Are Rancid Oils Irritating Your Gut?

Are Rancid Oils Irritating Your Gut?

Are Rancid Oils Irritating Your Gut?

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so recently I had a question about rancid fats are they harmful do I have to worry about them let’s talk about that it is basically the incomplete or complete oxidation of a fat or oil now normally fats and oils come with their own antioxidants like vitamin C vitamin E to protect this oxidation but when something is either exposed to light or oxygen or heated or processed you can start to destroy these antioxidants and create exposure to the delicate oils and then they can actually start breaking down especially the unsaturated fatty acids saturated fats don’t normally turn rancid because they’re more saturated they’re more preserved but unsaturated fats are the ones that are very susceptible to becoming rancid so I’m talking about soy oil and corn oil and canola oil and cottonseed oil and even olive oil and nuts so if you have these oils sitting on your shelf for a long time in your cupboard and they’ve already been opened exposed to oxygen they can turn or go rancid and I think pretty much everyone has some supply of certain nuts whether it’s walnuts or pecans or almonds sitting in their cupboard that could be sitting there a bit too long when an oil becomes rancid it gives off a certain smell or taste sometimes it’s musty sour bitter metallic but you’ll identify it but here’s the thing it’s actually pretty toxic to the cells and even your genes but of course I’m talking about consuming them in you know somewhat larger amounts but even a small amount can irritate certain parts of the body especially this first part of the small intestine the bile ducts you can create inflammation you can create irritation and make it feel like your gall bladder swollen so mainly these oils can create a lot of inflammation in the body and free radical damage and the big problem is so many people are consuming massive quantities of rancid oils without really eating knowing it for example these oils right here soy corn canola they’re all in the grocery stores pretty much make up certain ingredients in over 60% of the foods in the grocery store so you’re constantly getting exposed to these oils which are a lot of times rancid not mentioned you go to a restaurant okay and they’re gonna actually reuse a lot of these oils over and over and over if you’re consuming deep fried products and I’m just talking about fast food restaurants I’m talking about other restaurants as well so if you’re eating some food at a restaurant and then you just feel kind of sick or bloated especially underneath your right rib cage one of the causes could be the rancid oils so a couple things I would recommend okay with the nuts I would make sure that you find a company that actually sells you fresh nuts and they’re not sitting on the shelf for months and months and months where they turn rancid and if you have the option let’s say you’re at a healthy store of consuming the nuts sometimes they keep them in those bulk trays to see if their answer or not definitely do that because you don’t want to start creating an inflammatory response in your digestive system just because you’re consuming rancid oils another thing you can do with nuts is you can when you get the nuts keep them in the refrigerator okay and let’s say you bought a lot of different types of nuts and you want to consume them take a small amount out soak them in water okay and then overnight and then you can dry them out it’s called germination but of course that’s going to get rid of the enzyme inhibitors which is going to make them more easy to digest and you would have to consume them in a short period of time but that way you can adjust what’s being consumed so you can keep the bulk of those nuts in the refrigerator which will slow down the oxidation process as far as these wheels right here I would even consume them because most of them are GMO and so we had that extra factor which adds toxicity olive oil I am very picky about my olive oil and fresh olive oil has a real distinct flavor and a smell to it that you can differentiate very easily anyway I have another interesting video on oils that I think you’ll like check it out 

This Post Was All About Are Rancid Oils Irritating Your Gut?.
Are Rancid Oils Irritating Your Gut?

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Do you have to worry about rancid oil affecting your gut health? Find out. 


0:05 What is rancid oil?
0:33 Unsaturated fats vs. saturated fats
0:46 A few oils/fats that are more susceptible to becoming rancid  
1:22 Will rancid oil harm you?
1:50 Could you be consuming rancid oil without knowing? 
2:36 A few things you can do 

Today we’re going to talk about rancid oil and your gut health.

What is rancid oil?
This is the incomplete or complete oxidation of fat or oil. Fats and oils have antioxidants to protect from this oxidation. But, if it has been exposed to light, oxygen, heat, or processing, the antioxidants can start to be destroyed, causing the oils to break down. 

This can especially happen to unsaturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids don’t typically turn rancid because they’re more preserved. 

A few oils/fats that are more susceptible to becoming rancid:

• Soy oil 
• Corn oil 
• Canola oil 
• Olive oil
• Nuts

Signs that that fats or oil is rancid is if it smells or tastes:

• Musty 
• Sour 
• Bitter
• Metallic 

It can actually be toxic to your cells or genes to consume rancid oil or rancid fats in somewhat large amounts. But, even a small amount can irritate certain parts of the body. Your gut health can especially become affected. The rancid oil or rancid fat can cause a lot of inflammation in the body as well as free radical damage. 

So many people are actually consuming large amounts of rancid oil without even knowing it. If you eat at a restaurant, and afterward, you feel a little sick or bloated, it could be because of rancid oil. 

A few things you can do:

• Buy fresh nuts 
• Refrigerate and germinate the nuts 
• Don’t consume soy, corn, or canola oil (GMO)
• Buy fresh olive oil 

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Protect your gut health and consider trying these helpful tips to keep from consuming rancid oil.

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