After Eating Carbs – Drink Apple Cider Vinegar!

After Eating Carbs – Drink Apple Cider Vinegar!

After Eating Carbs – Drink Apple Cider Vinegar!

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you would think by most of the stuff that's out there that apple cider vinegar is helping aid in digestion and in a lot of ways it is but it's actually in some wrap around ways slowing down digestion that makes it so you could potentially enjoy more carbs so what i want to focus on is apple cider .

Vinegar's interplay with carbohydrate consumption not from a glucose modulation perspective but actually from a little bit more of what happens in the way of digestive enzymes it's very fascinating so if you have apple cider vinegar along with your carbohydrates keep doing it if you haven't done it yet it's not a bad idea to implement whether .

You're using a capsule or a liquid so let's break it down i want you to check out today's video sponsor which is thrive market you've probably seen them a lot on my channel they're an online membership based grocery store so you can go online you can just filter by exactly what you're after if you're after ketogenic if you're after paleo .

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Sustainable meat and seafood as well so i put a link down below you can save 25 off your first order and select a free gift when you use that link down below in the description so big thank you to thrive market now let's rock so the international journal of pharmacology published a fascinating study that kind of like got me thinking about this okay .

It was done in rats but it was still very intriguing so for four weeks they gave these rats apple cider vinegar what they found is that the digestive activity changed the activity of maltese sucrase and lactase in their guts decreased sounds so wild because people talk about how apple cider vinegar is going to .

Improve digestion and it is in a lot of weird ways but it's still decreasing the activity of these disaccharides now the whole idea behind this is these three compounds that the activity is decreased well they are disaccharides that ultimately break down into monosaccharides or help carbohydrates break down into monosaccharides so when .

These disaccharides aren't able to reduce they're essentially not turning into a simpler sugar i.e glucose so less activity from maltese sucrase and lactase means that carbohydrates are breaking down slower and they're not getting broken down into as simple of a sugar meaning less of a blood glucose .

Spike but also slower absorption that means more satiety that means less blood sugar you know spike more modulation there that means probably less like feeling hungry throughout the course of the day so when you look at how this works in terms of the mechanistic actions it's very very phenomenal okay well now let's touch on .

One other thing that has to do with carbohydrates there was a study that was published in the journal of biochemistry and biophysical research communications and it looked at a bunch of different things it was looking once again at rats but it was looking at an in vitro arm and an in vivo arm meaning they looked in petri dish studies and in the actual .

Body studies well it was interesting because they found that okay well yeah glucose modulation did take effect but what were some of the actions well one of the actions was that acetic acid again the primary constituent of apple cider vinegar in this particular case that we're focusing on actually improved glute4 translocation .

In the periphery tissues what the heck does that mean that means that glucose was utilized better in the tissues at the cell it meant that glut4 which normally is a glucose transfer that lives inside of a cell was able to translocate to the surface of a cell and glut4 is like a big net for glucose so when it's inside the cell .

Glucose just goes rushing by keeping blood glucose relatively high okay but when glut4 can actually translocate it goes to the surface of a cell and it catches the glucose and brings it in so how is acetic acid doing this well acetic acid acv whatever it's doing it through a pretty complex nitric oxide synthase pathway pretty complex nitric .

Oxide pathway that honestly is just still getting discovered but the bottom line is there's a potential improvement in how the tissues and the cells are using glucose so what does that mean well that means when you are potentially eating carbohydrates that maybe those sugars those carbohydrates get taken up by the cell better rather than .

Contributing to higher levels of glucose and then circulating and potentially leading to more body fat storage right so apple cider vinegar may really play a strong role if you want to consume it with carbohydrates again if you're not going overboard or maybe if you're having a cheat meal and you want to just kind of lessen the potential .

Impact a little bit more it's something to consider because the research is pretty darn solid anyhow as always keep it locked and here my channel and i'll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About After Eating Carbs – Drink Apple Cider Vinegar!.
After Eating Carbs - Drink Apple Cider Vinegar!

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