Autophagy & Intermittent Fasting: Activate Garbage Recycling and  Cellular Remodeling

Autophagy & Intermittent Fasting: Activate Garbage Recycling and Cellular Remodeling

Autophagy & Intermittent Fasting: Activate Garbage Recycling and Cellular Remodeling

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we’re gonna talk about the major benefits of something called a tapa genie and exactly what a tapa G really is okay so in the cell you have something called the lysosome and lysosome is like the garbage disposal it’s like the recycler which takes all the damaged parts and breaks it down has all these enzymes and then it spits it out as free fatty acids and amino acids which are the building blocks to make body tissue at this point they’re pushed out to different parts of the body in which you have cellular remodeling so just imagine in your house you have a garbage disposal you put your garbage in there and let’s say it comes out as great wood nails raw material to then build your new kitchen your new bathroom and other rooms in your house well that’s exactly what a top as he is which it takes garbage and makes it into new good raw material so you can then build new cells so it’s very anti aging it’s very good to protect the brain cells to regrow new brain cells and nerve cells it’s great for the heart to regrow new heart cells so it’s very protective against the immune system as well so what we’ll do it’ll take defective damaged parts push it into the garbage disposal and intracellular pathogens like microbes and fungus and yeast and viruses and all sorts of things and it’s going to recycle that in this powerful lysosome and then we have something called Mis folded proteins now what does that mean well in your body you have all these structural parts you have different parts of the cell and they’re all different types of combinations of proteins they basically have different shapes so when these proteins are not shaped correctly that would be called a Mis folded protein okay and those build up they accumulate and they develop into this bigger piece of protein called amyloid okay amyloid deposits are what you see in the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient Parkinson’s a lot of times you see it in diabetics with the arteries cataracts there’s a whole bunch of diseases called amyloid diseases in which this kind of plaquing or protein packing plugs up the body okay and those are basically just the accumulation of Mis folded proteins and these proteins can be very very toxic okay so your cells can take these recycle them into new raw material that can then be used for rebuilding so the question is what would cause an accumulation of these misfolded proteins which would be damage to the mitochondria coming from high levels of oxidative stress usually from high insulin okay and I’ve done videos on this before we talked about the connection between insulin resistance which is high insulin or high insulin and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s well this is why because of these proteins that get shaped incorrectly and they plug up the whole system so you can see there’s some major benefits for a Tata G you have neural protection for your brain and nervous system regrowing the brain cells cardioprotective for the heart you have immune protection it’s anti aging and the list goes on and on and on and of course the biggest thing that will trigger the most potent thing that triggers that ah the G is fasting and in a minute fasting okay another reason why you need to start doing in a minute fasting it’s the most powerful thing because it corrects instant resistance it keeps insulin down and you’ll start to trigger this survival mechanism it’s contour to it if you would think if you’re not eating or your fasting you’re going to starve and deplete your body but it goes in a reverse it goes into this protect mode and enhances your survival very contour intuitive taking all this damaged stuff putting you through the recycler coming out with fresh new material that can be used for regrowing tissue alright thanks for watching hey if you haven’t already subscribed press the button below and I will keep you in the know hey that rhymes

This Post Was All About Autophagy & Intermittent Fasting: Activate Garbage Recycling and Cellular Remodeling.
Autophagy & Intermittent Fasting: Activate Garbage Recycling and  Cellular Remodeling

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Dr. Berg talks about the amazing health benefits of autophagy using intermittent fasting. Autophagy is the condition whereby the cells start to recycle damaged and garbage parts (defects) into basic elements thereby allowing the cells to remodel itself. The free fatty acids and free amino acids can then start to rejuvenate the skin, muscles, brain, heart and immune system. When you fast or do intermittent fasting, you trigger garbage recycling and cellular remodeling.
Autophagy allows misfolded proteins (proteins that have shaped incorrectly) and coverts them to free amino acids. It is the accumulation of misfolded proteins that causes amyloids, which is the plaquing that develops in Alzheimers, diabetes, Parkinsons, atherosclerosis and all sorts of degenerative diseases.
Intermittent fasting triggers autophagy, which is
*Immune supportive

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