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Realistic Eating: INTERMITTENT FASTING with Carbs – Meal Plan Starts Today!

Realistic Eating: INTERMITTENT FASTING with Carbs – Meal Plan Starts Today!

Realistic Eating: INTERMITTENT FASTING with Carbs – Meal Plan Starts Today!

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Realistic Eating: INTERMITTENT FASTING with Carbs – Meal Plan Starts Today!?

it is time for the january challenge and this time we're combining some keto with some fasting with some carbs that you can have the full metabolic flexibility approach so a little over a week ago i did the announcement video that broke this all down talked about like how we're doing this what's gonna happen now .

We have the whole diet structure so a couple quick housekeeping things first okay down in the description there is a link to a facebook group okay i know some people will be upset that it's facebook you don't have to join it that is a free facebook group just for banter just for community i'll be popping in there i just recommend it in terms of .

Being able to have community as you go through this share pictures of your food i really just want to create some fun and just a fun environment with it okay also there's going to be some basic things with this plan unlimited veggies okay you can have unlimited greens unlimited asparagus unlimited broccoli so it's not always .

Notated here but just know with whatever meal you have you can always add veggies i consider those a zero like a free food that you can have those in this case and then i'll kind of get into more of the details in just a little bit as we get through it so the way this breaks down is monday and friday are going to be your more aggressive fasting days .

Pretty long fasts like 18 hours which is going to seem like a lot but the neat thing is is even though our calories are relatively low on this day we kind of make up for it a little bit on wednesday which is still somewhat of a fasting day except on wednesday we're skipping dinner okay so wednesdays let your family know wednesdays you're gonna .

Sit there twiddling your thumbs no okay and then tuesday thursday saturday and sunday those are our keto days where we do not have carbohydrates in the picture unless you want them which i'll explain in a little bit uh so let's just go ahead and break it down and just remember this whole challenge is sponsored by butcher box huge thank you .

To them you can get your meat delivered to your doorstep from them grass fed grass finished beef super cool stuff really good lean chicken really cool options sockeye salmon all stuff you can use with this entire protocol so please do check them out and even if you don't want to necessarily use it for the challenge just because they are .

Supporting this channel and making this kind of challenge possible the best way you can give back to this channel is support them because that directly supports this channel as well so that link is down below in the description for butcher box enter whatever cuts of meat you want delivered to your doorstep easy peasy all right so on mondays and .

Fridays these are gonna be your 18-hour fasting days you can cut it down to 16 hours if you need to but just to kind of like give you the basics and just so you know like i'll put this all into a document too so i'll put that link down below too you can click on that and that way you can just download a pdf version of this so you're not having to like .

Screenshot this but this is for the explanation you can have black coffee tea et cetera okay no cream nothing like that you're fasted you can have electrolytes that's fine then when it comes time to break your fast eight ounces of chicken fish or one and a half scoops of either whey protein or pea protein okay .

Optional one scoop of collagen or you could have bone broth with it so basically you're breaking your fast with just clean protein that's it okay super easy this isn't a meal it's a strategy to break your fast then two hours later okay you're gonna be a little hungry you're gonna be hungry after you break your fast but two hours later 10 ounces .

Of lean beef is what i would prefer okay and then you have 10 ounces of sweet potato or 60 grams of carbs any carb that is not does not have gluten has to be gluten free that's like a huge prerequisite with this okay then two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and i know i don't necessarily like to combine fats .

And carbs a lot but when they're relatively low glycemic like a sweet potato i'm pretty okay with some olive oil especially given all the benefits of olive oil so long story there anyhow dinner okay so a few hours later 10 to 12 ounces of lean protein your choice again simplicity is the name here i'm trying to make it easy i know it seems .

Complex but the food choices are easy it's all about the timing here okay so here's where you do have to pay attention 0.25 grams of carbs per pound of body weight okay i don't want you just eating x number of carbs okay if you weigh 200 pounds then you would be having 50 grams of carbs okay one quarter of a gram of .

Carb per pound of body weight okay if you were 400 pounds that would be 100 grams of carbs so you see where i'm going with it okay 0.1 grams of fat per pound of body weight sounds complicated but that's a very easy metric to look at if i was 200 pounds and that tells me right there point one of that is 20 grams of fat .

Okay so that's what we're aiming for so 0.25 grams of carbs 0.1 grams of fat and then i want you any additional calories you feel like you need if you feel like you add up your calories and you're still too low i want you to add them by way of olive oil it sounds crazy but two tablespoons of olive oil is going to get you over like close to 250 calories one .

Hour post dinner have one ounce of like dark chocolate keto chocolate that doesn't have sugar in it optional supplements i'm not making this protocol about supplements but ones i would recommend would be taking an omega-3 some magnesium uh some tryptophan maybe a thousand milligrams of tryptophan and a good probiotic .

Okay so now we move into wednesday so this is monday and friday so then we have wednesday here's how wednesday looks this is called a skip dinner day it's still fasting in some ways but we're shifting the timing and there's a good reason behind this okay black coffee okay then you work out but then after your workout guess what this is .

Where you get to have some fruit half of a large apple okay this is to have a combination of fructose and glucose which i'll explain in a second too 30 grams of a high glycemic carbohydrate okay i would prefer in this case like bake a potato because when you heat it it's going to become high glycemic white rice if you are okay with grains .

Everybody's different but 30 grams of carbs coming from a higher glycemic carbohydrate like white rice baked potato along with half of an apple two different kinds of carbs are going to allow for better delivery of the protein and the carbohydrates into the muscle 35 grams from either a whey protein shake or a pea protein shake plus a scoop of .

Collagen optional okay this is what's important not necessarily the exact things but more so about the kind of the grouping of them do not eat until lunch you work out have that meal that's it then you go to lunch 10 to 12 ounces of lean chicken or some kind of poultry again one whole avocado okay we're getting the calories in here .

Two tablespoons of olive oil which tastes really good mixed up with avocado one cup of veggies i don't care what kind but predominantly like brussels sprouts baby broccoli things like that are perfect one ounce of cheese added on there so you see the calories add up you're looking pretty hefty amount of .

Calories there okay three hours later so if this lunch was around like say 12 p.m three hours later two three hours later around 2 3 p.m you're gonna have another six ounces of protein it sounds like you're stuffing yourself with a lot of food but you kind of are for good reason okay veggies again however much you want with one tablespoon of olive oil and two .

Tablespoons of a nut butter of your choice macadamia nut butter i'm even okay with peanut butter in this case let's just have fun okay then once that meal is done you fast so at 3 pm you're done eating okay no later than 3 p.m should you be eating you're skipping dinner one day a week it's all you have to do trust me when you're aligning .

Fasting with your circadian rhythm in different ways it's allowing diurnal rhythms to kind of match up you have the synchrocity of having the environmental cues working upon the circadian clock genes in your brain along with the peripheral tissues and the peripheral cues that are being casted upon by food and by timing of meals basically in .

Other words you are stopping eating before it gets dark so your body clocks can kind of synchronize you'll find sleep is good everything improves which is why i'm so big on adding the tryptophan in on this plan too i want you to focus on getting good sleep that's a big marker for me so we're fasting here so we stopped at .

Three we're fasting through to the next day in this case the next day would be a thursday but this plan applies for tuesday thursday saturday and sunday these days these three days your calories are pretty low they really are and you're fasting so i want to make sure we're compensating a little bit here in a proper strategy but black .

Coffee in the morning then you have electrolytes they're still good to go work out in a fasted state especially after this day because if you work out at 8 00 am and you stopped eating at 3 pm the day prior think about it you're already deep into a fast 16 17 18 hours into a fast for your workout talk about results right .

So post workout you get to have some fun here one cup of berries raspberries blackberries strawberries any kind of berries there half a cup of white rice or a half cup of mashed not literally like mashed potatoes but mashy potato okay red potato white potato that you've heated up and one and a half scoops of protein of your choice once .

Again okay one to two hours later 30 to 35 grams of protein okay your choice another 0.25 grams of fat per pound of body weight so again if i'm 200 pounds that's 50 grams of fat okay now what i do want to say is there's a little bit of a tolerable upper intake on this one if you're over 250 pounds i do not recommend that you .

Exceed say 60 or 65 grams of fat in one sitting okay so kind of note that if you're even 500 pounds you would still want to just cap it at that 65. i don't want too much it's too hard we don't have enough pancreatic lipase to really deal with that at one point in time especially with how our situation is here so in this case avocado and eggs .

Would be a great strategy for that you could have however many eggs and avocado to get you there it's perfect and then lunch okay lunch is going to be 8 to 10 ounces of in this case i said grass-fed grass-finished burger that's perfect because it's easy for lunch but you could substitute that with any other .

Kind of lean protein one cup of brussels sprouts or broccoli two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of in this case you can have peanut butter enjoy it two tablespoons sounds like a lot it is a lot of calories but i mean we're talking come on when you take one scoop of peanut butter you're probably having like four tablespoons realistically and .

Finally dinner okay we've got salmon so eight ounces if you're doing salmon if you're doing beef you're doing six ounces what i'm doing here is as the day goes on the meals are getting smaller so this dinner is a smaller meal to instill a better sleep pattern you can go two routes on this totally your call this can either be a total .

Keto day which i would recommend i think you're going to get best results if you let this be a keto day and these be days where you have carbs and even though this is you know not keto with this meal there's a lot of kind of nuancy stuff post-workout it's not really going to be a huge issue for you as far as ketones are concerned with .

This plan so what i would recommend with this dinner is go with some kind of keto side like have avocado have brussels sprouts with some oil on them have cauliflower rice with some sesame oil something like that if you have a carb option i would recommend you go with like eight ounces of sweet potato okay so you kind of have an option there .

You can cycle in and out of it and play around with what you want to do the most important thing that is here is the timing more than anything and again veggies are unlimited okay so this is all written out into a document that might make a little bit more sense but i want to be able to explain the method to the madness behind this whole challenge .

Remember the facebook group is there for all of us to be able to enjoy to be able to like get some motivation to be able to talk to people for me to hop in there and motivate people also i'll try to hop on some live broadcasts here on youtube so that we can all communicate and if you're watching this video later on after the challenge this all still .

Applies everything is still evergreen stays here forever the facebook group stays forever so you can hop in and join and don't forget to check out butcherbox and get your box down below i will see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Realistic Eating: INTERMITTENT FASTING with Carbs – Meal Plan Starts Today!.
Realistic Eating: INTERMITTENT FASTING with Carbs - Meal Plan Starts Today!

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COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!

COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!

COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!?

i am at costco and once again when it comes down to finding the ultimate keto items they're usually not labeled as keto so what i'm going to do is i'm going to find the best keto items at costco right now that you would never know are keto because .

They don't have a big old keto certified label on them they don't have keto plastered all over it they're not trying to over market it they're just good wholesome products that work well on keto so unless you know what you're looking for you wouldn't be able to find them so we're going to find the top keto products that are not labeled let's .

Keto let's rock okay this first one is this rouse or wrap i think rouse rousseau alfredo sauce i've tried this stuff it's pretty darn good it's not epic i mean it's not something that i would like seriously be writing home about but it is a good wholesome keto product so let me show you what this looks like okay so right now it's 9.99 .

For two of them which isn't a tremendous value but if we look at the ingredients definitely keto friendly take a look at this we've got milk cream parmesan cheese we've got salt disodium phosphate which really isn't a huge deal there yeah it's still a preservative but .

Modified cornstarch is the biggest issue here one thing you do need to know about modified starches is they are very high glycemic okay so a lot of times they do trigger an insulin spike but that was pretty far down the list and they're probably using that as a thickener so i'm not going to be too concerned about it now if we look at the macros .

Look at that okay we have three grams of carbs okay two of which are coming from the milk sugars because there's definitely no added sugar so it's going to have some lactose in there so this is a really cool find and definitely keto friendly a lot of times people just walk right by it and they automatically think they see tomato sauce too they think oh .

That's not going to work for me pasta is not going to work you put that over some spaghetti squash you put that over some like hearts of palm pasta you put it over it could work really really well now what's funny is right while we're here we can see this other marinara sauce that's from rouse now with marinara normally there's sugar added in .

It and i've talked about this one before i'm stoked on this because look if you look at the ingredients well first of all look at the carbohydrate count okay that's not bad six grams of carbs for a half a cup that's about your serving size really now let's see what the ingredients are okay this is what gets me pretty pumped .

When you look at it you see you've got italian whole roasted peel or whole peeled meat excuse me olive oil onions salt garlic basil black pepper and oregano so there's no added sugar the sugar is definitely just coming from the tomatoes i also like that the oil they're adding in it is olive oil okay so we get that rich oil methanol amine .

Which is called oea coming from the oleic acid of olive oil plus olive oil is full of antioxidants we've got hydroxytyrosol all these things that are tremendous monounsaturated fats and antioxidant compounds that don't just do good things for you in general but exponentially can improve how you activate fat adaptation okay ppr alpha .

So i'm a big fan of olive oil i don't think there's enough in this product to really like do anything crazy but it's still worth noting so definitely a tremendous keto product that is not labeled as keto this is what i do in my spare time like i i honestly like i'll go to the grocery store and i'll just see what's coming out on the market .

What's new like what's emerging what are people trying to pawn off as keto or paleo like what kind of you know nefarious acts are people up to but also what good products are coming out so let's keep looking all right now you would probably know tuna is probably a pretty good keto find right but there's a lot of things that people have .

To say about tuna okay they get upset about the mercury thing well there's some recent evidence that's starting to come out that's showing that because tuna is so high in selenium which is another powerful mineral it could potentially counteract some of the negative effects of mercury you see mercury binds to selenium and because .

The selenium content is so high in tuna that means that when you're potentially consuming them you know small amounts of mercury that is in tuna the selenium can bind to it and that could potentially allow it to be excreted metabolized better rather than going through its normal function which it's pretty hard to leave the body so let's take a look .

At the different kinds they have and let's take a look at which one might be the best chicken of the sea no that's not the highest quality one of the things you should know is that albacore if you look at the chart that's popping up on the screen right now albacore is much higher in mercury even if you're looking at .

That situation than say trunk light or skipjack okay so definitely something to be paying attention to also ahi is a little bit higher so you want to be paying attention ahi albacore maybe not the best ones to go with although i do like wild planet's whole like mantra about really being pole and line caught .

But i do like this yellow fin and it's in olive oil which here's the thing if you're looking to make like a sandwich or you're looking to kind of just enjoy tuna for the protein sake get it with water get the chunk light with water i would probably get in this case i don't see skipjack so i probably get this one this ahi wild .

Yellowfin a little bit higher mercury content but it's better than the chicken of the sea but if you want yellowfin and you actually want it with some olive oil the nice thing about this product check it out see if you can see that extra virgin olive oil sea salt so .

Why would i want it with oil well in this case i would say you can eat this straight out of the can you don't have like this you're realistically going to probably mix with mayonnaise or do something like that if you're getting tuna with olive oil you could have it straight out of the can i usually shy away from tuna in oil because usually .

It's cottonseed oil or rapeseed oil or soybean oil but i love it that's actually real extra virgin olive oil so here's the product again just so you can see it it's this portofino brand 9.99 for an eight pack which is pretty darn good that's pretty darn good price okay that's 27 just about 28 cents per ounce so a heck of a bargain too considering .

There's good quality olive oil check that out 8.99 these are california crazy inflated prices right for this thai kitchen organic coconut milk that's unsweetened looking for a coffee replacement or not a coffee looking for a coffee .

Creamer replacement looking for something to replace half and half heavy cream you can't really whip this stuff but look at the ingredients here we have where do we go here okay look at that okay only two grams of carbs okay and when you look at the actual ingredients pretty straightforward okay we have .

Organic coconut water and guar gum guar gum is just a thickener but it's also some i don't say it's an emulsifier but it's making it so that it doesn't totally separate this stuff if you were eliminating dairy or just trying to reduce dairy or even just trying to switch it up game changer okay now here's the thing .

Coconut also very rich in mcts okay so you've got those medium chain triglycerides so tremendous for stimulating ketone production ketogenesis but also mcts there's some cool studies that have shown that they can actually stimulate more thermogenesis they can stimulate your body's resting metabolic rate to be .

A little bit higher so you might actually get a little added benefit by adding that to your coffee instead of utilizing say half and half which i'm not opposed to half and half for heavy cream but just a heck of a good find i love when i come across something totally new something awesome check this out okay i just found .

Pura vida fire roasted brussels sprouts with bacon what is in here check this out okay we have now you're going to discover this with me it may or may not be good definitely going to buy this though unless it's terrible okay a mix of brussels sprouts and naturally smoked uncured bacon tossed in extra virgin olive oil let's .

See okay we got brussels sprouts we've got natural uncured bacon with no nitrites or nitrates added except for those naturally occurring awesome okay we've got a little bit of cane sugar probably in the bacon cultured celery juice natural flavors extra virgin olive oil .

Okay outside of the natural flavors that is a pretty darn good find really nothing terrible in there we got a little bit of sugar that's coming from the bacon but look we only have five grams of carbs and only one gram of sugar total including zero grams of added sugars which doesn't really add up it's a little confusing but it's .

Definitely in the bacon so i'm gonna get this because i think what i would like to do is i'd like to throw that in an air fly fryer here man i'm tongue twisted today an air fryer see we can come out of that you know why i like brussels sprouts i say keto item so much is because they are a cruciferous vegetable which i'm always trying to get .

More of okay they can really play a role in estrogen metabolism but they're also just tremendous tremendous when it comes down to being a great fiber for those bacteria that produce butyrate butyrate producers butyrate when it's in our gut is a short chain fatty acid so basically bacteria break down certain veggies and they .

Produce short-chain fatty acids that's right bacteria produce things that help us metabolize so there's evidence that shows that when we produce more butyrate more these short-chain fatty acids from good bacteria we can actually drive potentially drive ketone levels higher but more importantly we can improve fatty acid oxidation so outside .

Independent of ketosis driving fatty acid utilization just like the name implies means our body becomes better at utilizing fats that is always a good thing whether you are keto or not so i am stoked about this product definitely grabbing one of those ah we're in one of my favorite sections the bar section .

All right so much interesting stuff in the world of bars and honestly there's not a whole lot that i would recommend here i mean the protein bars from kirkland if we take a look talked about these a lot they really just kind of miss the mark the carb count is just too high it's just 22 .

Grams of carbs 10 grams of fiber stuff but you have 12 grams of carbs and then we have erythritol so it still puts you at 10 grams of carbs that's just that's just not going to fly on keto that's just really cutting it just i don't even want to say tad too close just a lot really that would just be aggressive so there's not a whole lot and we look at .

Like these uh pure protein bars yeah which is same kind of thing a bunch of sugar alcohols yeah that's not going to fly i think these even have multitol in them hydrolyzed collagen yeah maltitol see that that's a problem that's going to make you run into the bathroom especially if .

You overdo it definitely not a solid meal replacement i will say the sponsor of today's video just so that you know is a product called the good lovin bar so i want to make sure that i give them a massive shout out because when you look at the selection of bars in costco it just illuminates .

That it's really difficult to find good bars one of the ones that i've been using and again they're a sponsor on this channel and they haven't since i discovered them at aldi about i don't know a year ago they are in the refrigerated section of most grocery stores but you can use that link down below in the description if .

You want to save 20 persons off and try them out they are so pure and have such good products and i'm such good ingredients that they are in the refrigerated section there's no preservatives that's how a bar in terms of a whole food bar really should look now i know like there's been .

Other bars that have come through costco that are still really good like i'm still a fan of i love a good fats bar like phenomenal product i really really like it uh good loving bar in my opinion it's just different right it's a bar that you're going to find in the refrigerated section because it's not the kind that's just on the regular .

Shelf so it's just a whole different ballgame it's more of a meal replacement bar in the sense that it has a lot of what you need but it's also totally keto friendly and it's marketed towards keto because of that it's just really good my personal favorite i love the mint chocolate chip they're peanut butter and jelly i try to limit the peanut butter .

Flavoring just because i don't do a whole lot of peanuts but the peanut butter and jelly flavor oh my gosh and monk fruit stevia anyway so there's a link down below definitely recommend you check them out and a big thank you to them for sponsoring this content so that i can continue to do what i do okay and then we have my favorite nut of all time .

Which is the macadamia nut now macadamia nuts obviously not labeled as keto but really kind of developed a new name as being the keto nuts so it kind of goes without saying the thing i like about this product is macadamia nuts and sea salt it's all there is to it nothing else in it it's not roasted in any oil there's nothing weird and i do really .

Like something something i like about these look at how big those giant macadamia nuts are they're not gmo they're not adulterated there's nothing weird about them they're just big old giant macadamia nuts there's something so satisfying about them when they're like that dry roasted meaning they're not adding additional oils into it which .

Is something you definitely want to be paying attention to they do have a nice little selection of where they're sourced from which can sometimes be frustrating because you want to know the source not like a bunch of different places um but that being said the interesting thing about macadamia .

Nuts i'm going to get some more of these too macadamia nuts are not only phenomenal because they have a great omega-3 omega-6 profile they're actually very low in omega-3s and low in omega-6s making the ratio great they're rich in other fats like palmylic acid there's some interesting research i don't remember the journal right off hand that .

Shows that palmatolic acid can actually play a potential role in helping out with pancreatic beta cells meaning that it could play a role in helping insulin sensitivity which is good again not just for the ketogen independent of keto it's always a good thing to improve insulin sensitivity you know we're in this consistent battle against insulin .

Resistance in this country especially when i speak about the u.s but if you look at the data you start looking at pubmed and look at the research on macadamia nuts pulmonary acid omega-7 it's pretty fascinating stuff and i think we're just scratching the surface so not label this keto but definitely the keto knot you want to go .

For let me show you one more keto nut that i think is really powerful and that's going to be hey it's interesting someone ditched macadamia nuts for brazil nuts now the issue we face with brazil nuts is they're not as good of an omega-3 omega-6 profile but i don't want that to .

Dissuade you okay the omega-3 omega-6 ratio it's really there so that you don't just go completely overboard on omega-6s the way that you counterbalance it is make sure that you're getting omega-3s in place too okay the nice thing about brazil nuts is they're a very low phytic acid content so you're not having weird things that are .

Basically chelating minerals you want to like almonds even if you have too much of them cashews rich in phytic acid those are the ones that essentially are absorbing minerals in your gut and making it so you're not absorbing those minerals now with brazil nuts they're rich in you guessed it no you probably didn't maybe you did .

Selenium okay why do i like selenium well remember how i talked about the whole mercury thing if you are consuming a good amount of tuna having some brazil nuts with tuna can potentially help the higher your selenium levels the more things that you can chelate in the way of mercury now again i shouldn't say that like so .

Definitively because the data is done in mice right the studies are done in mice the data comes from that so i it's not saying that you're going to absolutely neutralize mercury but i do like what we're starting to see with selenium plus it's also really good when it comes down to thyroid support so .

There's another tremendous keto nut that isn't really marketed as a keto nut so much when i think it's man one of the best ah here's something awesome man not pushed as a keto product pumpkin seeds okay i really do like pumpkin seeds i like the zinc content of pumpkin seeds and i like this product because i don't know if you're familiar but organic .

Sprouted pumpkin seeds sprouted seeds are what you want to go for and you know what i like they're not pushing the keto thing here they're not twisting up marketing to try to just make it a perfect keto product but look at this four grams of carbs three grams of fiber that puts you at one gram of net carb that is a tremendous .

Keto like carb ratio so heck yes but why do i like them so much well the zinc for one thing tremendous for men when it comes down to testosterone uh great for immune support great for that but then there's some other pieces of the equation that we need to look at too when you're looking at sprouted nuts and sprouted seeds the .

Sprouting process makes them more expensive for one so you can expect a mark up there but the sprouting process breaks down the phytates and the oxalates which are usually pretty heavy in nuts and seeds and that is the people that are kind of opposed to nuts and seeds biggest agenda against them is oh the phytic acid the phytates the .

Oxalates uh because they chelate gut in the gut they chelate minerals if you sprout them that's not a problem okay so i always look for sprouted nuts and sprouted seeds and a lot of times i sprout them myself and it's kind of a pain to sprout them and make sure you get them sprouted properly so i love seeing that and that was a pretty good .

Bargain so go for the sprouted nuts and season you can especially on keto you'll find you don't get the digestive upset as much and long term i think you're going to be better off and you're going to feel a lot better when i made the decision to start really sprouting nuts a lot more it really changed how my gut felt i've suffered .

From ibs for well like two decades so anyhow just fun fact out of the selection of nut butters that we have here we have this new peanut butter we have their almond butter and we have nutso okay obviously the almond butter 5.79 that's a really good price okay one thing i will say at least the almonds .

Are roasted when you roast almonds you do break down some of the phytic acids right you do break that down so raw almond butter would be a little bit different so the fact that it's roasted is definitely better peanut butter i'm not the biggest fan of peanuts are technically a legume at least they're organic okay that's a .

Good value because you're getting two things there nutso is a great product look at the price though 14.99 for one now we have cashews almonds brazil nuts flax seeds chia seeds hazelnuts pumpkin seeds okay cashews very high in phytic acid almonds pretty high in phytic acid brazil nuts i love because of the .

Selenium right flax seeds and chia seeds especially flax flax has way more soluble fiber than chia does they're both great though and flax seeds just come with a tremendous amount of research showing that they are just tremendously good for the gut okay hazelnuts also rich in soluble fiber okay pumpkin seeds we get that zinc and .

We get the celtic sea salt okay so let's see in that little um you see right there that little like kind of crucifix sign that means uh dry roasted so the cashews are dry roasted the almonds are dry roasted the brazil nuts are dry roasted the flax seeds and the chia seeds are dry roasted okay and .

Organic so the only thing that's not organic in this looks like is the celtic sea salt so is it a great product it's a great product i just it's expensive 14.99 for that like that's not realistic right um but if you're really trying to make really good decisions on keto i would say that's .

Probably your best bet the only trepidation i have is the cashew butter that's just pretty high in fighter gas it's pretty hard to out do that in terms of uh just roasting the cashew anyhow ah here's one hemp hearts if you've seen my hauls before i've talked about these okay hemp hearts look .

At this people don't realize this okay two grams of carbs one of which is fiber one gram of net carbs in these hemp parts these organic kirkland hemp hearts where's the price on them we've got 1259 okay you can barely see that that's gonna last you a long time if you mix a .

Little bit of these guys along with a little bit of these guys it's actually a really cool like you can add a little bit of hot water a little bit of those hemp parts a little bit of flax meal a little bit of chia let it kind of cook for a little bit makes an oatmeal that you can eat it is you can also rub it on your body .

Whatever right it's kind of funny that i said make an oatmeal that you can eat what else are you going to do i guess when i was a kid and i got poison oak really bad which i used to always get uh there were these oatmeal baths that you could take you could like put oatmeal in your bath and like you pat this weird oatmeal on .

Your skin where you have a rash so i guess you could do that but probably wouldn't really work with keto oatmeal anyway hem parts like if you're doing especially like a plant-based keto great way to get those methane those sulfur aminos there's these things called sulfur aminos that are really difficult to get sometimes uh hard to .

Get in your in your diet and you need them to make up your full essential amino acid profile to build muscle and to really allow your cells to recover and allow your body tissues to recover and things like that without those sulfur aminos that you would get from like hemp and things like that it's really hard to have that full spectrum .

Essential amino acid profile that you need so they're always good to add in if you're not eating a lot of meat um if you're just kind of doing a lower protein keto they're just a great thing in general so they're not marketed as keto in fact they're marketed much more as just a plant-based item but they're .

Great for anyone that's on keto or for anyone that's really just trying to increase their fiber increase their protein content and just get a little bit more substance sorry no no you're good man i was just turning up i thought i subscribed to you awesome brother dude i'm sorry no no i'm literally just filming some costco stuff .

Dude you're good man you helped me lose like 20 pounds awesome brother you local you live around here yeah awesome around here yeah okay cool see man that's awesome i love when that happens i don't even heard this guy uh you know didn't put him on camera or anything but yeah ran into me says hey man i follow you lost 20 pounds watching .

Your videos i love this stuff i mean that's a good way to end the video so if you uh were watching this video to its entirety you get to see that which was awesome or hear it at least as always keep it locked here on my channel i'm gonna try to find some more things but you know they're really catching on they're starting to throw .

The key to label on stuff and these are things that i showed you today that i buy things that i would put in my pantry things that i would put in my house because i always go for the things that aren't labeled as keto because once just like just like anything once it gets popular once people figure it out it kind of takes .

The fun out of it right anyhow i'll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!.
COSTCO Hidden Items You’d NEVER Know are Keto Friendly!

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8:18 – Cruciferous Vegetables
9:14 – Bars
10:16 – 20% Off The Good Lovin’ Bar using Code ORGANIC20
11:43 – Macadamia Nuts
13:34 – Brazil Nuts
15:04 – Pumpkin Seeds
16:50 – Nut Butters
18:49 – Hemp Hearts

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Running vs Cycling for Fat Loss – What’s More Effective?

Running vs Cycling for Fat Loss – What’s More Effective?

Running vs Cycling for Fat Loss – What’s More Effective?

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Running vs Cycling for Fat Loss – What’s More Effective??

This Post Was All About Running vs Cycling for Fat Loss – What’s More Effective?.
Running vs Cycling for Fat Loss - What’s More Effective?

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

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1:55 – HIIT vs Continuous Cardio
4:31 – Running vs Cycling for Fat Loss
6:34 – Running vs Cycling – Differences
8:28 – Cycling Benefits
10:06 – Recap

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Vitamin D Reduces Negative Effects of Stress – Really Cool Research!

Vitamin D Reduces Negative Effects of Stress – Really Cool Research!

Vitamin D Reduces Negative Effects of Stress – Really Cool Research!

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Vitamin D Reduces Negative Effects of Stress – Really Cool Research!?

there's a ton of videos talking about vitamin d and mood but i'm not really interested in talking about the mood because it can be very like subjective to talk about oh vitamin d helped these people say that they feel better well okay yes there is a lot of validity because there's a lot of volume of those .

Studies but i actually want to talk about like more hard data and mechanistic action with vitamin d and mental stress and can vitamin d having sufficient amounts of vitamin d potentially help protect you from the negative impacts of mental stress it's pretty wild stuff so let's go ahead and let's break it down so to first .

Understand we actually have to look at a study that takes a look at the heart which sounds kind of wild right what we're going to look at is a study that took a look at what's called mental stress induced myocardial ischemia myocardial ischemia is where you have a restriction of blood flow to the heart which results in a lack of oxygen which .

Can be very bad right so when you take a look at people that have existing risk factors with like coronary artery disease you can look at hard data with vitamin d and get some pretty good solid results so this at least gives us something a little bit more tangible than looking at vitamin d levels being low or .

High and then giving someone a questionnaire on their mood not saying that's bad it's just not as concrete now there are some things we already know about vitamin d that could have to do with stress and even the heart right vitamin d definitely plays a role with the metabolism of what are called catecholamines okay catecholamines are .

Our stress response like our adrenaline our epinephrine things like that when we don't metabolize catecholamines right it means that they are more circulating when there shouldn't be circulating there are fight or flight response so sure we want them to be there when they need to be there but if vitamin d plays a role in the metabolism of those .

Catecholamines that could play a role in how it impacts our stress levels and our body's response to stress even at the cardiac level the other one that's discussed a lot is vitamin d and the endothelial function okay vitamin d plays a role in how our like vascular system sort of responds to stress too i'm not going to focus so much on that .

One because that's not my wheelhouse but i do want to dive into a study it's pretty interesting it was published in the journal psychosomatic medicine took a look at 255 individuals with coronary artery disease and again it was setting out to measure mental stress induced myocardial ischemia mental stress that induced reduced blood flow to the heart .

So what they did is they gave them a mental stress situation they put them under mental stress and they were imaging their heart so they were able to see when they are under stress what's it doing to their heart okay now before they took this test they measured their vitamin d levels okay so of this whole group of 255 people 12 .

Percent of them ended up with myocardial ischemia they ended up having restricted blood flow to the heart not a good thing right but of those 12 percent a huge number of them just so happen to be the ones that were deficient in vitamin d correlation does not equal causation but what the researchers did is they said .

Let's adjust for confounding factors so they adjusted for all kinds of things that could be at play different variables and still it ended up with wow lower vitamin d levels seem to be linked with less ability to deal with mental stress those that had sufficient levels of .

Vitamin d seemed to be the ones that were able to withstand mental stress without the ischemia without the negative impact well that's really flabbergasting well what the heck is the mechanism right like or what's going on it likely has to do with serotonin vitamin d plays a very powerful role .

With serotonin and we'll talk about that in just a minute but i want to jump over to some foods for a minute let's specifically focus on fatty fish in this particular case we're probably looking at things like salmon we're looking at things like sockeye salmon uh keto salmon all kinds of stuff like that sardines we're looking at even tuna to .

Some degree although it's not a fatty fish but there's still some omega-3s in it we're looking at like mackerel all the high like omega-3 vitamin d rich fish and by the way if you're gonna eat fish you really should try to get the ones that have like a little bit of the bones in it i know it sounds crazy and even .

The skin because you have more vitamin d in that getting vitamin d from a whole food form i'm going off on a tangent a little bit is always better because you have the vitamin a that's alongside it they kind of work in tandem okay and you're allowing just all these different things to take place in a little bit more of a biological way so anyhow let's .

Look at this data so fatty fish because of the vitamin d seems to be linked with higher heart rate variability now heart rate variability is a measurable metric that tells you your ability to deal with stress in a lot of ways a higher heart rate variability means that your heart has the flexibility to accommodate a stressor whether it be a workout mental .

Stimulus whatever a lower heart rate variability means you're really sitting in the sympathetic nervous system and your body doesn't have a lot of give so this study was published in the journal psychophysiology took a look at 47 participants they had a fatty fish group and a non-fatty fish group and it turns out at the end of the study that the .

Fatty fish group had a higher high frequency heart rate variability score and they ended up measuring better in terms of dealing with mental stress so does that mean that going out and eating a piece of salmon or can of sardines is magically going to fix all your issues no it certainly doesn't but it kind of continues to beg the question .

Is it a vitamin d situation that is at play there people that are maybe deficient in vitamin d so when you look at vitamin d like with sardines and everything like that you're also looking at other things right you have omega-3s that are in the mix you have all these other things that have been shown in research to be good for the heart i want .

To get into the mechanisms in just a second i will say today's sponsor is a company called thrive market and the reason i mention them is if you're looking for things like sardines or you're looking for even like salmon jerky or mackerel or anything like that i would definitely recommend you check them out they're a .

Sponsor on this channel they have been for a number of years but there's a link down below so that way if you want to try out thrive market you can save 25 off your first order but also get a free gift and you do use that link down below i mean you don't just have to get fatty fish you can get all kinds of things all the pantry staples you want macadamia .

Nuts stuff like that and again that link is going to save you 25 off your first order so definitely recommend you check them out and a big thank you to thrive market for the continued support on this channel as well so use that link down below so there's a lot of ambiguity when we look at stress and mood because it's obviously confounding factors right .

So we take those into consideration but i do want to address the mechanistic action of vitamin d and serotonin so a lot of our ability to deal with stress comes with the proper functioning of our serotonin pathways serotonin is the neurotransmitter that helps us feel good helps us feel calm and relaxed so where .

Does vitamin d come into play the active form of vitamin d3 is signaled through a region of our brain called the vdr okay now this signal impacts the gene expression of a couple of different things in this particular case it's affecting the expression of what's called tryptophan hydroxylase this is something that is very important is an .

Enzyme that is important for the proper really combination of tryptophan to ultimately make serotonin i don't know if you know this but tryptophan the amino acid that's in a lot of meat and turkey things like that is a real solid building block of serotonin okay so vitamin d3 affects the gene expression of the enzyme that allows us to use .

Tryptophan so if we're potentially low in vitamin d3 we are potentially not able to synthesize as much of that or utilize that much of the tryptophan this situation affects the gene expression of what is called a serotonin reuptake transporter now you've probably heard of serotonin reuptake inhibitors you've heard of ssris a transporter is similar .

It's just what allows the transport of serotonin and allows the transport of that reuptake so long story short if we are messing these pathways up we are messing up the ability to create serotonin all the way down to what's called the maoa and everything like that too so we're disrupting a pathway to create serotonin this can not only .

Affect your mood but it can potentially affect sleep too because if we're not creating serotonin serotonin is a precursor to melatonin so it is a little bit of one of those situations like which came first the chicken or the egg are you not sleeping well and then you're stressed out and that's affecting things or your serotonin levels low and .

You're not producing melatonin and not sleeping well you can see how you can just go on and on and on but a common denominator that continues to rear its ugly head seems to be low levels of vitamin d okay now i'm not a doctor i'm some guy on the internet but i can probably make the solid suggestion that adding a little bit of fatty fish or .

Adding some good vitamin d in a natural sourced way is probably not a bad thing when you consider that a lot of people in the world especially in america are deficient in vitamin d so as always keep it locked and here on my channel and i'll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Vitamin D Reduces Negative Effects of Stress – Really Cool Research!.
Vitamin D Reduces Negative Effects of Stress - Really Cool Research!

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6:19 – Vitamin D, Serotonin & Sleep

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Do Carbs Stop Fat Loss After Eating Them?

Do Carbs Stop Fat Loss After Eating Them?

Do Carbs Stop Fat Loss After Eating Them?

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Do Carbs Stop Fat Loss After Eating Them??

what happens to your fat loss right after a high carb meal does it come to a screeching halt does it change your whole dynamic of how your body uses fuel in some ways it does we're going to take a little walkthrough of what happens after we ingest a bunch of carbohydrates after this video check out today's .

Sponsor which is unbun if you are trying to watch your carb intake unbun is amazing okay they are keto friendly bread i'm someone that's been doing keto off and on for about 11 years now so having a keto bread available that's made with psyllium made with flax made with egg whites is pretty darn awesome so they have sliced bread the greatest .

Things that sliced bread if you ask me then they have bagels they have tortillas they have all kinds of cool things and there is a special link down below where you can get a nice little discount because you're watching this video and because they are a sponsor so that link down below in the description you hit that little drop down and it's .

Going to populate and you can click on that and it'll save you a few bucks if you use that code and use that link so unbun you can also find them at whole foods so if you're you know shopping at whole foods you go to the frozen section they're going to be there kind of next to some of the gluten-free breads and things like that but they are a friendly .

Bread so make sure you check them out after this video and a big thank you to them for the continued support remember carbohydrates are not the enemy here okay i consume carbohydrates i periodically cycle in and out of keto i'm not saying they're bad but we do need to understand the physiological shifts that occur and even the metabolic .

Shifts okay the key determinant of if we are going to use carbs as a fuel source is the level of carbs in our body okay our body is going to prefer to use carbs if those carbs are present right if we are eating carbs you can bet your bottom dollar the body is going to want to utilize them okay if you are predominantly eating .

Fats and not a lot of carbohydrates then yes your body might preferentially start leaning into the fats so there are some systems that take place because our bodies really shouldn't be having high levels of glucose and high levels of fats in the bloodstream at the same time it doesn't typically work like that so right when we consume a carbohydrate .

Our pancreatic beta cells produce insulin okay we've all heard of insulin before but what that insulin does is it goes around and opens the cellular gateway it opens the doors of the cell to allow the carbohydrates that we just consumed in pretty cool right yes that's awesome okay and then one of the first things it does is it allows our .

Peripheral tissues our muscles everything throughout the course of the body our tissues to soak up the carbohydrates and it does this by encouraging what's called glute4 translocation so glute4 is like a big net that catches the carbohydrates it usually lives inside of a cell but once insulin comes a knocking that glut4 .

Comes to the surface of the cell casts the big net and starts grabbing the carbohydrates to improve and increase what is called glycogenesis where we take carbohydrates and we store them as glycogen this is a phenomenal thing and it makes it so our blood sugar doesn't go sky high but if we're not insulin sensitive this doesn't happen very well .

But we're talking about a normally you know semi-healthy person here the next thing that happens is the liver level we go through hepatic glycogenesis where the liver takes up carbohydrates and stores them as glycogen again a phenomenal thing now remember when we are just using fuel like our storage fuel our stored form of carbohydrates .

The first part that your body is going to burn through is going to be the liver glycogen do not believe stuff out there that says like you immediately start pulling from your muscle glycogen your body will deplete your liver glycogen before it really has a strong desire to burn through the muscle glycogen the muscle glycogen will replete the liver .

Glycogen meaning the muscle glycogen those carbohydrates they don't go immediately into the cell they go into the tissue or they go into the bloodstream and then they go into the liver and then they so they kind of go through like a staging okay anyhow that's not the point here the next piece that's very important okay .

The carbohydrates will bring lipolysis to a stop okay what does that mean it does mean that when you consume carbohydrates you have a temporary stop in fatty acid oxidation that doesn't mean that you won't lose weight but it does slow down the rate in which you are utilizing fats as a fuel source so does that mean that fat loss comes to .

A screeching halt in some ways kind of when you do consume the carbohydrates it is going to slow that process down okay because what ends up happening is the insulin binds to an insulin receptor on the fat cell okay and here's kind of what happens within that category so like the insulin comes in it binds to the fat cell and yeah it stops the fat .

From being liberated into the bloodstream but there's a deeper process that occurs when the insulin binds to the fat cell it activates something called protein kinase b this protein kinase b then blocks what is called cyclic adenosine monophosphate cyclic adenosine monophosphate is what would allow protein kinase a to allow .

Hormone-sensitive lipase to liberate fatty acids off of the glyceride backbone from a triglyceride that is brain exploding okay essentially what that means is we cannot burn fat outside of hormone-sensitive lipase hormone-sensitive lipase acts upon a fat cell to allow it to be liberated if we are stopping hormone-sensitive lipase we .

Are stopping the liberation of fats so fats no longer get liberated into the bloodstream that does not mean that we're not ever going to lose weight but it does mean that right when insulin is activated the fat liberation does come to a screeching halt additionally we have an increase in lipoprotein lipase or lpl lipoprotein lipase encourages a .

Fat cell to take in more fat okay so what does that mean well that means when you're consuming a bunch of carbohydrates with a bunch of fats you have an insulin spike that is making it so that lipoprotein lipase could take those fatty acids from what you just ate and soak them up more now there's a lot of disbelief behind that some people .

Will say combining fats and carbs isn't that big of a deal and in moderation it really isn't but when you start looking at cakes and pies and things like that that all have a bunch of sugar and a bunch of fat yeah you could probably guess that this could be happening so when you eat a carbohydrate your body is going to do what it can to allocate the .

Carbohydrates properly burn them if necessary slow down fatty acid utilization so it can prioritize the carbs and that could be slowing down your fat loss that does not mean and again i'll say it again that you should avoid carbohydrates if you're doing keto that's a different discussion okay but you do have to remember that .

Consistently munching on carbohydrates throughout the day might be getting in the way of how your body utilizes fat you can still lose weight but you might not be losing the right kind of weight okay so pay attention to that monitor the signs and there you go i'll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Do Carbs Stop Fat Loss After Eating Them?.
Do Carbs Stop Fat Loss After Eating Them?

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

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1:16 – What Happens When You Eat Carbs
3:52 – Do Carbs Immediately Stop Fat Loss?

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Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation)

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation)

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation)

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation)?

we want to get fat adapted fat adaptation means that our cells are using fats better okay it means that our cells know how to rev up the machinery to metabolize and process fats better as a fuel source the more fat adaptation that we have the more likely we are to .

Utilize fats as fuel it's definitely beneficial so now we see that acetic acid which is the primary component in apple cider vinegar may activate the primary switch that allows us to get fat adapted meaning we might be able to get there faster this is epic news hey after this video check out today's sponsor which is .

Thrive market thrive market's an online membership based grocery store if you've watched my channel for a while you know i've been talking about them for years okay they're where i get all of my pantry staples these days or almost all of my pantry staples i order from thrive shows up in my doorstep within a couple of days and i've got all my keto .

Essentials for my kind of lifestyle but if you're paleo if you're vegan whatever you're doing you can find things for you just by checking the box it's like an all-in-one stop it's easy so anyhow there's a link down below that'll save you 25 off your first order plus you get a free gift when you go through that link down below so big thank you to .

Thrive for supporting this channel making this content possible and thanks to you for checking them out so it all comes down to am pk okay ampk is the energy sensor in our body okay so what that means is if you were doing uh keto or if you were fasting or if you were exercising your body would say okay .

There's no glucose or we have a decline in glucose that's available it's decreasing that means we need to release fuels to keep this person live right so ampk is like the signal for that ampk is sitting there monitoring our body saying uh wait a minute that person's exercising and their glucose is dropping hey quick liver release glucose hey .

Quick muscles release glucose or if they're fasting hey quick body start releasing lipids release fat from the tissue because this person is not eating so it's kind of like the messenger but it's also the signal it's i mean or really just like the sensor okay well apple cider vinegar or acetic acid main component of it can .

Drive up ampk in fact in a study that was published in biochemical and biophysical research communications in an in vitro study they found that rat hepatocytes so liver cells from rats that were treated with acetic acid within one hour there was a 40 increase in phosphorylation of ampk so what that means is a 40 increase in the body .

Saying we need to release fuels we want the body to release fuels okay it's the idea of fat burning right we want the body to say we don't need this fat on our body release it so ampk when we're hungry in between meals fasting whatever that's going to drive that up so a 40 increase in phosphorylation of ampk even in an in vitro study gets me pretty .

Excited but then when you start looking at some pathways of what it can do it's even more fascinating one of the potential ways that it was doing this was by increasing fatty acid utilization but also decreasing lipogenesis so that means that it was potentially decreasing the amount of fat that could get stored and increasing the amount of fats that .

Were liberated well when ampk is activated acutely pretty strong or for a long enough period of time it activates something called p-p-a-r alpha now if you watch a lot of my content you're already familiar with it but i'll just break it down real quick ppar alpha is a nuclear receptor protein and when that protein is .

Activated it travels to the center of a cell and it travels to the command center to the nucleus of a cell and it says hey cell get better at using fats because i'm here now and i'm the fat guy so it comes into the middle of the cell it says get better at using fats so when we activate ppar .

We are potentially making ourselves much more of a fat burning machine what this does is additionally it increases what's called carnitine palmitoyl transferase one carnitine pulmonary transferase two it increases what's called cd36 which is like a lipid transporter so it doesn't just help the cell use and burn fat it helps the whole process in between what .

Carries the fat what carries the fat across the membrane what gets the fat into the mitochondria to be utilized properly is you know acetyl coenzyme a it is a very fascinating process but what about fat adaptation well in order to get fat adapted you need to have ppar alpha activated for prolonged periods of time a quick activation of ppar alpha is .

Great but that doesn't really mean that your body is developing the mitochondrial machinery to over the long term be better at using fats for lack of a better term you want to be marinating your cells in fat you want to be you want them to really get conditioned the longer and the more efficiently that they use fats the .

Better and more likely that they will use them in the future so consistent use of apple cider vinegar can help increase that am pk level but also make it so that if you're doing like a lower carb protocol you might have a little bit more flexibility with your carbohydrates or if you're fasting you might be able to get to that fat adaptation phase a .

Little bit faster this is very groundbreaking stuff when you start looking at how this research works with ppar alpha and ampk very fascinating and could be a game changer for some people it doesn't mean that apple cider vinegar is absolutely like magic but it means that we do need to start investigating different things that activate ppar and .

Also things that drive up ampk and if that 40 increase in the in vitro setting applies to humans even half of what that is i am all in so anyway as always keep it locked in here on my channel in case you're wondering for the specific use case i would take apple cider vinegar in the morning and apple cider vinegar .

Before bed and then try finding different ways to implement and use a straw save the teeth see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation).
Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation)

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

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This video does contain a paid partnership with a brand that helps to support this channel. It is because of brands like this that we are able to provide the content that we do for free.

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1:22 – AMPK & Fat Adaptation
2:13 – Apple Cider Vinegar & AMPK

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Why Glucose is The MOST Important Thing to Track for Fat Loss & Longevity

Why Glucose is The MOST Important Thing to Track for Fat Loss & Longevity

Why Glucose is The MOST Important Thing to Track for Fat Loss & Longevity

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Why Glucose is The MOST Important Thing to Track for Fat Loss & Longevity?

We get up in the morning we step on the scale we look at our weight sometimes we even step on fancy devices that measure our body fat and we look at all these metrics we get frustrated because the results are slow and because we're not getting like the quick immediate visual feedback that we need it's slow to measure where our weight is going and .

There's nothing that's really giving us that whole like wide spectrum view on our lifestyle changes in our weight loss that we want glucose is the thing that you should be looking at okay now as someone that has talked about lower carb protocols for a long time i think it's even more important than measuring ketones i think it's more important than .

Stepping on the scale every day i think looking at your glucose can tell you so many things about how you respond to specific foods how your body responds to stress how your body responds to exercise and that can pave the way for your bio-individual personalized approach that you take for a lifestyle there's things that we .

Need we need data okay lots of data to understand ourselves we need a visual representation so we can remain motivated we need to see a change that's why we get blood tests done that's why we do these things right but then we also need to understand that bio-individuality okay let me explain the importance of that with some studies .

And then we'll get into sort of the biochemistry of how the glucose and insulin relationship could actually help you burn more fat if you use it right so there's a study that's published in the journal diabetes care that found when people actually tested their glucose even with a finger prick test multiple times per day it led to significant .

Improvements in their overall diabetes outcomes but also led to much better food choices not a huge surprise but the reason behind this is pretty simple it's kind of the method to my channel too it's with education comes adherence people watch my channel because they want to learn and when they learn they feel like they adhere better it's plain .

And simple but when you learn how you respond to a food then you adhere better maybe you don't eat that food or you do eat that food okay now there was another study that looked at monitoring this via a continuous glucose monitor okay i wear one okay i'm not saying everyone needs to go out and get one but it's pretty cool okay so this study when they were .

Wearing a continuous glucose monitor 800 people okay they had them eat different foods they found that some people had a pretty big glucose and insulin response to a simple banana some people had none okay same banana same batch of bananas right okay but then when you looked at cookies it was the same kind of thing it was .

Like i could eat a cookie and not have this crazy glucose response but bob sit next to me could have a cookie and have a big old spike get a bigger spike in insulin and then a big old drop the point is huge bio-individuality now i'll digress for just one second to say that the researchers concluded that more than likely it had to do with the microbiome .

With this okay they found that when the microbiome was more diverse there were more what are called short chain fatty acids which can help out with glucose signaling they actually act as a ceiling device that help with glucose utilization in the body help the muscle take up glucose this isn't a microbiome topic my point in saying that is my .

Microbiome is totally different than yours we could be eating the same thing but our lifestyle factors influence that and that influences how we respond to foods so when we monitor our glucose we see how we respond in our dynamic in our life and that teaches us a ton now why biochemically does this matter when it comes to fat loss well let me explain .

Something okay when you consume food and you have carbohydrates you have a spike in glucose and then after that you have a drop okay well a couple of things happened there was an interesting study so this study was published in the american journal of clinical nutrition okay and it gave subjects either a high glycemic food or a low glycemic food and .

No surprise the high glycemic food led to a 2.4 x greater insulin curve right so there's more of a response not really surprised there but what was interesting was when they looked under functional mri scan they saw the high glycemic food same amount of carbohydrates same amount of food just high glycemic versus low glycemic the high glycemic triggered .

Much more activity in what's called the nucleus accumbens regions of the brain this is a region of the brain that is like the reward system the brain got it treated it like it was a drug it saw that and it it reacted triggering sort of almost a property that would make you want to go back to that because it lit .

That portion of the brain up so much not to mention observationally subjective hunger scores were significantly higher okay again high glycemic triggering the brain to light up you want to eat more but let's talk fat loss for just a second specifically at the cellular level when you eat okay glucose goes up typically okay and then .

It comes back down because of the response to insulin in between our meals is where we burn fat that's when we burn fat okay people get confused and they think every time they eat they're revving up their metabolism no every time you eat that's stopping fat loss not saying you shouldn't eat but that stops the actual .

Fat loss process after the insulin levels come back down blood sugar stabilizes or drops then glucagon another hormone comes up glucagon then activates something called hormone sensitive lipase basically glucagon triggers a cascade of fat being broken down into individual fatty acids that can be burned for fuel .

This cannot happen in the presence of insulin so what this tells us is like if we are monitoring our glucose via finger stick or maybe we're using a device we can see when our glucose levels are stabilizing or getting lower and we can capitalize on that normally when you have a dip in glucose you want to eat and you probably will eat left your own .

Devices but if you can understand oh no i'm just having a dip right now if i don't act on this i can actually capitalize and possibly burn some fat or you can go for a walk and stabilize and utilize glucose and get everything to kind of regulate again and possibly burn some more fuel as a result so left to our own devices these glucose .

Drops can be hugely detrimental okay not saying you go out and purposely get a glucose drop but when we can have a visual representation of it and see it and have data we can do a lot more with it and allow ourselves to manipulate that insulin glucagon level a little bit more now today's video is sponsored by a continuous glucose monitor company .

Called cygnos okay they're a company i have been using for quite a while very cool organization if you're interested in obtaining a continuous glucose monitor you should definitely check out cygnus what they are is an organization that has made it possible for regular people to go and consult with a doctor be able to have a quick teleconsult and .

Be able to get a continuous glucose monitor for weight management or for a multitude of other reasons outside of just the usual continuous glucose monitor needs right very very cool i've been using them for over a year it's changed my game i can see my exercise i can see all these things i monitor different foods that i .

Eat i know what potentially kicks me out of ketosis and what doesn't it's just opened up my eyes okay so it's a huge huge thing there is a link down below for you to check them out you can go to cygnos.com thomas cygnos.comthomas revolutionary seriously taking the world by storm some really big news that just .

Came out over the last couple of months with them if you just do a quick google search anyway that link is down below and a big thank you to cygnos for allowing me to create awesome content surrounding this and also i have a lot more with this video but if you have ideas for continuous glucose monitor content put them in the comments section .

Below like if you want to see my response to given foods i can do videos on hey here's what happens when i eat this here's what happens when i eat that could be really cool what makes signo super unique is that it's not just a continuous glucose monitor it's not just access to that it has an entire system to help you track your food see how you .

Respond to food know when to exercise know when your glucose is spiking and it helps coach you through and then it's algorithmically driven so it learns as you go so you start to learn how you respond to given foods and how you respond to given exercise it's kind of like having a blood glucose coach it's .

Not just monitoring your glucose so the entire cygnus app makes that entirely possible which is really what makes this so unique it's not just a regular continuous glucose monitor cygnus is in this for the long haul so it's not about just getting a quick snapshot in time it's about taking that snapshot and then doing something with it and helping .

People truly change their lifestyle it's seriously one of the most awesome things i've ever seen so that links down below comment down below too let's talk about those glucose dips for just a second again okay there's a study published in the journal nature metabolism took a look at 1070 people okay they gave them over 8 000 standardized meals okay and .

Over 71 000 ad libitum meals they tracked okay that means 71 000 meals that were just they could eat whatever they wanted to okay they found some interesting things when they looked at their glucose the greater the glucose drop the more that they ate over the next 24 hours so even after one meal if they had .

A big glucose drop that was directly correlated with eating more over the next 24 hours one bad meal essentially that can drop your glucose and have this big spike and crash can lead to you eating more now there's a lot of reasons behind that obviously when we talk about the brain and everything like that but let's look at another study that's .

Published in the annals nutrition metabolism okay this looked at a similar thing they looked at a higher fiber cereal versus corn flakes okay in this case the corn flakes spiked the glucose much higher and had a sharper crash right they also found that with the corn flakes .

Leptin was three times lower leptin is the signaling hormone okay it is the signaling hormone that communicates with the brain to say burn fat if leptin is higher then the brain revs up the metabolism so when leptin was low like this it made basically made it so the satiety hormone wasn't as functional leading to .

Of course eating more so yes by having these drops you can absolutely manipulate negatively how your body responds but again if you can control it and understand what's doing it you can either mitigate the damage or avoid the situation altogether the other thing we have to look at is not just about food sometimes we're .

Under stress and we don't realize it but when we're under stress it's a natural response for our glucose to go up okay cortisol all these fight-or-flight responses trigger the release of glucose they trigger the liver to produce more glucose via gluconeogenesis so our glucose goes up even without eating food okay .

Normally under a like natural circumstance if we get stressed we would go run or fight or something we don't do that anymore because we get stressed and we just sit there and boil that's not good because our glucose goes up with nowhere to go this can of course lead to potential insulin resistance it can lead to a multitude of .

Negative things but if we can again look at our glucose and be able to monitor this think about what that can do okay eating high carb foods in an already high glucose setting would not be the best thing to do maybe your impulse is to say i'm going to go eat xyz because i'm stressed but if you can look and you can see test your .

Finger or use a cgm you can see oh wow i'm already high maybe i need to exercise instead and utilize and burn this glucose so i remain in a better state there was a study that was published in the journal of obesity that was a meta-analysis that found the direct correlation that psychosocial stress led to increased adiposity when .

We are stressed out we probably eat more we also disrupt hormonal signaling that a leads us to eat more but b can make us more insulin resistant excuse me so that when we do eat maybe we have more of a problem but the big thing here that i'm also interested in is as a former overweight person that .

Was 100 pounds overweight before exercise was always kind of a weird thing for me but when you look at the data you find you don't need as much exercise to control glucose as people think but another thing if we start an exercise regime think about how frustrating it is how long it takes to see a result on the scale how long it .

Takes to see improvements in triglycerides how long it takes to see improvements here and there but if you can see instant gratification instant gratification instant improvement by tracking glucose it's telling you a lot more that's why i stand behind the fact that i don't care if you use a cgm or not i think that makes it easier but i .

Think that tracking glucose becomes even more important than ketone measurement all this because it's telling you the framework of so many different lifestyle factors okay there was a study that was published in metabolic syndrome and obesity that demonstrated that 150 minutes of intermediate exercise compared to like 40 minutes of pretty .

Intense exercise and compared to even 20 minutes of very intense exercise all led to similar glucose modulation over the longer term over the week so it doesn't even take as much exercise as we think to control and to mitigate the damage do some damage control on the glucose spikes so instead of sending ourselves into .

Colossal over training and causing more stress we can actually see oh you know what i actually only needed 30 minutes of good easy cardio to mitigate the damage and get myself back into a healthy state and then guess what maybe you're not going to overeat and maybe your actual weight loss will be achieved easier than if you did a hard workout .

Trigger yourself into a stress response and wanted to overeat by three cookies that adds up right huge change by just looking at what is going on in our bodies how we uptake glucose tells us everything our insulin sensitivity it's a model for if you ask me just the state of our .

Health in a lot of ways how we utilize fuels how we burn them how quickly we respond to them that tells us our flexibility that is so much more than stepping on the scale as someone that has been in the fitness industry i will tell you that there are i could probably literally say dozens of people that i know that step on a scale .

Or look at their body fat and they're shredded and they look amazing but how they respond to fuels and their overall level of health is in the toilet it's not about that anymore it's about how you feel how you respond how you look at somewhat of an afterthought but knowing your data and your bio individuality i'll see you tomorrow .

This Post Was All About Why Glucose is The MOST Important Thing to Track for Fat Loss & Longevity.
Why Glucose is The MOST Important Thing to Track for Fat Loss & Longevity

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The Most Important Intermittent Fasting Tutorial for Beginners: HOW-TO GUIDE

The Most Important Intermittent Fasting Tutorial for Beginners: HOW-TO GUIDE

The Most Important Intermittent Fasting Tutorial for Beginners: HOW-TO GUIDE

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with The Most Important Intermittent Fasting Tutorial for Beginners: HOW-TO GUIDE?

these are the most important basics that you need to know if you're starting intermittent fasting all right just to give you some context i was about 300 pounds about 12 years ago intermittent fasting was the catalyst for me that is what allowed me to drop as much weight as i did and then i maintained it with a .

Lot of different lifestyles that i implement and i talk about on this channel but anyhow regarding intermittent fasting we need to break down some specifics so there's time stamps with this video so you can jump ahead to wherever you need to learn or if you want to sit back relax and just enjoy the whole enchilada you can do .

That too so let's go ahead and jump in first up what is intermittent fasting keeping it very basic intermittent fasting is a meal timing system that is it it's not a diet it is a meal timing system i don't care what kind of diet you do you can apply intermittent fasting with it and in this video we're going to .

Cover the most basic way to do it we're not going to get into the nuance weeds we're going to get down to the basics and then of course i've got hundreds of videos on my channel that get into the particulars and get into the more advanced mechanisms if you're curious with those so in essence intermittent fasting is where you go a defined period .

Of time sometimes it's 16 hours sometimes it's 18 sometimes it's 20 sometimes it's 24 period of time without eating food okay then you have a very defined period of time in which you do eat your eating window this is the most important thing okay if you can just section off a time of day that you do not eat and a section .

Of the day that you do eat you are already making steps towards having tremendous results but let's go ahead and break stuff down even more what is the easiest way to fast the easiest way to fast is simply this skip breakfast i have all kinds of once again nuancy things that you can do to make it more .

Advanced but the easiest thing to do is to skip breakfast okay you don't have to eat breakfast all the time the most important thing is that you are compressing your eating window again whether it's going to be the afternoon or evening or some other period of time but the best way to get started is to say .

Four or five days a week to start i'm going to skip breakfast i'm just gonna have coffee and i'm not going to eat until 11 a.m 12 p.m 1 p.m what this is doing is it's allowing your insulin levels to come down when our insulin levels are down we are potentially in a better spot to utilize fat as a fuel source that alongside being in a caloric .

Deficit because you're skipping breakfast really puts you in a really nice advantage to change your body composition this was the biggest thing for me with my weight loss when i went through my transformation it wasn't even hard for me to skip breakfast because generally speaking i had like a granola bar or a croissant or a kolache when i .

Was living in texas and that was about it so cutting that out was so easy for me to mentally get across now i'll touch quickly on a more complex way to fast just for one second you don't have to skip breakfast if you want to try skipping dinner you can do that too but that's a more advanced system that works very very well for athletes .

That are working out in the morning so if you're someone that is already working out a fair bit you may want to try that couple days a week skip dinner it's just hard to do with the family so it's not something i always recommend for a beginner the next piece we have to talk about do you have to do intermittent fasting .

With keto no absolutely not look it i will be the first to say as someone that lost a lot of weight with intermittent fasting and keto they do work very well in tandem absolutely and it simply just has to do with the appetite suppression when you're in ketosis you have more beta-hydroxybutyrate which is the ketone .

Body and that has an appetite suppressing effect okay so that makes it easier to get into your fast it also makes it easier to get fat adapted meaning easier to make fasting more doable on the regular but people really think that they have to go together no they don't at all in fact for a long period of time i was doing intermittent .

Fasting along with carbohydrates i've even done intermittent fasting along with paleo i've even done intermittent fasting along with vegan just to test things out okay the most important thing is simple you are not eating any food whatsoever during your eating period and if you are consuming carbohydrates during your eating period it is very .

Important that you are not having high glycemic carbohydrates you're going to want to stick with things like lentils things like brown rice i really try to avoid the grains too but maybe some sweet potatoes maybe even some red potatoes here and there so you want to really keep it low glycemic keep it moderate amounts of things like berries .

That are great fruits that don't have a lot of sugar they're a little bit higher in fructose but the overall carb content is pretty darn low the most important thing no matter what though is that protein needs to be the epicenter of your diet during your eating period protein becomes the most important thing and i don't care what diet you're doing .

If you're vegan eat the hemp if you're paleo eat the brisket if you're keto eat the brisket too you know bottom line is protein is the focus beyond that vegetables become the most important thing we'll talk more about the eating period in just a second but you do not have to do keto you absolutely can have carbohydrates with .

It now we'll touch on the five key benefits number one weight loss i'm going to spare you the details when it comes down to how i think it's pretty straightforward lower levels of insulin that can increase lipolysis which means more fatty acids are getting liberated out of a triglyceride into the bloodstream to ultimately go through .

What's called beta oxidation where they get burned but i'll just use my own testimony as the weight loss picture i lost a lot of weight i will tell you it works the next one is cognition okay what they say is that a quiet brain a relaxed sprain is a fast brain when you're bombarding your brain with a bunch of glucose with a bunch of fuel .

The brain actually can get foggy because there's a lot of signals going between different regions and i'm oversimplifying it but essentially we want what is called a network stability when we're not eating what happens is the brain becomes hyper focused from a survival standpoint because the brain is the human's best survival tool better .

Than our brawn is our brain so when we're not eating we get a lot of energy and glucose even that gets shuttled to the brain to provide us with the ability to survive fat adaptation is the next benefit that means that your body learns how to utilize fat at a cellular level most of us in the united states at least but obviously even in the world we're .

Using carbohydrates all the time okay carbohydrates become like the predominant source of fuel for us so our cells get used to that if we utilize fats as a fuel source for long enough we become fat adapted which makes fasting easier and it means that when we exercise our body is more apt to use the fats than it is to use the carbohydrates .

That to me is like the biggest benefit if you ask me that in cognition the next one is the microbiome huge benefits to the microbiome simply because when you give your gut a break you give your body a chance to recalibrate and re-stabilize if we're constantly eating different foods then the body is going to constantly have to .

Kind of change what's coming in and what's kind of happening within the gut itself okay very important to pay attention to that the next one gets more complicated so we'll keep it simple from a longevity perspective there are two mechanisms in which fasting can be powerful again i'll keep it simple one is called nad nicotinamide .

Dinucleotide that is a very important currency within the body when it comes down to cellular metabolism without nad we would be dead within 15 seconds what happens is when we're not eating nad becomes spared so now that nad becomes available to go do other things within the body this is very cool because it can activate things called sirtuins .

Which have anti-aging longevity components additionally fasting can help increase what is called telomerase telomerase is an enzyme that increases the length of telomeres which are largely associated with aging now let's talk about what you can expect this was a big one because for me i didn't know what to expect okay .

I was coming out of the healthcare industry i had doctors talking to me and helping me but nobody really knew there wasn't a lot going on so here's just a few simple things that you can expect some of them are somewhat side effect like but don't be scared the first one you might feel a little bit hypoglycemic that's okay that's a normal adjustment .

As long as you don't get super faint or super weak and if you do it's okay to stop your fast early and try again the next day you can work up to it it's not a big deal so a little bit of hypoglycemia as your cells adapt is not a big deal the next one is going to be headaches most of the headaches are a either psychosomatic they actually are .

Created we think about them simply because we aren't eating so we start manifesting it it really does happen the other piece is that hypoglycemia can cause a headache so it's usually short-lived and it usually goes away after a few days of prying with intermittent fasting so don't worry too much about it unless it becomes intense .

And you get migraines i have videos for that separately dehydration is another big one okay the way that you get around this utilizing electrolytes very important because when we are fasting what happens is insulin levels get lower and when insulin levels are low it tells the kidneys to expel extra water so extra water comes extra minerals .

Including salt okay and salt is going to allow us to retain extra minerals so when we lose salt and water we lose other minerals like magnesium potassium phosphorus things that are very important and we also lose micronutrients with that so by adding electrolytes back in during a fast like salt potassium magnesium or an .

Electrolyte powder you really can allow yourself to kind of retain those minerals more that's a very important thing because dehydration is real another side effect is not being hungry and it sounds like a good thing and it is but it can rear its ugly head in ways that you end up not eating enough during your eating period i do think that .

During your eating period you don't want to aggressively reduce your calories so much that you slow down your metabolism so listen to your body it's going to tell you that you're not hungry but remember your stomach is shrinking because you're not eating as much food so your signals are going to be a little bit skewed so it's not uncommon to feel .

A little bit stuffed or super full after you break your fast and during your eating period for the first couple weeks as you're adjusting it doesn't mean you necessarily need to eat less it means your body is adapting and developing the enzymes to deal with that kind of food let's touch on breaking a fast for a moment .

This is probably the most important thing with fasting it's not the fast itself well i guess that's important but the most important thing is how you break a fast okay rule number one protein first break your fast with protein protein is going to stop the fast because the body is going to see that .

Protein came in restorative mechanisms things that it needs for tissue repair but it's also going to make it so that you're satiated and you don't go raiding the fridge and rating the pantry for things you shouldn't eat so have a few ounces of chicken have a few ounces of fish have a protein shake and then 30 or 60 minutes later then eat more flexibly .

It's important right when you break your fast that you have that protein it's so important because it stops the fast and it fuels your muscles and it fuels the repair that you need so so so critical do not skip this step okay the next important thing with breaking a fast is if you are consuming carbohydrates do not have high glycemic carbohydrates .

Right when you break your fast just have the protein trust me it's better that way have the protein have some water whatever then 30 60 minutes later then eat your carbs it's all good the next piece with breaking a fast is during your eating period diversity is key that means diversity when it comes down to the kinds of foods that you eat lots of .

Different vegetables lots of different kinds of food if you're eating carbs lots of different types of carbohydrates why because if you don't use it you lose it you don't want to lose the enzymes that are responsible for breaking that kind of food down you don't want to lose the ability but the most important piece here is because of the microbiome okay .

When we aren't eating enough our microbiome isn't getting the fiber that it needs and remember fiber is going to fill you up and fiber's not just about filling you up fiber supports the gut bacteria so it's so important that you continue to eat a diverse amount of foods that you get the fiber that you can from all different angles you don't .

Want to skimp on this okay that also coincides with making sure that you're eating enough if you end up restricting calories too much during your eating period you can still slow down your metabolism because you're reducing calories so much it's no different than reducing calories in other ways right so you still want to .

Make sure that you're eating enough but what i recommend is look at your calories over the course of a one week period not every day okay so if you're supposed to eat 2 000 calories per day that's 14 000 calories per week so make sure that you're in a deficit over the course of the week that way if one day you have .

1000 calories and the next day you have 3 000 calories you're still ending up where you want to be okay you just look over the course of a week so you're not tripping yourself up constantly tracking every single thing every single day it makes life a lot easier but that diversity is the biggest piece also along with that diversity for the .

Microbiome i would definitely recommend a good quality probiotic if you especially if you can't get a diverse amount of foods in to feed the bacteria the probiotic that i recommend in this video is brought to you by them is called seed so that link is down below you can say 15 off using that link so what seed is is a symbiotic okay so a .

Symbiotic has prebiotics in it which are what feed bacteria and probiotics which are actually the bacteria themselves so that combination is really cool and they have a capsule inside of a capsule so if you look at the technology it's really cool that capsule you swallow the cop's capsule and then .

The one capsule kind of has its first stage and then the next capsule breaks down inside your body after that which can allow the proper colonization and allow the delivery of the probiotics and the probiotics to the appropriate areas plus they're a leader in microbiome research so when it comes down to your eating period when you're not able to .

Eat enough or your stomach is just kind of trying to work with stuff they absolutely the only probiotic that i could say right now has the thomas delaware stamp of approval on it and the cool thing is again that link gets you 15 off so check them out use code thomas15 for 15 off the seed probiotic or synbiotic i should say down below .

Next up is exercise what kind of exercise should you be doing any and all exercise as long as you're not pushing it too hard what we have to remember is there's a pretty complicated system but i'll simplify it called mtor mammalian target of rap myosin and when we're fasting what's happening is we have a higher degree of autophagy .

Autophagy means that cells are getting broken down components of cells are getting broken down and we are taking the protein from those cells and using them in different places because we're in a survival system so the body says i don't need this let's break the protein down from that and use it for that well when we work out we send a signal to the .

Brain to repair our muscles well guess what we can take the protein potentially from random cells that are broken down and allocate that to building muscle so can you build muscle during a fast in the literal sense kind of not because the calories aren't there but in like sort of the theoretical like mechanical .

Sense we kind of can from a biochemical standpoint because the amino acids that come from proteins that we break down in other areas can actually build muscle this is so important for us when we're trying to lose weight because if we lose muscle we don't just lose weight we lose the ability to burn calories because muscles burn a ton of calories so we .

Want that so don't lose the muscle we try to build it so resistance training during a fast is not going to break you down resistance training during a fast is going to maintain your muscle so i would say resistance training and light cardio don't do crazy hit workouts don't be going to orange theory during a fast when you're getting started don't be .

Going to boot camps do some mild resistance training the key thing is relevance keeping the muscle relevant with the body so that the body consistently is reminded that your muscles are important and that they should not be broken down let's talk about an interesting effect on the liver for just a second some people get really .

Confused about non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and it's it's a nebulous territory for sure but with intermittent fasting there's some evidence that it can uh lessen insulin resistance now i say that a little bit loosely because like we can't say anything definitively in science it's really tough but .

Essentially by not eating we're allowing our insulin sensitivity to improve which brings down our insulin resistance there is a good body of evidence that suggests that insulin resistance is what allows the liver to ultimately let's just make it simple pile up with carbohydrates through genova lipogenesis and ultimately create a fatty liver so .

There's some evidence that potentially intermittent fasting could help modulate the negative effects of a fatty liver so fatty liver is just complicated in and of itself but it's something that i definitely recommend that you look into and if you're concerned with it intermittent fasting may be a very powerful mechanism to help you possibly .

Get it under control let's talk about what supplements you should start with okay when we get into this category you could look at my videos and say well thomas talks about this he talks about that all kinds of different supplements you can utilize i'm trying to keep it very simple very simple for the sake of this .

Video the number one thing that you could probably take is going to be green tea green tea extract or drinking green tea okay not only is it going to curb hunger but it's also going to potentially increase what's called cholecystokinin which can curb hunger through a different mechanism also the egcg the epigallocatechin three galate .

It's a complicated term but essentially it's a catechin that can actually stimulate what's called ampk ampk is a sensor in our body that essentially tells our body when we're deprived of energy or when we have a surplus of energy in the state of fasting we want the signal to constantly say that we're deprived what's going to happen there is .

Green tea is going to upregulate that signal more so it's going to tell our body we're in a deeper fast or a deeper deficit than we actually are so green tea is something i sip on the whole time sometimes i'll take green tea capsules another one is cinnamon you can take cinnamon capsules you can take cinnamon powder whatever have it prior to .

Breaking your fast because it's an insulin mimicker so it can make us that when you do break your fast you don't have a big insulin spike so try taking some cinnamon capsules or a little bit of cinnamon powder in your tea or in your water 30 60 minutes prior to breaking a fast another one to keep on hand for after you break your fast is .

Chromium after you break a fast chromium can be very beneficial because it helps do what is called translocate glut4 glut4 is like a big net that casts into the bloodstream to grab glucose okay so if glute4 is expressed or translocated rather it means that the glucose that you do consume after you break a fast is going to get into the cell and not just .

Circulating around in the bloodstream triggering hyperglycemia so taking like a thousand micrograms of chromium picolinate or taking in again that cinnamon can help with the glucose getting into the cell which could eliminate you feeling super tired and fatigued after you break your fast which is a fairly common thing especially for .

Beginners coffee is another supplement the caffeine itself it's a cyclic adenosine monophosphate driver okay so what that means is it's going to increase lipolysis okay it is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor so it's allowing fatty acids to get liberated into the bloodstream which could trigger you to potentially burn more fat coffee .

Caffeine one of the best supplements you could possibly have just don't overdo it and then electrolytes once again i talked about that before but electrolytes are super important simply because insulin levels are lower so we're losing more water we're losing more minerals we need to replenish that i'll talk about this next one again in a .

Second but i'm mentioning here apple cider vinegar during a fast works great it drives up ampk the same way that green tea does and the way that it dries up ampk is because when the acetate or acetic acid the acetate that's in acetic acid within vinegar goes into the cell it actually makes the cell think that .

Fuel has come in so it starts up regulating these processes that end up it kind of confuses the body i hate to say that but in a way it's kind of confusing the body and it upregulates ampk putting you deeper into a fast plus it can help with digestion let's talk about mistakes for a second because this is super important first one .

Not having the electrolytes have the salt it will make a difference trust me even when you get hungry have a pinch of salt in your water not having electrolytes is a big mistake the next mistake is having too many carbs when you're breaking your fast or indulging on too many carbs during your eating period the carbs are okay to have but .

Remember you're insulin sensitive which means that when you do have carbs a little bit's gonna go a long way okay so try to control it but better yet honestly it's best to just keep them out if you don't need them if you're an athlete i understand i get it i'm an athlete now i try to add the carbs in periodically .

Here and there but when i was losing weight it was just easier for me to keep the carbs below like 75 grams so if i was doing keto i kept them below 40. so general rule of thumb even if you are eating carbs keep them below like 100 grams this next mistake is for women and that is fasting for too long especially during their progesterone period of .

Their cycle okay that progesterone period is the back half of your cycle and that is super important because as you get towards your period you notice you get more hungry right that seems like a great time to fast right wrong okay first of all it makes fasting miserable because you're hungry secondly the body's up regulating processes that .

Could encourage muscle breakdown so we don't really want that so what you do is you shorten your fasts on the back half of your cycle and then during your estrogen phase after your period that's when you would go ahead and increase the length of time or perhaps the frequency of fasting i have plenty of videos on this as well if you wanted to do a quick .

Google search the next mistake is not exercising during the fasted state and waiting until you're fed okay you can do this it's not going to ruin things but i will tell you it's a mistake because training during your fasted period like i mentioned it reminds the body to maintain the muscle which is super .

Important but it also allows you to capitalize on low levels of insulin that might allow you to burn more fat whereas if you train in a fed state you have to burn off the food that you ate before you get into that true fat burning state now that's overly simplified people could poke holes in that but this is a simple video and i don't want to make it .

Complex okay you can train in a fed state and you can still burn fat 100 but what's going to happen is you still have to burn through the glucose that's in your bloodstream first i am just a strong preferrer of training in a fasted state but mainly because of the signaling to remind the body to keep the muscle while you're not .

Eating and lastly i want to give you some helpful tips helpful things that i've learned after fasting for 11 12 years and understanding how it works the first one utilize apple cider vinegar during your fast but also don't be afraid to have some along with meals because it can help stabilize glucose a little bit that can help eliminate the .

Tiredness that can help you utilize the fuel better next one don't be afraid of adding some lemon water or some cucumber to your water okay that kind of goes along with this next thing if it has five calories or less don't worry about it okay if it has five calories or more it's better for your eating period five calories or less yes technically on some .

Degree it could break a fast but you're going to be back in that fasted state within minutes it's not worth worrying about if it keeps you stuck to your fast like having a diet soda every now and then i don't like them but maybe i guess xevio with stevia just have it it's going to keep you going and it's fine if it has one or two calories next one is .

Hydrate hydrate hydrate hydrate which is a simple one the next one is when you have cravings have salt okay salt is actually an interesting thing because we have regions in our brain called nst neurons and these nst neurons sometimes get confused where we're actually craving salt but we feel like we're craving .

Sweet things so if you end up having salt it can curb your sweet cravings so throughout the fast if you start being like oh i'm really hungry and really hungry try having a pinch of salt just put it on your tongue it's a veteran tip that i've learned over the years so hopefully you've learned some stuff or if you know this stuff already hopefully .

It's been a good refresher and a reinvigorator to inspire you to continue intermittent fasting again this was a very basic breakdown more advanced breakdowns are on my channel you can always do a search i'll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About The Most Important Intermittent Fasting Tutorial for Beginners: HOW-TO GUIDE.
The Most Important Intermittent Fasting Tutorial for Beginners: HOW-TO GUIDE

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

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0:00 – Intro
0:40 – What Is Intermittent Fasting?
1:39 – What is the Easiest Way to Fast?
3:13 – Do You Have to do Fasting w/ Keto?
4:11 – Fasting w/ a High Carb Diet
4:39 – Importance of Protein
5:07 – 5 Key Benefits of Fasting
7:48 – What Can You Expect from Fasting?
10:01 – How Should You Break a Fast?
12:47 – 15% Off SEED’s Daily Synbiotic
13:53 – What Kind of Exercise Should You Do?
15:33 – Effects of Fasting on the Liver
16:25 – Supplements While Fasting
19:30 – Common Fasting Mistakes
21:47 – Tips for Fasting

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The END of Keto – Why Intermittent Fasting is Becoming More Popular Instead

The END of Keto – Why Intermittent Fasting is Becoming More Popular Instead

The END of Keto – Why Intermittent Fasting is Becoming More Popular Instead

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with The END of Keto – Why Intermittent Fasting is Becoming More Popular Instead?

oh my god he's the keto guy is he turning his back on keto is thomas de laura turning his back oh my god no i'm not turning my back on keto i just do sincerely believe that intermittent fasting is going to outlive keto in terms of adherence and in terms .

Of just people's interest does that mean that keto is going to decrease in popularity not necessarily i think it's here to stay but i think intermittent fasting is gonna be one of those things that can continue to grow and i have some very solid reasons as to why and this could just be my opinion but i also think there's a lot of things here that .

We could change and we can start to look at to maybe make it so that the media doesn't have such a heyday bashing keto and so that the internet doesn't have such a heyday making the keto group feel like such a minority so whether you do keto or not i think you're going to find this video interesting because it's really going to outline some of the .

Social norms piece and just the big picture of why intermittent fasting might outlive keto today's video sponsor is element electrolytes so whether you are doing keto or fasting you've got to check them out okay so they have a free trial so a sample pack of eight different flavors of element so a sample pack of eight and you get it for free .

You just pay a couple bucks shipping that way you can give it a try so if you're intermittent fasting and you want to have some electrolytes get a little bit of flavor during your fast hands down like element is amazing and if you're doing keto it's very important that you get the sodium values up a little bit as well too so i definitely .

Recommend it it's what i use i use it all the time when i'm fastening i usually go through one to three packets of element when i'm fasting just because i really love it so much it gives me something to consume and i also feel like i feel more alive with it so again that link is down below or you can go to drink lmnt.com .

Thomas that's drink element lmnt.com thomas and that way you can get a free trial you just pay shipping so definitely recommend them a big thank you for sponsoring today's video so we can keep doing what we do that link is down below the first thing i want to address keto has a lot of things that you need .

To change in order to implement it okay you have to overhaul your kitchen you have to overhaul your pantry and i'm not suggesting that's a bad thing i think it's great for everyone to go through kind of this big giant like turn of events there that's big but that's also going to be a huge barrier .

For people i don't want to change my entire life i just want to change a few things right okay fasting you don't have to worry about that right you could essentially eat however you're eating now it's a timing system you could eat vegan you can be paleo you can be pescetarian you can eat rocks i don't care you can do that you .

Just have a defined fasting period and a defined eating period which is much more realistic and attainable for people and sustainable there's no changes to your grocery shopping like again i'm not bagging on keto i'm just poking holes in why people maybe don't start it or maybe write blogs against it that we're always having to fight against right .

Yeah with keto you'd have to go to the grocery store you'd have to change your grocery list you'd have fasting you don't have to do anything as a matter of fact you just probably save some money because you're just eliminating a meal pretty straightforward all in all keto is just seen as a bigger change there's going to be a small subset of people .

With intermittent fasting that are like it's harder for them to eliminate breakfast or eliminate a meal than it is to go keto but i think that's the minority now the other piece that's extremely important is the social inclusion and the social isolation piece okay when you look at keto it's absolutely 100 doable to go to almost .

Any restaurant and find a way to eat keto thai food is difficult but i've done it okay you have to pay attention you have to make changes but i would still argue that it's a lot easier to be someone that intermittent fasts in a social setting okay because you can .

Go to dinner nothing really has to change you can eat what you would normally eat for the most part it's also probably more socially acceptable to fast through breakfast because a lot more people don't eat a lot of breakfast you can sit there with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea at breakfast and nobody's going to really think you're .

All that strange compared to sitting at a restaurant for dinner fancy dinner asking the waiter to make 17 different changes and hybridizations to your favorite meal now additionally when it comes down to kind of a social isolation piece we all have a tendency to generate community and even isolate ourselves .

Within that so with keto i found there's a very dogmatic sort of mentality and i've come a little bit of like a different breed of cat in the world of the keto community because i don't necessarily subscribe to the dogmatic behavior i think keto is great but i also think there's a bigger thing for all of us there's bigger answers out .

There for all of us than just keto and living in that small world all the time that doesn't mean that the keto community isn't amazing i speak at keto events i participate in that because i love the research and i'm just compelled to continue to drive that forward because i think there's a lot that we have yet to uncover that being said .

Self-isolating is one way to drive yourself insane so here's an interesting study that talks about social norms and why fasting might end up kind of grouping in with that for better adherence so this study took a look at fmri scan so it looked at people's brains okay and then gave them pictures of food and it said hey go ahead and .

Rate what you think looks the most appetizing so they raked they ranked their food and then what they did is after they were done ranking the food they said to them okay here is a sheet with what most people voted for so now they saw the peer norms right like what their peers were choosing and .

Then they said okay we're going to look at the fmri again and we're going to have you look at pictures again the second time guess what they chose foods that other people said were their favorites they basically subscribe to social norms because it's what we do okay but then .

When they look at the brain they saw the brain activity was super heightened in the nucleus accumbens associated with reward they felt good making choices that other people thought were good choices because it affirmed that ah making a good choice okay so when it comes down to the social aspect of fasting being .

Able to eat the same foods that other people do can be good does that mean that what other people eat are amazing foods and we should be eating them no but for adherence and for the long haul it's probably going to work better because people are wired that way some .

People aren't you might not be honestly i'm not anymore this is my life this is my career i talk about this stuff so i'm not going to give a care what people think about what i eat but that's me 90 of society is going to give a care with keto that can be a little bit difficult right it's doable but it's not always realistic for people so again .

People have a heyday with that keto's the most you alienate everything it just gives them ammunition okay but then let's talk about the bursts right and what i mean by that is with fasting humans really operate well with short-term goals with keto there's a tendency to feel like you're consistently going to be .

Uh doing it forever and you feel like ah and then you reach a plateau and it can be the most like discouraging thing fasting works well from a sustainability standpoint because we can usually go x amount of time without eating and force ourselves to deal with it and be strong and then have a feasting period with keto you're not necessarily fasting or .

Maybe you are keto and fasting works phenomenally well but that's obviously a lot for people to take on so you have to put that into consideration too is the fact that we work well in intervals in bursts like that and for sustainability it probably would work better that being said keto is also very satiating so for a lot of people if they do keto right .

They feel like they don't need to have any kind of like bursts they just feel good they feel satiated so i'm not saying keto's bad once again i'm poking holes so people can make a decision but also so people that are new to this channel that haven't been watching content can say ah okay maybe this guy's reasonable maybe he's not a keto zealot .

And maybe i am going to choose to do fasting and then if i like keto i'll try that too the next one is so important keto for weight loss still requires a deficit the carb insulin model is somewhat real okay by modulating insulin levels by bringing insulin levels down we do make fat more accessible to be .

Burned okay there's no denying that but you still have to be in a deficit now that deficit is relative that deficit in keto might be different right my point in saying that is if you're doing keto for fat loss for weight loss you still need to be in a deficit so it's still a diet so in terms of sustainability and what .

The outside looks at looking in they would say well fasting makes more sense because it's a lot easier for me to just have a caloric deficit during my fast and then have my feasting period where i probably won't go over my surplus i won't go into a surplus excuse me so yeah from a caloric deficit standpoint it's probably .

Easier to end up in a deficit with fasting than it is with keto because keto foods are very caloric right macadamia nuts a couple hundred calories in like this many it's very easy to go over your calories anyhow moving on to the next one that ties in with that there are so many hyper palatable keto junk foods popping up .

That it really could be the downfall of people's success with keto why does keto work so well and why is it so popular because it does work it's not because people like me are shouting from the rooftops it works everywhere you turn i could probably see in the comments section below like comment how much weight have you lost you probably .

Lost a lot right it works but when we start having these hyperpalatable foods coming in that are just like junk foods that weight loss is going to slow down when i started keto 11 years ago there weren't a lot of those keto junk foods so by nature keto was like okay i have no choice but to resort to whole foods because i don't have junk .

Food options i had pork rinds and cheese but for the most part i was having to eat whole foods now there's a lot more variety making it more difficult so with less success on keto you can bet that popularity isn't going to be as high on the other hand that's marketability and that's bright colors that are attracting people so on one hand you've got a lot .

Of attraction but the other hand if there's not actual results and outcomes it can't live forever whereas fasting again you could kind of eat whatever you wanted to now in tandem with that last one because there are so many dirty keto options available and keto fast food options and things like that people aren't getting micronutrients they're .

Not getting fiber in they're not getting these things making them not feel all that great but more importantly well i guess it's not more important than that but more obvious the public has a heyday with that what we see and what the public sees of keto right now is everyone driving through a carl's jr drive-thru getting a .

Cheeseburger with no bun and then following that up with a bunch of keto junk food and not getting micronutrients they don't see it as eating whole foods they don't see it as eating a mediterranean-style keto with some vegetables and some brussels sprouts and some olive oil and some chicken and some fish and eating this nice delicious meal .

The way that it really should look okay and a lot of that is our own doing okay we have over marketed keto ourselves to the point where now what do you know you have people coming in from every angle saying this is what keto looks like it's just red meat and cheese and it's just this and they are incorrect but that is what is visible okay so that is .

Something that a lot of it is out of our control but we also vote with our dollars and we can start making decisions on that i am still guilty of going through a drive-through every now and then and getting a burger patty with some cheese yeah but i don't make it my norm and i don't give them necessarily the acknowledgement to try to push it .

Heavily heavily heavily i want people to make good decisions that they can sustain and they can keep up but you have to remember what people see the more the media and public and blogs put out there that keto is just red meat and cheese the more people are going to steer away especially with this heavy heavy heavy plant-based and vegan .

Movement going right now keto is so opposite seeming of vegan and plant-based and all that that it seems like it's the enemy when in reality it shouldn't be so opposite okay it doesn't have to be a hundred percent meat and cheese can be honest amounts of meat honest amounts of cheese and keep it in a nice healthy spectrum okay the more .

That we alienate and polarize ourselves from this movement that's moving forward right now you can bet your bottom dollar that the media is gonna love to push that out there okay so we have to just be careful with that and i'm not saying even the media is bad in that case it's just what is visible right the last one and this is one that really just gets me .

People push keto as an alternative rather than a tool and they even push it as an alternative to just health there's the keto way of living and there's the non-keto way of living and there's the keto alternative wellness where you won't i don't think that's the right way to go .

That makes it feel good to the community but that makes it seem like if you're not a part of this crowd then you're bad and that also makes it seem like you're trying to polarize so much that you might get a small fraction of people and that's great because that small fraction of people is going to get .

Tremendous effect and benefit but it's not going to get the attention and the love that it deserves for a long time so like how can you play your part do what works for you but also keep an open mind on things okay if something works for you continue to do it and talk about it but talk from passion in your own experience not from what someone on .

The internet tells you to talk about i guess you should turn off this video then huh as always keep it locked and here my channel i'll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About The END of Keto – Why Intermittent Fasting is Becoming More Popular Instead.
The END of Keto - Why Intermittent Fasting is Becoming More Popular Instead

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

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0:00 – Intro
1:01 – Free Sample Pack of LMNT – Just Pay Shipping
1:58 – Keto is a Bigger Change than Fasting
3:14 – Social Inclusion vs Isolation
6:39 – Short Term Goals
7:48 – Keto vs Fasting for Weight Loss
8:52 – Keto Junk Foods/Media Misrepresentation
12:14 – Keto Being Marketed Incorectly

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2022 Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (Carb Cycling) – Join Me!

2022 Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (Carb Cycling) – Join Me!

2022 Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (Carb Cycling) – Join Me!

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with 2022 Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (Carb Cycling) – Join Me!?

cake and pie in one hand and bacon in the other hand but you can only eat the bacon if you're doing keto and you can only eat the pie if you're having carbs all right let's have some fun this month's challenge is about carb cycling okay being able to leverage the benefits of a lower carb protocol .

But also leveraging the benefits of strategically implementing carbohydrates and we're going to do this in a fun way together okay so every year i do this i launch these contests i launch these challenges where we can have some fun there's a full-on diet plan that goes along with it that i wrote out that everyone gets for free so it makes it .

Super simple okay and this is going to start on monday january 10th okay so on that day i will release a video that breaks down the entire diet okay you don't have to literally start that day you can start a couple days later but that's going to be the day that i release the whiteboard video that has the entire diet breakdown just a quick .

Note i remembered this after the fact down below i went ahead and put a downloadable version of this meal plan okay that's going to be a great thing for you to utilize so that way you can download a pdf you can know what kind of foods you can kind of know the grocery list you could know what you need to pick up that way .

On january 10th you'll be totally good to go so utilize that link download the pdf now a lot of the meal plan won't make sense until you watch the next video on january 10th because that explains everything but at least then you'll have all your stuff all your materials prepared and you can rock and roll so that link is down below in the .

Description along with a butcher box link to get your meat if you want to use butcher box for this challenge what's going to be really cool about this is it's going to leverage a lot of things that i've learned over the last year okay so if we can strategically time periods of intermittent fasting we can grant our bodies a little bit of .

Slack and be able to introduce carbohydrates strategically so that way you really do kind of get to have your cake and have your bacon and eat both you're just going to have them on separate days but by strategically having intermittent fasting periods set up the way they are set up you're going to be going long enough without food .

That you're still going to maintain that level of what is called fat adaptation that we want to have okay plus i've implemented some really cool things in terms of occasionally skipping an afternoon or evening meal to allow yourself to be in a deeper fasted state when you get up in the morning and i'll break it all down when the whiteboard .

Video comes out because that's what i always do and break down supplements break down whatever you want to do but the idea behind this one is ease i've broken it down into macronutrients i've broken it down so it's just much more basic sometimes i go a little bit overboard in the complexity you guys know that about my channel right and .

This whole contest is sponsored by butcherbox which means that not only are they sponsoring this challenge but it means that there is a link down below for you to get your grass-fed grass finished beef to get chicken to get fish all that you can use for the challenge okay and you don't have to wait for the whiteboard video to come out to get that .

Stuff there's a link down below if you're going to be doing this challenge with me i can tell you even without the diet right in front of me that you're going to want good amounts of lean chicken you're going to want to get some fish but if you like red meat you can have that too so you can go ahead and get some of the burger you can get some .

Of just the ground beef you can get some of the rib eyes you can get some of the other kinds of cuts like the new yorks that you like so go ahead and stock up get it because more than likely if you can get it through butcher box you'll be able to use it on this plant so go ahead and that way you can use that link down below and by the time that january 10th .

Rolls around you will have your box of protein and you can get rocking and rolling so the whole idea behind this is to help people understand that the whole low-carb lifestyle doesn't have to be all about just hammering low carb all the time okay our bodies become adapted and metabolically flexible so this entire challenge is about helping you .

Get metabolically flexible so that you can really have the dual benefit you have the benefit of being able to leverage ketones and leverage that low carb protocol and leverage fats as a fuel source but then you also train your body to still be good at utilizing glucose so you don't become glucose intolerant over time so it's a nice .

Little mix metabolic flexibility is really the future and what we're after when it comes down to the giant big picture of life okay the cool thing about this protocol is it's going to have a fair bit of fruit fruit that's intertwined in the right way in the right amount so you're not overdoing it we always want to be careful with .

Fructose we don't want to have that overage that ends up leading to accumulation of fat through what's called denovo lipogenesis where fructose gets converted into fat and sugar gets converted into fat so in this case fruit is set up in a strategic way around your workout anyhow i'll break it all down in the whiteboard video that releases in .

Just a few days so make sure you're keeping it locked in mark your calendars so that you can check the date and be a part of it and we can all lose some weight together and have some fun i'll see you then

This Post Was All About 2022 Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (Carb Cycling) – Join Me!.
2022 Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (Carb Cycling) - Join Me!

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

Get Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished Meats from our Challenge Sponsor, Butcher Box: />
Be sure to get the downloadable PDF meal plan now in order to be ready for the full video breakdown for this challenge on January 10th! n

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This video does contain a paid partnership with a brand that helps to support this channel. It is because of brands like this that we are able to provide the content that we do for free.

My new book, Intermittent Fasting Made Easy, releases March 22nd, 2022! Be the first to get it by preordering here: /

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0:44 – Full Video + Challenge Begins Jan 10th
1:03 – Get Downloadable Meal Plan (in the description)
1:46 – Challenge Overview
2:48 – Grass-Finished Meats from Challenge Sponsor, Butcher Box
3:44 – Reason for this Challenge (metabolically flexible)

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