Benefits of Vitamin K2 – The Amazing Calcium Transporter – Dr.Berg

Benefits of Vitamin K2 – The Amazing Calcium Transporter – Dr.Berg

Benefits of Vitamin K2 – The Amazing Calcium Transporter – Dr.Berg

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This Post Was All About Benefits of Vitamin K2 – The Amazing Calcium Transporter – Dr.Berg.
Benefits of Vitamin K2 - The Amazing Calcium Transporter - Dr.Berg

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. . Vitamin K2 helps transport calcium to best benefit your health.

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0:00 Vitamin K2 helps transport calcium so it best benefits your health
1:01 K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin, so a low-fat diet or taking statins can cause a deficiency
2:28 I give the most beneficial ratio of K2 to vitamin D3 for the two to work together

I recently had a question about vitamin K2, so in this video, I’ll give you the essence of what this amazing vitamin can do. It’s different from K1, which has to do with clotting. K2 is all about transporting calcium in your body from the wrong place to the correct place.

If you’re deficient in vitamin K2, calcium can build up in your vascular system. Potentially you can get calcified arteries. They get stiff, which leads to high blood pressure. Calcium can also build up in the joints, which can lead to arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis.

K2 transports calcium from the soft tissues, where it can be problematic, to your bones, which is where you want it. In your bones, it affects two cells, the osteoclast, and the osteoblast. The osteoblast builds up bone; the osteoclast prevents the breakdown of the bone. Thus, K2 stimulates the building of bone and prevents bone breakdown.

Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin; it comes from dietary fat. If you’re on a low-fat diet or taking statins that block cholesterol, you could be deficient. It’s bizarre that when you’re taking statins to cut down on cholesterol, you then don’t get the fat-soluble vitamins that prevent calcium build-up to protect your heart. Instead, you get put on a calcium channel blocker for your high blood pressure. It doesn’t make sense!

You can get K2 from grass-fed meats, dairy, and eggs, as well as natto, which is fermented soybeans. If you choose to take supplements, I recommend the version called MK7 not the MK4 version. 100 micrograms is the normal amount to take. Take it with food, especially if you’re on the high-fat keto diet, because it will be absorbed well. Also take it with vitamin D3, because the two work together to transport calcium.

The correct ratio is 10,000 IU of D2 to 100 micrograms of K2. If you have a major deficiency, you can up this amount by three or four times; eg 40,000 IU and 400 micrograms. But if you have a mild deficiency, stick with the 10,000:100.

Now you have an overview of why vitamin K2 is important for your health!

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