Another Surprising Cause for Low Testosterone

Another Surprising Cause for Low Testosterone

Another Surprising Cause for Low Testosterone

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so in this video we’re going to talk about another cause of low testosterone now in other videos I talked about how high estrogen can inhibit testosterone high insulin will also shut down your testosterone this is very very common high cortisol from stress can decrease testosterone if you’re on a cholesterol medication a statin that can reduce testosterone because you’re not making the amounts of cholesterol needed to make that hormone it’s a sex hormone and the precursor is cholesterol having liver damage can lower your testosterone being on a low-fat diet can lower your testosterone again because of the cholesterol needed to make that hormone and the symptoms produced would be low libido impotence erectile dysfunction and even atrophy of the testicles so here it is high amounts of iron now it’s interesting about iron is as you age you accumulate more and more iron our body has a very difficult time getting rid of iron and so if you’re getting iron from a supplement or from the fortification of certain foods like in grains breads pastas or own crackers and things like that you could be accumulating way too much iron so you should get it tested to see if it’s within a normal range there’s also a condition quite common it’s a genetic condition called hemochromatosis which a person has a real big problem of regulating iron and they just start accumulating way too much here are the symptoms inflammation in the joints excessive oxidation like I’m talking about in the arteries which is going to then set the person up for heart problems in the brain which is gonna set the person up for dementia and Alzheimer’s so it’s a very dangerous thing to have too much iron iron is very corrosive on your body you can look at it as a mineral that can create some serious free radical damage because iron generates a type of free radical called the hydroxyl radical and this is a very destructive thing in the body especially to your liver so too much iron in liver will cause cirrhosis it will make you tired it affects your memory blood sugar problems diabetes etc etc so if you suspect any one of these symptoms the next time you’re at your doctor’s office get this checked if it’s high here are some natural things that you can do to actually remove the excess amounts there’s a supplement called ip6 I’m not recommending any brand you’re gonna have to do your own research good IP 6 is a phytic acid it’s an antioxidant key later which actually helps pull iron out of the body it pulls excessive iron there’s another key later too called EDTA which is very very powerful I would recommend starting with ip6 you may not need this but some people take both but if you take this watch my video on it because you want to take both of these on an empty stomach because you don’t want to be consuming iron as you’re taking it trying to pull it out it’s gonna neutralize the effect if you take this on the empty stomach and it’ll remove certain minerals and other times a day you can take back in the minerals that you want in your body and focus on the eliminating the ones you don’t want and EDTA will pull out other minerals too like Cal success of calcium especially if you have calcification in the arteries things like that but ip6 is a really good potent nutrient to help heal a or pull out excessive amounts of iron green tea will also help donating blood will reduce your iron avoiding iron pills and foods that are enriched with iron and that definitely includes the bread the pasta the cereal the crackers those intimate fasting would be very important to start number-5 increasing zinc now maybe you’ve heard that increasing zinc will help increase testosterone now you see one of the strategies of why it does it it actually helps lower iron in the body alright thanks for watching I will see you in the next video if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos 

This Post Was All About Another Surprising Cause for Low Testosterone.
Another Surprising Cause for Low Testosterone

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about another cause of low testosterone which is the high amounts of iron. As we age, we accumulate more iron and the body has difficult time getting rid of the iron. Hemochromatosis is a genetic condition where there’s a problem of regulating iron and the body starts accumulating way too much. Iron generates a type of free radical called hydroxyl radical which is very destructive to the body especially in the liver and too much iron in the liver will cause cirrhosis.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone
• Low Libido
• Impotence
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Atrophy of the testicles

Symptoms of Hemochromatosis:
• Inflammation in the joints
• Excessive Oxidation – arteries, brain
• Liver Cirrhosis
• Fatigue
• Memory
• Blood Sugar Problems

Natural Remedies for High Iron:
1. IP6
3. Green Tea
4. Donate Blood
5. Avoid Iron Pills
6. Intermittent Fasting
7. Increase Zinc

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