Powerade vs Gatorade

Powerade vs Gatorade

Powerade vs Gatorade

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hey guys today we’re gonna talk about the difference between Powerade vs. Gatorade you go to the grocery store and you will see an entire huge aisle filled with both of these items right here so their marketing is very very good I don’t know if you knew this but Powerade is owned by coca-cola Gatorade is owned by Pepsi Cola and by the way coca-cola now owns Powerade Minute Maid honesty another one called odd well duh juice I don’t know how to pronounce that exactly simple orange sprite vitamin water which by the way they bought for 4.1 billion dollars which contains 31 grams of sugar 6 teaspoons and also Zico coconut water alright so what are the mains differences okay from a 12 ounce bottle well they both contain 21 grams of sugar okay let’s evaluate what type of sugar sucrose versus high fructose corn syrup now you’re probably thinking that high fructose corn syrup is worse but the fact that they don’t tell you where the sucrose comes from they don’t say sugar cane it could come from and it probably is coming from the beet sugar which is GM oh okay that means it has residue of glyphosate not to mention I’ve heard of corn syrup comes from corn and that definitely has residues of glyphosate as well now sucrose is 50% glucose in 50% fructose high fructose corn syrup is roughly 42% fructose and 58% glucose so sucrose actually has more fructose and fructose creates more insulin resistance than glucose because it overloads the liver and the liver actually puts it right in the storage and because of the high amounts of this sugar the body will start developing insulin or so both of these are very similar but probably sucrose is a little bit worse okay then it has dextrose which is a synthetic sugar and modified food starch and this is another name for monosodium glutamate so this is a flavor enhancer it makes it taste better than it really is alright then we have the electrolytes okay we have potassium and sodium we only have two we don’t have all of them and they give you about 35 milligrams potassium and just so you know our bodies need 4700 milligrams every single day so this is a very very small small fraction of what you really need so on Powerade we have thirty five and Gatorade has forty five sodium we have a hundred and fifty milligrams and over here we have a hundred sixty milligrams of sodium and Powerade has some synthetic b6 b3 b12 and Gatorade does not have the added vitamins so which one’s better which one’s worse actually they’re both worse why because of the amount of sugar it’s sugar water with a couple little minerals with a lot of sodium so if you’re trying to hydrate yourself get something with all the electrolytes without the sugar without the hidden sugar without the malted dextran and you’re gonna be much better off now sometimes you’ll hear that hey when you’re exercising you need to replace the sugar that you’re burning off as you’re tapping into your glycogen reserve but the problem is if you’re going to replace your glycogen reserve you’re going to completely stop your ability to tap into your fat reserve which probably is one of the main reasons why you’re exercising in the first place right so both of these are not gonna help you lose weight and chances are you’re gonna probably have less endurance and you may even get tired because the amount of sugar you spike the sugar insulin comes in pushes the sugar down you end up with low blood sugar about an hour later and if you want some more data on electrolytes I put a link down below check it out and thank you so much for watching so if you like this video go ahead and share it with someone that you know that can truly benefit from it

This Post Was All About Powerade vs Gatorade.
Powerade vs Gatorade

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the difference between Powerade and Gatorade.

POWERADE (12 oz.)
• Owned by Coca Cola
• Contains 21 grams of sugar
• Type of Sugar: Sucrose(50% glucose and 50% fructose), Dextrose(synthetic sugar), Modified Food Starch (monosodium glutamate)
• Potassium: 35g
• Sodium: 150g
• Synthetic B6, B3, B12

GATORADE (12 oz.)
• Owned by Pepsi Cola
• Contains 21 grams of sugar
• Type of Sugar: High Fructose Corn Syrup (42% fructose and 58% glucose)
• Potassium: 45g
• Sodium: 160g

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