Autoimmune Conditions May Be Viral: Molecular Mimicry

Autoimmune Conditions May Be Viral: Molecular Mimicry

Autoimmune Conditions May Be Viral: Molecular Mimicry

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so your autoimmune disease could be
related to a virus i want to talk about this recently
i bought this amazing textbook it’s called
molecular mimicry infection-induced autoimmune diseases
so you’ll need a medical dictionary to get through it because there’s a lot of
big words but it’s a fascinating book talking about
viruses in relationship to very specific autoimmune conditions
so i want to summarize the whole book in this very short video they’re talking
about molecular mimicry what they found is the microbe like a
virus and the host cell which is your own cell
many times has similar codes in their genetics and what happens
over time they can cross react so in other words
you can develop antibodies for this virus
that also attack parts of your own tissues
and they have a very interesting chart right here that relates different
viruses to very specific types of tissue the
measles virus which has a part of its code identical
to myelin protein showing you the link between this
virus and potentially getting ms and then we have the adenovirus which is
the common cold has similar coding to a-gliadin
which is part of the gluten the protein in wheat
so here you get an infection with adenovirus and now you have a gluten
sensitivity then we have papilloma virus which is the virus involved in
warts well guess what the code in this one
is in insulin receptors so take a while guess what condition you can get
if you have antibodies attacking the insulin receptor then we have the
coxsackie b4 virus which also has the same code as the
insulin receptor so this one can also trigger diabetes
type 1. then we have chlamydia which is not a
virus it’s a bacteria which a part of it has the identical
code to heart tissue proteins so you can
actually end up having a heart problem by getting chlamydia down the road now
i’m not saying that you’re going to get these autoimmune conditions if you were
exposed to this virus or exposed to viral particles and other
things which i can’t talk about on the internet but i think you know what i’m
talking about but there’s a very interesting link
between microbes and your own cells
i think this is a strategy that the microbes have developed
to try to go underneath the radar without being
detected because then they can actually try to trick our body in thinking that
the microbe is actually part of our self when it’s really not so how would this
cross reactivity happen i think you also have to have some chemical
evolve or some stress trigger involved to have this happen i’m
not sure exactly but if you have the perfect scenario
where you’re having all these factors align your body can start developing
antibodies to its own tissue what can you do about it one of the
things that i would recommend is vitamin d for a couple reasons
vitamin d deficiencies are involved in all of these infections
not to mention the virus having one of the strategies of decreasing
the vitamin d receptor in your cell called the VDR
so they’re very sneaky entities that go in there and shut down
the very thing you need to protect yourself against
viruses vitamin d in general is involved in
every level of your immune system including
being anti-viral so i would recommend taking
higher doses of vitamin d and i’ll put a link down below if you want more
information on that vitamin d tends to suppress
the collateral damage that autoimmune diseases create
the problem with autoimmune conditions is you have so much
inflammation and so much collateral damage that you get destruction of the
joints and all this is being created by your
own immune system so your immune system is releasing chemicals because it
thinks your own tissue is a poison or a virus vitamin d is one
of the best things to calm down the immune system and prevent
this collateral damage now there’s something
else that you could also take and it’s purified bile
salts bile salts tend to be a vitamin d receptor
agonist what does that mean it means that it’s something
to help open up and increase the absorption
of vitamin d not to mention vitamin d is a fat soluble vitamin
and the last thing is that if you do have a chronic
infection of some virus oregano oil is a really good thing to take and also
colloidal silver which is a really good antiviral it’s natural and there’s
virtually no side effects all right guys thanks for
watching hey we’re back with another amazing
recipe no grains no sugar totally keto there’s no
suffering on keto absolutely not Karen and it’s an immune system builder
absolutely you have to check this out i think you should hurry up
watch the recipe and make it yourself it’s just so easy to be keto
but is it simple it’s super simple we hope you enjoy
making it as much as we are enjoying eating it 

This Post Was All About Autoimmune Conditions May Be Viral: Molecular Mimicry.
Autoimmune Conditions May Be Viral: Molecular Mimicry

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Your autoimmune condition could be related to a virus. Find out more. 
0:08 Molecular mimicry
0:55 Links between certain viruses and certain autoimmune diseases
2:40 How does cross-reactivity occur? 
2:55 What could you do?

Today we’re going to talk about autoimmune diseases and how an autoimmune disease could be related to a virus. 

It’s been found that the microbe (a virus) and the host cell (your own cell) many times have similar codes in their genetics. Over time, they can actually cross-react. In other words, you could develop antibodies for this virus that also attack parts of your own tissues. I think this could be a strategy that the microbes have developed to try to go underneath the radar and trick the body into thinking it’s a part of the body.

In order for cross-reactivity to happen, I think you also have to have some chemical involved or stress trigger involved. It seems there would need to be a lot of factors that would need to align, but if they did, you could potentially develop antibodies to your own tissue. 

What could you do?

1. Vitamin D (high doses)
2. Purified bile salts 
3. Oregano oil and colloidal silver 

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