What to Eat While Breastfeeding

What to Eat While Breastfeeding

What to Eat While Breastfeeding

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let’s talk about what to eat while you’re breastfeeding what you eat just before during and after pregnancy will determine your child’s future health I think this point is just not emphasized enough it is so vitally important that that child gets all the right nutrients while they’re developing so let’s just start at defining what a nutrient is okay nutrients are cofactors now that really doesn’t help you because what is the cofactor cofactor our helper compounds natural helper things that are essential for building proteins okay now in your mind you might be thinking proteins is hair nail skin muscle but we want to extend that definition way beyond that all the enzymes in your body that create all the digestion and the biochemical reactions are proteins most of the hormones are proteins you have proteins that carry cholesterol as in high density lipoproteins or low density lipoproteins like HDL and LDL that’s protein hemoglobin the stuff in your blood that helps you carry oxygen is protein you have proteins that repair the tissues that extend your life that repair the DNA which are the blueprints of the body you have proteins that protect the cell against harmful things you have your entire immune system as protein that protects against microbes and viruses you have proteins that are like a mini copy machine for DNA the blueprints you have proteins that are proofreaders that help to look for errors and go in there and actually fix errors in your DNA it’s incredible you have proteins that help you detoxify harmful chemicals so you need all these nutrients involving in all these different actions right here all the pumps in the body that pump the fluid in and out of the cells so the cellular machinery that produces energy called mitochondria has certain nutrients that it needs if the growing fetus or infant is deficient in nutrients that child could have all sorts of malfunctions with bone okay their bone structure will not come out correct they will not be as tall the shape of their jaw could be malformed where they have an overbite or underbite the teeth will be missing crooked you’ll get cavities they’ll need braces they’ll be very susceptible to getting sick because their immune system will be suppressed they could have mental or physical disabilities a lower IQ just from having a nutritional deficiency they could be at risk for diabetes ad D asthma and even cancer so you can see the importance of these nutrients in the early stages now how does a mother know that she’s deficient well I would look at it the other way I would basically start eating the foods that are very high in those nutrients and not get hung up on certain blood tests because a lot of these nutrients are inside the cell not in the blood they’re intracellular and they’re hard to detect you could identify nutritional deficiencies by certain cravings you have for example if you crave clay for example that could mean that you have an iron deficiency if you crave pickles it could mean that you are deficient in potassium if you’re fatigued you could be deficient in iron a vitamin b1 or even vitamin k2 if you have no tolerance to stress you can be deficient in vitamin b1 if you have no endurance and you run out of gas all the time that could mean that you’d need more magnesium so now let’s talk about some of the really important nutrients that are essential in developing this this infant selenium very very important because selenium is involved in making sure mercury doesn’t build up in the in the body from the environment now even if the child gets vaccinated which I have my home you point on that I don’t want to open a can of worms but they’re gonna be exposed to mercury selenium can help counter mercury selenium is also involved in the conversion of the thyroid hormones from t4 to t3 slow liam is a very powerful antioxidant then you have iodine iodine is very important in boosting the IQ and the growth of that child if there is a deficiency in iodine that child’s going to be shorter and they’re gonna have a lower IQ the B vitamins very very important in developing a healthy heart developing healthy brain involved in so many different chemical reactions and also the skin as well folate you’ve probably heard about this one if a child is deficient in folate they can get something called neural tube defects where the nervous system does not form correctly and part of the spinal column is exposed this is such an easy thing to fix and folate comes from the Greek foliage which is related to leafy greens this is why you need to start eating big salads very very important not just for the folate but for the minerals and for the vitamin C then we have iron which is essential for your red blood cells but if you’re a deficient iron that child will not grow correctly and anemia is a very common thing with kids now one side note I want to make about this topic is that if you’re carrying your baby okay and you’re eating for two the fetus will get the lion’s share of nutrition so if you’re deficient in a nutrient you’re going to become really deficient because that child is gonna get pretty much all of that nutrients so you’re gonna start seeing symptoms yourself with maybe your hair will start falling out of your nails or or whatever but if you have any of these symptoms realize it’s usually a nutritional deficiency and it means that your diet is not correct okay so then we have zinc probably one of the most important nutrients behind vitamin D for the immune system if you’re deficient in zinc the skin will not form correctly there’ll be low testosterone there’s over 2,000 chemical reactions that occur just with this one trace mineral right here and over 1 billion people on this planet are deficient in zinc and by the way if you’re eating a lot of refined carbs and whole-wheat bread it’s gonna deplete your zinc sugar depletes zinc ok copper works with zinc copper is part of the vitamin C complex and copper is essential in forming connective tissue and I’m talking about joints too so that’s really important and facha another part of your connective tissue now we have calcium you want to get your calcium from dairy to help with teeth formation ok and bone formation if you deficient in vitamin D and you’re breastfeeding the risk factor for getting diabetes type 1 which is autoimmune go way up the risk factor for asthma goes way up the child’s skeletal structure may not form correctly they may have bowed legs or even scoliosis then we have vitamin A ok which is essential for the vision then we have manganese which is another trace mineral that could potentially lead to flat feet so as you can see there’s a huge influence on these nutrients and how this baby is being developed you never want to go low-fat if you’re breastfeeding or you’re pregnant because there’s such a thing as essential fatty acids omega-3 fatty acids this is the big one right here DHA which is so important to form the brain of that child and the vision these 2 right here very very important if you’re taking a prenatal by the way a lot of times I don’t even have this and they have a bunch of synthetic vitamins and it’s they have soy in there and they have very poor quality nutrients you always want to get a whole food based prenatal but you really need to fix the diet as the most important thing now how can you get some of these key trace minerals like selenium iodine iron zinc copper manganese shellfish okay very very important and fish like in salmon you want to get the wild caught it’s much better cod liver oil essential these three things are really important cod liver oil will provide enough vitamin D and vitamin A and a DHA fish will provide DHA minerals and protein and shellfish will provide the trace minerals you will also get the trace minerals from fish and even organ meats but a lot of people do not like organ meats they can’t seem to consume liver and things like that you can get this as a supplement but you can also go to US wellness meats calm now I’m not affiliated with that company I don’t get any kickbacks I just really like that company because everything is not just grass-fed and organic but it’s grass-finished and they have a hamburger meat with organ meat in there and you wouldn’t necessarily taste those organ meats it kind of camouflages the taste but that would be very very good to consume if you’re breastfeeding or if you’re pregnant because you’re gonna get the trace minerals you’re gonna get all the vitamins and minerals organ meats pretty much have every single nutrient maybe not enough vitamin C but some of the organ meats do and that’s why you need the salads right large deep leafy greens to get the vitamin C and also the minerals like potassium magnesium nutritional yeast is vital for the B vitamins it’s one of the better sources of natural B vitamins I would not recommend the enriched nutritional yeast get the one that’s unfortified you can get them in tablets as well eggs as almost every single vitamin except adamancy especially the egg yolks that has the most nutrition this is very very important and just make sure that when you’re buying food it’s non-gmo and I’m talking about organic if at all possible because you don’t want to add the extra chemicals that can add problems like birth defects and all sorts of toxicity in their child alright I put a link down below for more information on a good formula that you can create and additional information other foods that you can eat but I at least wanted to create the basics and emphasize the importance of the diet and the nutrients before you’re pregnant during pregnancy and after when you’re breastfeeding thanks for watching so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications 

This Post Was All About What to Eat While Breastfeeding.
What to Eat While Breastfeeding

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In this video, I’m going to give you a few breastfeeding diet tips. I want to go in-depth on what to eat while breastfeeding and why. 

What you eat just before, during, and after pregnancy will determine your child’s future health. 

Nutrients are cofactors, which are essential in building proteins. 

Proteins are needed for:
• Enzymes
• Hormones
• Repair
• Protection
• DNA copy 
• Proofreading
• Detox
• Fluid pump 

If the growing fetus or infant is nutrient deficient, that child could have malfunctions with:

• Bone structure
• Jaw shape
• Teeth
• Immune system
• Disabilities 
• IQ
• At risk for diabetes, ADD, asthma, and cancer

Signs of deficiencies in a mother:

• Cravings
• No energy
• No tolerance to stress
• No endurance

Essential nutrients for development:

• Selenium 
• Iodine
• B-vitamins
• Folate
• Iron
• Zinc
• Copper
• Calcium
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin A
• Manganese 

*Do not go low-fat because you need essential fatty acids like DHA. 

What to consume to get these essential nutrients:

• Shellfish
• Fish
• Cod liver oil
• Nutritional yeast
• Organ meats
• Eggs
• Big salads

*Make sure when you’re buying food, it’s non-GMO.

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