Why Boosting Your Metabolism Does NOT Work

Why Boosting Your Metabolism Does NOT Work

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so today I want to talk about this idea of boosting your metabolism trying to speed it up a lot of people with a slow metabolism and in their mind they think they need to just just speed it up and so they’re always looking for a pill to do it or you know green tea extract or chili pepper so they can speed up this metabolic rate okay and then they find it just doesn’t work so when you consume caffeine or coffee to try to speed it up you’re not stimulating your metabolism you’re stimulating your sympathetic nervous system which is the flight or fight mechanism that is not the way to lose weight you’re actually going to gain weight by increasing that mechanism because you raise cortisol and you’ll notice that you’ll have it right in the midsection right here green tea does elevate the metabolism like in very small amounts it’s very insignificant you’re not going to see a lot of weight come off just by drinking green tea or consuming Chili Peppers sometimes people have this idea that Oh Chili Peppers it’s gonna create some heat in my body and so I’m gonna burn the fat off the fat is not melted off with heat that’s not the way it works there’s a machine in your mitochondria that uses the fuel for energy but it doesn’t do it through just temperature okay or else we could just sit in a sauna and melt the fat off that’s not gonna work or sometimes people will say well if I you know I’ll eat more frequently to stimulate my metabolism well you’re operating off the idea that oh if I’m hungry I have more of an appetite then my metabolism is high no no no that means that your blood sugars are low okay and you need to eat it doesn’t mean that your metabolism is faster and it is true that if you eat it will create a spike with insulin and drop low blood sugar and then you’ll want to eat more you’re just going to raise insulin and get fatter so we have the speed of the metabolism okay and then we have the concept of what is being burned okay who cares if your metabolism is fast if you’re only burning up your sugar Reserve and not tapping into the fat reserve there’s many things that slow your metabolism the two big ones are actually there’s three age getting older okay you get through menopause so your metabolism slows down you don’t have as much growth hormone things like that but also it’s the amount of diets that you have done in the past let’s say when you’re younger especially as a kid so if you were overweight as a child and you had to do multiple diets again and again involving a low-calorie chances are you’re gonna have a very slow metabolism as an adult or even if you gain weight in your late teens or even early 20s or after the pregnancy so you go on a diet you lose weight initially weight comes back and then you do a diet again and then it’s it’s harder the next time and the third time is even harder the fourth time it’s impossible so what happens is the frequency of diets really mess up your metabolism because your body just adjusts to the lower amount of calories so your body just compensates the big one though is the having insulin resistance so the chronic consumption of carbs over a long period of time develop so much insulin resistance and what that means is you have your cells are resisting insulin so it’s going to make more to compensate so it’s the quantity of insulin in your body that will prevent your metabolism for working so you’re gonna have what like a certain set point so maybe you can lose but you can’t ever get below a certain weight like 160 or something you just can’t get below that well that’s because we have insulin resistance and that is why the keto plan and in a minute fasting works so well because it targets this right here okay you can’t necessarily undo age okay you can’t really get rid of the past but you can fix this okay and that is the gonna actually speed up your metabolism by fixing a hormone that is dominating a hormone that is suppressing the ability to burn fat when insulin is low you can burn fat when insulin is high you burn sugar fuel okay and also this is a very important point to what fuel is being burned do you want to burn sugar you want to burn fat the in fact you need to go into ketosis ketones come from fat burning okay so why not just focus on doing ketosis exclusively and not do any other program because you’re gonna actually focus on the thing that you want is to lose actual fat versus just weight loss okay now if your thyroids involved of course your metabolism is going to be slower as well but usually thyroid is secondary to high levels of estrogen or something going on with the gallbladder or the liver okay stress we talked about that if you increase stress you increase cortisol that’s gonna slow things down many people have gained weight after a stress event so there are things you can do to extract stress I’m going to put some links down below if you had a major stress event I suggest that you watch that video it’s called the stress webinar and you can undo some of that old stress because it is accumulative in the body growth hormone is increased through high quality sleep intense exercise and keeping your sugar low okay with protein there’s a certain amount of portion of protein lot smaller than you think actually it’s between 16 and 32 percent of certain proteins and I’ll do a separate video on this are actually used for repair of the body not necessarily used for calories okay so when you’re considering calories in your diet some of that portion of protein should not be used because you’re gonna be using that as repair and that is fuel so I’m gonna do a separate video on that the point about protein is that you want a moderate amount of protein you want a high quality protein so you’re getting the maximum absorption of those amino acids so it’s not wasted we want protein that usually comes in nature versus protein powders like whey protein is very lean protein and that can stimulate the insulin and create issues so you want protein that comes in nature like sardines eggs fish a high-quality grass-fed meat things like that but a moderate amount we don’t want to go low on that but we don’t want to go high we want to go right in the middle right there okay so then we have fat the thing about fat is on a keto plan we go up with the fat because we go down with the carbs it’s totally okay to consume fat as long as your carbs are lower important things about fat is to allow you to go longer without eating it’s called intermittent fasting and fat also has a lot of nutrition for your hormones there’s going to be a point once you have adapted to fat-burning where you can start to cut your fat back a little bit if you’re plateaued forcing your body to use up its reserves and not the dietary fat that you’re consuming so we want to make some adjustments on that I have a lot of videos on that I’ll put some links down below so anyway I wanted to just to clear up this idea that you can just stimulate your metabolism boost it without fixing the underlying issues that so many people have thanks for watching hey before you go would you mind putting a comment down below to tell me what you think about this video

This Post Was All About Why Boosting Your Metabolism Does NOT Work.
Why Boosting Your Metabolism Does NOT Work

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the boosting metabolism myth. Some people would even consume pills, coffee, green tea, chili peppers to speed up the metabolic rate – but this doesn’t work. When you consume coffee to speed up your metabolism, you are not stimulating your metabolism but your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight mechanism) that could cause weight gain because you also raise the cortisol.

Things that will slow your metabolism:
1. Age
2. Frequency of diets
3. Insulin Resistance
4. Thyroid
5. Stress
6. Growth Hormone
7. Protein
8. Fat

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