Will Skipping Meals Spike Your Metabolism?

Will Skipping Meals Spike Your Metabolism?

Will Skipping Meals Spike Your Metabolism?

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so recently I did a video on the relationship between if consuming fat will slow your metabolism now I want to answer another question which I pretty much answer in a lot of my live events but I don’t think I’ve done a video just on this one topic well skipping a meal slow your metabolism so let’s just talk about that we have to differentiate skipping a meal which is infrequent meals or intermittent fasting from just being in a low calorie diet these are two different things now when you decrease the frequency of meals you probably are going to reduce the calories automatically when you reduce your calories and you reduce your frequency of meals you are going to not feel too good I’ll give you an example I’ve done several cleanses in the past a long time ago one was the I think was the lemon water cayenne pepper and maple syrup cleanse you probably have done that for seven days I think I did it for 10 days it almost killed me that maple syrup that it was consuming that was just enough glucose to keep me out of ketosis to keep my blood Sugar’s up and down while I was basically starving to death I was so hungry it was very torturous other cleanses I’ve done which involved colon cleansing and maybe just doing fruit a little bit of fruit each day I felt terrible okay so if someone brought up the concept of fasting I would instantly reject it because it was very painful and very stressful what I didn’t know which I know now which if you do keto low-carb and infrequent meals and you do it gradually your hunger goes away you actually adapt to burning your own fat as compared to keeping your frequency of meals higher but keeping a low amount of calories it’s gonna be very difficult to switch over to get your body to burn fat as its primary fuel source because you keep dumping in either glucose or just the fact that you’re eating frequently raises insulin a little bit to actually prevent this process from happening so you have a lot of blood sugar symptoms over here and we don’t have a lot of blood sugar issues right here and when you actually decrease the meals you’re decreasing insulin you’re automatically increasing your metabolic rate and you’re feeling really good because your brain loves ketones so if you do a search on how to increase your metabolism you’ll find all sorts of things like and drink more water eat more protein eat spicy foods because the thermogenic effect or green tea these are trivial very trivial the things that affect metabolism age okay as you get older your metabolism will slow down so you really can’t do much about this one right dieting you can do something with that you can change your diet you can decrease the frequency of meals so this one you can definitely do something about also the diet that you were on as an infant the foods that your mother ate when she was pregnant with you if they were very high carb and your mother developed insulin resistance the likelihood of you becoming a pre-diabetic goes way up and also your metabolism later in her life is going to be slow based on what your mother ate and what you ate is an infant unfortunately the baby formulas are all filled with glucose and very very poor quality ingredients so this is a factor you can’t go back in time to fix that but what you can do is definitely share this information with anyone that you know is pregnant so it’s very very vital to put attention on getting that diet corrected when someone is pregnant which could make or break the future health of that child insulin I know I’m beating a dead horse I’ve talked about this a million times you can do something about this okay you can keep this lowered decrease frequent meals get on keto also you can lower your stress that can also help and you should do an experiment you should actually instead of cutting your calories just decrease the frequency of your meals and you will see that you will lose way more weight than if you just cut your calories down and spread those calories out throughout the day go ahead and try it and see for yourself

This Post Was All About Will Skipping Meals Spike Your Metabolism?.
Will Skipping Meals Spike Your Metabolism?

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In this video, Dr. Berg answers the question, will skipping meals slow your metabolism. Reducing the calories and reducing the frequency of meals are two different things because when you reduce your calories and the frequency of meals, you are not going to feel good. But doing the healthy ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting gradually, the hunger goes away and adapt to burning your own fat as its primary fuel source. Doing infrequent meals will automatically decrease insulin and will automatically increase the metabolic rate.

Things that Affect Metabolism
1. Age
2. Dieting
3. Diet before as an Infant
4. Insulin
5. Cortisol

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