A Tip on Weight Training vs. High Intensity Cardio Exercise

A Tip on Weight Training vs. High Intensity Cardio Exercise

A Tip on Weight Training vs. High Intensity Cardio Exercise

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hi guys in this video we’re gonna discuss weight training versus cardio okay I’ve had some questions recently which one should I do well let’s just kind of discuss that now whether you’re doing weight training or you’re doing training without weights but you’re using your full body like push-ups pull-ups sit-ups squats things like that there’s two things going on with weight training and using your own body weight you’re using more of the body muscles but not as much as the heart cardial is about working in a heart okay now the problem is that the heart has a less capacity to handle stress and one of the biggest mistakes that people make is they do some type of exercise like the slamball where you’re taking this heavy ball and slamming it or plyometrics where you’re hopping back and forth or Sprint’s to the point where they really raise the pulse rate way up here and they don’t give give their body a chance to settle down enough so they’ll be might rest for 30 seconds and so the pulse rate comes way up and it comes down just a little bit and then they do it again comes in a little bit and do it again that is not healthy for the heart that puts the heart under a lot of stress especially if you’re in your 50s or even 60s or even 40s what would be much better is to sit down and let the pulse rate come way way down until you don’t feel it pounding off you’re out of your chest okay and that’ll take the stress off the heart and maybe do more workouts that exercise a lot of the muscles but not necessarily focus on the heart at first and then gradually work into it but anytime you’re doing the heart type cardio you want to spike the pulse rate but you want a lot more rest in between okay one of the best indicators for health is how fast the pulse rate can recover after one minute and so if you find that your pulse rate is not coming down fast enough then this applies to you if you’re 18 years old you can pretty much do whatever you want the other situation is the liver and the muscles have stored glycogen that’s sugar and what happens is when you workout you deploy the sugar and you can feel dizzy or weak from that so the sensation of you know overworking the heart is pretty much the same symptoms as when you deplete the glycogen so that’s another reason why you need to do keto in a minute fasting so you’re not relying on the stored sugar anymore so you don’t have this blood sugar thing so in summary the two things you need to do go easy on the cardio okay and do keto and intermittent fasting alright thanks for watching hey thank you so much for watching keep spreading the word and share this video

This Post Was All About A Tip on Weight Training vs. High Intensity Cardio Exercise.
A Tip on Weight Training vs. High Intensity Cardio Exercise

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Dr. Berg talks about weight training versus cardio. Cardio is about working the heart. A big mistake is to over train the heart versus the rest of the body. The pulse rate can spike the heart very high and if you do not let your heart rate come down enough, it could cause a lot of extra strain on the heart. This can effect sleep and create other problems. One of the best indicators for health is your recovery after 1 minute of exercise. I recommend you balance out your workout to a less cardio and more full body muscles until you can recover better and take excess stress off the heart.

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