Caffeinated Keto Fat Bomb Recipe: Peppermint Mocha Truffles- Thomas DeLauer

Caffeinated Keto Fat Bomb Recipe: Peppermint Mocha Truffles- Thomas DeLauer

Caffeinated Keto Fat Bomb Recipe: Peppermint Mocha Truffles- Thomas DeLauer

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who doesn’t love chocolate and who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned fat burning I’m gonna give you a ketogenic friendly chocolate recipe that’s a peppermint mocha chocolate fat bomb it’s actually more like a candy bar you’re gonna make this sugar-free totally awesome candy bar that’s totally good to go when you’re on a ketogenic diet having a new kid in the house I’m really into spending some family time lately which means I’ve been a little bit more time in the kitchen with my wife cooking up all kinds of things and experimenting with different things now you know me I’m always bringing you the science so I’ve got the science on every single ingredient that is in this awesome chocolate fat bomb recipe so let’s just get right to it okay first thing we’ve got we’ve got exactly 1 tablespoon of coconut oil okay we’re gonna go ahead and get this cooking up here the reason we’re using the coconut oil those of you that watch my videos and know this is simply because of the medium chain triglycerides that are in it medium chain triglycerides go straight to the liver and get converted into a Sedo acetyl coenzyme a which means that it can pass through into the mitochondria and get utilized for energy a lot easier so when you’re in ketosis you want these MCTS they help you burn fat a lot faster and they give you energy but coconut oil also has what’s called lauric acid in it which converts into something known as mono Lauren again those of you that watch my videos a lot know that I’m always talking about the digestive benefits of mono Lauren and how it feeds that good bacteria that gram-positive bacteria within your gut so I just want to get that melted down a little bit make sure the Heat’s on nice and low now and I’ve got exactly one tablespoon of that remember and then I’ve got some unsweetened 100% cacao okay so it’s totally unsweetened baking chocolate do not get semi-sweet it has to be unsweetened this is absolutely imperative okay I’m using Ghirardelli it doesn’t really matter which brand you use I’ll start the melting process okay let that start getting down okay the reason that I’m using the dark chocolate is because it has certain things that are called epic catechins and what these are is flavonoids that actually send specific signals to your brain they can cross through the blood-brain barrier and help reduce brain inflammation so when you’re ketosis sometimes you get that little fog the reason that we’re using this chocolate is because when you’re in ketosis sometimes you get that fog and the whole idea here is to help you boost the mood help you get through that brain inflammation get through that fogginess so we’ve got some specific things in here known as phenylethylamine and and and amide that’s a mouthful to say but what they do is they actually induce euphoria within the so they actually helping you feel really good they release endorphins you hear people say that chocolate releases endorphins all the time but actually it stimulates the production of endorphins because of that phenylethylamine okay so now that this is mixing up that’s almost melted I don’t want to let it go of too hot so I’m gonna remove the heat for a minute while I add these other ingredients because I’m talking your ear off as I’m making this okay so now the next thing that I’m gonna go ahead and add is I’m going to add exactly an eighth of a cup of macadamia nuts okay now the macadamia nuts are really interesting because not only do they contain omega nine acid but the omega-9 fatty acid is going to help you utilize the omega-3s that are already existing in the macadamia nuts you turn this heat up okay so you have a perfect balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the macadamia nuts plus the Omega nine that they contain which helps your body utilize the Omega threes I hope that that makes sense basically you’ve got two fats one is good one is bad then you’ve got a third fat that’s letting the good fat be used maybe you don’t have to pay attention just take my word for it macadamia nuts are good okay now before this starts to set up I want to add just a couple drops of peppermint oil now here’s the big thing here okay I want one two three four five six whoops okay a little bit extra peppermint oil in that one but it’s not gonna hurt so here’s the idea behind peppermint oil peppermint oil does some amazing things with your bile it actually increases the production of bile it’s been used in a lot of cases to actually help calm the stomach muscles but I want to use it for the sake of how it helps your body produce more bile why is that important because you are using bio when you are in ketosis you’re producing a lot of bile your liver and your gallbladder are crank and bile out like crazy to break down all the fats that you’re consuming so peppermint oil has a proven track record of helping you do that plus it’s nice and festive it’s gonna make this stuff taste good okay then I’m gonna go ahead I’m going to add just enough stevia to make it taste good you can add however much you feel like you need to I’ve done this a time or two so I usually add about a half a tablespoon of that go ahead and mix that up in there you can kind of get the gist of what we’re doing or making a sugar-free chocolate just by melting it all down and put this back on heat here in just a second okay now it’s where we get to the fun part I’m gonna go ahead and add some pink Himalayan salt everyone likes salted chocolate right now we have a good reason for doing this especially with the ketogenic diet reason we’re adding salt here usually depleted in sodium when you are on a ketogenic diet when you’re depleted in sodium it makes it so your muscles don’t function very well you need the sodium potassium balanced all the time and since your kidneys tend to drop a lot more water when you’re in ketosis you’re losing that sodium you’re losing that potassium you’re losing that magnesium now chocolate has a lot of minerals to begin with but it does not have a lot of sodium so I went ahead and went liberal with the salt there I added quite a bit okay now I add just a little bit of mint leaf now I’m gonna add more to it when I’m done but I want some of the oils from the mint to get out into the chocolate here now the benefits of mint leaf itself or the exact same as the peppermint oil so we’re still getting the digestive benefits we’re still getting the actual bile benefits here now the fun part I’m gonna add a couple tablespoons of good old-fashioned cold brew concentrate don’t dilute it with the water like you do when you actually make it go ahead and just add however much you would like to add I’m gonna go like two three good tablespoons maybe in a little bit more I like to taste a coffee here’s the thing with cold brew thirty percent more caffeine than regular coffee but without the acidity 67% less acidity what does that mean that means you’re not gonna mess up your teeth it’s a lot easier on your stomach it’s a lot easier for your body to synthesize and turn the heat back on for a second but what’s interesting is you see after I added the cold brew the magic started to happen you started to thicken up that’s simply because we’re having a little bit of an enzymatic activity between the cocoa and the actual coffee there which is exactly what we want as long as we don’t let it burn if you’ve watched my pizza recipe before you saw that I burned the pizza I promise I’m not going to burn the chocolate okay so we’re in good shape here mix that up turn that heat off another interesting thing about the chocolate is it’s been studied and it’s been shown in the journal atherosclerosis to actually reduce fasting blood sugar so that means they took diabetic patients and they found that when they consumed dark chocolate compared to white chocolate they actually reduced their fasting glucose levels which means it didn’t just have an immediate effect it had an effect the next day and the day after that and the day after that on their overall fasted glucose levels when they wake up that means it’s tremendous for blood sugar now here’s the cool thing here’s what I’ve got here okay this is not traditional plastic bpa-free plastic that can withstand heat you can use metal trays you can use whatever you want I like to use ice trays because this is gonna make it nice and even now all I’m gonna do here go ahead just like I’m making ice cubes the reason I do this is because it makes perfect little bite-size fat bombs by the time this is done just so that you guys know there’s gonna be about 140 calories in each bite so if you were to spread this out over six of these bites you’re gonna have between 140 and 150 calories depending on how liberal you went with the nuts however you want with the oil but if you follow this the way that I described it that’s about where you’re gonna end up my to let it cook a little too long because it should fit pretty close to even but all depends on the size of the ice tray that you use it doesn’t have to be perfect okay what I’m gonna do to make this look nice and pretty just put a little bit of mint on it so that when I pull it out of the freezer it’s gonna look nice and I’m also going to put a little bit of some coarse pink kind of land salt right on the top again who doesn’t like salted chocolate and we are in business and put that in the freezer that’s gonna sit for about ten minutes now while that’s sitting let me give you a quick explanation of ketosis if you don’t already know what it is because a lot of people hit Google and they start searching for fat bomb recipes without knowing what the ketogenic diet is so if you already know what ketosis is you can skip ahead for about one minute where I’ll show you the finished product but for those of you that want to learn here it goes the ketogenic diet is when your body is no longer utilizing glucose as a source for fuel you’ve deprived yourself of carbohydrates your body begins utilizing fats as a source of fuel that’s awesome because here’s what happens you get your body to use dietary fat as a fuel source then when you do deprive it of dietary fat like in the periods between meals your body has no choice but to start utilizing your stored body fat because that’s what it’s used to in a sense it’s become spoiled and gets used to using fat so the second you’re not eating fat it has no choice but to take fat from your body and burn it that’s the beauty of ketosis now some of the other benefits obviously include the reduction in inflammation and the fact that you’re utilizing something that’s more calorically dense you have a lot more energy so it’s perfect for someone that’s got a busy lifestyle that doesn’t want to be sitting down eating big meals all the time that just wants to eat good tasting food feel good and have the mental benefits as well so those should be done in just a couple of minutes so while we’re flash forwarding enjoy this little entertainment from my dog okay so these look just about done and here’s the whole idea is by putting them in an ice tray like this they should just pop right out so there we have it we’ve got some ketogenic friendly truffles that are super low carb we’re talking about three to four carbs in each piece at the absolute most depending on what brand of chocolate that you use talking about 140 to 160 calories per bite and they’re not gonna kick you out of ketosis the endorphins are gonna help you feel good the MCTS and the coconut oil are gonna help you burn a little bit more fat and help your gut biome the stevia is going to help you out in a lot of different ways actually help you expel extra sodium from your kidneys and then we’ve also got the salt that’s going to allow you to retain sodium in the right places that you typically deplete when you’re in ketosis you’ve got the cold Brews gonna help you burn fat and we’ve got the peppermint oil that’s gonna allow you to produce a little bit more bile that’s gonna allow you to digest fats that much easier so here we go you

This Post Was All About Caffeinated Keto Fat Bomb Recipe: Peppermint Mocha Truffles- Thomas DeLauer.
Caffeinated Keto Fat Bomb Recipe: Peppermint Mocha Truffles- Thomas DeLauer

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Caffeinated Keto Fat Bomb Recipe: Peppermint-Mocha Truffles- Thomas DeLauer…

Baking Chocolate:
Contains a compound called epicatechin (a flavonoid), which may protect your brain by increasing cellular signals that shield nerve cells from damage. Provides cardiovascular benefit is by assisting with nitric oxide metabolism – nitric oxide protects your heart by relaxing your blood vessels and thereby lowering your blood pressure (1)

Study: One 2015 study, published in ARYA Atherosclerosis, compared type 2 diabetics’ consumption of white chocolate versus high-cocoa, polyphenol-rich dark chocolate. The subjects consumed 25 grams (a little under one ounce) of dark or white chocolate for eight weeks. The researchers found that not only did dark chocolate lower the blood pressure of the hypertensive diabetics, but it also decreased fasting blood sugar (2)
Also known to be a natural mood enhancer, It contains both anandamide and phenylethylamine, both of which induce euphoria, act as an aphrodisiac and boost overall mood

300 times sweeter than sugar as well as being a 0 calorie alternative – glycosides in stevia extract have been found to dilate blood vessels and increase sodium excretion, both of which are necessary in keeping blood pressure at a healthy level.

Peppermint calms the muscles of the stomach and improves the flow of bile, which the body uses to digest fats – as a result, it increases the rate and efficiency of digestion and promote healthy bowel movements.

One study examined 57 people with IBS who received either enteric-coated peppermint capsules or placebo twice a day for 4 weeks. Of the people who took peppermint, 75% had a significant reduction of IBS symptoms.
Peppermint and its main active agent, menthol, are effective decongestants. Because menthol thins mucus, it is also a good expectorant, meaning it helps loosen phlegm and breaks up coughs. It is soothing and calming for sore throats (pharyngitis) and dry coughs (3)

Mint Leaf:
Mint leaves are packed with nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, D, E and small amounts of vitamin B complex. All these compounds put together improves the body’s immune system.


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