Celery Juice Everyday?! Legit or Total Joke?

Celery Juice Everyday?! Legit or Total Joke?

Celery Juice Everyday?! Legit or Total Joke?

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More specifically, you want help with Celery Juice Everyday?! Legit or Total Joke??

so celery is randomly popular now good people are talking about consuming celery juice now history seems to repeat itself because I kind of remember celery becoming popular about 10 or 15 years ago as well okay now there’s nothing wrong with celery and I’m not making fun of it or anything like that but what I did want to do is educate the masses on celery juice and celery and explain why it’s getting so popular right now the main reason that’s getting popular is simply because history repeats itself all it takes is a couple of people with a large following or a decent platform to talk about it and next thing you know it’s running rampant again anyhow before we get started you are tuned into the internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel new videos coming out every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time and a bunch of other videos throughout the week as well make sure you hit the little bell button to turn on notifications and check out highly calm for special pricing on all the latest and greatest apparel that I’m always wearing in my videos alright so this whole celery juice thing started with someone by the name of Anthony William he’s also known as the medical medium out on the Internet and his whole claim to fame is that he found that by drinking celery juice you could rid yourself of all these different ailments and all these issues ok 16 ounces of raw unfiltered celery juice first thing in the morning can cure so many different things all right so I’m not anti celery and I’m not anti juice I’m not anything like that the fact of the matter is is when you start making outlandish claims you put yourself out there and you make yourself a target so we have to talk about this a little bit now Anthony Williams approach to celery juice is that celery contains something known as cluster salts and these cluster salts are very very powerful at killing off pathogens so his theory is that because of these cluster salts they absorb into the body and they kill off any pathogens that kill off bad bacteria they kill off viruses they help rebalance our body etc etc the problem is that there’s nothing proving that cluster salts exist or don’t exist we just have to take his word for it and what our cluster salts well evidently there are a subgroup of sodium that are clustered together so basically sodium molecules that are in specific clusters that supposedly react within our bodies a specific way there’s again nothing claiming this is true or not true we have to take one man’s word for it so that’s where we have to be a little bit skeptical now what I do want to do is I want to address the fact that celery has some very unique benefits and this whole celery juice thing may not be without merit like there’s actually some benefits to it but more than likely it’s from some of the phenolic acids from the flavonoids or from the antioxidant effects more so than cluster salts if that even is a thing you see they’re very very nutrient dense celery is awesome whenever you’re making a juice I recommend that you use celery as your base for this reason and most of the reason that you’re feeling good when you consume celery or celery juice is simply because it’s so high in potassium and so high in the electrolytes that you do need that it helps balance you out it’s also super high in water so if you’re someone is just getting started on a health regime and you’re probably not very hydrated your electrolytes are out of whack you’re probably going to feel better when you consume celery it’s pretty darn simple okay especially if your electrolytes are out of whack anyway now we’re electrical creature so whenever we balance our electrolytes we’re gonna feel more in line our nervous systems gonna operate better it’s not really rocket science it’s more like electrical engineering there was actually a study that was published in the Journal of evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine took a look at nine different studies looking at celery and celery juice and it found that there were some pretty powerful anti-inflammatory effects in fact more than pretty powerful very powerful anti-inflammatory effects had to do with the caffeic acid with the tannin with the quercetin with the camp ferrol some of these very powerful things and especially the phenolic acid you see phenolic acid is readily absorbed through our small intestine a lot of antioxidants and a lot of flavonoids don’t get absorbed but phenolic acid is pretty specific it’s pretty powerful it can absorb through the small intestine and then it inhibits the production of something known as nuclear factor Kappa B talked about it a lot in my videos nuclear factor Kappa B is a very important pathway within the body when it comes down to inflammation when we reduce nuclear factor Kappa B we can affect cyclooxygenase enzyme 2 which means we can actually reduce joint pain and we can feel better so yeah there is some merit to consuming celery and celery juice you actually might feel better in your joints you might feel just cleaner and lighter and less brain fog you might just overall feel better but I think the big one that we’re talking about when it comes on to celery is the quercetin okay and quercetin is a supplement that people take all the time powerful antioxidant that has been shown in multiple studies to boost glutathione levels okay glutathione just to recap really quick is the body’s master antioxidant okay glutathione is produced within the body to neutralize the primary free radicals that need to be neutralized in order for the body to actually function it’s a natural process within our body and if we’re depleted in glutathione then we don’t feel good when we drink alcohol it depletes our glutathione stores our glutathione has to neutralize all the compounds coming from the alcohol so we get depleted in it and we feel rundown we look sickly we look pale we look poor complexion all of that so when we restore glutathione levels we feel better so if the quercetin in the celery helps out with that then yeah you’re gonna look and feel better so no denying that but the other thing that quercetin does is it blocks histamine okay so if you’ve ever taken an antihistamine before you know that it helps you recover from any kind of anaphylaxis or it helps you recover from any kind of allergic response right well if you have that happening at a small scale just because you’re having a histamine response to something you’re going to be inflated you’re gonna have puffiness and water attention and that quercetin is going to help balance that out so a lot of times people consume celery and all of a sudden they drop some water weight they lose some inflammation they lose some allergic response so again this is not saying that celery is a joke and saying that the benefits from celery are coming from very simple things that are easy to explain now one thing that we have to address here too is the whole blood pressure thing this is where it gets a little bit sketchy there’s people out there in the internet that are telling you that if you consume celery juice first thing in the morning you’re gonna be able to control your blood pressure drop it down get off your blood pressure medication yada yada alright I understand why people would say that and I came out of the farmer world before so like I get it and I understand how terrible pharmaceuticals can be and how you want to get people off of them I totally get it but you have to be careful with how you talk to the masses with that because it’s not actually celery juice that modulates blood pressure it’s celery seed extract that’s been shown and you’re not getting any of that celery seed extract when you’re drinking celery juice in fact a lot of the benefit is actually going out the window you’re better off just eat celery or take a celery seed extract if you want to get the full spectrum benefits but then lastly we need to talk about the digestive effect cuz this is one of the biggest claims is being made the claim is that if you drink 16 ounces of raw and filtered celery juice that you’re gonna end up having a bunch of digestive effects you’re gonna end up digesting food better absorbing nutrients better you’re gonna get rid of all sirs you’re gonna get rid of IBS all this stuff alright a lot of this comes from one simple study okay this study found that rats that were consuming celery ended up having a reduction in ulcers okay that is very true but the thing is it comes from something known as a pmn okay and this fpm in is a specific pectin based polysaccharide what that means is it’s in the fiber it’s a specific polysaccharide that’s in the pectin which is a type of fiber you’re not going to get that when you juice it you’re going to get that when you eat celery so sure if you eat celery you might get this specific pectin based polysaccharide that helps heal ulcers but you’re not going to get it when you juice so again it’s like people have kind of made these little claims based off little tidbits of information and tidbits of research and I think at the end of the day people are just trying to create hype so take it or leave it celery isn’t gonna break keto it will break a fast but it’s suitable on a low-carb diet it’s suitable on just about every kind of diet so if you want to do it and you feel good doing it do it but certainly don’t think that it’s going to be American here okay as always make sure you keep it locked in here on my videos and I’ll see you in the next

This Post Was All About Celery Juice Everyday?! Legit or Total Joke?.
Celery Juice Everyday?! Legit or Total Joke?

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Is the Celery Craze a Total Sham? Celery Juice Truth – Thomas DeLauer

Per the originator, the drink must be consumed fresh, on an empty stomach and not diluted by water, ice or other juice

Its ‘healing powers’ lie in sodium cluster salts – a subgroup of sodium that’s undiscovered – the cluster salts “revive your stomach gland, so your hydrochloric acid is actually restored and your digestion gets stronger, so protein doesn’t rot in your gut”

Claims that cluster salts kill off pathogens that can cause everything from multiple sclerosis to Lyme disease

While the main health claim from celery is unresearched, celery does come with some powerful health benefits – will help in some way, but won’t provide any miraculous healing powers

However, celery is a good source of potassium, phenolic acids and flavonoids – all of which help keep electrolyte balance, function as antioxidants, and can help lower blood pressure and inflammation
People are likely seeing that celery is helping digestion and decreasing bloat because of how hydrating celery is (about 95% water)

Review – Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine

In this review, 9 studies were reviewed looking at the antioxidant activity of celery – celery, contains phenolic acids and flavonoids, such as caffeic acid, apigenin, luteolin, tannin, quercetin, and kaempferol, which have powerful antioxidant characteristics

Note: studies on celery so far have been conducted in rodents (in vivo) or in test tubes (in vitro)

Anti-inflammatory Benefits

Phenolic acids are readily absorbed through the walls of your intestinal tract, and they may be beneficial to your health because they work as antioxidants that prevent cellular damage due to free-radical oxidation reactions

Luteolin, specifically, has been shown to inhibit the production of COX-2, while caffeic acid can reduce levels of NF kappa B (NFkB)

Quercetin boosts levels of glutathione, reduces inflammation by blocking important inflammatory pathways (COX-2), and blocks the release of histamine, reducing allergies and mast cell activation

Kaempferol’s main benefit is that it’s a potent inflammatory suppressant – it has been found to correlate with reduced serum interleukin-6 levels, and be a disruptor of TNF – TNF promotes activation of IL-8

There’s a claim that celery juice lowers blood pressure, but in studies it’s been celery seed extract that’s been seen to lower blood pressure in rats

Celery juice isn’t going to contain the seed, but celery juice may likely still lower blood pressure, but because of the potassium content

Note on Serving Size:

*Celery contains a compound called apigenin that could help with stomach inflammation and, in one study, a rat-sized dose of apigenin was equivalent to the amount found in 357 grams of celery, which is about 3.5 cups of chopped celery for humans (a lot of celery)


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