Best Remedies for Rheumatoid

Best Remedies for Rheumatoid

Best Remedies for Rheumatoid

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so lately I’ve been doing a lot of research in the area of autoimmune diseases specifically rheumatoid arthritis and I found some amazing natural remedies that have some hardcore research behind them so I wanted to expand the list because in the last video I talked about these remedies okay in a minute fasting vitamin D potassium ozone zinc oregano and doing healthy version of Aikido okay and these are really great things but there’s some additional things you may want to consider if you have rheumatoid arthritis which is a really terrible condition and you want to do everything you can to minimize the pain and the swelling okay borage oil amazing amazing results with rheumatoid arthritis it’s an omega-6 fatty acid it’s a gla type fat it’s also good for exam a dermatitis and something called ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome okay cat’s claw very powerful for rheumatoid arthritis but it’s also good for inflammation of the diverticula would be diverticulitis also it’s good for ulcers colitis inflammation of the colon and by the way diverticula are those little pouches in the large intestine allergies okay so you can see cat’s claw really dresses this common theme of inflammation okay ten cob liver oil very powerful for rheumatoid arthritis and also heart issues and then we have hydrotherapy which involves water therapy at different temperatures you can do steam there’s even a cold water version hydrotherapy but it’s fantastic for rheumatoid arthritis and also COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease so you wouldn’t think that it would affect the lung but it does and lactobacillus is a friendly bacteria that helps you make lactic acid so it’s very good for rheumatoid arthritis but it’s also good for diarrhea increasing the absorption of iron decreasing colds and the flu in constipation and especially abdominal pain and children and young adults and hay fever as well so don’t forget that if you have abdominal pain you may need some more lactobacillus it’s also good for SIBO small intestinal bacterial overgrowth because you would think by taking microbes that’s going to make it worse but apparently this specific microbe actually improves that condition all right and 13 Thunder God vine okay that’s an interesting name that’s a very powerful for rheumatoid arthritis and ALS which is another autoimmune condition an MS which is an autoimmune and even Crohn’s as well so this is really good for inflammation and if you haven’t seen the original video on RA I put it up right here check it out 

This Post Was All About Best Remedies for Rheumatoid.
Best Remedies for Rheumatoid

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I’ve expanded on my list of amazing natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis. Check this out. 

0:12 The past rheumatoid arthritis remedies I’ve talked about before
0:33 New remedies for rheumatoid arthritis #8
1:04 New remedies for rheumatoid arthritis #9
1:32 New remedies for rheumatoid arthritis #10
1:40 New remedies for rheumatoid arthritis #11
2:01 New remedies for rheumatoid arthritis #12
2:45 New remedies for rheumatoid arthritis #13

Today, we’re going to talk about rheumatoid arthritis, and I’m going to share a few amazing natural rheumatoid arthritis remedies. 

I want to expand my past list to include a few more of the best remedies for rheumatoid arthritis. 

The past rheumatoid arthritis remedies I’ve talked about before:

1. Intermittent fasting 
2. Vitamin D
3. Potassium 
4. Ozone 
5. Zinc 
6. Oregano 
7. Healthy keto 

A few new remedies for rheumatoid arthritis:

8. Borage oil 
9. Cats claw 
10. Cod liver oil 
11. Hydrotherapy 
12. Lactobacillus 
13. Thunder god vine 

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