Amazing Benefits of Prolonged Fasting

Amazing Benefits of Prolonged Fasting

Amazing Benefits of Prolonged Fasting

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hey guys today we’re gonna talk about the eight major benefits from prolonged fasting now prolonged fasting is where you’d go 48 72 hours or longer sometimes a week sometimes 21 days sometimes even longer there’s some interesting benefits that occur when you do this the body goes into this survival mode it’s kind of like a physiological vacation for your organs especially for your digestive system because every time you eat you kind of like shut down that system the people that eat frequently let’s say you’re doing three meals plus two snacks never have a chance to get these amazing benefits let’s start with number one you actually regrow your brain cells not the entire brain but very specific parts of the brain including the hippocampus parts of the brainstem and other parts as well so that’s really cool I mean how many of you could use some extra brain cells so the part of the hippocampus that’s regenerated has to do with memory okay there’s like a relay switch in there that helps you get access to your database your memory your file cabinet of memories so you’re able to regrow that structure of the brain to improve memory that’s really really cool okay number to increase mitochondria the mitochondria are the energy factories of the body so you’re gonna find that your energy goes straight to the roof incredible amounts of energy when you don’t eat well remember you’re burning your fat so you are eating you’re just not eating dietary calories number three at Apogee this is a condition in your body whereby it recycles old damaged proteins okay and other things like microbes in damaged mitochondria so it’s kind of a good self-cleaning action going on and you recycle these proteins into new proteins to build new tissue this is the epitome of anti-aging but in order to get in this you you want to do prolong fasting now I do recommend doing in a minute fasting once a month or once every other month or even like four times a year would be great all right next one is enhanced stem cell production the stem cell is the cell without a purpose it’s not differentiated into a specific cell yet it just sits there and until the body says I need a new cell because this is damaged or it needs to be replaced and you actually get new cells as you age stem cells go down the more stress you have the more sugar you eat or the more frequently you eat the more it goes down so when you do prolong fasting you actually enhance your stem cell reserve your pool of stem cells and this is another reason why you would get younger and you would feel more youthful because you have more replacement so prolong fasting is a really amazing repair action the drugs that promote anti-inflammatory effects basically dominate the market most of the money and drugs have to do with anti-inflammatories interesting rheumatoid arthritis autoimmune diseases just pain and inflammation this tool of prolonged fasting is essential to actually help someone get to the root of why they’re they’re stuck in inflammation a diabetic has a lot of inflammation so if you have arthritis bursitis rheumatoid any of the ideas at all you need to do prolonged fasting all of the autoimmune diseases involve inflammation that’s why the remedy for autoimmune whether it’s MS rheumatoid always involved taking steroids okay like cortisone shots or prednisone and that’s an anti-inflammatory but the problem is it rebounds and it creates more inflammation destroys the adrenal gland so this is a very safe way of reducing your inflammation and if you have an autoimmune condition this is essential you can greatly improve that condition because the effect on prolonged fasting on the immune system number six decreased tumor growth so whether you have a polyp assist a boil a fibroid you need to do prolonged fasting to improve that situation when you get into fasting you run your body in ketones and tumors cannot survive with ketones cancer lives on sugar and when we do fasting we deplete the sugar reserves your glycogen reserves and we were running on ketones okay and fatty acids well tumors can’t live on that okay so we started them off and also cancer lives on glucose and al glutamate so by doing prolonged fasting you get the starve cancer as well so that’s another benefit that I didn’t mention number seven increase antioxidants your body has an antioxidant Network okay so you have vitamin C vitamin E zinc connect as an antioxidant glutathione lipoic acid there’s a whole bunch of them so when you go into fasting your antioxidant levels go way up why because this is where the body repairs and it defends itself against microbes and things like that but zinc actually goes up when you do prolonged fasting and zinc is involved in a lot of enzymes that are antioxidant your acid also goes up now you might think that’s a bad thing but uric acid is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body that your body uses when it’s fasting so it goes up but then it will come back down too so it’s not a long-term thing it’s just a thing that will spike up just because because the body means that to clean up some of the stuff that it’s dealing with okay number eight cell resistance to stress so there’s been this idea that when you prolong fasting it’s very stressful to the adrenals well actually it’s helpful to the adrenals because it increases your stress tolerance you’re no longer running on the ups and downs of sugar you’re basically going into this interesting repair mode where the body starts to increase the resistance to all sorts of stresses and part of that is the antioxidant level but part of us just like if you were on chemo for example and doing fasting your body what your cells would survive better because of this fact right here so the cells become tougher okay it’s just kind of a survival mechanism that’s established from genetically because of years of adaptation in the past or when our bodies don’t eat it has to survive so it goes into that certain mode now how do you do prolong fasting I would recommend you let your body tell you how long to fast especially initially you want to let your body kind of get used to it so let’s say for example the first time you try you only go 24 hours and you have to eat that’s fine well give it more time maybe next month start again and maybe go to 36 hours ok and then work to 48 hours let your body tell you when you need to eat ok and I’m not talking about just some small amount of hunger I’m talking about like oh my gosh I feel weak my blood sugars are crash I’m hungry well of course you’re ready to eat ok just eat but what you’ll find when you do fasting is your your hunger goes away and you feel good mentally and in your digestive system so if you’re feeling great ride the wave and keep going the only time I wouldn’t recommend fasting in general intermittent fasting or prolonged fasting is it if you’re pregnant ok or you’re breastfeeding healthy keto is fine but not in a minute of fasting and the other situation that I wouldn’t recommend prolonged fasting would be if you’re very very thin and you’re trying to gain weight because you’re gonna lose some weight on this so that might be an issue you can do intermittent fasting maybe two meals a day but when you start going more you’re gonna lose a lot of weight so that’s just one one point about that but go gradually and let your body tell you how long to go so many people do this they just like they start fasting and they feel great so they just keep going going going as long as they can they might get upset at you hours and then they’re ready to eat ok so over time you can do it longer and longer and longer but you don’t want to force yourself what you’re living off is your your reserve of nutrients so I do recommend taking a multivitamin mineral ok I do recommend electrolytes in sea salt I’ve had people actually pass out by trying to do this too fast because they weren’t taking enough sea salt electrolytes and they just did the the body needed that so you know make sure that you don’t omit this when you actually get done with your fast you don’t want to do this huge meal you want go slowly you want to refeed slowly because it’s kind of a shock to the system eating too much okay so go just eat a little bit wait a little bit eat a little bit more gradually ease into it a really good thing to do when you’re fasting is green tea naturally decaffeinated would be good that will really help increase your antioxidant level and another tea that’s great for prolonged fasting would be hoodia gardenia and that will help suppress appetite so it just makes it even easier there’s a there’s a product called EDTA you can find it online this is a key letter I like this product because it pulls out heavy metals specifically iron and calcium especially if you have a lot of calcium deposits and stiffness or kidney stones and a lot of other minerals but if your iron is too high you can have a lot of problems with the body so this is a good peel it or pull the excess free iron out of the body so if you took this let’s say you took it twice a week and you just took it in the morning and then the afternoon you took your electrolytes that would be awesome because this does pull out other minerals too so we want to put the ones back in that we want but EDTA I recommend it to take excess calcium out of your body and excess iron out of the mitochondria which you’re going to find that’s going to enhance your energy even more it’s great for circulation it’s good for cardiovascular function and also mitochondrial function so it’s just an extra thing that is very beneficial to take but you just need to take it like twice a week you don’t have taken a regular basis just because it’ll it you could pull out too many minerals so there you have it the eight benefits of prolonged fasting in a nutshell thanks for watching hey guys I want to introduce you to my new doctor Berg app it’s right here it’s I’m really excited about it you 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This Post Was All About Amazing Benefits of Prolonged Fasting.
Amazing Benefits of Prolonged Fasting

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the 8 major benefits of prolonged fasting. Prolonged fasting is the fasting where you would go 48 to 72 hours or longer. The body goes into a survival mode when doing fasting.

Benefits of Prolonged Fasting:
1. Regrow Brain Cells – the very specific parts of the brain including the hippocampus and the parts of the brain stem. The part of the hippocampus that has been regenerated has to do with memory.
2. Increase Mitochondria – the mitochondria are the energy factories of the body. Incredible amounts of energy will be increased when you fast.
3. Autophagy – A body condition whereby it recycles old damage proteins, microbes and mitochondria to build new tissue.
4. Enhance Stem Cell Production – The stem cell is a cell without a purpose and is not differentiated into a specific cell yet. As you age, stem cell production goes down. Prolonged fasting is an amazing repair action.
5. Decrease Inflammation – Prolonged fasting is essential to help someone get to the root cause of inflammation and the safe way to reduce it. All of the autoimmune disease involves inflammation.
6. Decrease Tumor Growth – Tumors cannot survive in ketones and doing the ketogenic diet runs your body on ketones. Cancer runs on sugar and fasting depletes sugar reserves.
7. Increase Antioxidants – The body has an anti-oxidant network and doing prolonged fasting could cause the antioxidant levels to go up because this is where the body repairs and defends itself against microbes and other things.
8. Cell Resistance to Stress – It helps the adrenals by increasing the stress tolerance and you are no longer running on the ups and down on sugar and is basically going into this repair mode where the body starts to increase the resistance to all sorts of stresses.

How to Do Prolonged Fasting?
• Gradually – Let your body tells you how long you go without eating to get used to it.
• Refeed Slowly – When you are done with your fast, don’t eat huge meals and you have to refeed slowly because it could shock the system eating too much.
• Electrolytes + Sea Salt
• Green Tea – Naturally decaffeinated would be good. It will increase the antioxidant levels
• EDTA – The chelator that pulls out heavy metals specifically excess iron, excess calcium and a lot of other minerals.

Prolonged Fasting or Intermittent Fasting is NOT Recommended to:
• Pregnant Woman
• Breastfeeding
• Very Thin Person / Person who wants to gain weight

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