Asthma, Vitamin D and Remodeling of the Lung

Asthma, Vitamin D and Remodeling of the Lung

Asthma, Vitamin D and Remodeling of the Lung

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More specifically, you want help with Asthma, Vitamin D and Remodeling of the Lung?

This Post Was All About Asthma, Vitamin D and Remodeling of the Lung.
Asthma, Vitamin D and Remodeling of the Lung

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I believe vitamin D is the most important vitamin for asthma. Here’s why. 

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Today we’re going to talk about vitamin D and asthma. Typically, someone who is asthmatic has a vitamin D deficiency. 

Symptoms of asthma may include:
• Wheezing 
• Shortness of breath 
• Chest tightness 
• Cough 

It could actually be the vitamin D deficiency that causes:
• Changes in the thickness where the gas exchange occurs in the lung
• Changes in the mass volume of the lung itself 
• Changes in the composition 
• Changes in the smooth muscle 

There are a lot of structural things that are being altered when you have asthma, mainly because of inflammation. At the lining of the lung tissue where it’s exposed to air, you have complex immune protection. 

With asthma, there are two areas in the immune system where things aren’t working that well. One is with the T helper cell, and the other is with the T regulatory cell. Both of these are involved in the coordination of immune reactions and regulating inflammation to make sure there’s not too much inflammation. When there is a dysfunction of these cells, you can get inflammation. 

Now, not only do we not get the gas exchange, but there is also hypersensitivity to various triggers. There is an overreaction in the immune system, and inflammation is easily triggered. With asthma, there is a problem with the immune system, the lung, and cortisol.

Vitamin D may start to turn around and remodel the lungs in a positive way. It can potentially slow down and stop inflammation and fibrosis. Vitamin D can also allow cortisol to work better in the lungs. It can even act very similar to cortisol. Vitamin D is a very powerful anti-inflammatory. You may want to consider taking at least 20,000 IUs of vitamin D3 to potentially see a difference in the way you breathe, as well as reduced asthma symptoms. 

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