Let’s NOT Fight the War Against Obesity

Let’s NOT Fight the War Against Obesity

Let’s NOT Fight the War Against Obesity

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so I wanted to create the video on this concept of fighting obesity okay and winning the war over obesity what actually does this mean anyway we have a war against obesity if you take a look at what they say it’s genetics okay or they’re lazy or people need more exercise or they need to eat less calories how are we gonna fight genetics or people need more exercise so we’re gonna actually have a battle and force people to do that I mean this it doesn’t make sense or maybe we could just do more research and develop a pill or a drug to help you lose weight or block your ability to consume calories that might work right and they say it’s a very complex topic and you know we need more research we need more funding realize this guys this is a carefully crafted PR strategy to distract you from the real cause there is way way too much money involved 1.7 trillion that is just in the food and beverage industry alone they co-sponsored government research they have millions of dollars to lobbyists so it’s simply a distraction off the real cause of the problem which is people are consuming excess sugar and they’re eating too frequently they’re having too many snacks or eating every three hours and that’s increasing insulin let me show you an average person consumes 31 teaspoons of sugar every single day in the US I’m sure it’s similar in other countries but in u.s. we consume a lot of sugar the normal amount that our body should have would be one teaspoon of sugar okay but your body can actually make that from other things you don’t have to consume any sugar to have that one teaspoon of sugar so normal sugar is 82 this means okay one teaspoon of sugar in your blood but here’s the question you go to the doctor and your blood Sugar’s are normal yet you’re eating a lot of sugar why is that because of insulin the hormone insulin is lowering your blood sugar so an average person has massive amounts of insulin in their bloodstream is it ever tested never you would have to do this test right here called Houma IR and that measures insulin and insulin resistance I highly recommend you you test that because if you’re actually struggling with weight especially chances are it’s very very high so this goes on for a period of 10 years you have normal blood sugars but you have all the other complications you have a belly fat you might have a fatty liver you might get high blood pressure you might have high cholesterol you might have vision problems you might have tiredness after you eat you might have bladder issues you know trying to retain urine throughout the night because you’re peeing every three hours so after 10 years you become a pre-diabetic why because you lose this function of insulin it doesn’t work anymore because you’re developing so much insulin resistance it becomes ineffective so your pre-diabetic okay and then you become a diabetic and so this is where your get treated right here but this is the first thing the curves right here this is why we’re fat this hormone converts carbs to fat okay it just turns the carbohydrates actually into fat so it much better way to win the war against obesity is to understand obesity and this right here is the simplicity of exactly what’s going on that is causing the obesity and now it’s not all genetics you’re not lazy you don’t need more exercise you may need less carbohydrate calories you don’t need a pill and lastly it’s actually very simple once you understand what causes it so don’t hold your breath and any new research coming down the pike with the cause of obesity and just focus on eliminating this right here and this will come to the normal range and you can start reverting some of these problems right here alright guys thank you so much for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About Let’s NOT Fight the War Against Obesity.
Let's NOT Fight the War Against Obesity

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about fighting the war against obesity. The better way is to understand obesity and getting rid of the false information about obesity like “obesity is a disease”. Obesity is NOT a disease but a big symptom of excessive amounts of sugar.

Real Causes of Obesity
1. Excess Sugar
An average person consumes at least 31 tsp. of sugar per day in the US. But the normal amount of the body can have is 1 tsp. of sugar and it can produce it without having to consume sugar.
2. Frequent Eating

HOMA-IR – a test where you can measure insulin and insulin resistance.

FALSE information about obesity
• Genetics
• More Research
• Laziness
• Need more exercise
• Less calories
• Need a pill
• Complex

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