Chemotherapy vs Cruciferous

Chemotherapy vs Cruciferous

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hey guys today I’m gonna answer a question someone want to know if I get cancer can I just consume cruciferous do I need chemo so just want to cover this topic now this information I’m gonna talk about is not to replace your medical care check with your doctor before doing anything okay I’m just trying to increase your awareness on a couple things about cancer number one in order for you to get cancer you have to first have damage within the mitochondria some type of mutation or alteration in the DNA trigger by something there called carcinogens okay you take a look at this book right here the book on toxicology which is a study of poisons it goes through all the different chemicals there’s quite a few of them in our environment and all the different diseases and different types of cancer that it can be related to and then we have this is by the World Health Organization talking about endocrine disruptors these are the pesticides insecticides herbicides the fungicides in the environment and how they can affect not just cancer but other diseases as well mainly within the enterance system there’s a combination between animal studies and human studies very interesting data now what I wanted to bring your awareness up is chemotherapy I don’t know if you realize this but the contribution of chemotherapy for a five-year survival rate is only 2.1 percent now let’s just take for example bladder cancer normally you have a 78% chance of surviving five years chemo adds another 2.1 percent that is so so insignificant not to mention all the side effects and all the other damages for secondary infections and the suppression of the immune system now lung cancer has a 56 percent survival rate up to five years in chemo would add another 2.1 percent it’s just very very insignificant a lot of people don’t realize that and I’m not recommending not to take chemo or to take it I’m just giving you the data of the actual improvement it’s very very small but what I want to talk about and concentrate on is this right here cruciferous vegetables now will cruciferous cure your cancer I have no idea but as for a preventive thing I think it’s very very powerful you wouldn’t necessarily take chemo to prevent cancer right but cruciferous definitely there are many different types of cruciferous vegetables bok choy kale cabbage broccoli Brussels sprouts collard greens radish etc and it’s very difficult to determine the risk lowering effects of cruciferous simply because there are so many other variables what else is the person eating what environment they’re in what’s the person’s history so it’s very very difficult to determine that but in general cruciferous does decrease the risk of certain types of cancer and it does this through different effects there’s basically six different things that cruciferous can do for a person number one it has the potential to detoxify carcinogens and I’m talking about the chemicals in the environment it’s almost impossible not to be exposed by these chemicals to your food the environment the grass that you walk on the golf course that you play golf on I mean it’s just it’s all over the place the cool thing is that cruciferous can dismantle these through the liver now you have certain mechanisms and enzymes already in your body that can do this but consuming cruciferous vegetables can also give you additional enzymes to help turn poisons into harmless particles is called phase 1 phase 2 detoxification so that’s number one number two it can induce or trigger apoptosis what does that mean apoptosis is a situation where your cells commit suicide so if a cell becomes damaged there’s a certain mechanism where it can actually kill itself and this way you can get rid of damaged cells that have some alteration that could create problems so this is a good thing and your body does this millions of times a day okay but with cancer cells they lose the ability to self-destruct so you have this alteration that keeps growing growing growing growing cruciferous will help cancer cells can suicide that’s really powerful cruciferous has a lot of antioxidants phytonutrients that actually will help clean up the free radicals that are created from all these these chemicals in the environment so that’s a very powerful thing right here also cruciferous has the ability to balance out estrogen not necessarily increasing the volume of total estrogen but what it can do it can balance the ratios reducing the bad harmful estrogens and increasing the good ones next thing you can do and this is really really cool it has the ability to protect against DNA mutations and damage mutation means a sudden change within this lifetime genetically okay so these chemicals can alter your genes there’s nothing to do with being passed down by your parents but let’s say you’re exposed to a certain chemical and all of a sudden they start creating all sorts of dysfunctions in your body so cruciferous can protect against this alteration which is very very powerful and lastly it can decrease something called angiogenesis angiogenesis is where these blood vessels start feeding the tumor okay or the cancer cruciferous has the ability to inhibit this new circulation or blood flow to this tumor in cancer and that’s very very powerful as well so if you combine consuming some cruciferous vegetables on a regular basis okay with healthy Kido that drops the sugar that feeds cancer and do intermittent fasting and periodic prolonged fasting I think that will be the ultimate strategy to help you avoid cancer in the future thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Chemotherapy vs Cruciferous.
Chemotherapy vs Cruciferous

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about chemotherapy and cruciferous vegetables. When you have damage in your mitochondria, some type of mutation, or alteration in the DNA triggered by something called carcinogens.

• The contribution of chemo for 5 years – Survival rate is only 2.1%.

Cruciferous Vegetables (preventative) – It does decrease the risk of certain types of diseases.
• Bok Choy
• Kale
• Cabbage
• Broccoli
• Brussel Sprouts
• Collard Green
• Radish

6 Different Effects of Cruciferous Vegetables
1. Detox Carcinogens (chemicals)
2. Induce Apoptosis
3. Antioxidants – clean up free radicals
4. Balance out estrogen
5. Protect DNA (mutations and damage)
6. Decrease angiogenesis

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