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How to Reduce Lung (Respiratory) Mucus

How to Reduce Lung (Respiratory) Mucus

How to Reduce Lung (Respiratory) Mucus

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More specifically, you want help with How to Reduce Lung (Respiratory) Mucus?

today I’m going to tell you about a very good natural remedy for respiratory mucus now this could be either a bacterial infection or a viral infection I’ve done a lot of other videos on that taking vitamin D zinc but I want to talk about a natural remedy that you can use in the meantime to get this mucus out of the lungs while your immune system clears out the virus and bacteria so let’s first define the word expectorant it’s a compound that is used to increase fluid in the lungs which allow the infected mucus to be released so if you go the drugstore and you’re looking for ways to deal with mucus in your lungs there are things that help remove the mucus there are things that suppress the mucus there are things that thin the mucus and an expectorant is something that expels the mucus out of your lungs and the Latin word for expectrum is to expel or banish now one of the best remedies that I used when I was in practice is called ammonium chloride now this compound was in a product called Cal Amino sold by a company called standard process it’s very difficult to find it online you’d have to find a practitioner that actually uses standard process that sells it but it seems to work really good on several things one would be the mucous arthritis any type of inflammatory process so ammonium chloride is a whole-body acidifier and anytime you acidify the body whether it’s through apple cider vinegar or betaine hydrochloride or ammonium chloride you tend to stimulate these things called phagocytes which help to clean up the body it’s part of the immune system but ammonium chloride is used in a lot of Coffman occations it also was used in certain arthritic medications that were over-the-counter back in the 50s and I think the 40s but for some reason they took it out but it has a natural expectorant effect it breaks down mucus and in other countries like Finland Scandinavia Netherlands North Germany Egypt Iran they use this compound in something called salty licorice so they combine licorice with ammonium chloride and they put it in these little candies the problem I see is that it’s usually loaded with sugar dextrose corn starch now they do have sugar-free versions but they usually use sugar alcohols like multi tall which creates a lot of digestive issues and it’s very high in the glycemic index so I like the concept but I just don’t like the added sugar because licorice in addition to all the benefits for your digestive system supports the flow of healthy mucus and when you combine these two together you have a really good synergistic expectorant that can pull the mucus out and help with chronic coughing for example so in summary if you have mucus in the lungs and you want something fairly natural you could either get these individually okay or you can get this online or you can get them combined if you could find something that doesn’t have all that sugar all right thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About How to Reduce Lung (Respiratory) Mucus.
How to Reduce Lung (Respiratory) Mucus

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If you can not find Cal Amo (Standard Process), here’s one (ammonia chloride) I found:
**Read dosages on the bottle.
*Check with your doctor before taking any new supplements so as not to interfere with your mediations.
You can then also find a licorice to add to this (sugar-free).

Today, we’re going to talk about a great natural remedy for respiratory mucus. 

This natural remedy will help you get mucus out of the lungs while your immune system clears out a virus and bacteria.

What is an expectorant?
An expectorant is a compound that’s used to increase fluid in the lungs, which allows the infected mucus to be released. It helps expel the mucus from your lungs.

What is ammonia chloride?
Ammonia chloride is a whole-body acidifier. This compound works very good for expelling mucus, and also for any type of inflammatory process like arthritis. 

Ammonia chloride:
• Used in cough medicine
• Natural expectorant
• System acidifier
• Breaks down mucus

• Supports the flow of healthy mucus

How to get rid of mucus:
If you have mucus in the lungs, a great natural home remedy for chronic couch or to reduce mucus is to either take ammonia chloride and licorice separately or together. You can find these two remedies mixed together in something like salty licorice, for example. However, it’s important that what you choose does not contain a lot of sugar. 

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