What Would Happen if You Got Rid of All Your Gut Bacteria?

What Would Happen if You Got Rid of All Your Gut Bacteria?

What Would Happen if You Got Rid of All Your Gut Bacteria?

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so what would actually happen if you’ve got rid of all the bacteria that’s living inside your body you have a hundred trillion microbes growing outside and inside your body right now that’s ten times the amount of your actual physical body cells okay if you were to wipe out all the microbes in your colon which is the majority what would potentially happen well let’s first take a look at what these microbes actually do ninety percent of all of your bile that is made from your liver stored in your gall bladder gets recycled by microbes okay so right there you would have low amounts of bile salts so therefore you could not absorb vitamin A de que k-1 k-2 you wouldn’t be able to absorb omega-3 fatty acids the other essential fatty acids you would have a major deficiency of certain healthy fats in your body which have all sorts of consequences you wouldn’t be able to make the B vitamins anymore or the vitamin K you wouldn’t be able to make this compound okay so so the microbes actually eat the fiber from your diet and turn it into this which helps your blood sugars and it also feeds your colon cells so you wouldn’t be able to feed your colon cells your immune system would greatly suffer the majority of your immune system is in your gut but the microbes actually help defend against pathogens that’s why for example the lactic acid microbes make lactic acid to actually make an environment where these microbes can’t live you wouldn’t have any lactic acid as a defense you wouldn’t be able to maintain the epithelial gap so you would have leaky gut so you’d have a lot of allergies and immune problems and food intolerances you wouldn’t have this immune defense mucus Blair you would have a neurotransmitter deficiency because these microbes actually make proteins especially serotonin 90% of your serotonin is made but with by these microbes in your gut so if you got rid of 90% of your serotonin you wouldn’t be a very happy camper you wouldn’t be able to counter infection you would be filled with in flu nation you would have blood sugar issues you wouldn’t be able to absorb nutrients like vitamins and minerals and proteins and lastly you would lose your ability to detoxify but other than that you’d be perfectly healthy I’m being very sarcastic now I have other videos talking about how we lose our friendly bacteria but I want to touch on antibiotics for a second because all it takes is one week of exposure to an antibiotic to affect the diversity of microbes and the quantity of microbes for six months to two years also if a mother doesn’t breastfeed that child is a lot more susceptible to allergies and asthma same thing goes with c-section delivery versus a natural vaginal birth but the big point of this video I’m going to talk about is this right here 80% of antibiotics are not sold for human consumption but they’re sold to companies that use the antibiotics as a growth factor for animals okay so so for example if you go to the store and buy commercial steak chicken pork and it’s non-organic chances are it’s exposed to antibiotics so now I have some good news and some bad news what do you want to hear first the good news okay well thank goodness in 2017 the FDA came out with a rule stating that antibiotics can no longer be used for growth or feed efficiency unless supervised by a veterinarian that’s exciting now we can actually finally get rid of the antibiotics and get our bodies back to health right well the bad news is that there’s no definition of antibiotic free and there’s been no reduction in the antibiotics given to these animals after this rule was passed in 2017 why because there’s this thing called a loophole that they’re using okay because it says no longer can be used for growth or feed efficiency so what they using now as they’re not using it for growth at least they’re not saying they’re using it for growth they’re using it to prevent disease disease prevention so just by changing the intent they continue to use the antibiotics what the FDA should have said is that antibiotics should no longer be used period okay but unfortunately that’s not what happened so here’s what I recommend when you buy your animal products farmers markets okay health food store organic at least with an organic certification they’re not supposed to be using antibiotics or pesticides alright guys thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About What Would Happen if You Got Rid of All Your Gut Bacteria?.
What Would Happen if You Got Rid of All Your Gut Bacteria?

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about what would happen if you got rid of all the bacteria living inside your body.
Functions of Microbes
• 90% of the bile made by the liver and stored in the gallbladder is recycled.
• B-vitamins / vitamin K
• Butyrate
• Immune System
• Defense-Pathogen
• Maintain Epithelial Gaps
• Mucus Layer
• Neurotransmitters
• Counter Infections
• Decrease Inflammation
• Blood Sugars
• Nutrient Absorption
• Detoxification

• It only takes 1 week of exposure to an antibiotic to affect the diversity and quantity of microbes for 6 months to 2 years.
• 80% of antibiotics are sold for growth factor of animals.

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