Cardio is Aging Us Faster? Effects of Oxidative Stress

Cardio is Aging Us Faster? Effects of Oxidative Stress

Cardio is Aging Us Faster? Effects of Oxidative Stress

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We've all seen hank just running down the road he's sunburned he's wrinkly his skin looks leathery and he just keeps running just keeps running scary thing he's only 33. listen there's this thing out there right now that's saying that running ages people faster okay and i want to .

Break down what is commonly said and sort of the i don't know the speculation there and i'm not necessarily saying it's right or wrong but let's address it because there may be there's some ways that you can combat it cardio yes it's good for you obviously we know cardiovascular work is tremendous for a heart tremendous for .

Lots of different metabolic functions but does too much like going for runs a lot and doing a lot of endurance work does it actually make you potentially age faster we're going to break it all down and we're looking predominantly two pathways okay one pathway is going to be the amount of oxidative damage that occurs as a result of that and the other .

Piece is going to be the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide piece that whole cycle of how we create energy and cellular respiration so let's break it down and after this video whether you're an endurance runner whether you're a strength athlete or whatever you are you want to check out thrive market because we all have to eat so thrive market is .

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Thank you to thrive market for the continued support okay let's cover the first basic one when we exercise we create a lot of oxidative stress yeah okay it's called reactive oxygen species and it's simply a result of cellular respiration it's simply a result of moving our bodies and inflicting stress upon ourselves so in .

That theory the harder that we work the more stress that we cause upon our body and the faster we potentially age um okay i could see where people could think that but i want to just poke holes in that one first there is a thing called a hormetic stressor when we train hard when we work out hard .

When we run hard we also up regulate the ability to deal with oxidative stress okay now there is always going to be a line of diminishing return okay so what that means is like if i went out for a six mile run and i pushed myself okay and i pushed that hormesis just a little bit to where i developed the ability to deal with that .

Stressor then at rest my baseline ability to deal with stressors would hypothetically be better or i shouldn't even say hypothetically i think it's pretty well demonstrated in a lot of cases okay but there is a certain point where if i were to go and i were to keep on damaging my body and never recover and .

Keep going and keep going and keep going then yes eventually that hormetic curve curves so much that you no longer get a benefit because you're not just barely adapting to that workout you're obliterating yourself and that can happen with anything i think what i want to address first is the psychosomatic piece and the .

Psychology and touch on this for just a moment as a runner myself and as someone that grew up long distance running and marathon running at a very young age prior to when i was 300 pounds as a matter of fact i'm going to touch on that for a second the reason i ended up 300 pounds .

Because i blew out my knees running so much i ran my first marathon when i was 11. i digress point is that mentality of most cardio people and runners is to run themselves into the ground okay that's just a lot of mentality like they will run no matter what you've seen the guy that's running like this .

But he's going like 20 miles like that they just do it anyway so yes in that case i could probably agree that you're probably aging yourself okay but let's touch on the piece that i think is more important okay that is the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide piece there are arguments i've seen them out there on reddit i've seen them out there .

Before that because exercise depletes your nad you're going to age faster now a quick recap on what that is okay nad is nicotinamide adenine nucleotide okay nad is an electron carrier it is so important for energy so important to the point that if we didn't have nad we'd be dead within like 15 to 30 seconds it is .

Required by every cell in the body what it does is it carries electrons from our food from our fuel from everything whatever carries it into a cell carries it into the mitochondria so we can ultimately create energy okay that electron is very important right well as we move more our demand for nad is .

More okay now what happens is when we have more nad available as in nad that's not being used for energy or for for movement or cellular energy at that point in time the leftover nad let's call it leftover the spare nad goes and it activates these things called sirtuins mainly cert-1 these are largely associated with .

Longevity okay largely associated with fox03 largely associated with cd36 and okay there's a lot of interesting things there that when we have more nad available we have potentially even anti-aging or longevity benefits there and there's a lot of research by dr david sinclair and a lot of other people in that category i'm not going to go .

Down that rabbit hole i just wanted to explain a point there so the theory is that when you exercise and run so much you are depleting nad so much that you are making less nad available to activate sirtuins you're never allowing yourself a chance to actually activate those i completely can understand where that .

Comes from but there's another important piece we have to look at there okay it is called n-a-m-p-t okay so n-a-m-p-t stands for nicotinamide phosphor ribosyltransferase and it is part of what is called the nad salvage system in a healthy human being or most mammals we have the ability to take .

Components of nad that have been used already recycle them into niacinamide nam and through the salvage pathway convert it back to nmn and back into nad once again okay but it is required upon that cycle that whole cycle needs this nampt okay it is the rate limiting step and when we exercise we potentially improve .

Our levels of nampt so that means in theory if we can improve our nampt we improve our efficiency at recycling nad you see if we could not recycle nad then i would agree completely if we could if we did not have a salvage pathway if we did not have the ability to recycle nicotinamide adenine .

Dinucleotide then that argument would be very sound that running or exercising to a crazy degree or even just a moderate degree would actually age us faster because we'd deplete the nad and we would only be able to restore nad from vitamin b3 from nmn from nr from various foods that contain you know yes we would have limited resources but .

Our body has the ability to recycle nad and we can improve our ability to recycle nad by guess what exercising okay so by exercising we actually improve our ability to create nad and improve the nad to nadh ratio thereby having more nad available to activate sirtuins potentially or at least keeping us even .

Okay so i guess the other side of the equation is if you are someone that out of the blue at age 60 decides that you want to start being a marathon runner then yes there could be some degree of like stress that occurs that could be difficult to combat but if you're .

Someone that's been running for a lifetime probably a little less so but the other piece that we have to remember too is that nad is not just about energy okay there's something called nad phosphate or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate nad phosphate this acts as something that kind of modulates the .

Reactive oxygen species that comes as a result of exercise so there are a lot of different factors because nad is also a signaling molecule so when we exercise nad guess in some ways gets depleted but it's also a signaling molecule that is signaling the upregulation of other processes that helps support that salvage pathway .

So does it actually age you but let's just put this in a nutshell running will aid you if you did not for whatever reason have a efficient nam pt effect on the salvage pathway okay but that doesn't mean anything to you running would probably impact you if you were literally running too much okay one .

Of the ways that you can look at that is simply look at your heart rate variability okay i wear an aura ring not a plug just saying it that's how i look at my recovery right that can tell us a lot that's factoring in other things okay another thing that you can do believe it or not is space your meals out a little bit more okay so that you .

Have a chance for nad to actually rebuild and you're not constantly depleting it by eight by by eating right every time you eat your body has to take that fuel and it has to take nad bind to an electron create nadh decreasing the nad to nadh ratio thereby having less nad affecting sirtuins right so one of the issues that i see with runners and .

Endurance athletes is how much they eat throughout the course of the day they are generally snackers a lot of times they are okay they're usually consuming a lot of carbohydrates because that was kind of how the endurance game was for a long time now it's moving more towards you know keto and fasting things like that but it .

Really was a lot of carbohydrates i'm not saying carbohydrates are bad but they require more nad okay ketones do not require nad so when you are fasting and you're not requiring that same glucose it's different you're not depleting nad as much so things that you could do to not have the aging effect don't overrun .

Limit the carbohydrate consumption try to run in a little bit more of a fasted state so you're actually improving that ratio a little bit more okay and also just flat out think about the overall stress in your body in your recovery that's going to play an even bigger role so i don't think it's triggering this aging effect that people .

Are saying man i guess you'll ask me i do have some wrinkles on my forehead but whatever i'll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Cardio is Aging Us Faster? Effects of Oxidative Stress.
Cardio is Aging Us Faster? Effects of Oxidative Stress

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