Carbs and Inflammation: How Sugar Causes Inflammation: Thomas DeLauer

Carbs and Inflammation: How Sugar Causes Inflammation: Thomas DeLauer

Carbs and Inflammation: How Sugar Causes Inflammation: Thomas DeLauer

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everyone tells us that we need crazy high amounts of sugar and carbs to elicit an insulin response to recover from a workout don’t listen to that please don’t let me explain a little bit about inflammation because I’m always talking about that I’m going to break it down really really really simple so stick with me through this entire video it’s not going to be a long one I promise you it’s going to be good stuff I’m talking about the response of inflammation from white table sugar and from high fructose corn syrup and why we definitely need to be making some cognizant choices to input different things into our body first of all what is inflammation alright that’s our body’s immune response it is the root of just about every if not all diseases in the body they’re all being circled back to inflammation well that’s cool but if you’re younger and you’re not as worried about the disease side of things let me throw this at you inflammation is going to make you recover slower it’s going to make it so you burn less fat it’s going to make it so you’re hungry all the time it’s going to make it so you’re not strong it’s going to decrease your sex drive it’s going to basically make you feel not very good okay but let’s talk about how it works in relation to white table sugar on average an average American consumes 22 teaspoons of white sugar per day most of that coming from the way of high fructose corn syrup so it’s going to be in cereals it’s going to be in soda it’s going to be in syrups things like that now the American Heart Association recommends that we end up having anywhere from six to nine teaspoons go American Heart Association too bad that’s way too high still still going to trigger a lot of inflammation let’s talk about how it triggers inflammation so that you can understand why you should be making some changes what ends up happening when we consume white table sugar high fructose corn syrup is increases something called inflammatory cytokines within the body these are indicated by three main things c-reactive protein also known as CRP tumor necrosis factor also known as TNF if you ever see it but then something called interleukin 6 and interleukin 8 no matter what they really are all it means is that they are something that is triggered by white blood cells to actually attack a certain area or protect a certain area why is white sugar causing our immune system to elevate it’s so bad it’s cutting this crazy wreak of havoc throughout the body usually through krei hi spike in our blood sugar levels now let’s talk about why this happens when we look at white table sugar high fructose corn syrup there is such a level of processing it removes all the nutrients and only leaves us with the fructose and a little bit of glucose that allows it to spike our insulin levels but believe it or not when you combine white sugar or fructose with other foods it can slow down the absorption of the good nutrients from those foods therefore you have an even higher spike in blood sugar because there’s nothing to slow it down no phytonutrients no fiber nothing good just the flat-out spiking sugar now spiking up our insulin and spiking up our blood glucose can do a number of things in the short term it’s going to reduce your nitric oxide availability this helps your heart function so it’s causing that issue then also in the short term it’s going to increase your free radicals which means your liver has to work overtime that may not sound like much but when your liver has to work overtime it means your livers not able to process fat and help you burn fat then of course it does what I told you before increases inflammation and it ends up causing this immune response that wreaks havoc on your body and makes you fatigued but there’s one other crazy thing you need to know and that is that high fructose corn syrup and regular old white table sugar have a high amount of fructose in it yep I’m talking about that good old healthy stuff from fruit fructose it can’t be that bad right wrong fructose responds so different in the body especially when it’s concentrated in that kind of form there was even a study by 2016 cancer research that found that the cancers that are in breast cancer were exacerbated and had tumor growth directly related to the fructose that was coming from white table sugar and coming from high fructose corn syrup also increased lung metastases meaning it increased that breast cancer spreading to the lungs simply because of the fructose that was in the white sugar in the high fructose corn syrup so we know now that fructose isn’t exactly good for cancer but what about when it comes down to our overall fat accumulation well fructose uses something called an active transport system it has to be used immediately if it’s not used immediately it’s stored as fat have you ever heard if you don’t use it you lose it well with fructose you don’t use it you gain it and that is what we don’t want we don’t want this big shot of fructose so that’s the basis of why you need to be avoiding this stuff like the plague forget the six teaspoons by the American Heart Association go down to zero if possible try subbing out your sugars for a Gavi dole Chetty maple syrup and if you’re really trying to kick the carbs go with stevia or month fruit but when it comes down to inflammation you want to make sure they’re also adding things like turmeric into the mix because that’s going to make sure that you’re modulating that a little bit you can at least control part of the process make sure that you comment and let me know what videos you want to see okay I want to hear from you make sure you comment and engage with me I want to communicate I want to be able to do more live videos and things like that so let me know what you want to hear about and I’ll hear you out and I’ll probably reply so I will see you in the next video keep it locked in here on my channel

This Post Was All About Carbs and Inflammation: How Sugar Causes Inflammation: Thomas DeLauer.
Carbs and Inflammation: How Sugar Causes Inflammation: Thomas DeLauer

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Carbs and Inflammation: How Sugar Causes Inflammation: Thomas DeLauer

How Does Sugar Affect Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is extremely common and tied to most, if not all, of our chronic illnesses today

Our diet can either increase chronic inflammation or reduce it

The average American adult consumes 22 teaspoons of added sugar every day – most of it is of the HFCS or processed white sugar form, hidden in processed and junk foods
● American Heart Association’s daily recommendation (which is really too high) is 6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men

Processed sugar is a large component of the inflammatory foods in the US diet today

Excess sugar consumption, in particular processed sugars, such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and white table sugar, can lead to the overproduction of proinflammatory cytokines

Markers used to detect inflammation levels include:
● C-reactive protein (CRP)
● Tumor necrosis factor
● Specific interleukins (IL-6 and IL-18)

How processed sugar works in the body (and inflammation)

Why white table sugar and HFCS are so much worse for us

Highly refined sugars, such as white table sugar and HFCS remove the beneficial aspects of plant foods, including:
● Phytonutrients
● Fiber
● Vitamins
● Minerals
● Essential fatty acids

The removal of these beneficial aspects of foods leads to a rapid rise in insulin and blood glucose levels

This short-term acute hyperglycemia leads to
● reduced nitric oxide availability
● Increased production of free radicals
● Increased proinflammatory cytokines, such as IL-6, IL-18, and TNF

Additionally, these processed forms of sugar are higher in fructose

Case Study:

A 2016 study published in Cancer Research found that fructose from table sugar and HFCS were responsible for encouraging growth of breast tumors and lung metastasis in mice.

In fact, glucose is absorbed more rapidly than fructose by an active transport system in our bodies

Are there better alternatives than table sugar and HFCS?


First step is to cut out processed and fast foods and replace table sugar with stevia, pure maple syrup, or honey.

You can also use raw cane sugar, however maple syrup, stevia, and honey are better options.

Maple syrup in particular has a lower ratio of fructose and overall grams of sugar per tablespoon.

Be sure to use added sugar sparingly, not matter the form.


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