At the 1st Sign of Diabetes, Do This…

At the 1st Sign of Diabetes, Do This…

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This Post Was All About At the 1st Sign of Diabetes, Do This….
At the 1st Sign of Diabetes, Do This...

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Are you experiencing signs of diabetes? Check out these home remedies.

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0:46 Signs and symptoms of insulin resistance
1:44 What is insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and diabetes?
5:30 What to do for insulin resistance
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In this video, we’re going to talk about what you would do at the first sign of type 2 diabetes.

What would be the first sign of diabetes? It’s actually not pre-diabetes. It’s something that comes before pre-diabetes—insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is like a pre-pre-diabetes—one of the first signs or clues of diabetes. If you can catch it at the insulin resistance stage, you can potentially avoid any further progression.

The first indicators of insulin resistance include:
1. Frequent hunger
2. Carbohydrate cravings
3. Not feel satisfied after a meal
4. Urination at night
5. Thirst before bed
6. Feeling tired after eating
7. Belly fat

Take a look at what’s happening when you have insulin resistance. This situation is when the insulin receptors are downgraded, so they don’t receive insulin. This means that the feedback loop to the pancreas is stopped. In turn, the pancreas pumps out more and more insulin, which further contributes to insulin resistance.

When you get to the pre-diabetes stage, you start to lose this pancreatic compensation, and your blood sugars start to go a little too high.

Full-blown diabetes is when you lose more compensation, and your blood sugar levels skyrocket because your insulin levels are low.

When you first have signs of insulin resistance or pre-diabetes, what do they do? They often wait until it turns into diabetes, and then they start treating it with medications and diet changes.

However, many “professionals” think that a healthy diet should allow 225 carbs. This is way too much—especially if you have insulin resistance. It will be virtually impossible to get rid of this situation if you are consuming that number of carbohydrates.

Here’s what you can do for insulin resistance and pre-diabetes:
1. Lower your carbs to less than 50 grams
2. Stop snacking
3. Cut back to 2 meals a day (intermittent fasting)
4. Get plenty of butyrate by consuming vegetables
5. Get plenty of vitamin D
6. Replenish your chromium, vitamin B1, potassium, and magnesium

You can also use some plants and herbs to help support healthy blood sugar and insulin levels. Try using cinnamon, green tea, Gymnema, and berberine.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this helped explain what to do if you notice signs of diabetes. I’ll see you in the next video.

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