Can Parkinson’s Disease Be Reversed?

Can Parkinson’s Disease Be Reversed?

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hey guys today I want to give you my opinion on on Parkinson’s and can it be actually reversed is it possible well let’s just talk about the three things that are involved in Parkinson’s which you have a degenerative neurological disorder we have a lot of oxidative stress okay a lot of oxidation going on we have mitochondrial damage so we’re going to have low ATP in the neurons so they’re not going to have the energy to work correctly we also have damage with the motor neurons and that’s why you see shuffling gait and stiffness and things like that because and the posture goes forward and you have inflammation the first remedy I’m going to recommend is simple vitamin b2 400 milligrams per day why because vitamin b2 is a very powerful antioxidant and it actually can block oxidative stress there’s actually a lot of research done on b2 in Parkinson’s and I’ll put some links down below actually I was quite amazed of how much research there was v2 can also reduce inflammation it can restore mitochondrial damage it has the potential to protect glutathione which is our body’s own antioxidant it can increase motor capacity because there’s problems within the motor neurons it can also decrease glutamate toxicity which creates a whole series of other issues I don’t necessarily want to get into that but b2 is a necessity if someone has Parkinson’s number two you want to reduce iron why because iron is involved in some serious oxidation our bodies have a hard time getting rid of iron and many people have too much iron it is very damaging to the brain creates all sorts of issues that go way beyond just Parkinson’s there are two key leaders which actually have the potential to pull out iron one would be something called EDTA you can get it as a natural supplement I like this one you want to take on an empty stomach it pulls out other minerals too but you can put these other minerals back in as an electrolyte or a trace mineral without actually adding too much iron so you can control this a bit more and this other chemical compound called phytate or phytic acid which you can get as a ip6 it’s called and this actually is in the fiber the bran of whole grains and it’s in on the brand of rice and so when you consume that brand it actually blocks the absorption of iron and zinc and other minerals but I’m not going to recommend consuming grain but if you actually take find it as a supplement you can also help to reduce iron as a natural key later and then put back in the minerals that you want now the other thing is you want to avoid red meat simply because it has too much iron and if there’s any excess iron that’s creating this corrosive inflammatory condition we want to avoid red meat in shellfish and especially any type of iron supplements okay some of the top supplements out there are basically loaded with this ferrous oxide the the wrong type of iron and in very large quantities so you want to read the back here the label of your supplement and make sure it doesn’t have iron okay very important so by reducing iron you’ll actually reduce the oxidative stress next thing which is probably the most important thing is fasting okay if you don’t know anything about that I put a link down below you want to start doing intermittent fasting because that is going to drop inflammation and put your brain in repair mode you’ll start to grow new parts of the brain it’s called neurogenesis and there’s a lot of other positive benefits with fasting and then of course we have our healthy version of the keto diet which is very important because we want to reduce the sugar which is also the other powerful oxidative stress factor that we want to bring that down as close to zero as possible and really eliminate this issue right here there’s a couple other things that I’m going to recommend as well that would be if benfotiamine okay it’s a fat soluble B vitamin which will actually penetrate the brain 25 times more than a regular B 1 and B 1 is very important in repairing the myelin that surrounds the brain and the nervous system and it has a lot of other benefits to repair mitochondrial damage all right guys there you have it these are the things that are really vital in helping you reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s thanks for watching so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it 

This Post Was All About Can Parkinson’s Disease Be Reversed?.
Can Parkinson's Disease Be Reversed?

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In this video, we’re going to talk about Parkinson’s disease. Can Parkinson’s disease be reversed? 

What is Parkinson’s disease?
Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative neurological disorder.

Things involved with Parkinson’s disease: 
1. Oxidative Stress 
2. Mitochondrial Damage – low ATP
3. Inflammation 

How to help reverse Parkinson’s disease symptoms: 

1. Vitamin B2 (400mg/daily) — 
• Powerful antioxidant to block oxidative stress 
• Reduces inflammation 
• Restores mitochondrial damage 
• Protects glutathione 
• Increases motor capacity 
• Decreases glutamate toxicity

2. Reduce Iron —
Avoid red meat and take chelators that have the potential to pull out iron:
• Phytate IP6

3. Intermittent fasting —
• Decreases inflammation 

4. Healthy Ketogenic Diet —
• Decreases sugar 

5. Benfotiamine —
• Fat-Soluble B Vitamin 

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