The 3 Hidden Causes of Inflammation You Haven’t Heard About

The 3 Hidden Causes of Inflammation You Haven’t Heard About

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so today we’re gonna talk about the three hidden causes of inflammation and of all the medications sold in the u.s. even worldwide it’s the anti-inflammatories that dominate because so many people are taking meds for inflammation more than any other condition and I’m going to talk about the three hidden causes of inflammation that you may have not heard about before okay if we take cortisol for example cortisol is an adrenal hormone okay and it is the hormone in the body that is supposed to stop inflammation it’s supposed to inhibit inflammatory conditions now think about any condition that involves inflammation whether it’s autoimmune or just pain and inflammation in general they always use prednisone cortisol cream cortisone injections it’s all cortisol but of course it’s synthetic and yes it comes with a package but the point is that cortisol stops inflammation now if that is true then chronic inflammatory conditions must be a state of low cortisol right makes a logical sense but if that’s true how do you explain all the people who have arthritis serious inflammation they go get tested and they have high cortisol or normal cortisol okay I mean look look at this this is a sip encyclopedia medical illustrations endocrine system volume four on page 84 okay there’s a condition called Cushing’s syndrome okay right here so this is a very common condition it’s in a situation where you have too much cortisol okay so I’m just going to go through the symptoms yeah belly fat you have major inflammation throughout the body you have sleep problems high blood pressure gastric acidity heartburn you have a lowered immune system you have excessive thoughts you keep thinking thinking thinking can’t turn it off you have a low tolerance to stress but you you have a lot of inflammation the body from high cortisol why is that that is because of this and I did another video on insulin resistance and I told you that I was going to do a video on cortisol resistance there’s a condition called cortisol resistance in which the receptor for cortisol is downgraded in other words it doesn’t receive that well anymore so we have the adrenal gland that produces cortisol it’s supposed to go into a receptor and if there’s too much of that hormone being pumped out because the person is under chronic stress whatever then the receptor is going to downgrade and protect the body against the excess amount of course all because it’s it’s not good for the body to have too much cortisol your side effects let me just look at prednisone the side effects from prednisone it’s like it’s crazy so the body will protect itself especially the inside of the cell and certain delicate tissues by creating resistance okay the problem is then that blocks the return communication the negative feedback loop and so now the adrenal doesn’t get the message that disconnected so the body keeps making more and more cortisol so now we have a situation where we have certain parts of the body that have a low cortisol and other parts of the body that have high cortisol this explains the confusion people have because the symptoms for high are almost identical to the symptoms with low now there is another condition called Addison’s disease okay which is very rare where your basically your adrenals aren’t functioning anymore and you’re very very thin your skin becomes tan or darker but you have very serious right can’t fight it serious immune problems okay but the point is that when you have too much cortisol it can produce a state where you get a lot of chronic inflammation why because you develop the resistance okay resistance in the cell now what I’m going to talk about is what causes this cortisol resistance it’s chronic stress okay and I want to increase your awareness and what that means it could also be being lonely for a long period of time okay that can increase cortisol or having lost sense okay a loss of a loved one or a threatened loss okay I mean when my son was six months old he developed infantile botulism okay that’s a pretty serious disease it kills all the nerves only twenty children a year get it it’s very rare and he got it okay it created a lot of stress with our family he’s doing fine now but the point is that that’s a threat of a loss okay so you have losses you have surgeries trauma mental stress especially if you’re not exercising okay no sleep I mean I remember myself I had 12 years where I did not sleep very well there was nights I didn’t sleep for one minute I stayed up all that long so that actually really wore out my adrenals in fact that’s why I’m doing this video right now because I had this condition the point is that there are all these triggers that can happen and a lot of people have chronic stress and that creates this problem right here and eventually they develop chronic inflammation in the NIP road on a medication okay here’s the problem when you lose the function of course all you also lose the control of your immune system you become more susceptible to viruses viruses go in like a rocket ship okay and that leads me to another cause of inflammation and that’s a chronic infection okay so now chronic infection could also come from taking a lot of antibiotics it could come from your entire gut being imbalance because you don’t have enough flora it can come from many things it could also come from an adrenal situation as well but a lot of people have this chronic inflammatory condition because they have microbes growing in the body in excessive amounts it could be also it could be viral it could be bacterial it could be yeast it could be nano bacteria it could be Michael plasma and then one day they might discover it because they take an antibiotic and they feel great well that’s just a big clue that you have microbes growing in your body and that’s what’s creating the inflammation maybe in a joint or in a different part of the body these people usually also have chronic fatigue syndrome what I’m going to recommend is to take a natural herbal antibiotic and I had videos on there more than an actual antibiotic because you’re gonna just make the problem worse over time now a lot of times these crossover you can have a problem of cortisol and problem with infections or problem with infections and can stress out the adrenals and cause high levels of cortisol but when you lose the adrenal function okay and you can have high cortisol and it’s just not working you open the door for viruses and also you can open the door for getting autoimmune diseases okay it’s it’s nearly always related to some stress event that comes right before that autoimmune condition okay so now that you’re trying with that let’s talk about the third cause of inflammation which is basically insulin resistance you may already know this I have a lot of videos on this I’ve been talking about this I’ll put some links down below but if you’re new to my channel and you don’t know this this is going to be very important insulin resistance is the condition where you’re producing too much insulin okay that excess amount causes a lot of inflammation in the body plus the fact that this is triggered by your high carbohydrate diet and your frequency of eating okay so if you eat too frequently and you have too many carbs you are going to eventually get inflammation so what you need to do is get on the program to reduce your carbs and do in a minute fasting there’s a link down below for that but if I had a chronic inflammation okay I would be on a healthy keto plan I would do in a minute fasting that’s gonna bring it right down I’d probably if I had any possible infection going on I would take an herbal antibiotic some natural ones like garlic on a regular basis and I would do everything I can to get out of my stress situation okay improve the stress and focus on getting more sleep go for long walks and whatever is triggering this trying to minimize the damage control and you would find out that your inflammation would drop very very fast okay so go ahead and try it and give me your comments below I’ll see in the next video so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notification daily notifications that sounds weird well I’ll just remind you on a daily basis how about that

This Post Was All About The 3 Hidden Causes of Inflammation You Haven’t Heard About.
The 3 Hidden Causes of Inflammation You Haven't Heard About

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Out of all the medication sold in worldwide, it is the anti-inflammation medication that dominate because so many people taking meds for inflammation more than any other conditions. In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the 3 hidden causes of inflammations.

3 Hidden Causes of Inflammation:

1. Cortisol – It is an adrenal hormone and it is supposed to stop inflammation or inhibit inflammatory conditions.
Symptoms of high cortisol:
• Belly fat
• Major inflammation throughout the body
• Sleep problems
• High blood pressure
• Gastric acidity / heartburn
• Lowered immune system
• Excessive thoughts
• Low tolerance to stress
There is a condition called cortisol resistance in which the receptor for cortisol is downgraded – which means it doesn’t receive that well anymore. When you have too much cortisol, it can produce a state where you get a lot of chronic inflammation because you developed the resistance.

Causes of Cortisol Resistance:
• Chronic Stress
• Loneliness
• Losses
• Surgery / Trauma
• Mental Stress
• No Sleep

When you lose the function of your cortisol, you also lose the control of your immune system and become more susceptible to viruses, chronic infections and autoimmune diseases.

2. Chronic Infection – Low cortisol and high susceptibility.

3. Insulin Resistance – It is a condition where you are producing too much insulin – that excess amount causes a lot of inflammation in the body. It is triggered by the high carbohydrate diet and the frequency of eating.

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