An Interesting Paper on Hyperinsulinemic Syndrome

An Interesting Paper on Hyperinsulinemic Syndrome

An Interesting Paper on Hyperinsulinemic Syndrome

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hey guys in this video I want to review a paper that was suggested by a guy that I just interviewed named Ivan Cummings brilliant guy he’s an engineer and he sent me this link of this amazing paper and I put a link down below so you can get a copy of it too so this paper revolves around the concept that when you do gastric bypass you actually correct high insulin even if the insulin resistance remains okay so actually doing gastric bypass can reverse type 2 diabetes among other diseases associated with metabolic syndrome now a metabolic syndrome typically is high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes or prediabetes central obesity Harting of the arteries that’s typically what metabolic syndrome is okay so this observation has led researchers to examine if these diseases were actually caused by high insulin because if you look up metabolic syndrome it always will say high insulin or insulin resistance is associated with metabolic syndrome or these other conditions it never gets into if it causes it okay so they reviewed 423 publications but only selected 58 because out of all these publications only 58 measured insulin so they wanted just to focus on those and what they found is quite remarkable they found high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes atherosclerosis central obesity that’s a that’s belly fat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease polycystic ovarian syndrome sleep apnea certain cancers 14 of them and cardiovascular disease all shared a common etiology okay etiology means that causes something in other words it’s pretty obvious that high insulin causes all of these this metabolic syndrome isn’t some mysterious disease that’s complex it’s purely just a name describe these specific symptoms I’m going to call them symptoms that are all coming from high insolence so let’s just kind of go through this in this section right here they’re looking at actual d function of insulin and if you have too much insulin what symptoms it creates right simulates the sympathetic nervous system and increases sodium or tension well that’s going to increase blood pressure okay so it’s a direct effect increasing PCOS polycystic ovarian because insulin increases androgens it also increases something called foam cell formation and giving you like a building up the plaque in the artery that causes heart disease that’s coming from high insulin check this it says hence patients with hyperglycemia that’s high sugar like in diabetes or prediabetes inevitably have a preexisting high insulin level assuming their pancreas remains functional so in other words you have high insulin first and then you get high blood sugars so traditionally high insulin has been considered a response to insulin resistance so they’re basically saying high insulin is a side effect of his insulin resistance however our previous findings suggest that high insulin is primary in diabetes type 2 which means high insulin causes it and insulin resistance is most likely a secondary response by the cells so basically you have high insulin and then insulin resistance and then diabetes now the problem is that you’re never checked for high insulin right you just they never check that they’re focusing on blood glucose which is late on the chain of events okay so then we get to the discussion okay can increase insulin be used as a clinical marker in primary care setting for early diagnosis and preventive care and would these markers be more effective than glucose levels I’m gonna answer that that’s a big fat yes okay yes we want to check insulin first it’s more important than even checking your glucose levels number two with pharmacological intervention that normalizes blood insulin levels before the emergence of glucose intolerance and hyperglycemia that’s high blood glucose be a beneficial approach to hinder the progression of metabolic disorders that answer is no we don’t want to use drugs we want to do it with diet okay and finally they’re talking about why would we give people insulin or medication that raises insulin and diabetes type 2 if the cause is high insulin after all we do not treat hyperthyroidism with additional thyroxine why are we treating a disease associated with hyper insulin with additional insulin so I think this article is very valuable because there’s certain researchers now that are starting to becoming aware of the connection between insulin and so many health problems so I put a link down below check out the article and also send this to your doctor so they can be educated on some real interesting invaluable information so I want to know what you’re interested in as far as a future video click the link down below and share some ideas I want to hear

This Post Was All About An Interesting Paper on Hyperinsulinemic Syndrome.
An Interesting Paper on Hyperinsulinemic Syndrome

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the concept that doing Gastric Bypass could correct high insulin even if the Insulin Resistance remains. Gastric Bypass could reverse Type 2 diabetes among other diseases associated with metabolic syndrome. It is found that these metabolic symptoms all found one common Etiology (meaning it causes something). He also talks about how high insulin causes all of the metabolic syndrome symptoms.

Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome:
• High Blood Pressure
• High Cholesterol
• Diabetes or Prediabetes
• Atheroscrerosis
• Central Obesity
• Hardening of Arteries
• Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver
• Sleep Apnea
• Certain Types of Diseases
• Cardio Vascular Disease

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