Can Dairy Affect Your Hormones?

Can Dairy Affect Your Hormones?

Can Dairy Affect Your Hormones?

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so I want to answer the question can dairy actually affect your hormones or not well let’s just take a look at what milk is milk is a product that is designed to feed a calf a growing calf it’s loaded with a lot of different hormones primarily estrogen okay and also IGF different types of estrogens IGF is a growth hormone and so as estrogen now the hormones in milk can target the prostate okay the breast the uterus the ovary when I was in practice I found a high correlation between women coming in having fibroids and them consuming a lot of dairy so you have milk cream half-and-half sour cream cream cheese cheese itself yogurt butter the fattier the dairy the more hormones okay now I’m not against dairy but some people are already estrogen dominant they have hormonal imbalances they may have a prostate enlargement they may have cysts in the breast as fibrocystic breast or they might have a problem in uterus or endometriosis which is extra growth tissue around the uterus or they might have cysts in the ovaries or even polycystic ovarian syndrome as well that’s basically the condition where your androgens are too high because there are various cysts in the ovary stimulating that specific hormone so if you have any of those you definitely need to put dairy to the side for a while but everyone else needs to realize that these hormones in the dairy can create an effect on your body to minimize the damage definitely go for organic dairy and grass-fed dairy if possible at least with organic you’re not getting GMO type feet you’re getting non-gmo soy beans and corn but if you’re doing commercial milk you’re definitely getting the GMO as well now I personally do a small amount of cheese every day I make sure that it is both organic and grass-fed and I also consume a lot of cruciferous food if you consume cruciferous vegetables it will actually give you the anti-estrogen ik effect and I’ll help clean up the excess amount of estrogen that’s in your body and lastly I would always tell my patients to try this experiment just for one week completely give up all of your dairy and just see how you feel and a certain percentage of them would do very very well and other people would feel no difference and that may give you a few clues to determine if you are sensitive to dairy or not thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Can Dairy Affect Your Hormones?.
Can Dairy Affect Your Hormones?

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In this video, we’re going to talk about dairy products and hormones. Is dairy bad? Can dairy affect the hormones?

Well, milk is designed to feed a growing calf, and it’s loaded with different types of hormones. The two main hormones in dairy are estrogen and IGF. 

The different types of estrogen in milk as well as the IGF, are growth hormones which target the:

• Prostate
• Breast
• Uterus
• Ovary

The fattier the dairy, the more hormones it has. I’m not against dairy, but some people are already estrogen dominant or have a hormone imbalance. People with these types of issues should stay away from dairy products for a while.

Hormones in dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt) can affect the body. To minimize the damage:

• Go for organic dairy
• Go for grass-fed dairy

You can also consume cruciferous vegetables to give you an antiestrogenic effect. You may want to try giving up all dairy products for one week to help determine if you’re sensitive to dairy or not.

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