Benefits of One Meal a Day Intermittent Fasting

Benefits of One Meal a Day Intermittent Fasting

Benefits of One Meal a Day Intermittent Fasting

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hi guys first of all I want to just thank you for all your amazing results that you’re getting from doing in a minute fasting and ketosis I read all your comments mind-blowing so well done keep going on that had some questions recently about should I do a one meal a day type pattern so let’s just talk about that so socially we’re just not set up to do in a minute fasting I mean you’re what are you go out to dinner with your friends and sit there not eating anything so it is difficult in our culture and the current eating model that we’re stuck in is based on running your body on blood sugar it’s all about trying to keep your blood Sugar’s up so it’s take the snack eat this food have this meal so yes there’s certain people that will say well the reason why you’re gonna lose weight on one meal a day is simply because of calories but there’s more to that so I want to cover that so the difference between in a minute fasting and a low calorie diet really has to do with the frequency of eating and making sure you get your nutrients so you’re not actually starving so I do recommend you supplement with the B vitamins minerals trace minerals wheatgrass juice powder works really really good on that but the point is you don’t want to start consuming less nutrients and your hair start falling out and getting tired so many people start with three meals a day and then they go down to two meals a day and then they’re just not hungry so they go to one meal a day and they feel so much better cognitive function energy so I’m gonna just let you test the waters and see how you feel but you’re gonna be surprised like your energy level and your cognitive function in your memory and the mental clarity is just amazing and that’s simply because fat is a much more efficient fuel okay so you’re running your body on this fat and it’s a cleaner fuel and then when you eat it actually stimulates insulin which kind of can give you a little brain fog so I’ll let you decide what you want to do but the point is that you’re also going to have other benefits too and one of the biggest benefits is a toughie G what is a tappa G Tavo G is your body’s ability to recycle old cellular parts it also will clean up mold viruses bacteria fungus in the cell and clean all that up now what do you think is going to happen if you’re going to clean all this old waste out of your body you’re gonna feel you’re gonna look better your brain cells your cognitive your immune system your inflammation is going to come way down and just I mean just the amount of people that have inflammation I mean it’s incredible I’ll stiff they are and all of a sudden they do this and they start loosening up they feel better inflammation goes down the swelling and the legs goes down so it’s that’s why they’re just feeling better it’s but it’s blood sugars it’s burning your fat and then a toffee gene also intermittent fasting really is good for your metabolism it fixes in insulin and resistance and that’s what’s really behind that hitting that set point where you just can’t seem to drop lower with your weight and you just hover run a certain weight that’s called insulin resistance and this will fix it so especially one male in day but again I would recommend starting in three meals a day two meals a day do it for a while until you feel comfortable until you have no more hunger and then try one meal a day okay so you’re gonna find that you may like this and it might work for you and lastly I want to cover three things number one the quality of food you don’t want to do one meal a day eating junk food make sure it’s high quality number two the quantity of food needs to be a lot higher now the difficulty is how do you cram in three meals in one meal it’s going to be very difficult you’re gonna have to enhance your diet with supplements but try to eat as much as you can and high-quality foods especially vegetables some protein and high quality fats last thing is when do you do this well it really doesn’t matter just pick a time it can vary through the day it doesn’t have to be at the same time all right some people do an evening some people do in the morning some people do in the middle of the day all right so put your comments below and tell me what you think so Karen and I are going to create some more recipes but we wanted to know what recipes are you interested in okay click the link and let us know

This Post Was All About Benefits of One Meal a Day Intermittent Fasting.
Benefits of One Meal a Day Intermittent Fasting

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Dr. Berg talks about doing intermittent fasting at a frequency of one time per day. If you get all your nutrients, it is not starvation, it’s a super healthy eating plan. Doing this will not just help you lose weight (belly fat), but help you achieve autophagy, which is cleaning up all the damaged cellular parts and bacterial residue (mold, fungus, virus, candida and bacteria). It is anti-aging and will help your body proteins. You want to transition to 1 meal per day gradually, starting with three meals a day, then two and then one – ensure you do not snack. Our current eating in society is based on keeping your blood sugars up and preventing low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). When doing 1x per day intermittent fasting, make sure you also do keto (ketogenic diet) and not do junk food. Doing 3 meals a day with snacking is not good for your health and will not help you lose weight even if you eat healthy because every time you eat, you increase insulin. This results in insulin resistance. This is also called metabolic syndrome. I think it can inhibit diabetes. Doing 1 meal a day will increase your lifespan (anti-aging).


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