Can’t Lose That Last 20 Pounds No Matter What You Do? DO THIS!

Can’t Lose That Last 20 Pounds No Matter What You Do? DO THIS!

Can’t Lose That Last 20 Pounds No Matter What You Do? DO THIS!

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now recently I talked to someone on the phone who was very very very frustrated juice crying she was protesting because her husband was losing weight her friends were losing weight she’s eating healthier than them and she’s not losing the way she said I’m doing everything right it’s not working I don’t understand why it’s not working maybe I need to go back to another diet maybe I should do this or do that she’s just very frustrated that she has to spend so much work with so little result now when you’re evaluating something like this you need data you need to get data from the person and you’re comparing what they’re doing to what they should be doing to try to find out what’s going on number one she says I’m not losing despite having a good metabolism okay so the next question is what makes you thinking of a good metabolism okay and she said well I eat a lot of food a lot of calories but I don’t gain weight I just can’t lose weight and she’s 20 pounds overweight okay so because she’s eating a lot she’s not gaining weight she’s thinking she has a good metabolism now if we just isolate what her problem is she has a certain set point okay a certain weight that she cannot get below no matter what it doesn’t necessarily go up it doesn’t go down her body just loves to be at a certain weight what she didn’t realize is what’s really behind the set point so if your focus is on exercising more or eating less and you don’t understand what’s behind this you’re not going to get results what’s behind the set point is very severe insulin resistance and insulin resistance is a situation where the insulin is no longer working anymore and the cells okay won’t let the fuel in because one of the purposes of insulin is to allow fuel in the cell okay in nutrition in the cell if it doesn’t go in there anymore your cells will be starving of fuel they won’t get the nutrients and then extra fuel that you do consume is being stored as fat and what happens as a compensatory thing the body compensates and makes more and more and more insulin and the more insulin you have the more of this set point you’re gonna have and no matter what you do I don’t care if you exercise six hours a day like the weight just doesn’t barely come off okay it’ll just be stuck at a certain point we’ll come back to this in a bit next thing keto is not working okay now it was working for the first two weeks and then stopped working find out she’s doing a lot of keto bombs with dairy as the fat in Nikita bomb okay we’ll talk about that the second two we’ll come back to that next piece of information is she is fasting she said but for 12 to 15 hours okay what I told her was that she needs to be at at least 18 hours to start fixing instant resistance 18 hours fasting to really start seeing the change if you have a bad problem with insulin resistance or slow metabolism or this stuck setpoint 18 hours is the starting point okay if it’s less than that it’s it’s gonna take too long all right next piece of information after the first two weeks when she lost weight then she got her period for the next two weeks she had severe menstrual cycle problems okay that usually comes from Dairy II when you consume dairy especially if it’s not quality and I’m talking about grass-fed organic just dairy products from regular milk okay it’s not grass-fed it’s than organic that’s gonna add a lot more estrogen and other hormones and that’s gonna throw off your cycle okay action steps number one be very cautious on who you get advice from you have a friend or personal trainer or doctor all giving your data what’s happening she’s getting too much data overload she doesn’t know what’s the vital stuff the true stuff versus is the trivial versus the false and you’re just swimming in a sea of data and you not sure exactly what to do a couple things that I mentioned to her is that you don’t ever want to take advice especially related to weight loss if that person or expert it has a weight problem okay it’s like going to a dentist with bad teeth okay you’re not going to get the best information you want to go to someone who gets amazing result not necessarily has a certification okay a lot of times when you go to Google and you do research on the first second page third page you have that all the credible sites that are first right they’re all medical sites because they’re certified they’re more credible right but I’m looking at the information it’s not very effective it’s not gonna work so if you’re trying to do research or find the truth on the internet sometimes it’s very difficult because you don’t know who to believe credible is the person who gets the best results okay right number two I told her a hyper focus on fixing insulin resistance in her mind she’s like well I can’t give up these keto bombs and dairy because I can’t even think about doing this long-term because it wouldn’t be enjoyable I said don’t focus on the long-term healthy eating plan right now we have a big present time problem we need to fix this we fix this then we can actually think about what you should do as a maintenance or a long-term plan but don’t focus on anything but insulin resistance so that means you need to actually do in a minute fasting a lot longer okay that’s the number one thing number two you need to bring your carbs down a little lower apple cider vinegar can really help you and you need to increase the more fat at the meal only not between the meal but do it non-dairy okay because I think that’s what’s messing up her cycle but more fun at the meal will allow her to go longer within a minute of fasting now there is a valid point of consuming too much fat and having your body use the dietary fat as your ketones and not your own fat but we’re not actually interested in that at this point we’re interested in fixing insulin resistance by doing intermittent fasting longer okay because if we don’t do this we can’t fix this and this is way more important than trying to lose weight at this point we’re trying to fix the underlying cause of this and to do that we must do in a minute fasting a lot longer you cannot fix insulin resistance normally if you’re doing 12 to 15 hours you have to go a minimum 18 but preferably 20 or even more okay number three we want to handle any other problems than weight other health problems okay with her it’s the cycle if you have a very severe menstrual cycle for two weeks that is going to completely and utterly change your body chemistry it’s going to throw you off it’s gonna make you hungry you’re gonna be irritable you’re probably not sleeping it could be a big barrier okay so I think just by giving up the dairy that alone will probably minimize this greatly other problems maybe you can’t sleep you have sleep apnea or you have a thyroid problem or you have some inflammatory condition or autoimmune problem or you have a digestive problem I have videos on each one of these I have quite a few on each one of these you can start some out and find out what your weakness is but you need to solve this other health problem right here next one non-dairy keto bums okay I already mentioned that you can do keto bombs with coconut oil with nuts things like that okay I also told her this is very valuable to determine if you have insulin resistance you want to do this test called Homa ir a lot of times doctors don’t even know about this test you just have to find a doctor that does get this test done it’ll tell you how bad this is so you have the right estimation of effort to solve this problem okay but the one factor to know if you’re on the right track or not is this is your hunger going away okay less hungry if your hunger is going away that means your insulin resistance is improving if you can’t go a long period of time you can’t fast between meals we know you still have a problem with insulin resistance so this is your your best indicator not your weight loss nothing like that but your hunger and again in some resistance is a situation where insulin is not connecting to the cell it’s blocked it’s not allowing the fuel in there so here’s your cells are starving all the time okay and that’s going to make it really hard to do intermittent fasting all we’re trying to do is switch you from sugar fuel to fat feel step by step so you’re more over here and once you’re over here it’s going to be really easy hunger goes away you have energy you feel good you finally lose weight thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Can’t Lose That Last 20 Pounds No Matter What You Do? DO THIS!.
Can't Lose That Last 20 Pounds No Matter What You Do? DO THIS!

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In this video, I want to share with you a story about a woman who just felt like she could not lose weight no matter what. She was putting hard work into keto (ketogenic diet) and not seeing the results she wanted. She was frustrated and upset. Maybe you’ve felt the same way about weight loss. What do you do about it? I’m going to give you a few actionable steps that will help you learn how to lose weight.

Something to realize is that some people have a certain set point. Some people might call this a weight loss plateau or a fat loss plateau. For example, this woman wasn’t gaining weight, but she can’t lose weight either. She was just stuck at a certain weight she couldn’t get below.

But, what’s behind a set point? It’s very severe insulin resistance. The more insulin you have, the more stubborn your set point will be, and the more you’ll be wondering how to lose fat. With this situation, you can exercise like crazy and still not experience weight loss.

If you have insulin resistance, a slow metabolism, or a set point you need to be intermittent fasting for at least 18 hours to start fixing insulin resistance and seeing a change.

This particular woman also had severe menstrual cycle problems after two weeks into keto. This type of issue usually comes from dairy. If you consume dairy, it needs to be quality organic grass-fed dairy.

Action steps that will help if you’re not losing weight on keto:

• Be cautious of who you get advice from
• Hyper focus on fixing insulin resistance
• Handle other health problems
• Choose non-dairy keto bombs

To determine if you have insulin resistance, you can have a test done called HOMA-IR. This will tell you how bad your insulin resistance is, and give you the right estimation of effort to solve this problem.

The one factor to know if you’re on the right track or not:

• Is your hunger going away? If your hunger is going away, that means your insulin resistance is improving.

Once you switch from sugar fuel to fat fuel—your hunger will go away, you’ll have energy, and you’ll experience more weight loss.

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