Allergies Start from the Stomach: Here’s Why..

Allergies Start from the Stomach: Here’s Why..

Allergies Start from the Stomach: Here’s Why..

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so today we’re gonna talk about the connection between allergies and something going wrong in your stomach but it has to do with losing the acidity of the acid in your stomach normally the pH in the stomach should be between 1 and 3 that’s extremely acid in fact it’s a million times more acid than your blood and the purpose of this acid is number one to help you digest protein and by the way to have a true allergy there must be a protein involved and when you have undigested protein that goes down into the digestive system and if you have at the same time leaky gut it goes right in and your immune system starts tagging it in appropriately and creating a hypersensitivity creating analogy number two it the acid helps sterilize microbes okay I’m talking viruses bacteria yeast fungus Candida so if you’re consuming some of these microbes in the food that you’re eating they should be dealt with at the stomach level and not allowed to go deeper through the system where they can create all sorts of problems all right number three it helps you absorb minerals and we need minerals for so many different chemical reactions in the body but if you can’t absorb calcium magnesium selenium zinc copper iron your immune system will suffer and that alone can increase the susceptibility to getting allergies and even asthma so if you really look up the data on low stomach acids one of the terms you’re gonna run up against is called hypo chloride riah okay and you’re gonna see a bunch of symptoms that can occur from having low stomach acids one is gas indigestion burping bloating and right here allergies okay cause effect a deficiency of b12 increase Candida and then we have some a condition called SIBO small intestinal bacterial overgrowth where the microbes are growing in the small intestine instead of a large intestine and if your pH is too weak if your acid levels are too high too alkaline then it’s going to be really hard to kill off the microbes that could be invading and start growing into the small intestine and also acid reflux okay these are all the symptoms of low stomach acid here are some causes number one hypothyroidism number two a low salt diet why sodium chloride chloride is needed to make hydrochloric acid antibiotics and an acid also gastric by-pass can creates a situation because you’re altering the the volume of the stomach and then have something called h pylori which is a microbial infection which can inhibit gastric acids and low amounts of vitamin b3 so all of these have the potential to weaken the acid or create a deficiency of acid in your stomach now one test you can do to determine your ph of your stomach is the heidelburgh test now when I was practicing in my clinic there was a test that we would do involving taking a little capsule with a string on it okay and you’d have the person swallow this capsule with some water and you would hold the string outside the mouth and it would actually go all the way down to the stomach and we’d have them lay on their right side for about 15 minutes and then we pull up the string and then we would actually identify the ph of the little capsule okay so we can determine that and quite a few people who have these symptoms right here did not we’re not even close to having a ph of one two three they were like a four or even a five which is interesting now I couldn’t find this test anymore I don’t know where to get it so a much easier way to do this would be simply actually it’s even a lot cheaper to just to take the remedies to assume you have this and see if your allergies improve okay what are the two remedies betaine hydrochloride and apple cider vinegar these two remedies will help you acidify the stomach to reestablish the normal pH that you should have between one and three now in this video I’m not going to get into dosages or how long you have to take it because I don’t know your situation so go ahead and just read the directions on the label and just go with that right now but the point is that if your allergies are being triggered by this situation and you take these you’re gonna feel some relief all right thanks for watching so I want to thank you for being here and watching my videos if you haven’t already subscribed go ahead and do so so you can stay informed of future videos

This Post Was All About Allergies Start from the Stomach: Here’s Why...
Allergies Start from the Stomach: Here's Why..

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the connection between allergies and the stomach. It has to do with losing the acidity of the stomach which normally the pH of your stomach should be between 1 and 3.

Purpose of the Stomach Acid
• Help digest protein
• Sterilizes microbes (like viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus, candida, etc.
• Absorbs minerals

Hypochlorhydria Symptoms
• Gas
• Indigestion
• Burping
• Bloating
• Allergies
• B12 Deficiency
• Candida
• SIBO or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth
• Acid Reflux

Causes of Low Stomach Acid
• Hypothyroidism
• Low Salt Diet
• Antibiotic
• Antiacid
• Gastric bypass
• H. Pylori – Microbial Infection
• Low Vitamin B3

The Heidelberg Test is a test you can do to determine the pH of your stomach.

Remedies for Low Stomach Acid
1. Betaine Hydrochloride
2. Apple Cider Vinegar

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