Why Are My Feet Shrinking on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)?

Why Are My Feet Shrinking on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)?

Why Are My Feet Shrinking on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)?

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so I have a question are your feet shrinking on keto I have so many people who tell me this now they have to go out and buy some new shoes after buying this new wardrobe of losing all this weight it’s very very expensive to do keto by the way now the reason for that is that you’ve been holding fluid you had fluid retention glycogen which is the storage of sugar in the body so when you’re doing a lot of carbs you’re running your body off of stored sugar okay it’s called glycogen each gram of glycogen is bonded to two grams of water so glycogen is basically a fluid-filled sponge when you do keto and lower your carbs you dump all this fluid it’s very common to lose 10 pounds of fluid but many people lose 20 or more pounds of fluid within the first two weeks easily so glucose basically holds fluid okay water follows glucose so in a diabetic for example when they have high sugar if it gets to a certain point where it’s too much it starts to go through you and does not get reabsorbed to the kidneys so you’re gonna eliminate a lot more sugar and wherever the sugar goes there goes to water that’s why I diabetic piece so frequently and they’re thirsty so often it’s the glucose so your body is getting rid of this excess poison I’m sorry glucose glucose retains sodium so you’re gonna retain water just from that and also you’re gonna be releasing excessive amounts of potassium potassium is a diuretic so if you don’t have enough potassium you have too much sodium you’re just gonna retain fluid this is why one of the recommendations is to consume a lot of salad or vegetables to get your potassium and your magnesium up because you need these minerals for various things and I can spot this a mile away if I’m somewhere and someone’s wearing sandals and I’m just looking down I can see that they have a Dima they have swelling on their feet and it’s just so tempting to go up to them and say excuse me ma’am um do you realize you’re consuming too much sugar yeah what’s your shoe size chances are you’re really a seven and you’re just retaining way too much fluid and it’s very strange because people actually get offended when I tell them they have fluid retention I don’t know why that is but getting rid of this excess fluid is very important because it’s going to take the pressure off the heart it’s going to give you the right amount of hydration that you need and you’re gonna have less edema and swelling in your lower legs and extremities all right guys thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About Why Are My Feet Shrinking on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)?.
Why Are My Feet Shrinking on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)?

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the reason why the feet are shrinking while on the ketogenic diet. It is a condition called fluid retention. Glycogen is the storage of sugar in the body and when you are consuming a lot of carbohydrates, you are running your body out of the stored sugar. Each gram of glycogen is bonded to 2 grams of water. When you are doing healthy ketogenic diet plan and intermittent fasting, it is very normal that you will dump a lot of the fluid.

• Glucose holds H2O
• Water follows glucose
• Glucose retains sodium
• Glucose rids excessive amounts of potassium

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