Choline is the Vitamin for a Fatty Liver & Can Prevent Keto Rash

Choline is the Vitamin for a Fatty Liver & Can Prevent Keto Rash

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hi guys in this video I want to talk about Kido rash and a fatty liver okay now there’s a couple reasons why a person would get a rash after doing keto or in the fasting one would be if you’re doing keto without intimate fasting it’s going to be usually a B vitamin deficiency okay number two if you’re doing in a minute fasting that could be a side effect from a toffee G which basically is a condition where your body’s cleaning up all the old damaged parts and recycling proteins and cleaning up microbes which could stir up some issues and create skin reactions but the more common issue would be this your liver is fatty and you don’t have the capacity for full liver function okay so it’s limited in capacity to work correctly so when you do keto and intimate a fasting and the requirements for B vitamins go straight up okay so you’re going to need more vitamins and if you don’t produce those B vitamins you could then end up with certain side effects the main B vitamin I’m talking about is choline choline works to prevent a fatty liver and it’s great to reverse a fatty liver it works with bile which is a kind of an emulsifier so it actually helps break down fat so the combination of choline and purified bile salts are really important in fat digestion so if you have a problem digesting fat it could be that you not only need purified bile salts but you need some choline to help with that so choline is a super liver cleaner it’s great for hemorrhoids certain types of constipation and especially if you have difficulty digesting fats and what’s ironic cuz guess where you get choline eggs egg yolks and beef liver now you would think consuming these fats would give you more fat but that’s not where this value liver came from it came from either alcohol or carbs sugar and the gut flora the friendly bacteria in your gut is essential in determining if you’re going to absorb the choline in the first place so if you have a history of constipation or taking antibiotics you want to make sure that you start fortifying your gut with from the bacteria in fermented foods to make sure you get your absorption of choline so I know a lot of people are gonna ask what brand of choline what dosage well that’s for you to research and figure out all right thanks for watching hey if you enjoyed this video press subscribe and I will definitely keep you updated

This Post Was All About Choline is the Vitamin for a Fatty Liver & Can Prevent Keto Rash.
Choline is the Vitamin for a Fatty Liver & Can Prevent Keto Rash

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Dr. Berg talks about keto rash and a fatty liver. You can also get a rash (keto rash) from autophagy, a conditon whereby the body is recycling old damaged proteins and cleaning up microbes in the body – a type of detox. But when the liver is fatty it loses the capasity to detox, clean the body and things can back up. Choline, one of the B-vitamins can help prevent a fatty liver.

Choline is high in egg yolk, beef liver, and cruciferous vegetables. Your intestinal flora (friendly bacteria) have a lot to do with absorbing choline so if there is an inbalance you may not even absorb choline. Choline works closely with purified bile salts to break down fats.

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