Are Ventilators for COVID-19 Doing More Harm than Good?

Are Ventilators for COVID-19 Doing More Harm than Good?

Are Ventilators for COVID-19 Doing More Harm than Good?

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More specifically, you want help with Are Ventilators for COVID-19 Doing More Harm than Good??

so the question is are ventilators for
COVID-19 actually causing more harm than good
we’re going to talk about that today now a very interesting report came out
talking about ventilators a ventilator is a machine that breathes for you it
uses forced air and oxygen and check this out
New York officials have said that at least 80% of COVID-19 patients who are
on ventilators in the city died as someone becomes critically ill and they
end up in intensive care and they’re put on this ventilator
they also sedate them so because the COVID-19 virus targets the lungs it
becomes more and more difficult to breathe so the patient is gasping for
oxygen so it makes logical sense that they would put you on a breathing machine a
ventilator to help you get air right well the problem is in severe cases the
lung is so fragile adding more pressure to the lung can create more damage to
the lung so if you haven’t seen this before I want to show you right now very
interesting report from a doctor in New York check this out this is dr. Cameron
Kyle-Sidell ER and critical care doctor from New York City nine days ago I
opened an intensive care unit to care for the sickest COVID-19 positive patients
in this city in these nine days I have seen things I have never seen before in
treating these patients I have witnessed medical phenomenon that just don’t make
sense in the context of treating a disease that is supposed to be a viral
pneumonia nine days ago I presumed I was opening an intensive care unit to treat
patients with a virus causing a pneumonia that was ravaging lungs across
the world starting out as something mild cough a sore throat and progressively
increasing in severity until ultimately ending in something called acute
respiratory distress syndrome or ARDS this is the paradigm that every hospital
in the country is working under this is the disease ARDS that every hospital is
preparing to treat and this is the disease ARDS for which in the next two
to six weeks a hundred thousand Americans might be put on a ventilator
and yet everything I’ve seen in the last nine days
all the things that just don’t make sense the patients I’m seeing in front
of me the lungs I’m trying to improve have led me to believe that COVID-19 is
not this disease and that we are operating under a medical paradigm that
is untrue in short I believe we are treating the wrong disease and I fear
that this misguided treatment will lead to a tremendous amount of harm to a
great number of people in a very short time as New York City appears to be
about ten days ahead of the country I feel compelled to get this information
out COVID-19 lung disease as far as I can see is not a pneumonia and should
not be treated as one rather it appears as if some kind of viral it appears as
some kind of viral induced disease most resembling high altitude sickness it is
as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are on a plane at 30,000 feet
and the cabin pressure is slowly being let out these patients are slowly being
starved of oxygen I have seen patients dependent on oxygen take off their
oxygen and quickly progress through a state of anxiety and emotional distress
and eventually get blue in the face and while they look like patients absolutely
on the brink of death they do not look like patients dying of pneumonia I have
never been a mountain climber and I do not know the conditions at base camp
below the highest peaks in the world but I suspect that the patients I’m seeing
in front of me look most like as if a person was dropped off on the top of
Mount Everest without time to acclimate I don’t know the final answer of this
disease but I’m quite sure that a ventilator is not it that is not to say
that we don’t need ventilators we absolutely need them they are the only
way at this time that we were able to give a little more oxygen to patients
who need it but when we treat people with ARDS we typically use ventilators
to treat what’s called respiratory failure that is we use the ventilator to
do the work that the patient’s muscles can no longer do because they’re too
tired to do it so this is a very interesting observation because
apparently this condition is not like pneumonia or ARDS which is acute
respiratory distress syndrome it’s more like a high altitude sickness where the
person just is losing oxygen and what they find
when they do a cat scan of the lungs is something called the ground glass like
appearance of the lungs that it basically looks like ground glass as the
patient is literally starving of oxygen and basically he said the problem is the
pressure that these ventilators are giving are just way too high and his
message in his recommendation which I hope gets disseminated through the
medical community you need to adjust the pressure you need to turn the pressure
down and increase the oxygen because in these advanced cases the lungs are very
very fragile and the normal saturation of oxygen should be between 95 to 100
percent in these cases it is way low like 50 20 and even lower than that
so now the question is what is happening in this condition that’s affecting the
lungs let’s take a look now there’s some really interesting data that came up
recently that COVID-19 the corona virus attacks hemoglobin okay and this
is what’s happening the red blood cell that carries oxygen in the form of
hemoglobin which is the protein that attaches to iron if you lose the iron
the heme you’re not going to be able to carry oxygen the patient is gonna
literally starve of oxygen and the other problem is the free iron now starts
leaking out through the body goes into the lung and creates a severe reaction
an oxidation reaction which leads to massive free radicals scar tissue and
definitely inflammation free iron in the body is very very toxic and dangerous
this is one of the things that’s creating the ground glass-like
appearance in the lungs and of course if the blood cells can no longer hold
oxygen and transport it then you’re basically going to suffocate and this
occurs in the later stages of the infection we have a drop in oxygen and a
high level of the co2 because the co2 can’t release and we create a real bad
situation so when you’re put on the ventilator that’s putting all this
forced air into a lung that’s already damaged you’re gonna
create more damage and this is why when you look at the blood test for
people with COVID-19 you see high ferritin ferritin is a storage
mechanism for iron so when the heme losses the iron the body compensates and
makes a lot more ferritin so one of the things that hopefully is gonna happen
more more is the doctors are still going to use ventilators but turning on the
pressure raising up the oxygen now there’s something equally as interesting
about hydroxychloroquine look on the news everyone’s talking about how this
drug which by the way is a drug for malaria that’s repurposed it acts to
allow zinc to go into the cells and disrupt the replication of this virus
okay so this is kind of what everyone is talking about right now but
hydroxychloroquine does several other things okay it blocks the hemoglobin
catabolism now what does that mean well when you actually take hemoglobin and
turn into heme and iron this is called catabolism which basically is a
breakdown of certain things okay so it’s going to actually help not just kill
this virus and but it also can help prevent this thing from occurring so you
get less damage in the lung now there’s another function of chloroquine it will
suppress something called the innate immune system so there’s two parts of
the immune system one part the immune system is called the innate and that
system you’re born with it there’s no training involved these white blood
cells know what to do and they’re the first line of defense okay then you have
another system over here called the adaptive or acquired which takes some
time because they have to be exposed to a microbe develop a memory using
antibodies and actually both of these systems work back and forth now when you
have what’s called a cytokine storm so you have a massive amount of
inflammation going on to lungs because of these certain cytokines which are
inflammatory so there’s a tremendous amount of collateral damage that can
occur from this immune reaction it’s mainly performed by the innate
immune system because the adaptive immune system over here is broken and it
can’t buffer this overreacting hypersensitive immune system but
hydroxychloroquine actually can inhibit in suppress that innate immune system to
calm down the inflammation so that’s another benefit of this medication
think about it this drug has been used for roughly 70 years for malaria and
lupus and rheumatoid arthritis now what’s so unique about malaria
well that’s involving a parasite and guess what the parasite is eating
hemoglobin for its fuel for its food which is interesting
so this drug is going to kill off the parasite as well as help preserve this
breakdown right here and the reason why it’s used for lupus and rheumatoid
arthritis is because both of these are inflammatory conditions and the less
free iron that you have the less oxidation the less inflammation plus you
are getting a reduction of inflammation because it’s it’s suppressing the innate
part of the immune system so as you can see the benefits of this drug go far
beyond just the killing off the virus now the last thing I want to tell you
which is very very important is that anyone with an infection in general not
to mention this infection not to mention lung damage is going to be very depleted
of zinc so these white blood cells are saturated with zinc they need zinc in
almost every level of the immune system so it’s my opinion that this is not
going to work as well unless you use zinc because zinc is needed to penetrate
the cell so right now the doctors that are successful using this these
protocols are using hydroxychloroquine z-pak which is an antibiotic and they’re
using zinc with it anyway thanks for watching and if you haven’t seen my
video on boosting the immune system I’ll put it right here 

This Post Was All About Are Ventilators for COVID-19 Doing More Harm than Good?.
Are Ventilators for COVID-19 Doing More Harm than Good?

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Here is something really interesting about the use of ventilators for COVID-19. You’re going to want to check this out. 


0:07 What is a ventilator? 
0:19 Coronavirus and ventilators 
1:04 Report on ventilator dangers 
4:13 Is COVID-19 actually like pneumonia or ARDS? 
5:16 How does COVID-19 affect the lungs?
7:09 Hydroxychloroquine
10:18 Zinc 

Today we’re going to talk about the coronavirus and ventilators. Could ventilators for COVID-19 do more harm than good? 

A ventilator is a machine that breathes for you. It uses forced air and oxygen. New York officials have said that at least 80% of COVID-19 patients in the city who were on a ventilator died. 

If someone becomes critically ill with COVID-19, they are typically sedated and put on a ventilator. This is because this coronavirus targets the lungs, and it becomes more and more difficult to breathe. But, the problem could be that in severe cases, the lung is so fragile that adding more pressure to the lung could create more damage to the lung. 

It could be that this condition is less like pneumonia or ARDS and is more like high altitude sickness. It’s possible that the pressure that the ventilators are giving in this situation is too high. One doctor who is treating patients with COVID-19 in New York believes that the pressure in the ventilators used for COVID-19 needs to be turned down, and the oxygen needs to be increased. 

New research regarding COVID-19 suggests that this coronavirus attacks hemoglobin. The red blood cell carries oxygen in the form of hemoglobin. If the patient loses the iron in the heme, they won’t be able to carry oxygen. The patient will starve of oxygen. 

The other problem is that now the free iron can leak through the body going into the lung and creating a severe oxidation reaction. 


• Could block hemoglobin catabolism 
• Can suppress the innate immune system 
• It has been used for malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis 

*Hydroxychloroquine may work best when combined with zinc.

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Thanks for watching! This interesting new information that’s come to light on using a ventilator for COVID-19 is enlightening.

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