Best Tip for Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid

Best Tip for Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid

Best Tip for Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid

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hey guys so today we’re gonna talk about Hashimoto’s okay this is an autoimmune condition hypothyroid condition there’s another autoimmune related to the thyroid it called Graves and that would be a hyper thyroid so that speeds things up too fast hypo it’s too slow so I’m gonna kind of walk you through some pieces of this puzzle an autoimmune condition is where your immune system your own body’s immune system is generating cells that are attacking itself called antibodies anti against the body okay and it’s kind of weird that it’ll do that but it does that and pretty much any tissue in the body you can have an autoimmune to any tissue the nervous system the connective tissue even snow via fluid in the joints but as far as the thyroid goes there’s the most common antibody that that’s involved in Hashimoto’s is something called anti TPL antibodies what does that mean basically it’s anti-thyroid peroxidase now what is the peroxidase that’s just an enzyme so thyroid peroxidase which is TPO as an enzyme that works with hydrogen peroxide to basically make thyroid hormones so it’s some chemical in the thyroid that’s involved in making the thyroid hormone it’s basically you can take the dietary iodine and then it converts it to the iodine that’s necessary to make the thyroid hormone because you have like t3 and t4 this the 4 and the 3 represent the number of iodine molecules in that protein in that hormone so to do that you need this chemical and this chemical together now they really don’t know exactly what causes this problem but we know it’s a problem within the immune system we know that somehow it could be involved in your body’s dropping to defense of the immune system because many these conditions occur right after a stress event so you have this adrenal connection which also controls the immune system and then you have the immune Drina connection so that could be a link but when you have an autoimmune condition we do have excess hydrogen peroxide floating around and if you you may have some of this in your cupboard like this little this bottle of hydrogen peroxide that you use if you cut yourself to sterilize it okay to disinfect because it’s a very powerful oxidant so it kind of bubbles and cleans bacteria kills bacteria so how did you / oxide if it’s in the body at higher levels it can actually create oxidative stress or damage so one thing we want to do is you want to kind of remove the excess amount of this right here and that’s what I’m going to talk about because we want to increase our immune defenses we want to increase the antioxidant Network that’s going to actually fight and neutralize the oxidant so we start up with selenium selenium is a very powerful antioxidant it’s a trace mineral that is very helpful in making thyroid hormones and also helping the conversion from the inactive to the active form zinc is another powerful antioxidant and there’s one more that has a very long name s acetyl l al very important antioxidant that will help clear out the excess amount of hydrogen peroxide so if I personally had Hashimoto’s these are some of the remedies that I would take to support that condition so we can actually remove some of the excess hydrogen peroxide because that can create more damage and I would focus also on just getting my body healthier and healthier and definitely include in a minute fasting because anytime you do prolong in a minute fasting but let’s say you do it once a month or once every other month you are going to drop inflammation your gonna help the immune system you are going to enhance the immune function alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Best Tip for Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid.
Best Tip for Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about an autoimmune hypothyroid condition called Hashimoto’s. An autoimmune condition is where your immune system is generating cells that are attacking itself called antibodies. The most common antibodies that Hashimoto’s involved is called anti-TPO antibodies or anti-thyroid peroxidase, an enzyme that works with Hydrogen Peroxide to make thyroid hormones. If there’s high levels of hydrogen peroxide in the body, it could cause oxidative stress or damage.

Remedies to Support Autoimmune Conditions:
• Selenium (trace minerals) – A very powerful antioxidant that is very helpful in making thyroid hormones and helps with the conversion of inactive to active form.
• Zinc
• S-Acetyl-L-Glutathione – A very important antioxidant that will help clear out the excess amount of hydrogen peroxide.

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