the Oakley stuff so I find that this is a higher carb this oat I find that because oat is very low in fat they have to add extra oil or emulsifiers to this yep and I found that actually if you have a sensitive tummy or GI issues because of that extra emulsifier your tummy can really get upset with the barista addition they load them up here Agena which we’ve been show in a minute so keep that in mind if you’ve sent I mean Oh might not be the best for you very good to know because a lot of people are trying to worry about gut health and they go to this the other thing I noticed in here is they have vitamin D too it’s funny they try to fortify it with vitamin D yeah they’re using vitamin d2 which has to convert to d3 it’s practically useless you might as well just eat them a couple like a bag of mushrooms and yeah at the same amount of event there but it look every plant-based milk they try to fortify it to make it to the nutritional profile cow’s milk yeah they’re oftentimes using synthetic vitamins like Thomas SR that’s exactly right okay and then we have that this is just a fat version yeah let’s touch on flax or just seconds okay so we got flax plus we know let’s take a look at the unsweetened general rule of thumb is regardless of the nut milks don’t fall into the trap of getting the sweetened one okay just just I don’t even think we need to waste a lot of time that will always grab the unsweetened we’re comparing apples to apples here or flex that’s okay so you’re familiar with good karma what’s your what’s your first initial take on good cause so seem that one before and I think it’s pretty good because you have P protein to bump up the protein content and the flax is a relatively good quality source planter yeah it’s it’s so I know some of the beef that people have is okay obviously this would be phytoestrogen ik properties of flax so what I would recommend with the flax is save it for things that need a creamier consistency because it is thicker so if you need something if you want to make a shake every now and then it might be a good one there one of the things that I’ve noticed with flax is yeah yeah they usually add p to it so that’s a good source of it yeah but additionally it’s alpha linoleic acid so technically is in the mega three but it doesn’t get converted into a real usable form of Omega 3 anybody so I just don’t want people to fall victim to thinking like oh it’s Omega 3 so I don’t need to take my fish oil pills or I don’t need to eat my you know grass-fed meats or anything like that so anyhow it’s just something that we should think about yep definitely not bad yeah that’s one of the better yeah that’s what’s ever seen this around you now gotta be a local one that’s those of you to come in Elliot you don’t get just up in Chicago okay we’re in the middle of the Midwest we don’t have cool stuff like this I think you’re gonna like this one pink Himalayan salt in there yeah that’s pretty cool okay so we got purified water flax seed cinnamon powder so it’s already helping you if you’re doing keto that’s gonna you know that methyl chalcone polymers gonna help that into the body make sure we didn’t have people’s away here let’s see we’ve got acacia gum as a stabilizer really not bad I’m okay with acacia gum yeah it’s really just a case of fibers yeah much better I’m also fine ya know what’s one of the what are some of the emulsifiers just for the essence of time in case we get kicked out or and what are some of the most fires people should absolutely be steering clear up and this is where he shines yeah really good I think you feel the same way about carrageenan that’s a devastating emulsifier and you’re commonly gonna see a nut milks in plant-based milks gellan gum locust bean gum carob bean gum and for those I’m okay with because there’s no fat right there’s no cow’s milk has real fat in there so you’re okay in most of those but when you see the kit and the carrageenan run force around you don’t want to have those totally yeah take a look at this one real quick anyway okay so we’re stepping out of people’s away so we’re not bothering people but we’ve got coconut milk this time so delicious brand one that you see all over the place so coconut milk they’ve been do it all kinds of different ones and here we’ve got okay token off we’ve got coconut cream so that’s usually how they fatten it up they just add a little they take pure coconut milk and they add the coconut cream from the can so you go vitamin-mineral blend but one thing to point out and I don’t think those questions on my channel is this is not coconut milk it’s thick and rich so this is coconut milk beverage that’s watered down do you want pure coconut milk it only is this stuff in the can in the middle aisles and don’t confuse these two I do like okay you know it’s not really that bad Organic locust bean gum yeah organic sunflower lecithin less offense okay I mean you’re gonna see that stuff a sea salt that’s a nice vitamin A acetate don’t get don’t get concerned with these things like acetate stuff like that like if it’s a that’s not a big deal that’s just how it’s ester eyes and how they’re getting it absorb you’ve got selenium I do like they have zinc oxide in your interest because you don’t get zinc in a lot of foods especially if you’re you know being a vegetarian you’re really gonna be the fish at the sink because you’re getting that from a lot of your shellfish exactly that and that’s so important for thyroid function yep so basically zinc makes itself as cells in your body can be receptive to thyroid so without a lip sync anyway what do you what’s your take on so delicious in general I think overall it’s a good widely available one but I want to show you what I consider the best in class one so I have a whole plant-based milk review on my channel and should take a look at this these two brands here are whoa pistachio nope unbelievable so notice the 1/2 the carb fountain is a little bit higher than you normally see but I I think you know why because it’s more almonds and less filler okay well this is pistachios yeah that’s that’s why yeah but if the almond milk one there’s no means there’s no gums it literally is all thriller right so these are expensive brands reach for use and bulk but I think they’re the best in class interesting okay civil assault what I’m note you can only insult what I’m noticing here now we do see natural flavors arrived so you see when you see natural flavors on something usually you want to be a little bit careful but this at least says where it’s come from right natural vanilla flavor derived from vanilla beans so we’re in good shape yeah really cool stuff but the other thing this is a big one sprouted almonds so what that means is it’s broken down the phytates the phytic acid that normally impedes digestion so basically find a gas so that’s normally in almonds and nuts and things like that makes it so you have a hard time digesting because it’s chelating other minerals so if you’re in aikido it’s a big problem so you really got to be careful with that so here’s what I like about that that sprouted almond means that this is going to be really easy on the digestive system and not mess up anything else but you really find that in the same company look at this if you want a coffee creamer that’s dairy-free I’ve never seen anything like this it’s a maple oat pecan milk and you think it would have natural artificial flavors nope look at that organic oats Organic pecans once again the Himalayan cream salt and a real maple syrup that is crazy so this company it’s expensive but I think it’s one of the best in class non-dairy milk and coffee cream cookery agree man that’s that’s awesome good find on that and this three trees actually I’m gonna grab some of this this is cool yeah so this is cool I’ve got one glaring problem with this but I think in small amounts here okay okay so it’s water butter you don’t necessarily know it is grass okay so we’re good but the whey protein concentrate is the only thing I’m concerned with okay so whey protein concentrate has all the other milk solids still in it where whey protein isolate the protein is isolated away from it so it’s cleaner but we’re talking a small amount it is a third ingredient which seems like it’s still high up but in the grand scheme of things that’s really not much wow yeah pretty impressive okay acacia fiber thigh potassium phosphate not the end of the world all that is is basically potassium as dipotassium phosphate just means that it’s in a different way to absorb so you got potassium chloride you’ve got that means sodium citrate that’s a new one I mean have you heard of that one yeah I haven’t heard of that quite logics yeah for LA so pretty impressive yeah and they’re making like keto cappuccinos and watches now I have the same profile this is pure we should do uh you know you have a great video on your channel just on creamers yeah and so how they recommend you check that on his channel I’m gonna do one that’s probably little bit more on the biochemist eyes there soon so sure okay we do need to talk about do they have a straight up let’s look at ripple yeah this is another one okay so we get into the world up P milks right okay so this is some things that are really cool about this it’s P protein but they are using sunflower oil yeah okay so here’s what’s wild they’re using I’ll actually back up for one second they talk about how they’ve got 32 milligrams of DHA Omega threes first of all 32 milligrams is like a drop in the bucket okay it’s not even worth mentioning however I like how they go about getting it okay so let’s just jump around really quick I’m sorry to run you over here Bobby okay so they got DHA algal oil which means they’re getting omega-3s from algae which is really cool but the big problem here is that we’ve got sunflower oil which is a strong omega-6 so you’ve got a huge amount of omega-6 is trying to compete with the tiny amount of Omega threes it’s actually just a waste of their time and money to be putting DHA in here which means it’s a waste of your money because why would you you’re not gonna this is any omega-3s you’re gonna get from this are gonna vastly be superseded and impeded by the omega sixes and that oil is not expel oppressed it’s highly processed highly refined Kalama Torrey oil so that’s a bummer and tricalcium phosphate so there’s that calcium in general yeah what’s the only difference here is just that the natural flavor original versus vanilla okay I mean this one what’s the kind of flavoring they used to using it says been the legs react that’s not yes so at least that was nothing so check this out this is a company forager from San Francisco and it’s cashew based get so cashew if you’re doing keto i would probably say go for flax go for all minutes if you’re not doing keto you’re gonna be okay oh that cashews are really high in fighting acid so that’s the only problem that I have with this in fun fact cauchy’s are technically a fruit correct yeah correct so what’s uh you probably know more about this one than I do yes I like this a lot because I use coconut cream to thicken it they also make a coconut cream or coffee creamer an unsweetened vanilla there’s a way to go just have a little bit of natural flavors but it’s pretty clean and it’s a nice nice differentiation between almond oils so you know Thomas said if carbs are a bit higher here but it is pretty clean yeah okay so that would be a acceptable just forge or make any other ones outside of a cashew ah okay so that can that can make it a little bit tougher okay I think soy milk we don’t even need to talk about just keep away from the soy milk so here I can take a look at this so here we’re talking earlier about barista blends so take a look at the open milk barista blend I think it’ll be bumped up with a ton more way more stuff yeah sunflower oils like right beginning they’re trying to thicken it up because they want it to be a creamier thing for making a latte dipotassium phosphate that’s okay calcium carbonate man don’t like that tricalcium phosphate don’t like that sea salt good really not too bad if it was using a different oil it’d be right actually fun I personally if I get if I have a lot I made from that yeah well yeah a lot of times it’s just and I’ve been hearing some things about vitamin A palmitate we think about that yeah yeah the bottom this is the vitamin A palmitate you know you know it I have seen two things on it just recent articles but no like actual research studies or PubMed stuff that I would actually be able to say anything good or bad again okay I don’t know if it’s a way they’re trying to fortify the vitamin A or if it’s a some kind of stabilizer yeah probably a fortification yeah you know there’s so much they tend to follow every time there’s like a press release on deficiencies and things like that they tend to all of a sudden be like oh let’s capitalize on a really common one is gonna be the Khalifa Barnes yeah just the regular almond milk I like the taste of this one but I don’t like the calcium carbonate I don’t like the actually yes sorry I thought it was you say sunflower oil but it doesn’t so other than the calcium carbonate it’s really not that bad natural flavors once again don’t really like that locust bean gum I wish it was organic locust being dumb I wish the whole thing was organic so yeah I think the price for organic is so minut and even though almond trees aren’t sprayed directly and they’re grown in that pod they spray the tree or on it to kill all the shrubbery and grasses and when they shake the tree you can pick up the almonds and that does leech into the tree but I really wish Kalia was organic you know it’s kind of a bummer yeah man that’s definitely gonna and that’s gonna you know and one of the ones I used to like a lot was the toasted coconut one and then I was again it was the organic issue is organic issue but then also there was one other thing I noticed in here oh you know what I did like about that I like today use my crew Montford extract what they do yeah yeah so if you if you have to go with a non-organic version I probably say this is the best way obviously it’s so it’s negligible price to go you know or Nana it that’s I think one of the best values here is the organic 365 on the sweetened plain almond milk 299 is on par with like the Costco silk price and it’s pretty clean so if you know how to shop a Whole Foods a lot of people call it whole paycheck but you get the 365 brand it’s actually a good deal I’ve been seeing a lot of this whole black seed thing going around lately the whole black seed no access and it’s really just what this lady’s trying to get in I want to make sure we’re not being rude people not in seed milk oh there’s sweeten it with dates so definitely I’m gonna be keto friendly the whole idea with the black seed milk supposed to be the black sesame is supposed to be really really high antioxidant supposed to be really start with that I have to do a little bit of due diligence none of that so keep an eye out for actually I’ve never seen that la of course right you always get the first 629 for 28 hours Wow yeah I mean in your hurry it’s gonna be like over 30 bucks a gallon for that can I break the bank yeah that’s a little much you know it’s wild is actually I have to do yell to do some videos on the black sesame cuz that’s there’s some interesting stuff there we can touch on the big big name one almond breeze now almond breeze does have a they have an organic version too right or no silk does still contour the silk so Costco has the silk organic almond milk calcium carbonate one thing and I don’t like that one potassium citrate sunflower lecithin I just no one’s using carrageenan yeah this one’s not I mean if I was in a pinch I grab the herbal yeah I’m not a big deal now one of the big questions I got when I made a coffee creamer or non non-dairy milk was what is the healthiest chocolate milk to drink and I think Thomas and I feel the same way about this there it really is no chopping milk because look at the sugar content there’s 15 grams of added sugar here that’s cane sugar just really is not one so you can make your own with the raw organic cacao that we pop in a little bit amongst I’m easy I just don’t get her kids like that’s literally over three teaspoons of white sugar that’s a bad news so I think we covered all these but it’s interesting if we go to the middle aisles they actually have more nut milks that are all charred temperature pasteurized so maybe well we can hit that or maybe we save that for another video another video I don’t know but you know the difference between the ones here the ones over there are there are high temperatures short time pasteurized that’s exactly nuke you know that there’s still some nutrients in there that haven’t died but the ones on the shelf that can last until Michael zombie apocalypse always try to go for the refrigerate whenever possible but if you’re shopping it like budget stores sometimes they don’t have them but I probably should save that for another video simply cuz I want to be respectful everybody’s time they get mad if something that’s too long of a video yesterday yeah you guys are awesome we’re gonna shoot a couple more videos here they’re gonna go on Bobby’s channel so make sure that you check out Flav City down below and also make sure you check out Redmond real salt the link down below in the description so you guys soon 

This Post Was All About Choosing the Right Nut Milk at the Grocery Store – Educational Grocery Haul.
Choosing the Right Nut Milk at the Grocery Store - Educational Grocery Haul

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Choosing the Right Nut Milk at the Grocery Store – Educational Grocery Haul – Thomas DeLauer

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