Chocolate Keto Nut Clusters | JUST 1 NET CARB

Chocolate Keto Nut Clusters | JUST 1 NET CARB

Chocolate Keto Nut Clusters | JUST 1 NET CARB

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Hey what's happening guys welcome back to another recipe today we've got some chocolate keto nut clusters on the menu these are so rich so chocolatey so decadent and just so easy to make they're also a little bit crunchy too and i know that sounds pretty good but what might be even better than that is the fact that each one of these has just .

One neck car so with that said let's not waste any more time let's jump right into the good stuff make these keto nut clusters all right first things first we're gonna get out some coconut oil and i didn't want my clusters to taste coconuty so you'll notice i'm using some refined coconut oil since it has no taste to it anyway we're gonna add three .

Tablespoons or 45 grams of that to a large bowl and then we're going to get out some sugar-free semi-sweetened chocolate chips and we're going to add three quarters of a cup or 112 grams of those to our bowl followed by the same amount of these sugar-free salted caramel chips and these chips are what's really gonna .

Make our keto nut clusters taste like a chocolate turtle but if you can't find them just use more semi-sweetened ones your nut clusters will still turn out delicious if you sub the salted caramel ones out now once we've worked the coconut oil into the chips we're gonna microwave those together for around 30 seconds or a minute really we just want .

To get all that coconut oil to melt and then we're going to mix those together until a chocolate sauce forms in there like this anyway now we're going to add our nuts and i used a combination of almonds hazelnuts and pecans for my keto nut clusters but you can really use any combination of nuts that you like for yours having said that though i used 2 3 .

Of a cup or 85 grams of each of those to my bowl to make my low carb nut clusters so you want to use two cups total when you make yours so now that we've added our nuts into the bowl we're gonna give those a good stir into the chocolate and then we're gonna get out either a tablespoon to make normal-sized keto nut clusters or an eighth of a cup which is .

The size of two tablespoons to make extra large ones like i'm doing today and as you're seeing here once we've scooped out that nutty chocolaty goodness from the bowl we're gonna add it to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper if you make extra large ones like i did you'll end up with about 12 or 13 of them and if you make normal .

Size ones you should end up with about 25 keto nut clusters that said though no matter how many you make you'll want to freeze them for at least an hour or two just so they have a chance to set and then when they do you'll end up with some super tasty chocolatey and crunchy keto nut clusters like this all right so it's that time of the video it is taste .

Test time it's the moment of truth here we go oh my god seriously that is a treat that is a treat to eat so good these are just incredible they have the perfect amount of sweetness they're not too sweet they don't taste funny at all so they don't taste low .

Carb or keto they taste just like a chocolate that you get from the chocolate shop that's how good these are i hope you guys enjoy them as always for the full recipe check out the video description below it's going to be posted down there along with links to all the ingredients that i use to make these keto nut clusters anyway again .

Guys i hope you like them i'll see in the next one cheers

This Post Was All About Chocolate Keto Nut Clusters | JUST 1 NET CARB.
Chocolate Keto Nut Clusters | JUST 1 NET CARB

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This chocolate keto nut clusters recipe is so easy to make! In fact, as far as easy keto dessert recipes go this is as easy – and low carb – as it gets. Best of all each nut cluster has just 1 net carb.

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