Cafe Mocha Cream Cheese Fat Bombs For Keto | ONLY 2 NET CARBS | Easy KETO Recipes For Beginners

Cafe Mocha Cream Cheese Fat Bombs For Keto | ONLY 2 NET CARBS | Easy KETO Recipes For Beginners

Cafe Mocha Cream Cheese Fat Bombs For Keto | ONLY 2 NET CARBS | Easy KETO Recipes For Beginners

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hey what’s happening guys today on the channel we’re gonna be making some cafe mocha fat bombs only to net carbs per fat bomb and there are only a few combinations I think that are as good as coffee and chocolate peanut butter and jelly peanut butter and chocolate and pizza yeah pizza is not a combination I think it’s just delicious just like these fat bombs so let’s get in this one let’s make these fat bombs guys alright so first things first you want to take out your food scale and a very large bowl and add a half a cup which is an entire stick of some unsalted butter to your large bowl next we’re gonna cut and cube an entire brick of full fat cream cheese that’s 8 ounces or 224 grams of cream cheese and then once you’ve got all your cream cheese added to the bowl you want to take out your hand mixer and beat the butter and cream cheese together until they’re well combined and this is definitely gonna take a couple minutes so just be patient while you’re beating everything with your hand mixer what you’re looking for is everything to be smooth in your bowl you definitely don’t want any chunks of butter or more specifically cream cheese left over in the bowl when you’re done beating it with your hand mixer so once you’ve got that smooth consistency going on in the bowl you’ll want to take out some instant espresso or instant coffee the one I’m using in today’s recipe I’ll link in the video description below but you’re gonna want to add somewhere between one to two tablespoons of your instant coffee depending on how coffee flavored you want your fat bombs next we’re gonna add the mocha part of these fat bombs so we’re gonna add a heaping tablespoon or around seven grams of unsweetened cocoa powder to our bowl followed by some low-carbon chokolate chips I like the Lilly’s chocolate chips these are what I use pretty much in all my recipes guys I think they’re absolutely delicious and they only have two net carbs per serving and we’re gonna be adding a heaping quarter cup or about 56 grams of those low-carb chocolate chips to our bowl for today’s recipe so now at this point we’re gonna sweeten the recipe up with some zero net carb confectioner’s swerve which is just powdered your earth realm and we’re gonna be adding a heaping third of a cup or about 72 grams of that you’re all to our bowl and once you’ve got that sweetener added into our Bowl we’re to get out our spatula and we’re just gonna mix everything together really really nicely until everything dissolves into one another and we’ve got this thick chocolaty coffee cafe mocha bat-bomb batter going on in our Bowl once we’ve got that we’re gonna get out of cookie scoop we’re gonna scoop out 12 equal sized fat bombs onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and once you’ve added all the fat to our baking sheet we’re gonna freeze them for about three hours and then three hours later your fat bombs will end up looking something like this and of course as always enjoy them guys so that’s today’s cafe mocha fat bomb recipe I hope you guys enjoy these fat bombs I think they’re the perfect morning treat started off a little bit of coffee and caffeine a little bit of chocolate the day pretty much can’t start better than that guys if you want the full recipe with the metric measurements of the macros that’s listed in the video description below also down there are links to all the products that I used to make the fat bombs today thank guys so much for watching I will see you next recipe [Music]

This Post Was All About Cafe Mocha Cream Cheese Fat Bombs For Keto | ONLY 2 NET CARBS | Easy KETO Recipes For Beginners.
Cafe Mocha Cream Cheese Fat Bombs For Keto | ONLY 2 NET CARBS | Easy KETO Recipes For Beginners

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

This Cream Cheese Fat Bomb recipe is great for KETO, is infused with coffee and chocolate, and tastes like a cafe mocha from Starbucks! Fat bombs are one of the best keto recipes, and they are so easy to make too. This Cafe Mocha Cream Cheese Fat Bomb recipe has only 2 NET CARBS each, and requires minimal ingredients. As far as keto dessert recipes go, this one is a MUST TRY!

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Food Scale:

Instant Espresso:

LOW CARB Lily’s Chocolate Chips:

Confectioners Erythritol:

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder:

Cookie Scoop:




8 Ounces (224g) Full-fat Cream Cheese
1 Stick (1/2 Cup – 113g) Unsalted Butter
1 to 2 Tbsps (5-10g) Instant Coffee
Heaping 1/4 Cup (56g) Low Carb Chocolate Chips
Heaping 1/3 Cup (72g) Confectioners Erythritol
1.5 Tbsps Unsweetened Cocoa Powder


Add the cream cheese and the butter to a large bowl (softened to room temperature)
Use a hand mixer to combine them until smooth
Once smooth, add all of the other ingredients to the bowl
Mix with a spatula until combined
Use a cookie scoop to scoop the batter out of the bowl (recipe will make about 12 bombs), and add to a baking tray lined with parchment paper, and freeze for atleast 3 hours

FAT BOMB MACROS (per bomb):

140 Calories
1.5g Protien
3.75g Carbs
(1.75g Fiber)
14g Fat

*NOTE: The macros do not include the “carbs” from the erythritol. Erythritol doesn’t have calories, thus I did not include the “carbs” in the macro nutrient information. Erythritol has 0 NET CARBS


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