Can Keto (Ketogenic Diet) Help Cirrhosis of the Liver?

Can Keto (Ketogenic Diet) Help Cirrhosis of the Liver?

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so I recently had a question for someone that wanted her now kin-kee tell help my liver because they had cirrhosis and they wanted to know if there’s anything that can be done about it so let’s talk about that what is cirrhosis it’s an advanced liver disease where the liver has filled up with scar tissue and this is because the liver has been under this constant flam Ettore state where the body is then healing with scar tissue now in a normal liver you can filter 1.7 liters of blood every single minute okay that’s a lot of recycling so you have this this filter going on right here and the liver has about 500 different functions it also helps make bile that helps you extract fat type of vitamins from the food and your your liver can make one liter of Bayeux every single day it has incredible restorative repair functions but there is going to be a point of no return where the liver is too damaged and it can’t come back one of the big problems with the liver being cirrhotic is that the nutrition from the blood that comes from the small intestine is flooding into the liver but it’s if you can’t go in here anymore because it’s filled with scar so it backs up so you have this huge pressure problem outside the liver and that’s where you see high blood pressure you see all sorts of complications you start seeing a condition called ascites where there’s fluid backing up into the SAC around the abdomen so if you ever see someone with let’s thin with this huge protruded belly that could be a liver problem one is called spider nevi which is a little area of here on your skin we have this like spider veins emanating from a central location jaundice where your whites of your eyes become yellow your skin becomes yellow breast tissue simply because you can no longer get rid of the excess amount of estrogen the liver acts as a buffer for certain hormones like estrogen and even testosterone also an enlarged liver because of the backup situation we mentioned ascites testicular atrophy is one of the symptoms high blood pressure we talked about that and also a musty breath like kind of like a chronic halitosis bad breath situation okay let’s go to the next chart right here to the causes if you look up the causes you’ll see viruses at the top the list as in hepatitis that creates inflammation which then leads to scar tissue because the scar tissue is really the healing response to the inflammation and then you have high iron why because iron is very corrosive creates oxidation to the different tissues of course alcohol and medications but usually what is missing is the number one cause and that is high amounts of insulin and insulin resistance because high insulin and high glucose create inflammation which leads to scar tissue yet this one right here is probably the most common yet it’s rarely emphasized so what is the treatment medically for liver cirrhosis well it’s basically you just treat the complications the symptoms and you wait for a liver transplant now there are two types of cirrhosis okay you have compensated cirrhosis and decompensated cirrhosis what does that mean in compensated you have severe scarring but you have enough healthy liver cells to function the liver is really really robust and it can survive a lot of damage and it has an incredible capacity to repair if it’s not decompensated okay in this condition it’s beyond repair too much damage so you have fluid backup edema and your legs you get mental confusion mood and personality disorders because the ammonia is backing up into the brain alright so what can you do about this what can you do with both conditions well you want to get on a ketogenic plan because the very cause of the scar tissue was inflammation so lowering your carbs doing in a minute fasting can bring down the inflammation if you test someone with cirrhosis you’re always gonna find low amino acids in the blood they have a protein deficiency because the liver is so damaged it can’t manufacture proteins anymore so you have a protein deficiency in the body and the body is actually breaking down muscle protein to try to compensate and if you actually consume too much protein you can get too much waste products from that proteinuria and eventually ammonia okay so what can you do well this is what I would do if I had that condition I would actually take pure amino acids as a supplement in a powder okay or in a tablet you can take the essential amino acids okay in the right amounts there’s certain products out there which will be 99% absorbed without the waste products okay so that’s number one number two I would take electrolytes because usually you’re gonna have fluid in a demon that’s backing up so we need to increase more potassium in magnesium to push that fluid out I would also recommend taking bile salts why because you’re not able to make the bile anymore because you have too much scar tissue and the bile is necessary for a lot of things including the absorption of vitamin A D and K so I would take purified bile salts with cod liver oil and maybe some vitamin D and k2 to really start increasing the absorption of the fat side vitamins and because bile is recycled by the microbes I would take a really good probiotic I would also take apple cider vinegar to improve the blood sugar situation because you’re gonna have insulin resistance as well so this can help that greatly and I would also consume a large amount of vegetables for the chlorophyll for the phytonutrients for the antioxidants and I would also include celery celery has a unique property of breaking down ammonia in the body so that would be one good solution and it’s actually very natural without any side effects definitely do low carb that’s going to drop the inflammation I would also do in a minute fasting hardcore and I would do a moderate amount of fat simply because the person won’t have the bile salts to break down fat and I would do a moderate amount of fat not necessarily a high fat diet but a moderate amount simply because it’s going to take a lot of bile to break down that fat and if you don’t have it it can back up to the system all right thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About Can Keto (Ketogenic Diet) Help Cirrhosis of the Liver?.
Can Keto (Ketogenic Diet) Help Cirrhosis of the Liver?

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the ketogenic diet and cirrhosis of the liver. The liver has 500 different functions and if the liver is scarred it will have a backup of blood, pressure and all sorts of complications. Cirrhosis is an advanced liver condition, it is when the whole liver becomes dysfunctional because there is no longer a healthy liver cell and there’s scar tissue as a replacement.

Symptoms of Fibrosis
1. Spider Nevi
2. Jaundice
3. Breast Tissue
4. Enlarged Liver
5. Ascites
6. Testicular Atrophy
7. Clubbing Nails
8. High Blood Pressure
9. Musty Breath

• Filter 1.7 Liters Blood per minute
• Produces 1 liter of bile per day
• Stores fat soluble

• Virus
• High iron
• Alcohol
• Medication
• High insulin/insulin resistance– inflammation to scar tissue

• TX. Complications Liver Transplant

Types of Cirrhosis
• Compensated – Severe scarring but has enough liver cells
• Decompensated – Too much damage, fluid, mental confusion, mood + personality changes

What to Consume to Help Cirrhosis of the Liver
1. Amino Acid Blend
2. Electrolytes
3. Bile Salts with vitamin A(cod liver oil), D, E and K2
4. Probiotic
5. Apple Cider Vinegar
6. Celery

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