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My 100lb Weight Loss & Loose Skin – How Fasting Helped My Stretch Marks & Loose Skin

My 100lb Weight Loss & Loose Skin – How Fasting Helped My Stretch Marks & Loose Skin

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look I lost a hundred pounds I’ve got my fair share of stretch marks on my body and I did my due time when it came down to loose skin as well but I put a lot of things into place that helped mitigate that loose skin help reduce the loose skin and I want to share a lot of things with you I want to teach you how fasting how proper implementation of certain foods can truly make a difference in terms of your loose skin now I will tell you some of it comes down to genetics some people have better skin than others but there are things that you can put into place specifically when we talk about fasting when we talk about topical things okay stretch marks word to the wise they’re probably going to appear when you gain the weight less so when you lose the weight but the loose skin is something that we can take care of after the fact now I know a lot of people end up at the game a little bit late they’ve already lost the weight and they’ve got a lot of loose skin and they think that it’s too late they think they can’t really do anything about it well I’m here to tell you that’s not necessarily the case it may go a little bit slower for you but you can reduce that loose skin you can get rid of that but the best course of action is to try to take these measures into place as you’re losing weight so let’s go ahead and let’s break it down the first thing I want to talk about is how fasting does affect loose skin I think one of the biggest reasons that I didn’t end up with a lot of loose skin it was because I implemented so much in the way of fasting and fasting activates a lot of auto Fiji we’re finding out that autophagy is key to basically keeping our skin healthy but preventing loose skin okay because autophagy is very critical in the collagen formation and collagen utilization within the body there’s a study that was published in the biochemical and biophysical communications Journal that found that as people age the fibroblast which are a portion of our collagen start to age of course and therefore resulting in lesser amounts of autophagy occurring so what that means is as our collagen ages it has less of an ability to recycle itself so we end up kind of down this path of we get older and we have less ability to actually keep our collagen healthy so basically as you age the fibroblasts become sort of clogged with cellular waste parts and because they become so clogged auto-feed she just doesn’t really do its job anymore it’s usually the job of autophagy to recycle old parts of cells to recycle and utilize in order to make them stronger it’s like a survival of the fittest thing right where it’s basically sells consume parts that are weak or dying and use those as fuel for themselves so you’re just left with stronger cells well if you’re aging and you have less sort of efficiency of that happening you can see how that becomes a problem but my point in saying this isn’t to say that as you get older you’ll never be able to get rid of lose skin that’s not what I’m saying at all my point is saying that it proves autophagy is key we’re finding for sure that now that we see that the reason that people end up with loose skin and the reason that people end up with saggy skin as they get older is because the lessen amount of otology so if we can just increase the amount of ontology that might improve it’s all about that ratio of waste production to auto fat chick flux basically how much auto Fidji so if we have more wastes occurring but less Auto fatigue clearly we have a problem now fasting obviously uses autophagy you go for a period of time without eating it makes us that your body has no choice but to tap into its own cellular energy for energy it’s like where’s the food okay I guess I’ll start eating these old cellular waste parts well this makes a big difference in our collagen so it’s not about just our body literally eating up the excess skin that’s not what’s happening at all it’s eating up the cellular waste that frees up the collagen to get elasticity again so we’re not magically eating our skin when we’re fasting it’s not the case at all we’re eating the waste that’s allowing the elastic component of the collagen to come back to life giving our skin elasticity again in the same way that a good moisturizer will tighten up the skin it’s simple as that now we’ll talk about specific ways to induce autophagy a little bit later in this video now let’s talk about some other pieces that relate with collagen a little bit more – okay so we have to look at consuming vitamin C one of the things that I didn’t do when I was losing weight was get adequate amounts of my vitamins and minerals and I honestly think that I would have made a bigger impact on my body if I had to pay attention to that you see now knowing what I know now collagen is pretty interesting collagen requires vitamin C so rather than just consuming a bunch of collagen and hoping for the best I’m a big fan of trying to get your body what it needs to support collagen production and formation in the body so vitamin C is required to form the structures that collagen forms so collagen needs vitamin C to actually build the scaffolding so when we’re talking about skin structure or muscle structure things like that we need vitamin C for that so whatever you have to do to do that okay whether it’s going to be supplementation or food it all depends if you’re on a ketogenic diet or whatever another thing that I would recommend is getting some berries in okay anything that’s going to have what’s called ellagic acid berries are one of the highest forms of ellagic acid and what that does is it slows down the breakdown of collagen okay so when you’re losing weight and you have lots of excess skin forming because the fats going away you need to take extra efforts to reduce collagen breakdown and no amount of collagen coming in your body is going to help the breakdown you need to do what you can the way of diet to help improve how your body supports that break down or stops that break down I should say okay so Barry since they contain a logic acid are very very powerful that another thing is going to be high amounts of garlic now this isn’t any kind of just random stuff I’m not just randomly grabbing foods that I think have small components that will help you out here these when it comes down to supporting collagen formation and stopping the breakdown these are the best ones so garlic is high in caffeic acid caffeic acid is a similar effect to a logic acid so we’re again stopping the breakdown of collagen which allows the collagen that is coming in the body to actually do a job of repairing so the next piece that we have to talk about is what you can do topically okay we know that fasting is going to be good we know that consuming the right kind of things to give you the ellagic acid the vitamin c are good okay but what about topically okay well here’s the thing when I was losing weight I was always big on moisturizing my skin that was one thing that I paid attention to probably because I had a lot of doctors and health experts in my corner at that time so I knew how important it was and I also was young enough to realize that Wow okay I’ve got a life a lot of life ahead of me I don’t want to end up with saggy loose skin so I moisturize like crazy but here’s the thing people tend to think that moisturizing is only important if you’re gaining weight okay pregnant women if their tummies are getting bigger they’re gonna use moisturizer to make sure they don’t get stretch marks but we have to think of moisturizing as important when we’re losing weight to all right think of this you have a rubber band and you stretch that rubber band out and then it gets brittle you ever seen a dry rubber band before how they’re all brittle and then if you try to stretch it more it breaks but it definitely does it shrink well if you moisturizing it at the end it would still allow it to shrink so we still need to moisturize and make it so it’s not dry so that you can shrink okay remember when the skin is expanded and stretched it’s when it needs moisture than most so that it can actually maintain the elastic component we’re not trying to cheat the system here we’re trying to fix the underlying issue which is the elastic component of collagen now the other thing that you can factor into is witch hazel now witch hazel seems to have an opposite effect as a moisturizer at first glance because it’s an astringent but witch hazel has powerful anti-inflammatory effects so the anti-inflammatory effects actually help it so that the body can neutralize what it needs to neutralize and get collagen where it needs to go if you have too much inflammation occurring at the skin level the dermis level then it makes it so the body can’t really do its job to allow that collagen to build so ten years ago when I was losing weight I didn’t have access to the things that I have access to today and if I could have done things differently ten years ago I would have been using a moisturizer and would have been using a soap that didn’t have all the chemicals in it okay I was focused on the moisturizer but I wasn’t focused on what I was putting in my body at that point in time it took me years to figure that out so I wanted to give a big shout-out to dr. Squatch so dr. squash has focused on soaps and shampoos and things like that for men but they do it in a really clean way so it’s totally underserved market so I’m glad that they’re there because there are a lot of men that really needed moisturizers and needed good soaps and shampoos and things like that that didn’t have just cruddy ingredients in them so dr. squash is really really good stuff we’re talking about just the basic stuff to give you the Safin ins that you need to create that moisture in your skin to help prevent stretch marks and help prevent the loose skin so I highly recommend that you give them a shot super super clean stuff that’s gonna help you out with your skin elasticity but stuff that you can use safely everyday whether it’s for washing your face or especially for areas that you’re expecting to lose a lot of weight so for example if you’re losing a lot of weight in your midsection you may want to lather up that area a little bit more so you make sure that you’re getting extra moisturizer there so that the collagen has a chance to recover remember if we moisturize the skin then the skin has the elasticity to actually allow collagen to rebuild so you’re giving it sort of a crutch so anyhow I highly recommend you check them out there’s a special link down below for anyone that’s watching this video when it comes down to the topical piece of the equation they’re gonna be Bar None the best one that you can really look at so check them out after you watch this video okay now let’s go ahead and let’s move on to foods that are gonna improve otology things that you can take internally that might help you out a little bit more in the grand scheme of things so a toughie G isn’t something that just occurs when we’re in ketosis or it doesn’t just occur and we’re fasting it’s occurring all the time kind of off and on to some degree okay that’s what people were talking about okay autopsy decreases in the skin and blotted out of LA but that doesn’t mean that those people were fasting it’s always offer on so here’s the thing there’s foods that we can consume one of the best things that you can consume a lot of it is going to be green tea consuming green tea the EGCG stimulates Auto Fuji so in between meals when your body is more likely to upregulate auto fitchy would be a great time to consume some matcha consume some green tea another piece is going to be ginger okay the ginger Rawls and the six show gall that’s in ginger plays a really big role in up regulating auto Fidji as well so again same kind of thing you want to do between meals in fact you can even put a little bit of ginger in your green tea something that I did in the past it just tastes really good so anyhow you’re just kind of double-whammy having this compound effect of things that I can prove otology also if you’re fasting sip on green tea during your fast that way you’re already getting the auto Fidji effect of fasting but you’re adding green tea to it and getting that double whammy effect and there’s two other things that you can add in curcumin is going to make a big difference and then reishi mushroom is another big one that kind of works at almost a genetic level helps our gene expression to turn on that collagen activation so we can start rebuilding college in the way that we need to okay you’re never too old for this you can absolutely restore your collagen you can absolutely restore your skin if you’re a little bit older and you’ve had loose skin for a long time you may need to do some more aggressive fasting meaning you might need to fast for 24-48 hours a few times per month or do it a little bit more often the longer the fast the more auto-feeding you’re going to have up until about 72 72 inch to 96 hours and then it starts to kind of taper a little bit so you might want to consider doing some longer fast the important thing is that you don’t do it too frequently okay I’d rather you do longer fasts somewhat infrequently then do really short fast all the time okay it’s just a little bit better of a pattern to get into and it allows your body to stimulate that auto feed you gonna allow you to heal your skin and newsflash it’s not going to magically heal it okay it’s not going to be like you go and you do some fasting for three days and your skin’s gonna get suck up no it makes it so that you give yourself the tools so that collagen can rebuild remember it’s a process so three day fast might not show the benefits for six more months but trust me it’s a genetic thing and it’s a collagen thing so please as always if you want more videos in this type of topic please make sure you let me know down below in the comment section as always I’ll see you in the next video and thank you for watching

This Post Was All About My 100lb Weight Loss & Loose Skin – How Fasting Helped My Stretch Marks & Loose Skin.
My 100lb Weight Loss & Loose Skin - How Fasting Helped My Stretch Marks & Loose Skin

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My 100lb Weight Loss & Loose Skin – How Fasting Helped My Stretch Marks & Loose Skin – Thomas DeLauer

I lost a hundred pounds, so I’m pretty familiar with stretch marks on my body, and dealing with loose skin as well. During my weight loss journey I tried A LOT of different things that simply do NOT work for loose skin and stretch marks. On the flip side, I found a lot of things that truly did help me mitigate that loose skin and reduce the appearance of my stretch marks. So I want to share a lot of these hacks that I’ve learned along the way with you…

Consider this a guide to show you how fasting, and proper implementation of certain foods, can truly make a difference in terms of your loose skin. Let’s not forget, some it comes down to genetics. Some people have better skin than others, but there are things that you can put into place that can help!

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