Another Hidden Cause of Diabetes and Belly Fat: SURPRISING

Another Hidden Cause of Diabetes and Belly Fat: SURPRISING

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so in this video I’m going to talk about another hidden cause of diabetes that you might not be aware of that you need to be aware of and that is excessive amounts of iron I mean it’s kind of surprising you would think iron will be very beneficial to the body but the problem with iron it’s very difficult to eliminate and a lot of people have too much and there’s even a genetic condition called hemochromatosis which is an iron overload disease which the body just cannot eliminate iron so akise building up and the problem with iron is it’s very oxidizing it’s if you can kind of look at it like it rusting out your cells well anytime you have that effect you’re gonna have a lot of inflammation and with the inflammation comes a big spike in insulin resistance so this condition hemochromatosis has a huge link to diabetes as a side effect not to mention a fatty liver cirrhosis because iron apparently accumulates in the pancreas in the actual cells that make insulin so the more iron you have the more destruction you have to the beta cell and then you have a big problem with insulin itself so where does this iron come from well one big problem is the fortification of foods primarily in the u.s. in Canada and the UK other parts of the world they don’t fortify as much and in many cases they don’t fortify at all and there’s also date coincidence of increasing fortification of iron and also other synthetic vitamins in 1984 baby formulas and if you look on the graph on this you see this date coincidence of people getting fatter right after that point now I don’t think it’s the source of this problem but it’s definitely a contributing factor for sure now 1983 the FDA increased the iron amount in flour products by 20 milligrams per pound and this is another day coincidence of the spike in obesity so the question is what do we do about this well there’s a couple things you can do number one don’t consume fortified foods number two consume less red meat if you have a problem with too much iron and I put a link down below to learn about what that means personally I do consume quite a bit of red meat I don’t have a problem with iron but this would be targeted for those people who do there are some other things you can do to help pull this iron out they call it chelation there’s something called IP 6 which is phytic acid and that helps to chelate iron as well as something called EBT a what you could do is because these pull out other minerals too you can take this on empty stomach several hours later you can take the minerals that you want on your body like potassium magnesium so you can actually not deplete all your minerals also donating blood gets rid of the iron if you feel really good when you donate blood chances are you have too much iron and and the other thing is you want to avoid supplements when iron make sure that you do not consume a multi vitamin mineral with added iron unless it’s in a form that’s really easy to digest and that would be a form like liver like grass-fed liver if you’re anemic but other than that I don’t recommend supplements that have this fortification of iron alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Another Hidden Cause of Diabetes and Belly Fat: SURPRISING.
Another Hidden Cause of Diabetes and Belly Fat: SURPRISING

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In this video, we’re going to cover a hidden cause of diabetes that many people aren’t aware of. It might surprise you—it’s iron. I’m going to share with you the truth about iron as well as what you need to know about iron and diabetes.

You might think iron is very beneficial to the body. But, the problem is it’s very difficult to eliminate so many people have too much iron. Iron is also very oxidizing, which causes a lot of inflammation. Then, with inflammation comes a big spike in insulin resistance.

Hemochromatosis – a genetic condition which is an iron overload disease—the body can’t eliminate iron.

A few side effects of hemochromatosis:

• Diabetes
• A fatty liver
• Cirrhosis

The more iron you have, the more destruction. You’ll also have a big problem with insulin.

So where does this iron come from?

• One big problem is the fortification of foods with iron.

What do we do about this?

• Don’t consume fortified foods
• Consume less red meat (if you have a problem with too much iron)
• Chelation – IP6/EDTA
• Donate blood
• Avoid iron supplements or supplements with iron

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