BEST Keto Snacks at Trader Joe’s UNDER $5 | 16 Easy, On The Go, Low Carb Keto Snack Ideas

BEST Keto Snacks at Trader Joe’s UNDER $5 | 16 Easy, On The Go, Low Carb Keto Snack Ideas

BEST Keto Snacks at Trader Joe’s UNDER $5 | 16 Easy, On The Go, Low Carb Keto Snack Ideas

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More specifically, you want help with BEST Keto Snacks at Trader Joe’s UNDER $5 | 16 Easy, On The Go, Low Carb Keto Snack Ideas?

hey what’s happening guys today’s video is all about keto snacks actually more specifically we’re going to be talking about ketose snack ideas from Trader Joe’s I recently went to Trader Joe’s I scoped out the store picked up what I think are some of the best keto snacks that you can get there but if I miss something and you don’t see your favorite keto snack idea in this video let me know in the comments below of what I missed anyways with that being said let’s jump right into these keto snacks and see what I got from Trader Joe’s so the first key dos snack that we’re gonna talk about is probably Trader Joe’s most popular keto snack idea and that is the trader Gio tous 100% oven-baked cheddar cheese bites so I asked everybody’s following me on instagram in my Instagram stories anyways what their absolute go-to product from Trader Joe’s were and these by far were the number one response that I got DM to me every bag is only two dollars and 69 cents which i think is pretty reasonable for a keto friendly product that’s pre packaged and especially when you consider the macros on these every serving there’s two servings in here is a hundred and seventy calories twelve grams of fat less than one gram of carbs and 15 grams of protein those are pretty great keto macros for a prepackaged snack so I’m gonna crack this guy open we’re gonna do a little taste test I’ll tell you guys what I think you know what these smell like they smell like the cheese balls that come in those containers they’re like orange they get your fingers all orange e and cheesy that’s what they smell like Wow tons of cheese flavor super crunchy I am a fan if you never tried these before I would highly recommend them they get the 11 out of 10 stamp of approval for me so if we’re talking about snacks at Trader Joe’s we have to talk about the egg salad from Trader Joe’s the egg salad has amazing keto macros there’s two and a half servings in here so you get a pretty decent amount of egg salad for a serving a serving is 110 grams and every serving is 210 calories 17 grams of fat 3 grams of carbs and 9 grams of protein so those are perfect macros for the keto diet and also this entire container is only $3.00 and 69 cents so the price is great the macros are great and as far as prepared foods go at Trader Joe’s this egg salad has gotta be at the top of your snacking list pull the seal hair that smells delicious it smells like your mom’s egg salad or your aunt’s Axela grandma’s egg salad that she’d bring to I don’t know a family reunion I feel like egg salad is the perfect family reunion side dish it’s just well I think anyways alright so let’s get into this egg salad mmm that is some seriously delicious egg salad the first thing I got when I took a bite was the crunchiness from the celery and that was wonderful then I got the creaminess of the egg in the mayonnaise a little bit of Tang eNOS from the Greek yogurt that’s in here I don’t think there’s a ton of Greek yogurt there’s a little bit of Tang that’s super wonderful about this egg salad and then finally a hint of lemon juice overall this egg salad is just an absolute winner if you’re looking for a fantastic on-the-go keto snack idea with amazing keto macros this would be one of my top choices at Trader Joe’s it tastes fantastic the price is reasonable and like I said the macros are amazing on it one of the best ketose snack ideas in the dairy section Trader Joe’s are these Volpe roll teeny mozzarella meat sticks why say mozzarella meat stick is because it’s mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto these sticks are absolutely delicious they’re really reasonably priced at a dollar seventy nine a stick and the macros on these are pretty fantastic as well each stick is a hundred and twenty calories 8 grams of fat one carb and 12 grams of protein mmm so delicious there’s just something about prosciutto wrapped in mozzarella that is just an absolute amazing combination also these are obviously not just a Trader Joe’s exclusive product they sell these at a couple of different stores I think target sells these as well as some other places if you can find them highly recommend checking them out because like I said price is great macros are great if you bought them for a dollar twenty nine especially pick these up give them a try they’re amazing so there’s a few zero carb snack ideas at Trader one of which are these chomps beef sticks and as far as quick easy on-the-go convenient snack ideas go I think beef sticks are at like the top of all of those lists you bring these anywhere you can eat them anywhere they’re a fantastic snack especially if you’re traveling I think if you’re going somewhere on a road trip beef sticks beef jerky it’s like one of the best snacks that you can bring with you but with that being said the macros on the stick are really great for keto tube every stick is only 100 calories it has 6 grams of fat zero carbs like I said and 9 grams of protein so not a whole lot to the stick but really fantastic low-carb keto macros here and the price is pretty great too it’s only $1 69 for each one of these sticks which i think is a pretty reasonable price for a keto snack that you literally can bring with you and eat anywhere I’m excited about this these are delicious these are delicious never a slim jim quality to them they’re a little bit thicker than a slim jim and they have this great meaty chewy consistency to them and if you love meat sticks you’ll definitely love these and of course if you’re looking for a zero carb snack ideas you’re gonna love these as well because they have zero carbs so my next keto snack idea for you from Trader Joe’s is the seasoned kale chips these are dressed with cashew butter and tahini they’re also vegan and gluten free if you care about that and as far as the macros go on these there’s two servings per container every serving is 28 grams and it’s a hundred and fifty calories 11 grams of fat 8 grams of carbs 3 which is 5 or so five net carbs and 6 grams of protein per serving service up so this bag is sealable that’s one thing about those oven-baked cheese bites I wish the bag was sealable but it’s not I know it’s weird I can’t really tell you exactly what it smells like I think I like it but I’m kind of not sure and I also don’t really know it kind of smells vinegary hmm so I’ve had a couple of bites of these and what I will say is that they’re good but I don’t think they’re as good as those oven baked cheese bites are also these are four dollars a bag so they’re more expensive than cheese bites I personally would pick the cheese bites over these and I think the main reason that these aren’t as good as they could be is because there’s just not enough salt the problem is you’re expecting something salty from something like this and there’s just not a whole lot of salt to these at all and I think that’s kind of disappointing for me so my next key dos snack idea is the fire roasted red and yellow peppers from Trader Joe’s now these are pickled in water olive oil garlic salt and citric acid every serving which is 28 grams is 1 gram of fat to carb one of which is fiber so one net carb and zero grams of protein and I love snacks like this I love picky kind of snacks like pickles and olives and just the fire roasted component of this anything fire roasted automatically gets bonus points in my book I love fire roasted stuff and I know there’s not a ton of fat in here but you could always pair this with things that have fat for instance you can make my two-minute keto bread then you could top the keto bread with some olive tapenade from Trader Joe’s we haven’t talked about this yet we will and then you can top that with these peppers that’s a super tasty snack that you can make in minutes with great keto macros no I’m just kidding I can open this I am spilling pepper juice on my floor I’m so good but but they they good but I just moved back to my childhood when I was a kid I grew up in a big Italian family and my great aunts would make peppers kind of like this for any big family occasion and I love the peppers when they make them like this as far as how much these costs they’re a dollar ninety-nine per jar the jars kind of small but I think a dollar ninety-nine is a fair price for these as far as the score goes they’re a 9 or a 10 they’re really really good and if you like stuff like this you’re gonna love these so if you’re like me and you like those picky kind of snacks like those peppers that we just went over then you’re probably gonna like this next keto snack idea and that is the Trader Joe’s slightly spicy pickled vegetables there’s cauliflower peppers carrots and cucumbers in here and far as the macros go there’s eight servings in here every serving is 30 grams there’s ten calories zero grams of fat two grams of carbs one of which is five or so one netkar per serving and zero grams of protein so as far as what these costs they’re a dollar ninety-nine per jar I think they’re the perfect mindless snack because there’s really not a whole lot to them so you just open this jar watch some Netflix and just kind of like crush a bunch of these pickled vegetables for not a whole lot of carbs I actually can’t open I can’t open the jar got it that was really sealed on there tight actually kind of smells spicy I’m not gonna lie I’m getting the juice everywhere here we go Cheers mm-hmm so these are definitely tasty definitely slightly spicy if you like pickled vegetables you’re gonna love these as far as the rating goes I’m gonna give these in eight and a half nine out of ten so another great on-the-go keto snack idea are these mini salami sticks by Citterio I like these for a couple of reasons number one they’re really inexpensive they’re only a dollar of 79 and you get two individually wrapped packages so it makes them great for travel you could bring them to lunch to work to school and they’re sealed really nice so that’s great number two I really like the macros on these each container is a hundred and forty calories twelve grams of fat zero grams of carbs and eight grams of protein so this is a really fantastic zero carb snack keto snack idea that you can bring with you pretty much anywhere there’s a spicy meaty smell to these that’s just it smells incredible yeah these are just amazing they’re salty they’re chewy they’ve got a great salami spice to them you can find these not just at Trader Joe’s but anywhere I highly recommend picking some up just because this makes an awesome keto snack it’s zero carbs you get a pre portion out which is amazing they taste amazing and you can bring it pretty much anywhere with you can sneak these into the movies if you wanted to so instead of sneaking in candy can you sneak in salami all right so this next keto snack is the last chippy kind of keto snack that I found at Trader Joe’s and that is crispy crunchy broccoli florets these broccoli florets are a little more expensive than the oven baked cheese bites every package is $2.99 and as far as the macros gone these an entire bag is considered a serving and that’s 40 grams so the entire bag is 250 calories 20 grams of fat 12 grams of carbs 7 of which is fiber so that’s five net carbs and six grams of protein those are some pretty keto friendly macros especially when you consider that’s for the entire bag smells like broccoli they definitely smell cheesy but there’s no cheese ingredient on here it’s just broccoli rice bran oil and salt only three ingredients to these but there’s definitely like a cheesy smell to them protip on these shake the bag before you eat them if you don’t shake the bag some of the seasoning just ends up on the bottom of the bag and you don’t get it on your broccoli if you shake the bag they’re a little bit more flavorful but what I will say is just like the kale chips they need salt there’s only 15 milligrams of salt to these and I feel like when you’re eating something like this you’re expecting it to be salty so the dips and spreads at Trader Joe’s are actually some of the best keto friendly options in the store and the reason I’m going to tie this into a snack idea is because a lot of the dips and spreads can be used for snacking so for instance the olive tapenade I briefly talked about this earlier you can make my two-minute bread recipe and spread a little bit of this olive tapenade onto the bread and that makes a great snack idea and all these dips and spreads are low carb but some of them are really high in fat so if you have a hard time getting enough fat into your day these dips and spreads can help you do that so with that being said let’s first talk about this olive tapenade this jar of olive tapenade is really reasonably priced it’s a doll $1.99 for the entire jar and the macros on this per 30 gram serving is 70 calories 7 grams of fat 2 grams of carbs 1 gram of fiber and 0 grams of protein I’ve got some cut-up cucumber to help me taste us this salty garlicky olive e mmm just delicious e so every 30 grams of this has in grams of fat if you guys have a hard time hitting your fat numbers think about picking some of this up because it’s an easy way to boost those fat numbers and a delicious way to you just get some vegetables some raw veggies dip it in this stuff boom you can hit your fat macros so speaking of dips that can really help get your fat macros higher this bacon ranch dip by Trader Joe’s could be the answer for you this dip the macros on it every 30 grams is 8 grams of fat 2 grams of carbs and 2 grams of protein so there’s a lot of fat in here per 30 grams and obviously ranch dip pairs really well with raw broccoli or raw cauliflower or just really any raw vegetable in general and that makes a quick easy snack idea that you can make in just minutes that can really help bring your fat intake up without much effort so much ranch deliciousness it’s a really thick dip as you guys can see mmm oh my god holy moly this stuff is delicious like wow real talk I’m not even a huge ranch fan I’m not guys and I literally I could I could eat this out of the tub with my finger you don’t need celery cucumbers broccoli you don’t need anything literally all you need is a spoon and this container and that’s all you need to enjoy this stuff it is that good so the next dip I’m gonna share with you guys doesn’t have a lot of fat to it but it’s zero net carbs I don’t know how this is possible but it’s what’s listed on the container itself it is a zero carb dip and that is the organic creamy cashew Fiesta dip from Trader Joe’s this is like a cheese dip alternative as far as the price for this it’s three dollars and forty nine cents and the macros for every two tablespoons for 24 grams it’s 30 calories 2 grams of fat 2 grams of carbs 2 of which are fiber so that’s zero net carbs and it has less than a gram of protein I’m using a piece of celery again as my vehicle for taste testing the cheese as you can see it’s really thick for a cheese dip so this definitely tastes pretty good but it tastes just a little like cheddar cheese it didn’t taste a lot like cheddar cheese with that being said it is zero net carbs so that’s awesome but as far as a rating for this dip I’m gonna give it a seven and a half out of ten however I think part of that is just because the last bacon cheddar ranch dip was so good that there was no way that this was gonna live up to how good that last it was alright so the last dip we’re gonna talk about making snacks with is going to be the Trader Joe’s spinach and kale Greek yogurt if this is a low-carb dip it also has a pretty low amount of fat it’s not a high fat dip like our first two dips were so just keep that in mind but with that being said as far as the macros go every twenty-eight gram serving is thirty calories two and a half grams of fat two grams of carbs one gram of fiber so one net carb and one gram of protein also the price of this dip is three dollars and 99 cents for the container this dip is actually really thick it’s a really thick spinach dip mmm oh yeah I dig it that is awesome in my opinion this stuff is absolute fire it’s salty yet somehow refreshing there’s dill there’s lemon juice onion powder garlic powder and obviously there’s the creaminess of the yogurt everything’s just working so well together if you’re looking for a great tasting low-carb spinach dip and you don’t want to make spinach dip this would be the one I’d go with and as far as a judges score for this I’m gonna give it a ten out of ten surprisingly some of the best and cheapest keto snack ideas at Trader Joe’s are the prepackaged foods for instance this classic Greek salad is three dollars and ninety nine cents and the macros on it are awesome the entire salad is 255 grams it’s 350 calories 31 grams of fat 12 grams of carbs 3 of which is fiber so that’s 9 net carbs and 6 grams of protein that’s including the dressing the seller comes with romaine lettuce cucumbers red peppers red onions kalamata olives black olives and feta cheese so if you’re on the go and you don’t have time to stop for lunch you’re by Trader Joe’s maybe just popping in and grabbing one of these classic Greek salads could be a quick snack option or even a meal option also they’ve got this thing called the super green palate salad which could be another on-the-go snack idea or even a full meal and this is a lot of salads you can easily split this up into two salads but this is only $4.99 the macros are phenomenal on the salad as well every hundred gram serving is only a hundred and forty calories nine grams of fat eight grams of carbs three of which is fiber so that’s five net carbs and six grams of protein there’s three servings in the salad so even if you ate the entire thing it’d only be 15 grams of net carbs and this is a ton of salad and that includes the dressing as well all right so we’re down to the last snack idea that I have for you guys and that is frozen lightly salted edamame I really like to snack on these for a few reasons number one you can eat a bunch of them for not a lot of carbs and calories I like to get them in the shell that way takes a little time to get the edamame actually out of the shell so get more bang for my buck that way also the macros on these are absolutely awesome every 85 gram serving is a hundred calories four grams of fat seven grams of carbs four of which is fiber so that’s three net carbs and nine grams of protein plus these are really high in sodium and potassium which are obviously important to consume when you’re doing the keto diet so every serving has 370 milligrams of sodium and 410 milligrams of potassium not to mention the price on these is really awesome the entire bag is only a dollar ninety-nine so you get to eat a ton of edamame for a really great price and you also get to snack on a ton of edamame for a really low amount of carbs alright so those are some of the best keto snack ideas I think you’re gonna find at Trader Joe’s I’m sure I missed some keto snack ideas here and there so if you’ve got some go-to snack ideas let me and everybody else know what they are in the comments below but I really hope I was able to give you guys some new keto snack ideas they could get at Trader Joe’s that maybe you haven’t thought of before but that being said I hope you guys enjoy those snacks and I’ll see you in a next video

This Post Was All About BEST Keto Snacks at Trader Joe’s UNDER $5 | 16 Easy, On The Go, Low Carb Keto Snack Ideas.
BEST Keto Snacks at Trader Joe's UNDER $5 | 16 Easy, On The Go, Low Carb Keto Snack Ideas

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16 of the BEST Keto Snacks at Trader Joe’s for UNDER $5. These easy keto snack ideas are great if you’re on the go, at work, at school, or just at home watching Netflix! Some of these keto snacks are found exclusively at Trader Joe’s, but some you can find anywhere. I hope this list gives you some new low carb snacking ideas!


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