Bad Food Combining Will Make You Old Quickly

Bad Food Combining Will Make You Old Quickly

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now you probably heard about food combining and different diet programs and books well there’s one combination that you definitely want to avoid and that is a combination of protein plus sugar or refined carbohydrates or fat plus sugar or refined carbohydrates because when you combine these two things especially when you heat them up you develop something called a GES okay what are AG nice advanced glycation end-products this is the thing that plugs up the circulation in the back of the eye that causes macular degeneration this is also involved in brain chemistry that stops the neurons from communicating and Alzheimer’s and even Parkinson’s if the compound that is in the beta cells of the pancreas that’s involved in diabetes so these two combinations are very very bad now how would this relate to your foods well let’s say for example you consumed barbecued ribs right and also when you heat fat and sugar let’s see what would be that combination well you have ice cream anything deep-fried so you have this fat with the carbohydrate and of course the wheat probably has gluten in it which is a protein so when you cook these two together you create more of these right here so all these complications of diabetes Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s involve these right here creates massive oxidation so you can think about oxidation is rusting out the inside of your body the arteries the eye the kidney it is the thing that makes you get old really quick because if you think about what it does to your proteins it makes them very sticky and brittle and stiff and it’s behind the high blood pressure as well okay so what do we do to counter that well how about this avoid the sugar that would be a new concept number two aged garlic is way more powerful than fresh garlic as an anti glycation substance so it actually reduces the AG ease carnosine this is a combination of two amino acids that’s really good to prevent cataracs of course you can have to avoid this as well but if you’re starting to have cataracts and you get on the ketogenic planet and you take some of this that would be a smart thing and also been photo mean I’ve talked about this a lot in other videos is really beneficial to help counter the AG es in diabetes especially if you have peripheral neuropathy or problems with your vision because it helps the retina and if you don’t have these chronic problems and you want to live long get on a ketogenic diet by avoiding the sugar so we can avoid these right here thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Bad Food Combining Will Make You Old Quickly.
Bad Food Combining Will Make You Old Quickly

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You may have heard about food combing from different sources. Well, there is one combination that you really need to avoid.

Food combinations you need to avoid—especially if you want to look younger naturally: 

1. Protein + Sugar (or refined carbohydrates)
2. Fat + Sugar (or refined carbohydrates)

When these are combined, or even worse, when they are combined and heated, you develop.

 AGEs – Advanced Glycation End Products
AGEs can cause:

• Complications of disease
• Massive oxidation
• You to get older real quick

What to do: 

• Avoid sugar
• Consume aged garlic
• Consume carnosine
• Consume benfotiamine

Getting on healthy keto (ketogenic diet) and doing intermittent fasting will help you avoid these dangerous food combinations and AGEs. This has many benefits, including helping you look younger naturally.

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