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what’s up guys today I’m gonna show you how to make some high protein bodybuilding banana bread I don’t know why I did this when I said bodybuilding but we’re just gonna go with it for today we making all kinds of games okay anyways this banana bread it’s awesome packet protein macro friendly pretty macro friendly anyways and super easy to make so let’s get cooking let’s get started let’s make some banana bread alright guys so first things first we need bananas if we’re making banana bread now you can see here these bananas are not overly ripe but they’re not brand new either so I can use these for my banana bread but say you really want to make this banana bread and your bananas are fresh from the grocery store what you want to do is you’ll actually want to add your bananas to a microwave-safe Bowl and then just microwave them after you peel them of course for about 2 minutes until they soften up everybody’s microwaves gonna be different but you just pop them in the microwave they’ll soften right up and then you can use them in your banana bread so for this recipe guys we’re gonna be using 3 medium sized bananas and you’re gonna want to weigh your bananas so if you don’t have a food scale I highly highly recommend picking one up either in the store or I’ll link one in the video description below and get one on if you’re making a lot of my recipes or your just food prepping or dieting you really should have a food scale because it just makes life way way easier but anyways for this banana bread you’re gonna want to add 300 grams of bananas to your bowl alright so we’ve got our 300 grams of bananas in our Bowl next we’re gonna add some eggs so I’m gonna add two whole eggs and then I’m gonna add four egg whites if you have egg beaters that’s really great you can just add 140 grams of egg beaters into your bowl that’s a four egg whites but I don’t have egg beaters today so I’m gonna have to crack all these eggs alright so get our eggs in here we’ve got our bananas in here next I’m gonna add some maple syrup now you could add calorie-free maple syrup this is what I would recommend if you’re trying to really watch your macros by Walden Farms this stuff is pretty awesome however you can’t find this stuff it’s also kind of expensive this is a great alternative to the sugar-free maple flavor by Maple Grove farms and if you don’t care about the macker at all and you just don’t want to use artificial sweetener then you can just use regular maple syrup in this recipe guys so there’s three ideas for you in terms of the maple syrup you want to use I’m using four tablespoons or sixty grams of the Walden Farms calorie-free maple syrup some pour that in my bowl next what’s next what is next what is next all right so next because it was the easiest to grab I’m going to add some pure vanilla extract it’s about a teaspoon I’m just gonna use the top cap because I think that’s about a teaspoon just boom pop that right in there so that’s it for the liquid ingredients now we’re gonna move on to the dry ingredients and guys we’re gonna be using coconut flour for this banana bread the macros the carb macros anyways a little bit better than regular flour oat flour I really like Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour I use some other brands not as good we’re gonna add 50 grams which I think it’s like a half a cup of coconut flour and that’s why having the food scale is just super nice because you can be super exact with all of your measurements and the point of this is to make banana bread that’s gonna give us all kinds of gains guys so I’m gonna add a scoop and a half 45 grams of the I so pure creamy vanilla zero carb protein powder four to five gouramis 45 grandmas 47 grandmas okay close enough great now guys I’m gonna have two teaspoons of ground cinnamon I think it’s roughly two teaspoons I don’t measure it out I just kind of go that looks like a good amount of cinnamon and we’ve got this like cool cinnamon smoke thing going on alright so almost forgot this last ingredient which is pretty important baking powder is gonna help our banana bread rise a little bit we’re gonna use about one heaping teaspoon of baking powder and you want to make sure you’re measuring your baking powder guys because if you use too much it can actually make your banana bread taste a little sour so definitely use your measurement spooner when you’re putting it in your bowl alright guys so now the fun begins we can to get our whisk in here and you just want to like kind of just kind of mousse your banana if you haven’t already moist your banana when you put it in your bowl but you definitely could do just kind of mush that in there we’re just gonna start stirring this until it’s well combined so I’ll see you guys in a second all right guys so our batter is looking pretty pretty pretty good right now I like to leave some banana chunks in my batter just because you know when you’re cutting your slices and there’s like a banana chunk in the slice I think that’s just the most wonderful thing in the world so I don’t go too crazy with my mixing I just make sure everything is combined I got a nice little batter going on like that so now we’re gonna transfer this to a bread pan but if you want to add nuts into your batter you totally can do that I just don’t have the macros as much to add nuts into my batter at least to the fat macros to do that but hey if you are blessed with the fat macro gods and you have some fat macros to work with add some walnuts pecans whatever you want in your banana bread here’s the pro tip guys this is an eight and a half by four and a half so it’s eight and a half long four and a half wide by two and a half tall bread pan but the secrets to getting it out of the pan itself is using some wax paper so you’re gonna want to put wax paper in your loaf pan and just just like this because these two sides they’re gonna be your handle to pull your banana bread protein loaf out when you’re making things that don’t have a lot of oil in there some lower calorie things it can tend to stick to whatever baking device you’re using so this parchment paper is a huge lifesaver in terms of your banana bread not sticking to the bread pan itself so make sure that you use parchment paper when you’re adding this to your bread pan otherwise this bread it’s probably gonna stick to your pan also guys you’re gonna want to spray your pan with baking spray it’s not enough just the wax paper itself you need to coat the wax paper to go boom we coated our wax paper now I need to get a spatula out and we need to start getting this batter into our pan and that’s my Owen guys by the way guys I didn’t mention this earlier your oven needs to be heated to 350 that was what just beat my oven just preheated to 350 all right so now we can go ahead and we can get our batter into our bread pan o-m-g this just looks so good you probably shouldn’t lick your spatula pretty sure you’re not supposed to eat raw eggs and get like Salmonella there’s something terrible like that but guys I think Yolo yeah that’s delicious haven’t gotten so Mandela vlogs from doing that and I guess once that happens then I probably won’t ever do that again anyways guys know what I’m doing isn’t just evenly spreading out my batter in my tray give out one last taste test know you can add nuts to the top of this you don’t have to add nuts to the top of this it’s all just whatever works for your macros I think today I’m adding some nuts to the top of the line I’m just gonna add 2 tablespoons about 30 grams of some crushed walnuts to the top so I got my food scale back out guys gonna weigh out my nuts on the top of this bread pan and then it’s going in the oven for about 40 minutes at 350 all right guys 40 minutes from now we are gonna have some delicious bodybuilding bodybuilding banana bread 1 eternity now comes the toughest part guys actually letting your banana bread cool down before you eat it patience is key here it’s really good hot don’t get me wrong but it’s way better if you let it reach room temperature so just put a hot plate holder down set your pan on it and give it about 20-30 minutes let it cool down completely and you will not regret doing that because it will be so much better if it’s room temperature and if it’s like super hot I promise you alright guys it’s been about a half hour I let my loaf cool completely I mean look at this thing look at how awesome this thing turned out how good is that look so now just gonna cut this into 10 slices we’re gonna do a little taste tester Rooney hair you guys have no idea how excited I am for this taste test just check this bread out I mean the walnut crust pieces of the banana still in the bread you can see some of the cinnamon how good does that look before I tasted this I gotta tell you guys I’ve made this bread almost every single night since the listen I’ve been back from Greece it’s like three straight weeks of having banana bread every night before bed kind of a ritual is we’ve got in the Game of Thrones three weeks ago we put Game of Thrones on I make a loaf of banana bread and I eat almost the entire loaf while Game of Thrones is on so I’m gonna bite into it tell you guys what I think amazing amazing this banana it’s just so good though so damn good so damn good seriously you think that this banana bread was just a normal loaf of banana bread there wasn’t any protein in it it wasn’t helva fine at all it tastes that good it tastes just like normal banana bread yes so pretty much guys this stuff absolutely delicious if you want to make games I mean I think two slices later my arms are already like an inch bigger right so try to make gains you mediate this bread I like to split my bread up into ten slices that way each slice is about 105 calories and it’s four grams of fat per slice that way 10 grams of carbs 3 of which is fiber and 8 grams of protein so it’s super balanced great for breakfast great for lunch great pre-workout post-workout great during Game of Thrones as your Game of Thrones go to snack like me great if you put it in a ziploc bag and take it with them take it to the movies with you and you hide it in like a sweater like I hide all my movie snacks in great to make gains anytime guys it is super super awesome so I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video I hope you enjoy the bread if you make it let me know how it goes for you in the comments because I’d love to hear about it I’ve been making this stuff like every day thanks for watching guys I’ll see in the next video

This Post Was All About BODYBUILDING Banana Bread Recipe | MACRO FRIENDLY, HEALTHY & EASY.

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Learn how to make banana bread! This healthy and moist banana bread recipe is perfect for bodybuilding (because it’s high in protein) or weight loss because it’s macro friendly too. This is a low calorie, low carb, low fat banana bread recipe that’s incredibly easy to make, and tastes as good as “normal” banana bread.


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3 Bananas (300g)
Vanilla Whey Protein Powder (45g) Scoops
Coconut Flour (50g)
Eggs (2 extra large)
Egg Whites (140g or 4 egg whites)
Baking Powder 1 tsps
Calorie Free Maple Syrup (60g)
Cinnamon 2 tsps
Crushed Walnuts (30g)
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