B1 (Thiamine) Deficiency and High Carb Diets

B1 (Thiamine) Deficiency and High Carb Diets

B1 (Thiamine) Deficiency and High Carb Diets

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one of the nutrients that is the most depleted from consuming carbohydrates can anyone take a wild guess vitamin b1 so I want to spend a little time because this one’s really important vitamin b1 thiamine E it’s called berry berry yeah a lot of people have almost like a subclinical deficiency in their body it’s called the great mimicker because it mimics so many other diseases you’re gonna see that it has extensive mimicking ability for all these problems what does b1 do well basically it makes myelin the protective sheath around your nervous system that what happens when you’re a diabetic you basically you lose the myelin because the high sugar oxidizes the fat layer around the cell it’s called lipid oxidation and by the way b1 protects the myelin from being damaged and that’s why if you have peripheral neuropathy you can take b1 and actually improve those symptoms pretty quick if they made a fat soluble B vitamin it’s called benfotiamine which is even a better remedy because it penetrates the fat cells a lot more than actually the just the regular thiamine so benfotiamine can penetrate penetrate the brain by 25 times more than regular b1 so it’s really good for neurological conditions brain problems nerve problems peripheral neuropathy and your fingertips in the in the toes so that’s one thing B one protects to sell especially the mitochondria against the damage from high sugar if you take two diabetics with high sugar and you have one of them this deficient of b1 the other ones not the one of the ones that’s deficient in b1 will experience the complications a lot more than the person has B 1 so b1 suppresses the complications from high sugar so it protects the mitochondria why because b1 is the cofactor for at least 5 enzymes in the mitochondria so it’s it acts as a sparkplug it works with magnesium so I took a long time to try to figure out how to explain this in a simple way to take the biochemistry really simple because you have how many of you took biology in high school remember studying about the Krebs cycle yeah how many really don’t remember anything about it okay good yeah so the krebs cycle is basically a motor it’s a machine that goes that turns food into energy so you have a carburetor right how many of you know what a carburetor is okay good so basically you mix gas with air at the right ratio and you have a spark plug and then it ignites right you have energy that’s what that’s what the Krebs cycle is so it’s just making energy you need B one so I was trying to figure out how to demonstrate that so I created a little video okay I’m blowing gasoline onto a blowtorch and now we’re going to take away b1 create a b1 deficiency no ignite you can’t ignite it I couldn’t think of any other way to demonstrate that so I mean I’m fried a I was preparing for this and I said Karen sees me with this this roadside flame thing right because what do you do with that I said no everyone’s doing on YouTube it’s a really great experiment so it’s raining outside and I said just take a video of this so I put cornstarch in my mouth and I blew it and it actually could you looks like you’re blowing gasoline so don’t try that at home but the right ratio of fuel to oxygen you can ignite it with B 1 and this is why be one deficiencies create fatigue big-time especially if you doing keto if you’re tired if you’re going through keto dictations and your keto fatigue b1 and need to be vitamins as well it’ll actually bring your energy way up you need magnesium as well those two so b1 is considered a nerve vitamin because it creates so many problems with the nerve if you’re deficient in it it’s a helper factor so these enzymes that do all this chemistry need b1 as an essential cofactor if you don’t have b1 these enzymes cannot work now what creates a b1 deficiency sugar high the more carbohydrates you consume the more b1 deficient you’re going to be also if you don’t have enough b1 you build up lactic acid called lactic acidosis that’s why the metformin the side effect is b1 and you get all this lactic acid they can change your ph and they can change your breathing you’re like can’t get enough air mitochondria the energy factory of the body so if you have too much sugar you’re gonna choke out or flood the engine basically and you’re going to be tired so b1 deficiency is intimately involved with cardiovascular function and respiratory functions so you can get a large heart edema difficulty breathing blood pressure problems palpitations increased pulse rate but a lot of times when you actually get this test did it shows normal because you have to do a very special test it’s called trance he too late Trane’s he too late so everyone say that trance Kito late okay good so you do that test and you can pick up b1 but it’s very hard to find this test it’s very expensive so much better just to take 2 b1 and then you can feel better you know you had a deficiency so digestion GERD why would be one effect GERD because be one can is intimately involved in the autonomic nervous system which is basically controlling all the valves of the body so you get GERD and the valve doesn’t close and the acid goes up you’ll feel the full sensation in your stomach you can get an ulcer gastroparesis which is the sluggishness of food going through the digestive tract so the autonomic nervous system that it’s the system that works behind the scenes that works not automatic there are tremendous amounts of weird symptoms that you get from this I’m going to cover a couple but it’s just like like you lose your ability to like your tear ducts don’t release tears anymore so I mean like you wouldn’t think that’s connected to b1 so lack of tears excessive sweating if you get on the shower use breaking a sweat b1 deficiency anxiety nervous tension when you take b1 you just feel like this sudden relief there’s a condition called pots which I’m not going to kind of I’m just going to briefly go over these but you get up too fast and you feel dizzy and you fall down there’s a whole group of people who have this condition it’s 2 b1 deficiency usually brain fog double vision difficulty swallowing exercise intolerance anyone have that yeah b1 gives you energy so you’ll actually when you exercise also any of the autoimmune disorders if you’re fatigued from that can be improved especially Hashimoto’s and MS if you’re tired you take B 1 it can prove that because it helps improve the enzyme for the mitochondria so it’s one of the most common things that I recommend when I was in practice and also now and it just works it’s like a no brainer it’s inexpensive if you do if you I’m not saying you should you can’t use the synthetic but also use like nutritional yeast or a natural version of vitamin B as well because anytime you take one fraction of a vitamin for a long period of time it could create imbalances vertigo balance problems impaired taste so the autonomic nervous system you have two parts parasympathetic which is rest and digest and then sympathetic which is flutter fight so part of the sympathetic nervous system is embedded inside the adrenal and so you got this interesting gland on the adrenals on top of the kidney because the it’s it’s half nervous system and half gland so it’s right in the abdomen so you get this quick release of adrenaline to act you know create different effects but the imbalance in this system can happen from a b1 deficiency hiccups how many of ever had a hiccup take some b1 reoccurred ear infections mental stress anyone ever experience stress at least once in your life one two three okay it really helps stress panic attacks nightmares I used to eat my kids I used to give him b1 if they had a nightmare just jam handles it so its involved in so many things a TD autism if you’re a coach and you’re coaching people it’d be a really good thing to recommend I want to touch on this structure in your brain called the hippocampus it’s kind of like a relay switch into your database memory system it you don’t know exactly what it does but it’s involved in memory and your ability to locate yourself and time and space so how many are really good at driving somewhere and finding directions in your area whether you live you’re not good at that yeah you need a GPS right so it has to do with this hippocampus birds have these huge structures in their brain and they can they can just flood south and they know where to go hippocampus is involved in that so hit the hippocampus has receptors for b1 so if you’re deficient in B one you can affect that you’re going to start noticing that you’re going to go in a room and can’t quite remember why you went in there how many of ever experienced that at least once okay good they call 911 now so what happens is how you can become b1 deficient is all the carbohydrates all the carbohydrates I’m going to deplete your b1 so there’s a tremendous amount of additional things like related to your digestion your heart your brain and I gave you guys a chart on all the different symptoms I’m not going to go through all of them but you can see that there’s anything from depression and definitely if you’re trying to if you lost if you’re exercising and you lost that inertia and you just you lost that get-up-and-go it’s usually b1 b1 affects part of the autonomic nervous system that innervates the brainstem especially the respiratory centers so there’s a condition called SIDS sudden infant death syndrome there’s a lot of research related to you know these infants dying and then finally there’s the b1 deficiency probably from the infant formula it’s all glucose you know sleep apnea b1 it’s also related to high insulin because the sugar pulls out b1 so b1 is a really important protecting this cell against damage and also helping the enzymes work in your mitochondria it also mimics mercury poisoning and mercury depletes b1 so here’s some things that will deplete it white rice diuretics refined sugar and carbs coffee yep too much if you actually drink coffee and you have b1 after it you feel a lot better a gastric bypass because most of the lot of the b1 is absorbed in the small intestine so if you’re bypassing that small of your intestine yeah you could have a problems with the absorption aging metformin cooking diabetes all diabetics type 1 and type 2 should be taking b1 and the B complex with the cells of the pancreas that are damaged or overworking or under working they’re not you’re not going to be able to pull in B vitamins that well so the minimum dosage of B is not enough you need more to actually penetrate the cells that regulate insulin too much chocolate of course different chemical properties in coffee tea chocolate and wine can deplete b1 if you have a lot over a period of time raw fish candida and mussels and oysters how to test just if you take it and you feel a lot better you’re good go ahead and press your cap and see if there’s any tenderness go ahead and press your cap and raise your hand if you have any tenderness oh it could be b1 deficient but you’d normally will feel a sudden release of like stress when you take b1 if you’re deficient so you’re gonna feel a lot of why I feel so much better there’s a test called Raglan so if you get if you lay down take the blood pressure and you stand up and the blood pressure drops the systolic drops too too far and you get dizzy you usually are b1 deficiency you have b1 deficiency vitamin D can really help insulin resistance

This Post Was All About B1 (Thiamine) Deficiency and High Carb Diets.
B1 (Thiamine) Deficiency and High Carb Diets

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Dr. Berg talks about vitamin B1 (Thiamine). It is one of the nutrients that is most depleted by consuming carbohydrates and a cofactor of 5 key enzymes in the mitochondria. Vitamin B1 deficiency is called Beriberi. He also discussed about the several functions of vitamin B1.

B1 Functions:
1. Makes myelin and helps maintain energy
2. Protects the cell (mitochondria esp.) from the damage of high sugar
3. Considered a nerve vitamin
4. Rids lactic acid (Reduces lactic acidosis)
5. Help factor in turning food into energy (Controls 4 mitochondrial enzymes)
6. Prevents damage to mitochondria

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