Best Grab and Go Keto Snacks at Trader Joe’s (Get in and Out in 5 Mins)

Best Grab and Go Keto Snacks at Trader Joe’s (Get in and Out in 5 Mins)

Best Grab and Go Keto Snacks at Trader Joe’s (Get in and Out in 5 Mins)

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all right we’re on the go so we’re just running PJs really quick we gotta grab our quick on the go key to items so I’m gonna give you my favorite Mike quick just a grab and go key to snacks that still fit within the Thomas de Lauer diet and then we’ll take him back to the studio we’ll explain them as we go so I’ll grab each individual ingredient and then we’ll cut back to the studio explain it then we’ll go to another food come back to the studio pop up the ingredients better etc so let’s roll shop again I know right where I’m going here okay so on the go definitely wants sardines but what’s important yeah I want the sardines in spring water not in olive oil and I will explain the reasoning mind these aren’t bad these are just gonna be better all right we’ll cut back to the studio we’ll talk a little bit about these so here’s what you need to know about sardines and why they’re all my quick and grabbing dough key to list sardines are obviously high in omega threes right okay that’s all fine and dandy we know that we get a benefit there but there’s a lot more to sardines than just that okay in addition to having an amazing fatty acid profile you’re getting the vitamin D that you need you’re getting the zinc that you need and you’re also getting all kinds of different minerals they’re going to help out with the overall absorption of the various minerals so what that means is it’s a fully complete food you always want to have symbiotic minerals you want to have a synergistic relationship with the minerals and vitamins that are in a given food you see for example like some kinds of foods we’ll have copious amounts of copper and way too much zinc which cancels each other out point is that’s all complex stuff sardines end up being a perfect mineral profile and a perfect fatty acid profile the reason I get them in water is very simple we don’t want to skew the ratio of omega-3s to omega-6 fats now I will say you can find sardines and olive oil which is totally fine but the nice thing about getting star Deen’s in water is you end up saving like 200 calories she end up getting a nice low calorie perfect macronutrient ratio snack that’s going to help you out on your ketogenic journey but the cool thing is even if you’re not keto these things aren’t terribly high in fat we’re talking seven grams of fat for a whole can of them so even if you’re not keto that’s not enough to really cause a problem anyhow let’s go back to the store another thing that I would grab on the go now this is not something that people would usually want you to be eating around them but I am a huge fan of oysters because of the zinc content now let’s break them down a little bit more okay so let me show you this with Alec stares so Easter’s are pretty hard to get in a really high-quality form to be honest almost all the oysters that you’re gonna see out there are in cottonseed oil or soybean oil which is a total bummer and you’re not gonna have time to just shuck your own you know fresh oysters right in in there so I usually get them in olive oil at least at Trader Joe’s they have them in although now what I want to show you is the carbohydrate content is pretty high okay we’ve got four grams of carbs in there which means that you don’t want to have too much of these but you’re not gonna have two three four containers of oysters okay so big thing with oysters very high in the bioavailable version of zinc so what that means is zinc is going to help you out with a thyroid level it’s going to help you out with insulin resistance now this is fresh in my mind because I’ve talked about it recently but zinc actually binds to insulin receptors meaning it can give your pancreas a little bit of a break it mimics insulin within the body so your body doesn’t have to up regulate insulin so you don’t end up with what’s called hyperinsulinemia and ultimately have these kind of chain reactions of insulin resistance point is this could be a pinnacle in overall health but it’s a quick grab and go snack and they don’t have a ton of odor like sardines do so if you’re looking for something a little bit more odorless yes they still do have a smell but it’s not as much as sardines this might be the way to go perfect little mineral balance plus they taste great there’s nothing really a Trader Joe’s that works in the bar section almost all these have you they’re a bunch of either weird sugar alcohols or they’re just not going to fit on a keto macronutrient profile so sooth they get over here okay when it comes down to the jerky definitely yeah soy sauce these all have wheat in them so we’re not going to roll with that love these guys so I’m gonna grab beef and the grabba jalapeno beef chomps is amazing super sustainable in terms of how their beef is raised and it’s all grass-fed grass-finished so talk a little bit more about that and the studio and why I chose these as well we’ve got chomps all right so I talk about them all the time in my other videos but a nice thing about chomps is they’re legitimately grass-fed and drafts finish then what you need to be paying attention to with any kind of snack especially in the way of turkeys especially in the way of beef sticks is most of them are grain fed okay so they’re grass-fed but then their grain finished which means they pump them full of grains at the end to fatten them up so they can get more money at harvest that’s just simply the way it works but the biggest issue with that is you end up with a bunch of different issues right so you end up with grain that is full of ultimately roundup and chemicals which has some pretty negative downstream effects okay we’re looking at issues that can result in insulin resistance we’re looking at issues that can result in all kinds of different chelation of minerals within the body point is is that if you get grass-fed grass-finished you’re always in a better situation the nice thing about chomps is they focus on that okay so it’s all humanely raised it’s all super super clean and legitimately grass-fed grass-finished so when you talk about sustainable and you talk about clean it’s not just about how the animal was raised it’s not just about the the ethical side of it it’s about how that has an effect on your body because you are what you eat ate that’s what I always say okay yeah you are what you eat but more importantly you are what you eat ate so pay attention to what you are eating and what that may have been eating before it thought right that’s what we just have to pay attention to so highly recommend chomps you can get them at Trader Joe’s if you also want to check them out it put a link down below in the description so you can get them online if you don’t have a retailer near you so special discount you can use the code that’s on the screen right now and save a couple bucks to just get a whole bunch of these suckers I personally love the venison one I love the sea salt one and I really like the jalapeno one too all right in a world of all kinds of nuts that you can choose from we’ve got so many different options we’ve got pecans we got all this stuff what do we go well my hate to break it to you but we got to go for the expensive ones okay so we’re gonna go with macadamias in this case I’m gonna go dry roasted and salted there are so many cool benefits coming out in the world of palmitoleic acid which is omega 7 which is a very big fat in macadamia nuts so let’s go back to the studio and let’s nerd out a little bit on this palmitoleic acid you just trust me you’re gonna want to eat a bunch of math videos after hear that right now we’ve got our macadamia nuts right now you watch my videos you know I talk about them all the time but I’ve got new science for you new stuff that is even cooler than just the perfect little macronutrient profile these little suckers are high in something called Omega 7 ok palmitoleic acid now there’s a couple of really interesting bodies of research now they’re starting to dive into Omega 7s a lot more so in addition to Omega 7s making Omega 3s more available in the body Omega sevens have also now been shown to improve insulin resistance so basically they improve the pancreas is ability to produce insulin by as much as 65% at least in one particular study but then we take a little bit further we’ve seen studies that show that Omega 7 palmitoleic acid can cut c-reactive protein levels by 50% c-reactive protein is literally like the pinnacle of inflammation if you have high levels of CRP is an indicator of chronic inflammation so when we can cut inflammation via specific foods it’s a huge huge huge win I’ve done videos talking about the top anti-inflammatory foods because we’re really focusing on that particular pathway now another thing that I really do have to focus on here is it’s a tremendous tremendous omega-3 omega-6 ratio ok so what that means is the fats that are in it aren’t high omega-6 a lot of nuts are going to be high omega-6 fats which means if you eat a copious amount of them you throw your body out of that inflammatory balance so even if you go and you eat a bunch of healthy almonds you’re gonna end up throwing off that ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 so let’s say you’re trying to be perfect and you eat your sardines to get your omega-3s but you couple that with some almonds well then you just threw off that ratio but if you ate your sardines and you cuddled it with macadamia you’re not gonna throw off that ratio so that’s why these guys are on my list it’s not just because there’s a typical ketone utt no they’re beyond that okay this next one is one that I’m gonna have to scope out a little bit I got to make sure I can find it but usually when you think olives you don’t think of them as being like a fattier food right you think olives as a vegetable almost and you think if you want the benefits of all you’re gonna go through well pallav oil well what about all lives in their whole form that might be sitting in some oil so I got to try to find these here really quick I know they have them aha hooyo $0.99 little single serving pitted salted Manzanillo olives okay so two servings in there two and a half grams of fat per serving so five grams of fat but all we’ve got is mesmo olives olive oil sea salt and lactic acid that is such a good keto snack why is that not super super popular so anyhow let’s talk a little bit more about the benefits here my favorite receptor protein in the body PPAR alpha okay let me go nerdy on your first segment PPAR alpha is a receptor protein in the body that allows you to essentially burn more fat it turns your unsightly white fat into brown fat which actually has thermogenic properties I know it sounds like a stretch but the research really does prove that now let me get back to just normal talk here for a second olives we always think to have olive oil but what about having actual olives see olives have the fat in them themselves that’s why we actually squeeze oil out of them so why not just eat the olives there’s practically no carbs in here we’ve got less than one gram of carbohydrate in a serving and two servings so basically have about one gram of carbohydrate in this whole dang little packet of olives and then we get our sodium in the mix too but what’s happening is the fat that’s in here is a particular fat known as oleic acid now these suckers are gonna have over 70% oleic acid oleic acid will convert into something called oaa in the body which does up regulate the Browning of white fat which means the fat that you do have in your body could take on properties of fat burning fat now I’ve done other videos on that point is all of us are a tremendous fat burning food one more little nerd fact is the oil that is in olives turns into hydroxy tyrus also hydroxy Tyrel salt is a very powerful antioxidant and it’s being studied more and and more and more that’s why all avoid such high antioxidant properties we’re gonna get it out of regular olives too so definitely a no-brainer that’s a simple cheap snack you’re gonna open for me so you can be famous again okay I gotta grab one thing and then lastly with these guys we’ll talk a little bit more about them in the studio but straight-up dark chocolate and trust me you’re not gonna find something like this anywhere else good old-fashioned baking chocolate okay so in this case I they have that Montezuma’s it’s usually up at the front of the counter like up by the counters so this is straight up baking chocolate but it’s not even marketed as baking chocolate so it means it has no sweeteners in it nothing it’s just chocolate okay in this case they have it with cocoa nibs but you can also get it with almonds I recommend getting it with the cocoa nibs so 100% cocoa solids absolute black with cocoa nibs okay now you might be thinking well there’s a lot of fat in that that’s like 14 grams 8 grams of saturated fat but it’s a particular kind of saturated fat known as stearic acid it’s important that you know and I talked about this in other videos not all saturated fats are created equal some saturated fats actually elevate your overall LDL cholesterol levels and some of them don’t affect them at all stearic acid which is the primary fat that’s in here is actually a very good saturated fat that is going to help you out with myelination so it’s gonna help out in our nerves it’s gonna help out your brain but it’s also just tasty and the cool thing is theobromine which is the little bit of stimulant that’s in chocolate is a very good appetite suppressant so I have one little square of this couple calories and boom I don’t feel hungry so that’s why it’s one of my grab-and-go snacks fair warning though once you open the bag don’t just put it in your glove box in your center console because if your car gets warm you’re gonna have a chocolaty mess everywhere and you don’t want to just be licking your center console you are in every TJ’s video we ever do want to take a guess on what you think this video is based on what you’re seeing yes in and out for 20 bucks and I’ve got snacks for a week okay come on do the math that’s definitely keto on a budget and I can do that wherever I am wherever there’s a TJ’s but quite honestly you can get this stuff at just about any store it’s just in this case tritter joes is convenient and I at least trust a lot of the stuff it’s there so if you’re a fan of these just kind of quick really just spur-of-the-moment type of grocery videos let me know in the comment section below because this is kind of fun you don’t have to take up 20 minutes of your day I can just hop in the store show you little things that I like for different scenarios and we’re good to go so please don’t forget to subscribe don’t forget to hit that little bell icon and don’t forget to tell all your friends and family where to get awesome health education I’ll see you soon 

This Post Was All About Best Grab and Go Keto Snacks at Trader Joe’s (Get in and Out in 5 Mins).
Best Grab and Go Keto Snacks at Trader Joe’s (Get in and Out in 5 Mins)

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Come with me as I run into Trader Joe’s and grab some of my favorite KETO ON-THE-GO SNACKS. We’ll grab them at the store and bring them back to the studio to break each of them down to help you make the best choice while you are out there shopping. Let’s dive in and I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!!

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